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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options August 23, 2013

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Artist Track Album Comments New Approx. start time
Dean Turner  Beastin' the Airwaves! Jingle   Options       0:00:00 ()
Duck Sauce  Barbra Streisand (DJ Keili RMX)   Options       0:01:16 ()
anamanaguchi  Beastin' the Airwaves! Jingle   Options       0:01:23 ()
Michael Jordan  Beastin' the Airwaves! Jingle   Options       0:01:32 ()
The Hussy  Beastin' the Airwaves! Jingle   Options       0:01:38 ()
Yelle  L'Amour Parfait   Options       0:02:25 ()
Factory Floor  Fall Back   Options       0:06:23 ()
Vessel  Raven Banner   Options       0:14:40 ()
Juana Molina  Eras   Options       0:22:27 ()
Junkie XL  Cities In Dust (original mix)   Options       0:22:45 ()
Reggie Watts  "Makes Music" feat. Michael Cera   Options       0:29:13 ()
Faarrow  Say My Name   Options       0:30:32 ()
Height With Friends  Infinity Ballroom '82 (The Penultimate Rap)   Options       0:34:22 ()
Basement Jaxx  What A Difference Your Love Makes (HUXLEY Remix)   Options       0:36:57 ()
Kim Salmon & the Surrealists  Blue Velvet   Options       0:48:23 ()
PJ Harvey  Shaker Aamer   Options     *   0:50:59 ()
Dolly Parton  Jolene (slowed by 25%)   Options       0:53:56 ()
Everlast  What It's Like   Options       0:57:31 ()
Zola Jesus  Fall Back   Options     *   1:06:59 ()
Carmen Villain  LifeIsSin   Options       1:11:21 ()
Daughter  Smother   Options       1:14:39 ()
Lana Del Rey  Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Leonard Cohen)   Options       1:18:38 ()
Ruby  Waiting For Light   Options       1:22:57 ()
The Suzan  Paranoid (Kanye West Cover)   Options       1:26:08 ()
Kiiiiiii  4 Little Joeys   Options       1:30:40 ()
Ken Pronouncing Things!  Vol. 14 - "WHY KEN WHY"   Options       1:39:29 ()
boyfriend  tolkien white girl (benny nice)   Options       1:41:09 ()
Devin KKenny as Black Post  Guillotine Freestyle (Death Grips)   Options Studio Workout Vol. 2      1:42:57 ()
Death Grips  Birds   Options     *   1:46:59 ()
Earl Sweatshirt  Sunday feat. Frank Ocean   Options       1:51:14 ()
Babeo Baggins  Gloomy Goon   Options       1:54:35 ()
Stem Collector  Rachael's Beat   Options       1:56:45 ()
Ace Cosgrove  Diamonds   Options       2:00:42 ()
Elliphant  Music Is Life   Options       2:03:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
    plus listening to Sleepy.ab "scene+pain" with Keili. JAPANESE RADIOHEAD!    2:06:41 ()
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options       2:15:25 ()
Viva Knievel  Boy Poison   Options   Kathleen Hanna 1990!    2:15:40 ()
Suture  Pretty Is   Options   Kathleen Hanna!    2:19:35 ()
Calipinai  I'm A Lady (Santigold Cover)   Options       2:23:31 ()
Joyce Harris  Got My Mojo Working   Options       2:25:19 ()
Grammas Boyfriend  Shuger Crash!   Options       2:27:09 ()
Black Flag  Scream   Options       2:28:47 ()
Chinese Burns  In My Jungle   Options     *   2:35:41 ()
Ex-Cult  Through The Blinds   Options       2:38:27 ()
Divorce  Wet Bandit   Options       2:42:30 ()
the Sleepers  Linda   Options       2:46:41 ()
The Obits  Refund   Options       2:50:49 ()
Needlecraft!  Sick   Options       2:52:59 ()
Generationals  Spinoza   Options       2:54:36 ()
Sacco  Kerosene   Options       2:58:16 ()
Jacuzzi Boys  Double Vision   Options       3:00:37 ()
Music behind DJ:
    Keep Beastin'!    3:03:38 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:01am fred von helsing:

Yeay !
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:01am Ken From Hyde Park:

Just add beast!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:01am fred:

Good morning Keili!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:02am Toots:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:03am Cheri Pi:

Beast me.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:04am Mike bEast:

good morning and happy goddamn friday!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:05am SeanG:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:07am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Hey! I just got home from the roller derby.

@Keili: Team Unicorn lost a nail biter. There was a tie at full-time then they lost the sudden death.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:12am Keili:

Hey everyone! Good morning!
I've got so much music for you today!
Practically 3 hours worth!

@Mike - your name! it's glorious!

@SeanG - that's my current rank IN THIS GAME WE CALL LIFE

@Elwyn - daaaaaaaamn. I still have so much love for that team though. NEXT TIME I'M OVER THERE WE'RE GONNA DO DAT DERBY.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:14am Cheri Beastin' Pi:

Mike B'east is an inspiration
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:17am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I think we all need beastin' secret identities.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:17am Mike bEast:

gee, thanks for the positivity guys! I'm gonna make this a good day....and this soundtrack will help.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:18am Keili:

This day is so great already and now your names are making it super happy! (super happy is a term I copped from the hit children's tv program Ni Hao Kai Lan)
  Fri. 8/23/13 9:19am KP:

Lovely morning, Keili.
  Fri. 8/23/13 9:19am tombom:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:20am Toots:

Ni Hao Keili Chan!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:21am LCP:

First show in Two years!!!
look us up on Facebook
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:21am Keili:

@Toots - Let's speak all the asians!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:22am Keili:

@LCP - oh why'd you have to go and do that
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:25am amEdeo:

  Fri. 8/23/13 9:26am siouxsie:

what the hell ?!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:26am Keili:

that moment when you accidentally tell everyone what you're gonna play next.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:26am amEdeo:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

Reggie Watts, coming right up!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:28am Toots:

Why is some band spamming your comments?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:29am Mike bEast:

dang...I run downstairs to change the laundry and miss Juana Molina.

@Toots - He's been posting that on almost every board for the past three days...someone should alert the management.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:29am Keili:

why aren't hashtags enabled yet gawsh wfmu #getwithit
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:30am Keili:

@Mike - noted. ugh.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:30am Keili:

Michael Cera is a pretty good singer yo
  Fri. 8/23/13 9:30am common:

happy happy friday!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:30am Toots:

OMG! I'm baking a pie right now! I swear! Blueberry!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:31am amEdeo:

BLUEBERRY PIE IS SO GOOD. I miss Blueberry Pie...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:32am Keili:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:32am Toots:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:34am amEdeo:

CAN I HAVE SOME PLZ. Oooooh my heart is AFLUTTER!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:34am Ken From Hyde Park:

Pi Approximation Day was about a month ago (22/7).
  Fri. 8/23/13 9:35am Lou:

i thought pi day was March 14 (3.14)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:36am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I guess it depends on your dating system.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:37am Toots:

Every day is pie day.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:37am Andrew Waterloo:

all this talk about pi...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:37am DeemerDave:

And double pi day is June 28. (6.28)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:37am Jeroen Kuster:

your last show was great I have listened again every day.
and today it is super.
I have a question how do I get the heart there, I donate every year and am proud of it
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:38am Cheri Beastin' Pi:

Every day is Pi day over here.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:38am Toots:

Yes it IS!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:42am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

stop tormenting the diabetic listeners.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:42am fred:

@Jeroen: First thing is to put your listener number in the "private info" page of your profile, and make sure the "pledged heart" checkbox at the bottom of your public info page is not checked.
I'm not sure that works if you created your profile after donating during the last marathon
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:43am Toots:

This song reminds me so much of the kind of house music played at regular people clubs in the 80s.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:45am Lulu:

and we never met and he wants me to sing him a song
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:48am Lulu:

anddddd i was adopted but you didn't know i was born BUT IM HERE NOWW I FOUND YOU DADDY anndddd guess what? i love you i love you i lloveeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:49am Keili:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:49am Lulu:

dont think i didnt come running to the computer when i heard your reference
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:49am Keili:

but that last "I lovveeee youuuuuuuuuu" should have been in capitals just sayin'
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:50am Lulu:

but i already used caps to signify the high notes so i was like i dunnoooooooo
  Fri. 8/23/13 9:50am KP:

King Salmon has me hooked.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:51am Toots:

This song might kill me.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:51am sinister dexter:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:52am Toots:

I love PJ so much...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:55am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

This is awesome. Is it really just slowed by 25% Dolly sounds like a man!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:55am Ken From Hyde Park:

Drunk History covered the story of Jolene the other night.
  Fri. 8/23/13 9:55am common:

great idea with the slow jolene! Hee!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:56am Toots:

Drunk History- the best
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:56am PKNY:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:57am Toots:

That story was amazing. I went and read all about it after I watched.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:57am fred von helsing:

I donate too but I dropped the heart. Having the hearts turned on all year makes us some sort of class society. Gripe concluded.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:58am Keili:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:59am hamburger:

hey - 1998! (?)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:59am LCP:

Keili...sorry for the "shameless Self Promo"
Welcome back...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:59am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

Home on Friday!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:00am Mike bEast:

I just went out to the kitchen and turned on the radio and heard Everlast and wasn't sure if I was tuned in to 91.1, so I ran back to the computer to check. Thanks for keepin me guessing.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:00am Keili:

@Mike - haha yesss!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:01am Keili:

@RRBN63 - HEY! Nice naaame!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:01am Keili:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:02am Mike bEast:

I'm doing a hotsauce transfusion from one full bottle into an almost empty bottle...takes a steady hand..
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:03am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

...I've got bigsharp naaassty teeth! Don't risk another frontal assault...
- don't touch yer eyes Mike...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:08am fred von helsing:

z-z-z-z-zola is a good show live, she prowls the stage like a cat
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:09am Keili:

@FVH - she IS amazing live! Magestic like a unicorn!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:13am fred von helsing:

cuter than a unicorn :) her new stuff is cool, she's got these big bands backing her up.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:15am fred von helsing:

in the same genre (?), saw Austra a couple of weeks ago, it was a GREAT show, super danceable. The singer's voice was mixed differently from their recorded stuff, so it wasn't quite as emotionally exhausting to listen to :-D
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:16am Jeroen Kuster:

@Fred thank you I will try it
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:19am maBEASTroso:

G'morning Ms Keili, listening from home for a change, enjoying it all!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:20am Keili:

@maBEASTroso - haha yay name change! thanks and enjoy!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:20am Faye:

  Fri. 8/23/13 10:21am Bradley Manning:

Just call me Chelsea!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:21am hamburger:

hey lana - why the llama face? cheer up!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:22am βrian:

Clear skies over the isthmus today. And I'm embarrassed to say I've never heard of Zola Jesus. Right under my nose, too.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:24am Keili:

I will play Lana forever even when we both die
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:24am fred von helsing:

Grimes tore it up (imho). Two dancers to help. For a few songs, oscillating between crawl-prowling the front of the stage and (on her knees) reaching up to twiddle her keyboard's controls. Apologizing for being pooped - some of the songs seemed unglued. All in all like she was a bit embarrassed to be there. But that's her style. Was hoping to cadge an autograph but fail.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:26am Keili:

@FVH - I dont know why but I like her songs more than I like her!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:28am fred von helsing:

I've seen a coupla cool interviews tho. She's got an anarchist streak. A pic: www.facebook.com...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:29am Toots:

Remember when you had The Suzan on your show? That was a great show.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:29am pgw in mntclr:

you're on a roll
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:38am fred von helsing:

US Girls too. Meg was ragged out, it took her five planes to get there... but a great show.
  Fri. 8/23/13 10:41am Lou:

can't help but think of american psycho when i hear that huey lewis track
  Fri. 8/23/13 10:44am KP:

Walking by Chelsea Hotel too late for Lana.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:46am Toots:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:46am lauren:

hey girl, i think you may like this guy shape.bandcamp.com
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:46am lauren:

he's been on noah's show before
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:47am Keili:

oh wow thanks lauren!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:48am Beastin' Pi:

Fuckstyxx! I missed Ken pronouncing things.
  Fri. 8/23/13 10:49am common:

"Birds" is crazy!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:50am lauren:

any time, hope you're feeling better!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:54am fred von helsing:

is this from the spring breakers soundtrack :-P
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:55am fred von helsing:

supercute ?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:56am Keili:

@FVH - hahah whaaat?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:58am fred von helsing:

you know - the brooklyn band Supercute - Babeo Baggins sounded SO much like them
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 10:59am Toots:

KNOW THEM??? She was at Rachel's Sweet 16!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:03am Keili:

they're the bestest!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:04am Toots:

AWEYEAH! Whenever a song begins with that sample, I go AWEYEAH!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:05am Toots:

OH MY 90s!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:05am fred von helsing:

I like to play the track "supercute" dj'ing, the dog woofs and the synth bassline are super silly
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:05am Danne D:

Yay :)
Hi Keili :)
Hiya Toots :)
Hi everyone :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:05am Danne D:

Hey fred von h did you get to listen to my mix CD yet? :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:05am Keili:

Hi Danne!!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:05am Toots:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:06am Pine:

Morning, been sleeping with the "radio" on again :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:06am Danne D:

:) btw Keili did you see there's some sort of GlutenStock thing going on at the Meadowland Expo Center at the beginning of September?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:08am Danne D:

Here's the info, Keili :)

Btw, I figured out what I'm going to do with the situation I DM'd you about the other day. It will be a happy result :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:08am Danne D:

Hiya Pine - when Keili was on a 6a-9a shift I would do a lot of subliminal listening too :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:10am hamburger:

Thomasaki Yorkenawa!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:11am Cheri Pi:

yeah, too Radio-Heady for me.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:12am Beasti Pi:

You aren't not!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:12am Toots:

It's like you take your two favorite things and put them together, expecting something DELICIOUS. But it doesn't taste good.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:14am Ike:

Har har har Hamburger, you win the Internet today.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:14am Keili:

I'm so conflicted!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:15am Keili:

@Danne - OMG GLUTENSTOCK I WANNA GO. thanks for the info. Now I can fully imbrace my glutardation.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:15am Danne D:

BFA located here: blogfiles.wfmu.org...
  Fri. 8/23/13 11:16am KP:

Sometimes you hear "Chelsea Hotel" and there's the Chelsea Hotel.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:16am Keili:

@KP - I time it out that way on purpose
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:16am Danne D:

@Keili :) it shoulda been called Glutenstock :) catchier name. Hopefully it isn't one of those scammy expos that sometimes happen.

They should have a Miss Gluten Pageant. you'd win :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:18am Rev. Turnip Druid:

just got here. What's all this gluten talk? JEEZUS now I'm starving for Malaysian for lunch.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:18am fred von helsing:

deceptacon !
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:18am Toots:

KH Beastin the KH!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:19am Wretch:

Miss Gluteus Maximus? AKA Calapygia
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:23am fred:

I <3 KH²
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:23am Danne D:

There's already been a gluten intolerant Miss USA :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:25am fred von helsing:

in a dream dinner party (12 guests max) kathleen gets a seat fer sher :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:26am Rev. Turnip Druid:

oh, ah, I see, we're talking about gluten as a BAD thing. Carry on. I'll be drooling on my feet until lunchtime. Power of suggestion & all.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:27am Keili:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:27am Toots:

Our lovely DJ has Celiac
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:29am amEdeo:

What is Glutenstock, and why did no one invite me?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:29am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Ah, right on. Had to google that but all makes sense now. As an ex-roommate would say, "Light dawns on marblehead!" to indicate a sudden realization.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:29am Pine:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:29am Rev. Turnip Druid:

...which I once mis-heard as "white punks on marmalade!" which is so, so much better.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:31am Danne D:

look upboard, amEdeo, you can totally go :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:31am Planet Tyler:

That's what Repo Man was about - marmalade
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:31am fred von helsing:

BF doing drone rage, this is weird
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:32am Keili:

sometimes its gotta be done man
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:33am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:33am Keili:

sometimes its gotta be d(r)one man
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:34am Pine:

Henry was my favourite singer
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:35am PKNY:

@RRN63 - be careful where you put that logo, Ginn's been getting litigious!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:35am Keili:

Henry Rollins is my favorite everything I wish he was my Uncle Henry
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:35am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

▍▌▋▍ < 1 ♩
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:35am Keili:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:37am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

▍▌▋▍ < $$ !!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:41am Parq:

"OMG, a brand-new pair of black army boots, oh *thank* you Uncle Henry!"
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:43am amEdeo:

Don't forget them black shorts!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:44am fred von helsing:

nice !!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:44am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

...beeeasts... :
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:44am Keili:

YES he would totally buy me black army boots along with a pair of gym shorts
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:48am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

Warning: That Link has - cats. Sorry.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:57am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

...re the Boyfriend AP: Would there be a mutual agreement Contract - like: 'All Obligations are Void should you lose the bangs' - ??...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:57am Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

...&tc. ...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 11:58am Danne D:

Thanks for the great tunes Keili :)
Have a great day everyone :D
Keep Beastin' :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 12:01pm Keili:

Thanks for listening Danne!

I'm going a little bit over today so stick around if you can, guys!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 12:02pm Danne D:

yay :) extra Keili :)
  Fri. 8/23/13 12:06pm Tom:

What do you call cheese that isn't yours?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 12:06pm Keili:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 12:07pm Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

Nacho !
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 12:07pm Toots:

nacho cheese!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 12:07pm Revolution RabbitBeast Nov63:

- duh.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 12:07pm bobdoesthings:

stolen cheese
  Fri. 8/23/13 12:09pm Tom:

Keili wins!
  Fri. 8/23/13 1:17pm mary:

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