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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:03pm BadGuyZero:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:04pm hamburger:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

See You Next Tuesday then!
Hi Ken & Andy & Listeners-in-Detention!
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:04pm Robert:

Look, BadGuy, we don't care about your medical condition.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:05pm Roberto:

Between Andy and ME. Don't be one of those people, Ken.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Yay, another appearance of Irwin as judge!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:05pm BadGuyZero:

Pete and Repete were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Btw Ken, isn't there a "conceit" in EVERY 7SD?!?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:06pm Danne D:

Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell off. Who was left?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: Repeat. ;)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:06pm hamburger:

Please Perete
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa Danne, was that in response to BadGuy or did you think of that independently of him? Amazing how childish jokes always prevail here :)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:07pm BadGuyZero:

Andy sounds like he's on a T1 line.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

And hey, it's like the show was delayed by 7 minutes! As the joke often went when they got started late.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:08pm Robert:

Wow, a restart...haven't heard one of those in a while.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:09pm thedunkel:

do the elmo thing on westside avenue in JCity at 2am
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Take the break 46 minutes 40 seconds into the show! 7th inning stretch! :D
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:10pm Anti-Semitic Elmo:

"Elmo says Israel is the cause of all violence today!"
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:12pm Robert:

Maybe he was like Howard Zochlinski, battling the anti-semites in Calif. and the Jew bastards in NY.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:12pm Dr. Goot:

talk talk
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:13pm BadGuyZero:

I've met Neil Young. He was nicer than I expected him to be.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

I was disillusioned upon meeting Andy. All he talked about was offering a "dick autograph"...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:15pm spodiodi:

At least he asked you.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:16pm Robert:

Is that an autograph on your dick, by his dick, or simply to or from a dick?
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:16pm common:

i played a show with mike watt and we talked about the beach boys and d boon. then smoked out of a pabst can in the green room. pretty great.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

True, spodi. Whereas Don McLean kept trying to excuse himself and claiming there was a benefit concert he needed to get to.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:17pm Danne D:

I've seen "Moving" - it was...memorable
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:17pm spodiodi:

Classic Don.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:17pm common:

i saw moving...wasn't that early 80s?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

common, the current Celebrity Experience winner!!!
Who can top that? :)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:18pm Nick the Bard:

Oh come on, Moving was awesome.

And I have an autographed copy of the Arthur 2 soundtrack on vinyl that I think Andy autographed (found it at the record fair)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Did Andy re-write the script for "Gigli" as well? He probably took a crummy movie, and re-wrote it into a downright cruel joke! ;)
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:18pm common:

gee, thanks matt. it was a great experience.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@Nick: Which is the stand-out track on that album?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:19pm BadGuyZero:

I went drinking with Mogwai and Irvine Welsh last year. I understood very little of what Irvine said.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:19pm Danne D:

lol BGZ - I just realized what we did :)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:20pm Danne D:

Phone lines must be so jammed that paradoxically nobody is getting through
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:20pm Dr. Goot:

I made Madonna and Sandra Bernhard a Caesar salad once. They seemed to enjoy it.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:20pm Nick the Bard:

@Matt - I haven't gotten myself to listen to it yet, I can't really tell if it's ever been played, and I don't want to kill the value of it when Andy finally decides he's had enough of the show.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@common: Seems to be!
"Played" with Mike Watt, did you open for him, or did you get to play Minutemen songs with him?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:21pm spodiodi:

I once stood in line behind Manut Bol.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:22pm Bruce:

Have you ever hugged Chris Cristie
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:22pm common:

matt: my band opened in philly. 1998ish. wish i coulda played with him!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dr Goot: I'm still turned on by the way they ate that Caesar salad together at the comedy awards show. Ahhhh...

@BGZ: That's also awesome, I remember you telling about your experiences in Chicago with them.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:22pm kevin g:

I was on the R train with Chloe Sevigny a couple weeks ago and Aziz Ansari walked behind me on Prince Street one time. I live an exciting life.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:22pm G:

Why does Andy assume that every caller loves the show?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Sweet, common! :D
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:24pm BadGuyZero:

I feel like I'm in detention.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:24pm amEdeo:

Somewhere Zacherley is giggling in delight.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:24pm Robert:

I smell plant.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:25pm spodiodi:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Life is a musical rock, but the WFMU radio rolled me...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha Ken! :)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:27pm -max-:

Well played, Kenny, well played!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:27pm kevin g:

This is actually great.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:27pm Robert:

Andy should've studied the Phil Hendrie Ken played this AM.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:27pm common:

don't do the miami beach thing ken!
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:28pm Hendie:

Ken hugged Bobby Dooley
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:28pm Danne D:

Ken is good at this.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:29pm Danne D:

@spodi I saw Manute Bol when he played for the Rhode Island Gulls - he was teammates with Spud Webb.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:30pm Robert:

For a second there near the end I thought Ken and the caller had reversed roles.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:31pm Robert:

Danne, ever go to any Westchester Golden Apples games? Or is that where you saw Manute Bol?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:31pm Dr. Goot:

did elvis do "radio radio"?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:32pm spodiodi:

Cool, Danne. I was actually in front of him, (not behind (edit)), at the DMV once. He was dressed in a nice suit, very polite, soft-spoken, and kind to everyone there.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:33pm Robert:

I got a free ticket when they announced giving them away on WVOX while I was driving. I got to my destination about 20 mins. later, and was still the 1st caller.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dr Goot: Elvis Costello & The Attractions, certainly yes. Elvis Presley, sadly he never got the chance.
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 6:34pm cklequ:

Brian Chippendale doesn't count.
I run into him on a regular basis.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:36pm common:

ckequ: used to live in providence. yep. all the time.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:36pm Dr. Goot:

@ Matt from Springfield: pip pip!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:36pm steve:

my god this is excuciating, yet i cant turn away
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:36pm common:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:37pm Matt from Springfield:

"North America", pah, bigot! We're all one Hemisphere, you know!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Horse Penis would NEVER have him in their band!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:38pm Irwin:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:38pm spodiodi:

I got rid of my phone.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:38pm Robert:

I'm confused about the conceit now. Are they playing solitaire?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Marshmallow Overcoat was never big here, but stations in Saskatchewan used to play them to fulfill their CanCon requirement a lot.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:38pm spodiodi:

Neil Young was an original member in Horse Penis
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:38pm thejohnhogan:

Is the joke that they are trying to alienate everyone that will ever call their show?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:39pm kevin g:

Can anyone recommend Marshmellow Overcoat? AllMusic doesn't give a rating. www.allmusic.com...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:39pm BadGuyZero:

Crazy Horse Penis
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:40pm spodiodi:

My connection is messed up... is there any way you can ask him to start over????
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

"Stallions have a vascular penis. When non-erect, it is quite flaccid" Our species have so much in common! Except for that 20 inches at rest, we've got further to evolve.

Also, nice pic at the top from the Icelandic Phallological Museum at the top of the article.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:40pm thejohnhogan:

...or just alienating everyone who would want to listen?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:41pm InBrkly:

That was excruciating.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:42pm kevin g:

Is this the second time inside of a week that animal penises were a subject of discussion on an FMU talk show? Or did I miss one?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@kevin g: Hmm, is there an "allmusic.co.ca" you can look at??
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:43pm Carmichael:

I am offline at an undisclosed location. Am I glad to not be hearing this
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:44pm Caryn:

The most interesting thing about horse penises: stallions masturbate by banging their penis against their stomach repeatedly.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh thank God, for a moment there I thought he said his son "Gary" Lewis!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:45pm Caryn:

I think Ken might've milked the Jerry Lewis name thing more by "confusing" him with Shari Lewis.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:45pm thedunkel:

Pay Attention!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:45pm BadGuyZero:

"I guess he wasn't nice to me 'cause I don't have muscular dystrophy."

  Wed. 6/19/13 6:46pm common:

hey lady!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Is improvised masturbation a sign of an advanced brain in animals, like recognizing their own reflection?
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 6:46pm cklequ:

Ken is so much better at this game than Andy...
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:46pm Robert:

First time I can recall Ken using one of his stock lines on himself.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@common: Professor Frink is also his son! ;)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:47pm BadGuyZero:

Were The Playboys his entourage?
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:47pm common:

@matt: indeed.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:47pm spodiodi:

Ken is a master.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:48pm dale:

ken isn't as good at pretending to be an ass as andy actually is. which makes it funny.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:48pm BadGuyZero:

The jerk store called. They're running out of this caller.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:48pm thedunkel:

Andy should pound on the desk just like Gary Lewis
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: I think they long ago got fed up with Gary, and left him for the Louisiana-raised John Fred.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:49pm Caryn:

@Matt: hmm, not necessarily always, but certainly many highly intelligent species, like bonobos and parrots, do it.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:50pm BadGuyZero:

I like the escalating hostility of the callers.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:51pm BadGuyZero:

Troutman Crothers
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:51pm common:

miami beach
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: That's pretty good, the bonobos can "warm themselves up" in the mirror, and parrots can rehearse their sexy lines! ;)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:53pm spodiodi:

Minut Bol did not disappoint. He was actually quite tall.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:53pm Caryn:

I can relate to the Telly Savalas caller in a way, since for decades, I didn't realise Peter Falk had a glass eye.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:54pm Telly:

I hear David Cross has glass testicles
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:54pm Matt from Springfield:

"Oh, David Frost! The famous British talk show host!"
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:55pm Cliff:

This Mr. Show skit is quite relevant: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:55pm Nick the Bard:

Yay, a caller just called me a jerk. Gee...I'M THE CALL SCREENER. You didn't pass, that's life, deal with it.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:55pm Robert:

Oh, Caryn, now that you're off work, can you explain that dancing poodles GIF?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:56pm Danne D:

Whoa now Ken is on tape declining Pot?!?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:56pm Caryn:

Although the biggest celeb injury shock I ever had was when I saw a close-up of Brian Blessed's deformed foot. Yikes! (Google the pic, if you want, but it is gross.)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:57pm BadGuyZero:

The NSA is tracing that last call.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:57pm spodiodi:

The NSA set that entire call up.
  Wed. 6/19/13 6:58pm bz:

Unbelievable. Two winners tonight.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:58pm Danne D:

Have a good night everyone :)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, jerky callers tonight. Maybe having a premise or conceit brings them in.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 7:00pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

Very funny idea for a show
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 7:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Andy is ALWAYS in contempt of court! :D

That was a great show! Thanks Ken and Andy and Irwin!
Have a good night, everyone!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 7:04pm Caryn:

@Robert: what's to explain, really? It's a complicated and bizarre parody video. I think the youtube explanation for the full video gives the most thorough explanation: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Thu. 6/20/13 12:01pm Lizardner Dave:

Deplorable plane crashes.
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