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Options May 24, 2013: Live From Barcelona's Primavera Sound Festival, Day 1

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Liz Berg & Scott Williams welcome you to the mosquito-infested tent  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona     
Hot Snakes  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    0:16:22 (MP3 | )
Brian Turner and Evan "Funk" Davies  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    1:03:14 (MP3 | )
White Fence  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    1:08:22 (MP3 | )
Pere Ubu  Non-Alignment Pact   Options live at Primavera Sound, 2011    2:03:11 (MP3 | )
Woods  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    2:06:44 (MP3 | )
Spiritualized  Hey Jane   Options Live at Primavera Sound Festival, 2012    2:56:22 (MP3 | )
Fuck Buttons  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    3:11:49 (MP3 | )
Liz Berg & Evan Funk Davies  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    4:18:46 (MP3 | )
Merchandise  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    4:19:04 (MP3 | )
Scott Williams & Evan "Funk" Davies  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    5:02:24 (MP3 | )
Killer Mike  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    5:05:55 (MP3 | )
Liz Berg & Evan Funk Davies  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    5:15:30 (MP3 | )
Daniel Johnston  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    5:22:08 (MP3 | )
Liz Berg & Evan Funk Davies  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    6:07:59 (MP3 | )
Om  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    6:13:30 (MP3 | )
Brian Turner  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona  ">  6:59:47 (MP3 | )
Neurosis  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    7:11:06 (MP3 | )
Brian Turner & Scott Williams  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    8:02:48 (MP3 | )
Josef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    8:11:36 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
Scott Williams & Evan "Funk" Davies 
live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona    8:43:18 (MP3 | )
Fourtet  live at Primavera Sound Festival   Options Barcelona     

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:01pm Ken:

Sounds good!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:03pm DCE:

well hi there guys! I bet you're having more fun than I am!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:03pm Andrew Waterloo:

This does great.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:04pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:04pm People Like Us:

herro Europa
  Fri. 5/24/13 3:04pm common:

wish i were there!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:05pm G:

the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:05pm Uncle Michael:

Greetings Barcelona!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:05pm DCE:

unsanitary ferris wheels, eh?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:05pm People Like Us:

The rain in Spain falls mainly in London actually
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:05pm G:

guys urinate? wtf???
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:06pm Kurt Gottschalk:

puke and piss! killer kick-off!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:07pm davex:

Hola Catalunya!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:07pm Bryce:

what are YOU doing here??
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:08pm DCE:

I did miss the Bryce/Kurt mic hand off...makes my day every week
  Fri. 5/24/13 3:08pm fcc:

no peeeeeeeee
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:08pm Kurt Gottschalk:

BRYCE: I'm about to say "shit" on the comments board! Get ready...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:09pm Fernando M Pacheco:

I became aware of WFMU 4 years ago because of the Primavera Sound broadcast. Didn't stop listening to the station since.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:09pm amEdeo:

  Fri. 5/24/13 3:10pm common:

i'm with you DCE!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:10pm ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

i serpientes calientes !
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:11pm Cheri Pi:

sounds so good!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:11pm SeanG:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:12pm Uncle Michael:

amEdeo, I hear you're a Drummer next week.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:12pm Liz Berg:

Thanks for joining us everybody!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:13pm Cheri Pi:

I hate the kids too!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:13pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:13pm Jason:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:13pm still b/p:

Snakes on a mf-ing plain. mainly in mf-ing Spain!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:16pm Sigurdur:

Excellent Primavera Sound Time
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:17pm tim from champaign:

The sound is pretty friggin good.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:17pm efd:

Hey Jason, hey everyone! Great to see you all here. Enjoy Hot Snakes!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:18pm Cheri Pi:

My compliments to the sound officers.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:18pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- what - no Live HatCams - ?!?!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:19pm G:

very sound sound work
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:21pm G:

"Live at Primavera Sound Festival" -- wow, they wrote a song just for the venue :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

(>L< ) ))

...if I drink too much redbull, get a burn @ the tanning salon I could pretend...
- hey - interwebz not too bad a way to go!!...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:22pm efd:

Yes, it's a lengthy work with several movements!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:22pm G:

@efd: Positively Wagnerian
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:23pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

G: 200th - Ricard, we hardly knew ye...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:24pm G:

@temporary barcelonians: The rain in NYC is falling mainly on the sidewalks.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- every band looks better w/ a lefthanded bassist...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:25pm Cheri Pi:

I love this song. right here.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& w/ a Zappa-esque name...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:28pm Cheri Pi:

and this one too.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:28pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Poop! Back to Work!
- See yas after 5ish!!
...Sounds really good here even thru one-inch speakers!!...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:29pm Chris M.:

really cool lineup this year. i can't wait for Neurosis! hi friends in barthelona!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:32pm G:

he'th from barthelona (as daffy duck put it in his guest shot on fawlty towers)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:32pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:33pm Cheri Pi:

I just wiped all the office equipment off my desk and punched a hole into my cubicle wall, smacking a colleague in the next cube with my fist pumping.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:34pm Cheri Pi:

What I said, but now with the full force of offices everywhere being destroyed.
  Fri. 5/24/13 3:34pm Brian Turner:

Here's the full schedule for today and tomorrow. Subject to change though. We'll try to give a heads up here and on the home page when stuff switches around.

3:00 Hot Snakes
4:00 White Fence
5:00 Woods
6:00 Fuck Buttons
6:45 Merchandise
7:35 Killer Mike
7:55 Kurt Vile and the Violators
8:10 Daniel Johnston
9:00 Om
10:00 Neurosis
11:00 Josef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch
11:30 Fourtet

3:00 Swans
4:20 Orchestra Poly Rhythmo de Cotonou
4:50 Guardian Alien
5:30 Goat
6:00 King Tuff
6:20 Mulatu Astatke
6:45 Death Grips
7:10 Thee Oh Sees
7:40 Meat Puppets
8:15 Dan Deacon
9:00 Jesus and Mary Chain
9:30 Dead Can Dance
10:00 Nurse With Wound
11:00 Omar Souleyman
11:30 Wu-Tang Clan
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:38pm Andrew Waterloo:

Will there me anything left of the Wu-Tang set after the dump button?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:39pm Mike East:

Wu Tang??!! Hell yes!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:39pm DCE:

that should be safe harbor, right, after 11? swear away!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:39pm efd:

Well you'll note there's no end time posted...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:40pm G:

Will there be anything left of the dump button three minutes into the Wu Tang set
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:40pm G:

i believe some sets are live on "tape" just guessing wu tang could be one :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:40pm still b/p:

Nurse With Wound, Omar Souleyman and Wu Tang Clan all within a couple of hours....Hoy, that's a show! That's a time block I'd love to see.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:40pm ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Jesus and Mary Chain AND Dead Can Dance??
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:41pm Cheri Pi:

Wu-Tang clan can also clear your tent of those pesky insects me thinks...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:44pm Sigurdur:

Wu Tang "bee killer" Clan
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:44pm Bryce:

bear with us, guys....
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:45pm efd:

All sets will be pre-dumped here on-site. I already spent a couple of hours today cleaning up Death Grips' set.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:45pm DCE:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:45pm G:

or as the stripper said, bare with us guys

@efd: that's what i was reckoning!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:45pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:46pm Cheri Pi:

There's a bear with us, where?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:46pm Andrew Waterloo:

Bear's don't do much for mosquitos.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:47pm G:

vladdy putin, the russian bear, heard pussy riot would do a surprise set and he is there to oversee the assassin crew
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:48pm Cheri Pi:

Ruh roh, the bear has struck again.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:48pm fleep:

Bear again?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:48pm Sigurdur:

I suddenly urge for beer
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:48pm Cheri Pi:

BEARSIES with beersies!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:49pm Cheri Pi:

How is the beer in Barcelona, anyone???
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:49pm DCE:

I will beer with you soon.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:49pm Richard from Venezuela:

Best radio station in the world.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:49pm DCE:

do the Spaniards drink beer? I can't see it.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:50pm G:

barcelona beer is brewed to a bold alcohol level
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:50pm Cheri Pi:

yeah, I guess it's winesies...but sometimes there's an exception.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:51pm DCE:

betty botter bought a bit of bitter butter, too
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:51pm efd:

Plenty of beer-drinking going on around here, though I couldn't say how many of the drinkers are Spaniards.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:51pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I'll be networking a toast to y'all from behind an enormous bottle of Maudite shortly...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:53pm fleep:

Howdy, Richard from Venezuela, always good to see you appear.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:54pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings fleep.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:54pm Uncle Michael:

Spanish beer seemed drinkable but not extraordinary.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:56pm Cheri Pi:

I'm going to a Szechuan restaurant with my Uncle who's visiting from the Conn. so I'll be having a Tsingtao or something like dat...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:57pm Cheri Pi:

what's a brand of Spanish beersies? maybe I can find one to drink in solidarity.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:57pm Cheri Pi:

that was my tattoo idea!!! damnit.
  Fri. 5/24/13 3:57pm common:

can't wait for beer
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:59pm DCE:

CP, you'd be the only girl in Cinci with one, do it!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 3:59pm DCE:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:00pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:00pm Cheri Pi:

woof-moo tush-too. teeheehee,
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:01pm fleep:

Next year, bring a bottle of this: www.healin-hollers.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:02pm tim from champaign:

Cheri - There's Estrella and San Miguel available in the States. Kinda like Pironi. A lighter lager style beer.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:04pm Cheri Pi:

T'anks Tim, I think I've noticed both those beers, will check em out. those are nice hot weather beers.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:04pm efd:

Estrella Damm was the primary sponsor of the festival when I was here 5 years ago, but they've been usurped by Heineken. Not sure when that happened, though.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:06pm tim from champaign:

Seems like Heinie is trying to become the Budweiser of Europe.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:07pm G:

that's some aspiration :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:07pm Uncle Michael:

I'm supposed to be listening to this while mowing grass but the hydrocodone insists I ride the bed, not the Grasshopper.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:07pm LaurieFromMiami:

Hot set.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:08pm Uncle Michael:

At least the food in Spain is amazing.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:09pm LaurieFromMiami:

Heineken is awful. I'm such a beer snob.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:10pm Uncle Michael:

Life is too long to drink crappy beer.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:11pm Andrew Waterloo:

I thought Stella was the budweiser of Europe.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:13pm People Like Us:

Who's Stella?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:13pm Uncle Michael:

Stella draft isn't the worst thing. I mean...there are 3,473 better beers from Belgium...but still...it's not horrid in a pinch.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:13pm joe:

'ello folks
I have been in meetings all afternoon I almost forgot this was happening
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:14pm People Like Us:

Please Call Stella...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:15pm fleep:

The US is a snack food backwater. No York'eso Ruffles. Only one kind of Kit Kat.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:16pm davex:

Luckily, the beer is generally regional and local around these parts. Can't even find Stella if you tried.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:16pm davex:

..ask her to buy these things from the store...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:16pm People Like Us:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:16pm LaurieFromMiami:

Yesssss, why drink Stella when you could have Duvel, am I right?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:17pm Andrew Waterloo:

Stella is still one goto beers in some places.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:18pm People Like Us:

Six spoons of fresh snow peas, five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids. She can scoop these things into three red bags, and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:18pm Mike East:

I thought Budweiser was the Stella of Europe.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:19pm joe:

@Cheri the punch through the wall was very Vivian of you :)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:19pm davex:

Love it - Talking about beer and a linguistics exercise breaks out!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:19pm Bryce:

i knew it. you'r a kiwi
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:19pm Danne D:

Hiya Folks :)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:19pm People Like Us:

yes, more often than not, actually :)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:20pm tim from champaign:

I thought Europe was the Asia of South America.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:20pm joe:

Going to have to make sure I have my earbuds with me all weekend.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:20pm Danne D:

Hey Richard is here :) did you see Keili is doing a fill in this weekend?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:20pm People Like Us:

yes, this is most definitely a linguistics exercise
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:21pm davex:

Almost everything is a linguistics exercise when it comes down to it.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:22pm the glowing one:

so are the jesus and mary chain next?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:22pm Uncle Michael:

You're right Laurie. There are even some fine "Belgians" brewed on this side of the ocean. I'm a huge fan of Ommeggong...which is actually owned by Duvel now.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:25pm LaurieFromMiami:

oh, I like Ommegang too! didn't know Duvel bought them out. Ommegang actually brews a pretty decent (and cheap) Belgian style beer for Trader Joe's.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:26pm Richard from Venezuela:

Yes Danne D. I see it.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:30pm Brian Turner:

Just in: Tinariwen will air tomorrow at 6pm ET!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:30pm Julie:

Loving this band, suddenly they drifted into Pink Floydness
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:30pm Uncle Michael:

I didn't know they brewed anything for TJ's. I think they mainly bought them because it simplifies the importation of the Belgian products. They own Maredsous as well and Ommegang imports that for the parent company.

I'd pop open a Three Philosophers if I could have a beer right now.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:31pm Brian Turner:

@ glowing one -- see schedule above on comments or home page www.wfmu.org, they're tomorrow night.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:32pm G:

  Fri. 5/24/13 4:32pm Meghan.:

Did I hear that Dinosaur Jr is not getting recorded? They were supposed to be 5 pm..... Just wondering.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:33pm G:

@Davex: language is how we communicate, so yeah, to communicate exercise the lingua
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:35pm davex:

@G: Yes, try to even think without using words - it's hard (maybe not entirely impossible).
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:35pm LaurieFromMiami:

oh no, no dinosaur jr? :(((((
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:36pm Cheri Pi:

I can't stand stella or heini, my go-to swill is Yuenleng-Light. the brand of Brother JT.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:36pm Brian Turner:

D jr. Was supposed to air, no longer happening due to soundboard probs recording beyond our control. Great set though. Damien from Fucked Up did a Last Rites song with them.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:36pm Carmichael:

Thank you all for talking beersies on this board. Just got back from the Nepalese food joint. Had a Flying Horse lager. Soon will be the time for the highly hopped ale.

Daniel Johnston at Primavera! I'm astonished and happy!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:37pm G:

@davex: among many others, Max Muller argued that in 1861 -- i published an article on it in 2000 or so :p no argument here, as long as we define thinking and language carefully
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:38pm Ike:

Speaking of Belgian things at TJ's, they also have an amazing Belgian chocolate, Callebaut (I think), re-branded as Trader Joe's Pound Plus, also in mini-3-packs. Cheap and outstanding. Beer doesn't do a thing for me, so thank Glob for dark chocolate.
  Fri. 5/24/13 4:39pm Meghan.:

That's a bummer..... Thanks for the info! Sounds great so far. You guys are doing a great job on little sleep!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:40pm G:

what's sleep? i've been talking late nights to someone on the west coast and rarely get to sleep before 4:30 recently, as might be partially documented from comment boards. yeah, multitasking, guilty as charged.
  Fri. 5/24/13 4:42pm Marie:

That Daniel Johnston is one smart cookie. He noze where the toonz iz. Plus, I bet he is big in Barcelona--they noze where the toonz is.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:44pm davex:

@G: Interesting - I'd like to hear more about that. Of course it could well go beyond the scope of this space.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:45pm G:

ping me on the fellowship sock, happy to talk "shop" lol
  Fri. 5/24/13 4:45pm trish:

Beer? I recently met Péché Mortel - an imperial stout that I thought was Belgian and is from Montréal. Translates to mortal sIn. Tasty and sorta boozy behind the espresso.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:45pm Loren:

Carmichael! Have you been to New Helvetia tap room yet?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:46pm Loren:

wading through a spreadsheet marsh... love that WFMU broadcasts this festival! Thank you! Sounds great!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:47pm G:

@trish: watch the diacriticals :-) "Pêche Mortelle" would be "deadly fishing"
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:49pm davex:

@G: Okay, I think I did what you meant.
  Fri. 5/24/13 4:49pm trish:

pêche is also a peach
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:50pm G:

Quoth FS Soc software: "OK, we've sent your email address to davex, so that user can write to you. " email when you have time; i'm never away from kb for more than a few hours
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:50pm Mike East:

boozy espresso? I'll take five!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:51pm G:

irish espresso, natch :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:54pm davex:

@G: Okay, sounds good. I just got that e-mail now too.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:55pm I X Key!:

look! at! comment! page!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:56pm Cheri Pi:

oh trish that sounds heavenly.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:56pm G:

there ya go. live testing the system in public :p -- i correspond with various folks from here, so i can attest the process is smooth...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:56pm Mike East:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:57pm Cheri Pi:

What ME said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nonalignment PACTSIES!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:57pm pacific standard simon:

An Ubu favorite!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:57pm Carmichael:

I thought this was Bob Hope at 1st.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:58pm tim from champaign:

Just missed BT's explanation. How did Pere Ubu get plugged in the schedule?
  Fri. 5/24/13 4:59pm common:

happy weekending everybody!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:59pm Cheri Pi:

catch y'all on the flip. check in later.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 4:59pm tim from champaign:

Oh, duh.
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:00pm trish:

It's very good. 9% (!) requires some volume adjustment/reconfiguration. A great find after the St. Ambroise was pulled from the taps I know elsewhere.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:00pm Brian Turner:

Was just an excerpt from a past broadcast....
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:06pm Danne D:

Am I crazy to think this guy sounds like Jon Anderson?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:11pm Carmichael:

I agree, Danny. From Bob Hope to Jon Anderson. Smooth segue.
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:12pm electroboy:

Will you be broadcasting the Nick Cave set???
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:13pm Ike:

This sounds great! I salute y'all in Spain.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:18pm Andrew Waterloo:

Everything has been great so far.
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:23pm Marie:

I just go stupid on these things. I think I will keep my comments to one word from now on. Right now that word is: yowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I love you WFMU!!!!!!!
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:25pm Marie:

@danne D: I thought the same thing.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:25pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:26pm Brian Turner:

No from Nick Cave, unfortunately.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:27pm G:

Now if only Jon Anderson sounded like Jon Anderson :p and Chris Squire didn't look like a superannuated whale in tights. And Steve Howe didn't look like a death's head. And Rick Wakeman didn't look like a grumpy old man.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:28pm G:

then, perfection.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:30pm Stanley The Meat Guy:

Hola hola Barcelona
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:32pm Marie:

I saw Steve Howe live a couple of years ago and wondered if there was a cut-off in terms of audience acceptance... but look at the Stones (ugg). Can anyone tell me why they are so popular?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:33pm G:

Steve plays well still, differently than the insane 70s manicness. But the Brasilian Yes listserv has been calling him Caveira (Skull) since the mid 90s reunuion era
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:34pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:34pm G:

10% battery, bbl
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:35pm Carmichael:

Finally figured out the iPhone app. This is pretty cool.
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:37pm Marie:

I must say I thought Steve Howe was great live. I also love an album he put out back in the 80s with a song named "Pennants." I think part of the Stones' popularity is corporate promotion and most people just stop looking for new music so they stick with the sacred cows....
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:39pm Marie:

Plus, if they look like the neighborhood homeless OR anyone who might have a cockney accent.... :)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:39pm Danne D:

And this sounds more than a little like The Nice.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:46pm davex:

Woods sounds goods.
  Fri. 5/24/13 5:50pm Marie:

@Sig.--Hi Sig. Have a nice weekend y'all!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:52pm Sigurdur:

u 2 marie
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:53pm Mike East:

hehe - I was singin this earlier cuz a client needed some pictures emailed to her....her name was Jane.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:56pm Stanley The Meat Guy:

@ Mike East: Haha that's funny!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Home - !
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 5:59pm dc pat:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:00pm Mike East:

I'm getting the shit outta here man...its been a long week/long day. see y'all later!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:01pm G:

@Marie: 10% battery delayed this comment. Mick was an Econ student! Business, marketing, promotion. I believe that's a lot of it, seriously. Look at the lyrics of Satisfaction -- the persona is a young businessman.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:01pm Sean B.:

This Spirtualized tune performance/song was great!. Can't believe I have never heard them before...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:02pm Mike East:

@Sean B. - go get "ladies and gentleman, we are floating through space".. you won't regret it.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:02pm Sem Chumbo:

Wishing to re-visit Catalunya, last there when Snowflake the albino gorilla died, at 35, at his home in the Barcelona zoo.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:03pm G:

The oft-cited irony being that the Beatles were working class provincials nicely marketed as cute by Brian (he thought they were cute, himself). Mick was a typical well-off kid studying how to act wild, which honestly happened a good bit in the "60s"
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:04pm Sean B.:

Thanx Mike!; Will Do!.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:06pm Andrew Waterloo:

Glad to see these guys are still around.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I always tell people that: Beatles were Lower Class aspiring to Art & Recognition - & Stones Middle Class aspiring to Bohemia (read Keef's autobio. on their early years - they lived it). Missions accomplished all around, I'd say...Parallel to - in same 60's era- irony of 'Whites' aspiring to Bohemia generally, & 'Blacks' aspiring to Material Success & looking Sharp (classic illustration Janis reportedly not going over w/ 'Black' Audience)...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:24pm G:

@RR: not so weird that many people aspire to be what they are not yet. grass is greener syndrome etc
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:24pm G:

fucking awesome buttons
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:25pm dc pat:

I aspire to be smart and rational. But yeah, Beatles ALL THE WAY!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- & big part of 60's being Class breakdown & confusion...even w/in Beatles Lennon was both more traumatized by parental situation & a bit more MiddleClass & so more emboldened & determined to be an Artiste - &tc. ...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:28pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...why haven't I plugged in my big speakers & started drinking wine yet...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:28pm dc pat:

I gotta say RRN63, you fit more concepts into fewer sentences than any commenter I know. Cheers. And yes, start drinkin.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:29pm G:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Cheers dc pat. I Friendy you.
  Fri. 5/24/13 6:30pm common:

finally...beer time!!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Grass greener other side of fence
...just as hard to mow...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:45pm davex:

I've got the wine - but my speakers are relatively modest.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:48pm G:

if they moved to the right residence, they could be the condo fuck buttons.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

(- @ home) - plug my computer into my stereo; in living room here - good old Infinity brand - 7" woofer quite sufficient for apt. living...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...condo, apt. ...
  Fri. 5/24/13 6:49pm common:

pool, pond.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:49pm Andrew Waterloo:

I gave up on woofers for apartment living. Just a good set of bookshelf speakers here.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 6:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah - got 'em off the floor.
...I shut up @ night & my neighbors had damn well better do the same! I work for a living...
- I have a bad habit of blowing tweeters in bookshelf speakers : ) ...used to keep spares when I used Polk brand...
- In bedroom, the main speakers are these odd things - Brinkman out of GreatBritain: They're ceramic (!) - w/ woofer in lower dome facing up, & tweeter in upper facing down, in center a brass double-cone, refelecting 360°s!: Sounds not woody resonate portage, but a littll ceramic toiletbowlish, but really clear, & the 360 is more natural from every angle...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:06pm G:

salmon and blackbean/corn/mango/cilantro/lime/etc salad beckons..
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:07pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- no salmon: hardest part of not eating animals...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:08pm Nate K:

"Giant disco orbs."
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:09pm Uncle Michael:

More, more, more...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:09pm Julie:

all hail the disco orb
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:09pm Carmichael:

The IPA beckons. Can't fight the feeling.

@Loren from about 2 hours ago: no, haven't been to New Helvetia yet, but I will I swear. Off to Rubicon.

See ya everyone, happy Primavera!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:10pm Chris M.:

so nice to hear evan "funk" davies at primavera this year. looking forward to killer mike!
  Fri. 5/24/13 7:11pm davo:

giant luminescent mosquitos
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...some of the mosque-quitos in Spain go back to the Middle Ages...& are quite luminous...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:12pm Danne D:

Liz covered it already, EFD ;)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:13pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:14pm Chris M.:

really looking forward to hearing someone eating jamon chips on the air
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:15pm Nate K:

Chris M I think they have new ones with "cheese," or "queso" as it were, in them.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:16pm Uncle Michael:

That tattoo is cray cray.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:16pm G:

pasteurizado queso producto :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:16pm LaurieFromMiami:

ad blocked those bugs
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:17pm fleep:

The place is bugged.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:18pm Julie:

Did you bring rubber stamps of that? to stamp passersbys behinds?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- re skeeters: as a New Hampshire-ite: That's life where there's water...I see he got'em before the blood...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'mosquito' *is* Espanol...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:21pm Chris M.:

i heard the Stone Temple Pilots are going to be on the air at 9:30 - T/F? can a DJ please verify? i've already set my VCR.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:22pm fleep:

mosca means fly, so ... little fly?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:23pm G:

With access to the Homeland database, we could probably ID the mosquito-holding DJ from that partial palmprint
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:24pm G:

@fleep: bingo!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

G@ :23...shite.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- not you fulla - just 'shite'...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:27pm G:

@RR: 'they' (the feds) already have access on demand to every phone call and internet action, period. -- until people get pissed enough to have a law passed about it. that *might* help
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:29pm Nate K:

Come to the FMU chat, get an etyomology lesson
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...not to say entomology! : p ...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:32pm Nate K:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:32pm G:

and universal surveillance.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:32pm Nate K:

I almost made that joke, too...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:34pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- almost don't count but in horseshoes & WMD in Iraq...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:34pm fleep:

The place is bugged.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Whata groooby intro to Summer...
- Full Moon in five hours I'm told!...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:40pm Julie:

lot of music coming out of those tiny bugs
  Fri. 5/24/13 7:41pm wilbur twinhorse:

jonathan richman retired to tampa bay?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...bottom one done in by this drumming...not hydrated perhaps...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:42pm Danne D:

Thanks FMU For the greatness of Primavera every year :)
Time to take off now :)
enjoy everyone!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:44pm LaurieFromMiami:

un beso por marco
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:49pm woj:

best primavera sound ever!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:50pm Julie:

These guys are great!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:57pm davex:

Time zones are all in the mind.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:59pm woj:

time zones are also in the phone book (remember those?)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 7:59pm Chris M.:

YES! Killer Mike! The south is in the house!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Blur are Playing - ?!!
...oh - food sign...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:00pm Chris M.:

oh man my favorite
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:03pm davex:

True: Phone books are now all in the mind as well.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:03pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Eco-Friendly veal?...forget me - gotta boil pasta & drink more wine...You tell'em Mike: Reagan hits right when I leave home & start adult life...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:04pm G:

no diggity!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:04pm Nate K:

Killer Mike is the king.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:06pm Liz Berg:

This song about Tom Petty is my new jam!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:06pm Nate K:

Is he calling Tom Petty a ho?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:08pm Chris M.:

oh my my, oh hell yes
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:08pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...♫ w/ SchoolHouse Rocky - it's SchoolHouseRock!:
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:08pm eyenoise:

What happened to Kurt Vile set?
  Fri. 5/24/13 8:09pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:11pm eyenoise:

Thanks for the answer, Liz.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:11pm davex:

Okay, let's hear some Kurt Weill, that should work too.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:13pm davex:

Sorry, don't mean to be glib. It is actually sad how certain interests get in the way of art.
  Fri. 5/24/13 8:14pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Maybe we'll each get a free shot from Jello-Man.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'Abe Lincoln once walked five miles to return a nickle to a whore'
- & then they put him on the damned penny!

... Daniel Johnston : )
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:25pm Chris M.:

so great
  Fri. 5/24/13 8:25pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Mountain Chi-koo!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:26pm Nate K:

His backing band is pretty nice.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:28pm steve:

loving Daniel Johnston's set
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I had a dream :
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:41pm steve:

he sure is playing the hits
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:42pm G:

crazy man!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:43pm G:

i mean: crazy, man!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:45pm northguineahills:

I loved it when Daniel literally phoned Speeding Motorcycle to Yo La Tengo.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:46pm Mike East:

Daniel Johnston is making me so happy right now...that and the beer...and being home with my family.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:46pm Andrew Waterloo:

I love you too Motorcycle
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:50pm Nate K:

"Clear eyes full hearts can't lose."
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 8:56pm woj:

"music will make you come alive"
  Fri. 5/24/13 8:56pm common:

man, he sounds like neal young on this one
  Fri. 5/24/13 8:58pm dale:

right? daniel johnston and crazy horse
  Fri. 5/24/13 8:58pm Kathy:

an awesome set!!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:01pm G:

yeah, neil youngy tone to some areas of his range for sure
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:01pm steve:

this man is a national treasure
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:05pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

El Woo!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:07pm efd:

@steve, the question is which nation?
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:08pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Daydream Nation
...& now for something completely different...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...okay - you can *definitely* drum in my band...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:15pm steve:

probably all nations, except zulu and carrie
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:16pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:23pm G:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:24pm efd:

G: OM!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:26pm G:

Gee! Om!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

G: efd: OM OM - G...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:39pm fleep:

Wiki sez Om performed for 5 hours in Jerusalem in 2007, so one hour is just getting warmed up.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:39pm Sigurdur:

its sounds so close to home
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:41pm fleep:

There's no players like Om. There's no players like Om. [click]
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if your OM lasts more than five hours
- make sure your ComCast bill is paid...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:42pm northguineahills:

Damnit Rabbit, you beat me to the punch again (9:26). The hive mind is rather curious.(Thank God dc pat isn't here, he was doing the same to me yesterday).
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:42pm Tome:

...is in a van down by the river stealing wi-fi from 7-11..
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:42pm G:

gosh it must by 2:40am there, yes (i know the sets are taped, but the DJs aren't :p) -- it suddenly struck me because i've been emailing with germany so i was conscious that it's past 3:30 there...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:43pm G:

If your OM lasts more than 4 hours, begin reciting your mantra very intently
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:43pm Uncle Michael:

Om is where the 'eart is.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:43pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that'd be tantra, methinks...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:44pm G:

ask sting
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:44pm Chris M.:

this om set is so awesome i could eat a queso jamon chip.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:45pm Uncle Michael:

If I was that close to Sting, I wouldn't move either.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:45pm G:

eat a queso jamon chip, and cheesily ham it up
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:46pm davex:

3:43 and counting. But King Tuff is scheduled for 4:20 a.m. in Barcelona. Yep.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:46pm G:

hi, davex, long time no see :p :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:48pm davex:

Good music to stay up late and work...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:49pm G:

i can see that :)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:49pm efd:

yep, the last band starts at 4:35am.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:49pm woj:

and to watch hockey to
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:49pm G:

that time of year in spain, you should be seeing the sunup, mister davies
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:50pm woj:

and baseball. (@efd: sox up 4-1 in the bottom of the 7th)
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:50pm efd:

I'm sure we will, clouds permitting. And tomorrow too.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:51pm efd:

Thanks woj! I do miss seeing baseball. I heard Sanchez just lost a no-hitter in the 9th.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:52pm G:

i was at a nuit blanche with concerts in rennes (brittany) in june 1998, and it was only really dark for about 3 hours all night
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:52pm woj:

yep, mauer singled. too many people talked about it...
  Fri. 5/24/13 9:53pm dax:

did we catch animal collective??
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:53pm davex:

Yeah, the first light will appear in about half an hour here - a bit later further west and south.
  Fri. 5/24/13 9:54pm dax:

anybody know where I.can.catch that set
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:55pm efd:

Don't no, dax; that wasn't one of the sets we recorded.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:56pm efd:

er, don't *know*
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:56pm efd:

Did we mention it's 4am here? :/
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:58pm G:

caption: "Evan Gets Punchy" :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 9:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Evan Punch Davies...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...okay - *you* be funny...
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:01pm fleep:

dax There's an intensely crappy bootleg of it on YouTube already, maybe better ones will surface.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:03pm Chris M.:

oh yeah! wow! this mix makes them sounds like it's '92 all over again! love it
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:04pm steve:

ill probably say this again tomorrow but thank you in advance for broadcasting Nurse With Wound
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:05pm Stanley The Meat Guy:

Chris M! Is this what 92 sounded like? I like it.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...*needless* to say:

(>L< ))) _\m/
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:15pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:16pm Cheri Pi:

What Steve said.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:19pm steve:

hey Cheri, how goes it
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:21pm Cheri Pi:

heya Steve! just had thee best Szechuan dinner of my life. this is perfect digesting music.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:25pm steve:

that sounds super. im about to stop working (its 10 freaking 30 on a friday and im still at work) and eat a box of fried chicken.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:26pm G:

you love fried chicken, and it loves you back
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:27pm Cheri Pi:

fried chicken-chips are what the cool kids are eating nowadays
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:28pm steve:

G... ive earned it
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:28pm steve:

wait whaaaaat
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:30pm dk:

after almost 30 years there's just no way neurosis should still be this good. cripes.
  Fri. 5/24/13 10:38pm Richard from Venezuela:

Freakin Neurosis. Amazing.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:41pm Droll:

dk, Begging your pardon, it's the 30 years of experience that makes them this good.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:41pm dk:

yeah, what richard said.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:41pm dk:

point, droll.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:43pm G:

@Droll: I sent someone who I knew would be interested your freighter travel thing from Mary W's board, and they gazumped me. Check this shit out, I still have the tab up:

  Fri. 5/24/13 10:43pm Brian Turner:

re: Kurt Vile --- it was unfortunately put the kebosh on (not Kurt's doing or ours). We were under impression of an agreement but channels between managers and festival were misread and ultimately denied. Sorry, it sounded great, though....and Kurt has several live sessions archived (Jason Sigal's show, mine, Tom Scharpling's) you can check out. We love KV and the V's.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:49pm LaurieFromMiami:

i hope four tet played "no more mosquitoes" for your sake
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:50pm Droll:

G, Oh yeah, that tops working merchant shipping! Falklands, Antarctica -- that's my kind of travel.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:53pm G:

my sarcasm detector is not calibrated at the moment :p
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:55pm Chris M.:

that was amazing! thanks!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 10:56pm Cheri Pi:

mind blowing set!!! thanks Woof-moo & Neurosis.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 11:05pm northguineahills:

OH EFFIN' JOY. happy happy happy, joy joy joy!
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 11:25pm slocker:

oooh nice pic!
  Fri. 5/24/13 11:25pm dax:

hello Laurie I'm in Miami as well
  Fri. 5/24/13 11:28pm dax:

wfmu should get private messaging that way I could ask Laurie how old she is , if she is still in Miami and if so wherever
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 11:29pm efd:

Sky is starting to brighten off in the distance.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 11:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Miami basketball team lost tonight.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 11:42pm Cheri Pi:

watching the sun rise w/ efd 0))))
  Fri. 5/24/13 11:44pm dax:

good stuff
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 11:44pm slocker:

I saw a girl hiking the obstacles with a full on BOOT and crutches. Legit. Now that is dedication.
Avatar Fri. 5/24/13 11:48pm Peteski:

Really enjoyed the entire day, thanks so much for doing this again. (fuck buttons!)
  Fri. 5/24/13 11:52pm dax:

Bryce helped out with that
Avatar Sat. 5/25/13 12:01am Cheri Pi:

Thanks BT and the gang! get some rest.
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