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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options July 23, 2013: Tony Coulter Presents Tape Hiss: Urge, Murphy No Geisha, Nobodies, Plain People of England, & Die Trip Computer Die (PLEASE NOTE: "Tape Hiss" shows are not archived.)

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Artist Track Album Year
The In-Theme  Holger Hiller: Toyshopshoptoy   Options    
Urge  Revolving Loop   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Bobby   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  New Sex   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Shadow Man   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Ready for Life   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Sea of Storms   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Inkman   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Minutes to Go   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Megadeath   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Nowhere to Go   Options Demos  1980 
Urge  Marching   Options Demos  1980 
Murphy No Geisha  Nazo Nazo   Options Murphy No Geisha  2000 
Murphy No Geisha  Chotto   Options Murphy No Geisha  2000 
Murphy No Geisha  Kyoko Chan No Uta   Options Murphy No Geisha  2000 
Murphy No Geisha  ?? [Japanese title]   Options Murphy No Geisha  2000 
Nobodies  Pastiche   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Art   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Canteen Culture   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Crisis, What Crisis?   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  La Defense   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Days of Lead   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Moos   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Decca Hopefuls   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Kremlinoligist   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Man Who Died Laughing   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Miserychords   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Power   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Bower   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Quand Tu Liras Cette Lettre   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
Nobodies  Going Down Gracefully   Options Cup of Tea  2009 
The Plain People of England  Siren   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  Every Man Jack   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  London Derriere   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  Group Sex   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  Drake   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  An Irish Airhead Foresees His Death   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  Civil War   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  Battle Train to Clonsilla   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  My Battle with Irony   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  DNA   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
The Plain People of England  The Night Before the Morning After   Options The Gab – Gift or Curse?  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  System of the Tortured   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Gestations   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  A Bad Idea   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  In Bed with 1,000 Priests   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Seductive Song of War   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Messrs. Smirkett & Bloat   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Fink Drummer   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Chief-Inspector Kickback   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Contains Psychological   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Goodbye Again   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Every 'Why' Is a 'How'   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  The Naked Statue   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Roll, Frankie, Roll   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  A Short Film About Gas   Options Flowerball  200? 
Die Trip Computer Die  Flowerball   Options Flowerball  200? 
The Out-Theme       

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 8:41am Grey & Pink:

Who are the plain people of England?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 11:15am Tony Coulter:

Hullo dere, Grey & Pink -- you're early! The Plain People of England, Nobodies, and Murphy No Geisha are all bands led by Rob Murphy -- best known (sort of known!) for the group Orchestre Murphy. He's a great, great British songwriter who's been releasing stuff for over 30 years, but he's still barely known -- partly because he keeps on changing the names of his groups!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 11:52am listener james from westwood:

good tuesday, tony, and all hiss fans near and far!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 11:54am listener james from westwood:

(also known as the hiss army!)
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 11:54am Tony Coulter:

Morning James! Sad to say, my cassette deck crapped out on me, so today's show will feature CD-Rs skipping in place of the hiss.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 11:56am listener james from westwood:

nertz! sad to hear about the dead tech. either way, it's don't-miss event radio sans archive!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 11:59am Uncle Michael:

no hiss bliss?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:00pm Carmichael:

Hiya Tony. Have you tried to fix the deck using the "3-foot drop test"? Make sure you measure accurately!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:01pm Tony Coulter:

Hola, Uncle Michael and Carmichael! I'll probably try the hit the thing with a hammer repeatedly test first.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:02pm Uncle Michael:

Is your hammer calibrated?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:03pm Tony Coulter:

Nope, it's Calabrian.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:04pm DCE:

good day, sir Tony
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:04pm Jeremy N:

It's hammer time! Greets all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:05pm Carmichael:

Make sure to hammer out a'love between your brothers and a'sisters, aaaaaallll over this land.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:06pm Rich in Washington:

When you're a hammer, everything looks like Tony's cassette deck.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:06pm Tony Coulter:

Heya, DCE & Jeremy!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:08pm Rich in Washington:

Sorry to hear about your tape deck. I'm looking for one, too. So hard to find a simple, single well, non-auto reverse tape deck these days.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:08pm Tony Coulter:

Urge was kind of Kevin Harrison's pop band. They only released two singles. "Bobby" was one of those, and was a minor hit in the U.K.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:09pm listener james from westwood:

presumably one can find tape decks at places like goodwill, but not with those sorts of features, and likely in less than decent condition.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:09pm Tony Coulter:

Hey Rich! I saw my tape deck's death coming, so it wasn't too much of a shock.
  Tue. 7/23/13 12:10pm Jim Pastor:

been weeks since I've been able to catch the show - glad to be tuned in
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:10pm Jeremy N:

I wonder how much that Nakamichi that manually flipped the tape goes for now...
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:11pm Tony Coulter:

Heya Jim! Glad to see you here.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:11pm listener james from westwood:

tony: what sort of music do you want to play at your funeral?
tape deck: ha ha, very fuckin' funny.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:12pm Tony Coulter:

Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:13pm Tony Coulter:

It's always been surprisingly hard to find cassette decks that play at the right speed -- so many are off by just a bit.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:16pm Tony Coulter:

But fortunately for this show, CD-Rs are the modern man's cassette. Or at least they were, until cassettes came back into fashion.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:17pm Rich in Washington:

I am already getting nostalgic for CD-Rs.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:18pm listener james from westwood:

wfmu, the home of recording formats in eclipse.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:18pm Rich in Washington:

Has anyone here ever experienced Reddit/vinyl?
It's a Reddit forum composed mainly of 15-to-20-ish (mostly) males who just discovered vinyl records exist.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:19pm Tony Coulter:

mp3s killed the radio star -- except on FMU.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:21pm Tony Coulter:

Have never seen Reddit, no. I have watched some of those "vinyl community" vids on youtube, though.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:22pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Good afternoon Captain Capstan. Get that pinch-roller free of disease ASAP...
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:23pm Tony Coulter:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:23pm Uncle Michael:

I was participating in the Youtube Vinyl Community facebook group for a while but I bailed because it's just to active to keep up with and not much of it's that interesting.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:24pm Uncle Michael:

Tony, have you been degaussed recently?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:24pm northguineahills:

Good happy Tuesnoon to you all!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:25pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, NGH!

@ Uncle Michael: Are you saying I have gas?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:29pm Carmichael:

Tony, I have had a Sony TC-K61 deck for decades. The motor just lit itself on fire in a fit of despair.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:31pm Tony Coulter:

Cassette sepaku.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:37pm Grey & Pink:

just switched on and thought Siouxie and Banshees were playing. Swimming horses indeed!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:38pm Tony Coulter:

Greets, G & P!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:40pm Uncle Michael:

You have gauss.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:42pm Grey & Pink:

you tube vinyl community - now there's a contradiction - surely you want the best possible digital sound on your pc.
Then again to see an old scratchy piece of vinyl playing on an ancient turntable in a YT video is kind of interesting and nostalgic and perhaps the only way you may ever get to hear that track played on vinyl.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:48pm Tony Coulter:

Speaking as someone who has tons of vinyl, I think vinyl fetishism has gotten out of hand. It's the music that matters, not the medium -- isn't it?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:52pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Aye, Tony. I love a good LP package, something that adds to the whole experience, but when every new release is on 180g vinyl & comes with ultra-heavy board gatefold jackets (and $25+ pricetags) it gets a bit much...

Hell, many of those classic old obscure LPs that folks are killing each other for on eBay were pretty thin & flimsy, vinyl-wise...
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:52pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

(re: 1980-era Sky record label releases)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:53pm Carmichael:

To a degree, Tony. I much prefer vinyl for the nostalgic element, but yeah, the whole hipster vinyl thing has gotten out of hand.

BTW, I picked up an instructional LP for the pipe organ! It's pretty cool, great for dropping into segues.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:53pm Jeremy N:

This Japanese title song is very familiar but I can't place it.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:53pm Grey & Pink:

well to be truthfull - I used to love to go to hi fi shops to see $10,000 turntables - to hear them playing some crappy record - did it sound any better than a $100 turntable?
So when you see these turntables in YT videos it reminds of those days that I used to fantasize about owning a Voyd Valdi or a Goldmund Turntable.
As for the music - you are right - thats what matters not so much the medium.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:55pm Tony Coulter:

@ Jeremy: I've played it on my show in the past -- perhaps that's it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 12:56pm Carmichael:

I was just thinking the same thing, Jeremy.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:57pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Another precious packaging fad now seems to be the 1-sided LP with custom laser etching on the flip. Couple that with the heavy-board gatefold and we've got fetishism run amok...
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 12:59pm Tony Coulter:

Re: vinyl fetishism. What gets me are people who claim to like a given artist, but will only buy their stuff if it's on vinyl.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:02pm Tony Coulter:

There are no credits on this Nobodies CD-R except one: It's produced by Bob Drake (of Thinking Plague).
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:02pm listener james from westwood:

i reconnected recently w a college roommate who, during the late 80s, was the biggest buyer of cds i've ever known. he bought hundreds of them in freshman year alone, extolled the virtues of those that were labeled "DDD," etc. massive, massive audiophile. in his more recent email, he mentioned how he was getting rid of his now thousands of cds and buying the albums ... on vinyl. i gave him the info on the next fmu record fair and wished him well.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:03pm Jeremy N:

I have a vague sense that the ? title song is a european hit of the sixties..?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 1:04pm Uncle Michael:

I go to record stores and buy the weird shit out of the dollar bin.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:04pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

sigh... listener james, I'm in a similar predicament. Too many CDs and the used/trade market is dead as an asphalt possum...
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:05pm Jeremy N:

So many different factors are involved in the current vinyl fad. But fetishism of all stripes seems on the rise in general culture, no?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:05pm Jeremy N:

UM: Exactly my strategy which continues to this day.
  Tue. 7/23/13 1:05pm MrFab:

Hey, y'all!
And how 'bout those vinyl pressing plants that compress all that "warm" and "greater dynamic range" to mp3 before mastering to vinyl? I stick with '50s thirft store vinyl, and usually get modern stuff in convenient digital formats.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:05pm Tony Coulter:

@ Jeremy: Could be -- there are no credits on that CD-R either. I'll listen to it again with that in mind.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:07pm listener james from westwood:

indeed. the collecting instinct permeates a lot of subcultures. marketers know it, too. witness the amount of merch that likely changed hands at the san diego comic-con last weekend. the need to be seen owing something, or to finish a collection the quickest, is a nonzero percentage of various collection fandoms.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:07pm Jeremy N:

Rev, I say hold onto them CDs, if the internets keeps cracking down on distribution, they may become desirable once more.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:07pm listener james from westwood:

which, don't get me wrong, is fine if that's not mortgage money going out the door!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:08pm Tony Coulter:

@ MrFab: You hit the nail on the head re modern vinyl. So much of it sounds terrible. So few labels get it right these days. (Oh, and greets!)
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:10pm Jeremy N:

Yes, it's more about the music than the medium but it's really a lot about distribution on the practical level, about how music enters our lives.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:10pm Rich in Washington:

I think the silliest example of vinyl fetishism gone too far might be the new Andy Kaufman 'album', composed of micro-cassette recordings he made. You can buy it as a digital download for 11 bucks or so, buy it on CD and then on 12" vinyl record for 20+ bucks.
I'm not sure why you'd want it on vinyl over the other formats. The sound quality of micro-cassette?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:11pm Rich in Washington:

There are other, more grievous examples. I just thought that one struck me as odd this week.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:11pm Tony Coulter:

@ Jeremy: I suspect you're right that CDs will eventually become fetishized as well, as soon as people realize how much great music is only on CD -- and as soon as enough time passes for them to seem exotic.
  Tue. 7/23/13 1:12pm Jim Pastor:

when a media phases out, information is invariably lost....
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:13pm Rich in Washington:

I'm already fetishizing CDs. I like making CD jackets, sort of like the ones from Creel Pone CD-R releases.
I am all ready for the CD resurgence.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:14pm Rich in Washington:

the more that friends tell me that CDs are going bye-bye, the more I want to make them.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:14pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

as a designer. CD packaging CAN be great. Just need to get people once & for all to NEVER AGAIN consider the jewel-case. It's too fragile to mail, and it has no soul.... lots of options with digipak design, though.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:14pm Snortley:

Of course, CDs eventually delaminate, so any fetish would be some sort of audio necrophilia.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:15pm Jeremy N:

I definitely fetishize my japanese soundtrack CDs, they have beautiful artwork and some very cool packaging.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:16pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I buy vinyl whenever possible & if there's a choice .. but so many DIY projects out there, CD is the only option, & gotta support the rebel factions. .. So the collection is slowly evolving into mostly limited & handmade things by local noisemakers & allies elsewhere. .. and that's a kick.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:16pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

different kind of pkg fetishizing in that case: the short-run local obsessive-artist thing. I can get behind that.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:17pm listener james from westwood:

rev., 100% of those cds my former roommate bought in freshman year were not only in jewel cases, but longboxes. horrifying.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:17pm Tony Coulter:

imho, all media formats have their plusses and minuses -- and can sound good with the right mastering.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 1:19pm Carmichael:

Tony & Jeremy: I've been running that ? title song through my cranium, and I keep getting an unknown Hollies song and Cleaners from Venus' Clara Bow.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:19pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

hah! The longbox... talk about a vestigial organ... what a strange thing those were.
  Tue. 7/23/13 1:21pm Jim Pastor:

digging this Cup of Tea. Think I'll augment it with some Earl Grey
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:21pm Tony Coulter:

Ha! A song about fetishism.
  Tue. 7/23/13 1:21pm Jim Pastor:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 1:27pm Uncle Michael:

digipaks suck.I don't want analog cover wear on a digital storage format. At least with a broken jewel case I can replace it.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:30pm Jeremy N:

I don't see why they can't all be like the japanese cardboard LP style sleeves. I'll accept some shelf wear.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:32pm DCE:

nice melancholia tea brewing up here
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:33pm Rich in Washington:

I too like the LP-style CD sleeve. They can make shelf-reading somewhat daunting.
I've been putting my self-made CDs in library card-catalog-style drawers and those CD boxes you can buy at Ikea.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:38pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

digging the plain people for reasons I can't understand at this point...
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:38pm Tony Coulter:

Rob Murphy's real name is Rob Storey. He really should be better known than he is. Then again, he works hard at being obscure.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:40pm listener james from westwood:

and now we know ... the REST of the storey!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:41pm Tony Coulter:

He's the man behind Murphy No Geisha, Nobodies, Plain People of England -- and Orchestre Murphy, Murphy Federation, Miners of Banal ... and a bunch of others.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:42pm Grey & Pink:

I believe in Japan they put out blu ray audio discs. I tried a couple and decided that they sounded no different to the normal.
I mean can you imagine, what was I thinking buying Hawkwind's In search of space on bluray uncompressed audio discs.
It sounded no different at all!
Whats more for the price I payed I expected a miniture space log book that came with the original vinyl. Sadly there was no such thing.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:45pm Grey & Pink:

a little more Kevin Ayers sounding this last set!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:45pm Rich in Washington:

with all the stories of CDs circling the obsolescence drain, I am surprised there weren't more attempts in its long history to offer more content on CDs. Or have I missed something?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:47pm Grey & Pink:

well lps were always around 30 mins long - not 75 mins of demos, outtakes and interviews etc!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:50pm Grey & Pink:

what is the longest LP of all time?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:51pm Tony Coulter:

Any one of those that end with a locked groove?
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:52pm Grey & Pink:

yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them, yeh I don't mean them,
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:55pm Tony Coulter:

I have a Heiner Goebbels LP that's around 60 minutes long.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:55pm Grey & Pink:

probably the Grateful Dead Live, Europe 72 - the complete gigs - 450 hours worth of live dead! released in 2010.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:57pm Tony Coulter:

re Goebbels: I'm talking a single LP.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 1:58pm Grey & Pink:

and just to think, the dead are now releasing their live stuff on vinyl.
Probably need a fork lift truck to get 450 hours worth of vinyl into you house!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:00pm Grey & Pink:

probably candidate for the worst long lp -
PIL - Metal box - 3 records of boring discordant dub!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:01pm Grey & Pink:

saying that, I have never managed to get through the Nitty Gritty's Will the Circle be unbroken box set!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:02pm Rich in Washington:

Even though it's one of my most cherished records from my youth, I nominate The Clash's Sandinista for 2nd - one disc of pretty OK-ish Clash songs with two discs of self-indulgent dross.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:04pm Grey & Pink:

yeh I agree Rich - was'nt one side the failed recordings of the aborted trip to Jamaica to record at Lee Perry's Black Ark studio?
  Tue. 7/23/13 2:05pm MrFab:

"Metal Box" was only 2 disks. Probably the album I have listened to more than any other in my life. And, yep, "Sandinista" was my most-listened-to Clash album! So odd and unpredictable...
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:05pm northguineahills:

Sandinista is what converted me to a Clash fan, before that, i was still fighting my demons to accept pop music (this would have be '98)
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:06pm Grey & Pink:

look away now TC but I must admit to owning but never listening to the Art Bears box set - I think it was all the remixed stuff that put me off!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:10pm Grey & Pink:

box sets/double discs I absolutely loved however -
1. Wattstax
2. The Band - Rock of Ages

Over indulgent double albums in my bloated opinion:-
1. Hendrix - Ladyland
2.Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffitti
3. Yes - tales of topographical Ocean
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:12pm northguineahills:

Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:14pm Tony Coulter:

I'm still not a convert to Clash-ism. I do like PIL, though.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:16pm northguineahills:

I do like pop music today, as I enjoyed the Plain People of England.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:20pm Grey & Pink:

I think to like the Clash means buying into the whole punk philosophy - not Grey and Pink but Black and white!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:21pm northguineahills:

Sandinista also had some nice dubisms that can draw you in.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:23pm Tony Coulter:

Just playing the devil's advocate here -- and talking through my ass, as I don't actually own any of their albums -- but the Clash always seemed like fake corporate punks to me. But I will set that prejudice aside and give Sandinsta a try.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:24pm Tony Coulter:

er, "Sandinista" -- damn butterfingers.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:26pm northguineahills:

London Calling does have that fake corporate punk effect, but I still enjoy it. I didn't get it until after Sandinista.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 2:26pm Uncle Michael:

Joe Strummer was a guy that wanted to be a rock and roll musician for a living. If that's fake punk, I'll forgive it. He had a pub rock band and then saw the writing on the wall with punk and went that way. I think the Clash made some pretty great records along the way.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:29pm DCE:

digging this computer trip
  Tue. 7/23/13 2:32pm MrFab:

As a young teen, I looked to the Clash the way baby boomers did to Dylan. I don't know why, they were just a rock band. But they seemed a lot "realer" to me than, say Bruuuce, with his whole phony workin' man schtick.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:34pm Rich in Washington:

I recently just played all the toss-off tracks from Sandinista on Grooveshark and I am still really sentimental about that album. It was the first punk/new wave record I ever got and it was an Xmas gift. Still have it, in fact.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:34pm northguineahills:

mi tambien (sobre die trip computer die)
  Tue. 7/23/13 2:35pm MrFab:

Having said that, Tony, the Clash may sound utterly meaningless to you now, at this late date, and you past your impressionable teen years (tho I'm sure you still look mahvelous!).
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:36pm Rich in Washington:

I do agree, though, that they had this contrived rebel image, sort of like Bruce Springsteen's aw-shucks, small-town persona.
But what did I know when I was 13 or whatever? I probably wouldn't have gotten involved in leftish politics had it not been for The Clash.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:36pm Rich in Washington:

Love this, Tony! Great stuff!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:37pm northguineahills:

I'll admit that I never heard the Clash until I was in college, in the mid-90s, but I didn't get into music until I was 16.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 2:38pm Uncle Michael:

I suppose the Ckash don't hold up all that way to my jaded, middle aged cynicism either. That said....There's a Clash tune coming on Friday.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:39pm Rich in Washington:

Recently picked up a copy of Mick Jones' other band Bad's Big Top Phoenix, which has lots of weird interstitial stuff that reminds me a lot of Sandinista. Kind of a bad (no pun intended) album with a few great moments.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:41pm Rich in Washington:

@Uncle Michael: Do you do a show? Where/when?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 2:43pm Uncle Michael:

I do one here...on Fridays. Noon eastern.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 2:44pm Uncle Michael:

Wow, my previous comment betrays the hydrocodone I took this morning.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:47pm Tony Coulter:

@ Rich: Michael has a new(ish) show here on the GTDR stream, called "Hinky Dinky Time." Fridays, noon to 3:00. It's fab!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 2:48pm Uncle Michael:

Thank you, Tony.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:50pm Tony Coulter:

Sorry I never get to listen live, btw. I'm almost alway working then. (Hence my absence from the live comments page.)
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:52pm DCE:

ngh, what did you do the first 15 years of your life?!
  Tue. 7/23/13 2:55pm Joan:

I'm a little behind here, but I always thought the Clash seemed a little canned, not really punks at all. I saw them in Hyde Park in the Summer of 86, after I'd smoked some dope wiht some Rastas there. Barely remember it. I think it would be hard for any artist to fill 2 records with truly good stuff all the way through--not a comp., but music made at that time.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:56pm Tony Coulter:

This Die Trip Computer Die disc ain't going to be finished by the top of the hour, despite my efforts to keep my mic breaks short. I'm going to play the whole thing, though -- which means running over around 8 minutes or so. Stick around!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 2:56pm Uncle Michael:

Good! Great stuff!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:57pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Joan!!
  Tue. 7/23/13 2:58pm Joan:

Hey Tony! I'm sticking around.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:58pm DCE:

I'll stick around for this, yes
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:58pm northguineahills:

I read books non-stop and played soccer. I must have got kicked in the head when I was 16.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 2:59pm DCE:

certainly worth pasttimes as well, ngh!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 3:00pm listener james from westwood:

i'm in my barrel and heading for the falls!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 7/23/13 3:07pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for the show, Tony.
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 3:07pm listener james from westwood:

many thanks, tony! good tuesday, all!
Avatar Tue. 7/23/13 3:07pm Tony Coulter:

See you everybody!!
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