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Options August 7, 2013: Don Bolles Curates the Program

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Photo of Don Bolles: Sarah Morrison, 2010

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Chilly Billy  Chilly Billy's Vamp   Options Vampire Records 45  0:03:53 ()
Davie Allan & the Arrows  White Man Beware   Options Artists of America 45  0:06:25 ()
Happy Hal Burns with the Rhythmasters Quartet  Everybody's Eating Nutri-Bio   Options BYO Records 45  0:09:10 ()
Fancy Space People  Fancy Space People   Options Fancy Space People  0:17:43 ()
Pixie Hall and George Semper  Universe (Extraterrestrial Search Contact Tones) / E T Where R U?   Options Themes for Television, Sports & Aerobics  0:22:53 ()
John Braden  Yars' Revenge   Options Yars' Revenge  0:29:50 ()
Boundstone School (students)  Wha' der yer want? / (I'm a) Heap Big Heterosexual Man   Options Gynt on the Rocks  0:38:36 ()
Nervous Gender  Cardinal Newman   Options Music from Hell  0:43:42 ()
Vox Pop  Cab Driver   Options Munster Records 45  0:45:24 ()
Kim Fowley  Pop Art 66   Options Ariola Records  0:47:54 ()
Incest Cattle  Tex Watson   Options unreleased EP (prod. by Don Bolles)  0:50:21 ()
Cliff and Ivy  Superclass   Options Equilux  0:53:16 ()
JOE FRANK  RAYMOND   Options IN THE DARK (series)  1:03:17 ()
Michelle Wood  Music of Today (lyrics Pat Gregory)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  1:39:03 ()
Barbara Foster  San Clemente's Not the Same (lyrics Myron Ace)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  1:41:29 ()
Ralph Lowe  Believe in God Until You Die (lyrics George D. Baucum)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  1:43:39 ()
unknown  Letter to a Christian (lyrics Alice J. Jackson)   Options Halmark Records 750959  1:46:25 ()
Bobbi Blake  Mommy You're a Drivin' Too Fast   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  1:50:15 ()
Mel Moore  Speed   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  1:53:19 ()
Ralph Lowe  Strong Love   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  1:55:49 ()
Kay Weaver  Junkies and Monkeys (lyrics James I. Yates II)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  1:58:06 ()
Sonny Marshall and the MSR Singers  The Saddest Story   Options I'm Just the Other Woman: MSR Madness vol. 4 (various artists)  2:07:24 ()
Norm Burns  Black and I'm Proud   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  2:10:13 ()
Bonnie Graham  He's My Chocolate Baby   Options I'm Just the Other Woman: MSR Madness vol. 4 (various artists)  2:12:34 ()
Matt Vincent  Ode to My Kidney Stone (lyrics Vivian Golder)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  2:15:14 ()
Bobbi Blake  My Panties (lyrics Mary R. Ocel)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  2:17:41 ()
Milford Perkins  The Duck Egg Walk   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  2:19:52 ()
Rodd Keith  The Green Bug (lyrics Jean Mollo)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  2:22:58 ()
Rod Rogers & the Swinging Strings  Sing Your Address (lyrics Jack Garrett)   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  2:25:31 ()
Rodd Keith  Sawdust   Options The Now Sounds of Today (Don Bolles forthcoming song-poem comp)  2:27:27 ()
Steaming Coils  Bell Bottom Blue Jeans / Vista Del Monte   Options unreleased material  2:38:56 ()
The American Breed  The Brain/Sophia-Generique-the-Brain   Options Philips 7"  2:46:33 ()
Paul Revere & the Raiders  Too Much Talk   Options Columbia 7"  2:47:53 ()
The Birchwood Pops Orchestra  Theme from The Exorcist II   Options Themes from Star Wars, New York, etc.  2:50:16 ()
Rancid Yak Butter  Jungle Fever   Options Phoenix International Records 7"  2:52:33 ()
Gould Groowwing  C.O.R.E. Reporting   Options Gould Groowwing  2:55:25 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Welcome, Don Bolles!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:02pm rrg:

Hi de hi de hi de ho.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:02pm rrg:

Did I spell that right?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:03pm Droll:

Irwin, if The Good Doctor is still within shouting range, please shout out my love and appreciation! Fucking brilliant show.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:03pm Mike East:

Yeah, I gotta say, The Good Dr. is the Shit!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:04pm rrg:

That's a compliment these days, apparently.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:06pm Mike East:

these days, and for the last 20 years or so.
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:06pm common:

wow! that photo is something. pretty much what I do after work everyday.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:06pm Dominick:

Heavens to Murgatroyd!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:07pm rrg:

Please don't ever tell me I'm the shit. Even if I am.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:08pm Mike East:

you got it, rrg. :)
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:09pm Caryn:

Gotta say, the prospect of all the weirdness Bolles surely has lined up is enticing. Now if only I could hear a damn thing.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:10pm fleep:

Skip was best part.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:13pm Caryn:

I'm suddenly wondering what, exactly, was Nutri-Bio?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:14pm fleep:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:20pm Ike:

Wrong spelling, Fleep, if the playlist is correct. Googling the correct spelling gets an industrial-looking French infant formula site. Probably not the same thing as in that song, not if *everybody* is eating it.

I think I'd rather be with the fancy space people than with the Nutri-Bio eaters.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:21pm Brian in UK:

Where can I get that wallpaper?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:22pm rrg:

Just download it from here, Brian.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:23pm Mike East:

hey Ike - you seen that new Korean restaurant on 10th Ave...Hell's Chicken? Seems to me like a better name for a fried chicken joint.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:23pm Caryn:

@Brian: I wonder if the photo blog can guide you along?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:24pm fleep:

Well, if you're going with the hyphen, then ‘nutri-bio' is also the final treated product of wastewater treatment otherwise known as biosolids.

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:26pm Caryn:

Is that ET or Gollum?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:26pm Ike:

Mike, awesome restaurant name! I haven't been over to the west side much lately. I've heard there's a great new Thai place at 9th & 37th, Larb Ubol.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:26pm Droll:

The Trifecta list has been updated to reflect FSP. rotang.com/trifecta.html
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:26pm Philthywoman:

So these days apparently you can buy Deer Placenta in pill form from Nutra Bio. I feel like they must have been responsible for those old ads about how "Skinny girls don't have Oomph!" and skinny guys are wimps... in the back of Archie comic books. I wish I could send you a picture.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:27pm Caryn:

Next "special edition" release of ET: not only guns turned into walkietalkies, but ET comes back in the end, and then decides to go all Carmen Sandiego on Eliot.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:28pm rrg:

@Droll: It was right in front of me and I missed it.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:28pm Caryn:

Yeah, sure, ET is gonna score a touchdown with those stubby legs...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:29pm Mike East:

@Ike - Nice. Looks good. I'll have to give them a call one of these days and see if they come this far north.
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:29pm creddie:

this ET song is EPIC
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:29pm common:

fuckin' great, weird stuffs here!
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:31pm common:

yars revenge! used to play that all the time! my friend just got this 7" and the one about centipede.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:31pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

I want to hear the E.T. voice yell "Hello, Sweden!!!"
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:32pm zool:

That ET thing...wow.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:34pm rrg:

I want some chocolate too. This isn't right.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:35pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

Now I want to see an episode of Where are they Now to find out what the fuck E.T. has been up to since the 8os. Remember when he got wasted in the movie?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:36pm Caryn:

That Braden track reminded me of the old Italian scifi flick I watched yesterday. Absolute dreck, but hey, music by Ennio Morricone! Not that you could tell a lot of the time.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:36pm Caryn:

@GMMMark: well, he and his family were in the Star Wars prequels. So... not doing so great.
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:37pm Philthywoman:

Hi Common. Lovin this musical whimsy too!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:37pm Ike:

Caryn, just found the "real" Nutri-Bio called out in a Senate report on "Frauds and Deceptions Affecting the Elderly" from 1965 (PDF online). The FDA called it "food faddism gone wild. It would take several pages to list all the false claims...." Not much other info there. I wonder what crap exactly was in it? Besides yummy deer placenta, ha ha.
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:38pm creddie:

Bet many here visit 366weirdmovies[dot]com too!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:38pm Sean D. Daily:

From Wikipedia's article on "Yar's Revenge": "A reimagining was released as a downloadable title on April 12th, 2011... In this version, the titular Yar has been reimagined as a humanoid female in mechanized power armor." Because why not.
  Wed. 8/7/13 3:38pm common:

Hey Philthywoman! Watchoo up to?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:39pm Caryn:

@Ike: I wonder if one of the many false claims was that "everybody's eating Nutri-Bio"?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:40pm Caryn:

Hey, at least it's not a musical based on "A Doll's House". Although a punk version of that or "Hedda Gabler" sounds like a workable idea.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:42pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

E.T. getting wasted
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:43pm Faye:

this rules
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:44pm Caryn:

Gotta say, this is way better than I was expecting.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:46pm Caryn:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:57pm Droll:

What happened to Incest Cattle? I liked that track and can't find anything on the internetz.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 3:58pm Caryn:

I'm sure Bolles has some info, Droll.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:00pm rrg:

Yeah, right.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:00pm Sean D. Daily:

It's "synesthete."
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:03pm northguineahills:

Damn, I live near Salome, but I'll be out of town on the 17th....
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:05pm Irwin:

Sean, do you want me to edit your comment to put the period inside the close quotes?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:06pm rrg:

If it were me...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:07pm Sean D. Daily:

Sure, Irwin. Thanks.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:08pm rrg:

Actually my math/computing background leaves me torn concerning such choices.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:09pm Droll:

Editor, could you also fix my fund/find typo? Thanks!
  Wed. 8/7/13 4:12pm darue:

it's so nice to hear Joe Frank on WFMU again.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:13pm Sean D. Daily:

Hear, hear darue.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:16pm Mike East:

I got a Joe Frank episode from the prize warehouse with my FMU Swag...looking forward to it.
  Wed. 8/7/13 4:18pm tc:

Caught the Cliff & Ivy stuff. Nice.
  Wed. 8/7/13 4:24pm ?:

this rules
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:29pm G:

And that's the news from San Wobegon, where all the stories are dark, all the insights are chilling, and all the characters are a hot mess. :-)
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:30pm Sean D. Daily:

And if Raymond didn't go "REE REE REE REE" while he was stabbing Joe to death, I'd be very disappointed.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:32pm G:

The NPR credits were threatening to dwarf the story...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:36pm Sean D. Daily:

I don't need you to tell me how extraordinary my song lyrics are. I need you to tell me how they much they suck and how I can fix them.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:37pm rrg:

That costs more than 200 bucks.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:39pm fleep:

Thanks to Ike for the deep research in my absence (haircut) (yes, dolphin haircut).
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:39pm rrg:

I have Octopus Woman Please Let Me Go. Son of a gun.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:39pm rrg:

But that was on an actual CD release.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:45pm fleep:

Keep your ramrod in motion??
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:46pm rrg:

There is a school of thought that says that the "artist" name on song-poem recordings should be the composer rather than the singer, since the singer is in some sense irrelevant. But I'm not sure I agree with that.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:46pm Droll:

Song-poem session musician is such a dream job: all those styles, and such inspired verses! The musicians must not be able to hear the vocals or they'd never finish a take.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:46pm glenn:

dear god: your son jeebus was a socialist. i'm just sayin'
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:46pm Sean D. Daily:

But what about AFTER I die?!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:46pm Droll:

fleep, It's a commie thing.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:47pm crateslinger:

Song poems touch the soul of WFMU. Bought a comp at a record fair like 20 years ago. Lent it to everybody. Don't have it no more.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:48pm northguineahills:

I've heard Letter to a Christian, probably on Irwin's show, before.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:48pm crateslinger:

I remember the lyrics, "Disco Disco Disco, I am going to Mount Kisco."
  Wed. 8/7/13 4:48pm Listening Out There:

The car wreck song is a well-established theme..."She's dead, she's dead"....
  Wed. 8/7/13 4:48pm Laura L:

Of course all this makes a listener yearn for Burmese Land composed by L. Hazelwood, but purportedly not Lee.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:49pm crateslinger:

"I mostly eat morisco, so I can disco disco disco."
  Wed. 8/7/13 4:49pm bloopy:

this is great :)
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:49pm Sean D. Daily:

Dear Christian:

Being not-a-Christian is AWESOME. We have sex and alcohol and chocolate.

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:50pm rrg:

And bacon!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:51pm glenn:

christians have bacon. mostly they don't have a sense of humour.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:51pm Seanbelly:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:51pm rrg:

I head that needle drop.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:52pm G:

Eric Clapton, eat your heart out
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:52pm rrg:

Well, they have alcohol and chocolate and sex too, they just don't enjoy them as much as real people do.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:53pm rrg:

I don't like kids being hurt. Even in fiction.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:54pm crateslinger:

I know some really awesome christians who drink and smoke and have sex. We shoot guns all day and then get drunk and I break their balls. I don't understand their faith, but we hang out.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:55pm fleep:

Because "methamphetamine" is hard to rhyme.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:55pm rrg:

I may have missed the exposition: if this is a "new" song-poem compilation, where are they coming from?
  Wed. 8/7/13 4:55pm timurf:

I think I sent in the lyrics to this one circa 1977. Responded to an ad in a Spiderman comic. Where are my royalties.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:57pm Sean D. Daily:

Speed will make you skinny and pale, kind of like Iggy Pop. So it has that going for it.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:58pm Irwin:

@rrg: Not new recordings, a new compilation of mostly previously uncompiled s-p's.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 4:58pm Droll:

rrg, Sounds like you got the moral of that song! These songs work!

The 1st verse of this one (Strong Love) was rockin' in 5/4! Someone (Mr. LSD?) got their money's worth.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:00pm G:

one monkey toke over the line
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:00pm MD:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:01pm rrg:

Hey. I have "Believe In God Until You Die". Was that composed by "George D. Baucum"?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:02pm G:

apparently these lyricists figured namechecking drugs meant top 40 gold.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:02pm Sean D. Daily:

Excuse me, point of order, junkies aren't usually identified with LSD. Junkies use heroin AKA junk. That's hippies you're thinking of.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:02pm MD:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:02pm rrg:

I meant "Believe in God Until You Die."
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:02pm hamburger:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:02pm efd:

best legal ID ever.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:03pm Listening Out There:

Guest abuse!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:03pm MD:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:03pm Sean D. Daily:

Nice vibrato, John.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:03pm Mike East:

I saw a van advertising "Christian Electric: Electricians you can BELIEVE in" on the way into work yesterday
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:05pm rrg:

Jeez. I have that one too ("My Daddy He Died in 1969").
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:07pm Listening Out There:

Drugs, sin, guest abuse....I'm going to have to take a shower after this show, I tells ya...
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:09pm blee:

Her sunlight goes downnnnn!
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:09pm blee:

Her sunlight goes downnnnn!
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:09pm blee:

Her sunlight goes downnnnn!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:09pm Sean D. Daily:

The Saddest Story Ever Told? That's quite a claim. I better be slashing my wrists by the first chorus, guys.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:11pm chris:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:11pm G:

Like the soul backing on this.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:12pm creddie:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:12pm glenn:

ha! some of the most incompetent tradespeople i've been on jobs with are the most devout.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:14pm Mott:

that was eerily similar to James Brown 'Im Black and Im Proud'....
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:15pm Sean D. Daily:

"Um, yeah, honey, now that we're married, could you stop calling me and kids your 'chocolate babies'?"
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:16pm Droll:

I'll have chocolate babies the rest of my life? Pure Brill Building.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:16pm MD:

i'M rainbow !!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:17pm G:

this one's painful. oh wait, i guess they all were somehow :)
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:17pm rrg:

"I can't stand pain." This song speaks to all of us.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:18pm blee:

Love how the Ode to My Kidney Stones music is super chipper!
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:18pm Laura L:

Well, a kidney stone just turns a man's mind to song writin'.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:18pm Listening Out There:

Is there another song about kidney stones? Can't say any come to mind...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:18pm MD:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:19pm Irwin:

Dedicated to Michelle Boule.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:19pm chris:

here's a song subject I can get into
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:20pm Ike:

Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:20pm Sean D. Daily:

And the show makes a sudden left turn from weird and creepy into AWESOMELAND.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:21pm anonymous coward:

who listens to this?!?!? really? who does that?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:21pm rrg:

But doctor, we need the eggs.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:22pm MD:

Panties sprinkled with speed owned by a white person married to a black person.....WOW!!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:22pm G:

"The Duck Egg Walk" is actually a goose egg.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:24pm MD:

Thank you!!! These songs have changed my life!!!!
I'm going back to Booze and Drugs!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:25pm Sean D. Daily:

I just starred the last four songs.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:25pm fleep:

Vogon poetry. I'd know it anywhere.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:25pm Listening Out There:

Just imagine being a recording engineer on these sessions...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:26pm rrg:

Too many key changes in this song.

Otherwise it's perfect!
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:26pm anonymous coward:

imagine a recording engineer wiggling his toes to these songs, I know they're out there
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:27pm G:

How much extra did they charge for the chipmunk effect?
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:31pm creddie:

is this show going to be on MP3 to download? I HAVE to have this.... the whole thing from E.T to Alvin
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:31pm Droll:

The guy specified "Real Helium Voice", not "Chipmunk Voice", so ultimately he wasn't charged for the effect.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...had to work today - but even home for a minute of Irwin...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:32pm rrg:

You can grab it from the archive. If you grab it quickly enough (within a few weeks) it will be mp3.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:33pm glenn:

you say values, i say insane bigoted ramblings.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:33pm rrg:

Ah, that song wasn't REALLY about duck eggs. There was an important subtext. I think.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah - Archives only last a few weeks izzit -?!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:34pm rrg:

Tomayto, tomahto.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:34pm Droll:

rrg, Pshaw! Next you'll tell me that song wasn't really about a panty collection!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:34pm rrg:

Archives are forever but getting them as mp3 is time limited. Or perhaps I just haven't found the secret yet.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:35pm Listening Out There:

A New Level of Irritainment(tm)
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:35pm rrg:

I haven't tried to reverse-engineer it for a while.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:36pm Alison Porchnik:

My mom seZ: I almost want to listen to this stuff!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I have no desire to serenade the rock I peed out - Thx the same...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...oh yes - gotta check this whole Episode awlright!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:47pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

: D
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:47pm Sean D. Daily:

THE BRAIN! Who knew thinking could be SO EXCITING!
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:48pm anonymous coward:

the brain's got a computer for a brain?!?!
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:48pm Listening Out There:

If The Brain is soundtrack for a film, we simply must see it....
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:49pm Sean D. Daily:

@Listening Out There: YES. WE MUST DO THIS THING.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:49pm Alison Porchnik:

In the words of Brian Dewan, "Feel the Brain."
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:50pm Droll:

The Brain is practically cartoon music! Brain and brain! Now we know "What Is Brain?!"

Thanks Mr. Bolles for all the amazing song-poems, Incest Cattle, pre-Medicine Lainer, etc. Please come back soon!
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:50pm anonymous coward:

oh wow, almost as good as the beatles. this revere dude. if only he had copied more from them.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...playing what *most* people think is 'the 60s' is just a plot by Conservatives to make us forget this kewl shite...
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:50pm Listening Out There:

Mark Lindsey was just far out. What can you say...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- ML just did a record LittleSteven plays. It's okay!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:52pm northguineahills:

This was a lot of fun Don & Irwin!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah - Brain had me thinking of Underdog & 'After the Fox' theme by TheHollies w/ Peter Sellers bits...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:54pm rrg:

Thank you for a most entertaining afternoon, chaps. Much more fun than working. Let's do it again some time.

What's for supper?
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:54pm Sean D. Daily:

I will listen to ANYTHING from a band with a name like "Rancid Yak Butter."
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:55pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...very BuddhistPunk...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:56pm fleep:

Laugh-In damage.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:56pm Alison Porchnik:

Mom: "This reminds me of the way Eraserhead made me feel when the radiator woman sang."

and "We could have used this at Abu Graihb"
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:57pm blee:

Great show Irwin and Don. Lots of chuckles from those Song Poems!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- the Radiator Song was written by Peter Ivers of NewWaveTheater fame...I was surprised to read...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:58pm fleep:

Set to: A Secretary Is Not A Toy.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& not surprised...
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:58pm Laura L:

A fabulous conclusion to a splendid show--no joke! Thanks, fellas.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:58pm Alison Porchnik:

OK, Mom could deal with Rancid Yak Butter but this song just drove her out of the room.
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:58pm Sean D. Daily:

Fantastic show, Irwin, and great choice of songs, Don! Thank you so much!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 5:59pm fleep:

Like a dark ride for the BRAIN. Thanks Irwin and Don.
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:59pm anonymous coward:

a mind changing experience
  Wed. 8/7/13 5:59pm Listening Out There:

Thanks, Don! "...and my soul's been psychedelicized..." :)
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 6:00pm rrg:

Includes Indians too!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 6:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...can't wait to hear the other 2&1/2 hours!...
  Wed. 8/7/13 6:01pm green mountain man mark:

Go to hell west coast
  Wed. 8/7/13 6:01pm green mountain man mark:

Go to hell west coast
  Wed. 8/7/13 6:02pm blee:

Mics are still on!
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 6:05pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Callahan Cartoon:
'Dif Between NY & LA' :
LA panel: Man in shorts w/ palm trees saying 'Have a nice day' - but *thinking* - 'Got to hell!'
NY panel: Man in suit saying 'Go to hell!' - but *thinking* 'Have a Nice Day'...
Avatar Wed. 8/7/13 6:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

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