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The promise of joy, the magic of blather. A call-in show for the New Age of Inquiry. The Man can't bust our chit-chat. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 10, 2013: What Are You Waiting For?

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:01pm Carmichael:

Shake those robot butts!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:02pm Caryn:

Hello weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:02pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:02pm stinkbug:

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:03pm stinkbug:

Should I listen to this entire show or go outside and bike in 75+ degree sunny weather?!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:03pm robyn:

i'm waiting for my period, or else hello motherhood
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:03pm robyn:

(i am kidding)
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:04pm TheMarmot:

sippin Carlos Rossi Burgundy, while i picture frangry kegel'n
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:04pm Kurt Gottschalk:

you didn't terrify me, you annoyified me.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:04pm fleep:

Godot. And he won't take my calls.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:04pm TheMarmot:

Waiting for a written invitation
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:04pm JoJo:

@Robyn - (Are you sure?)
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:04pm Caryn:

Just waiting for death. Or a lottery win. Whichever comes first.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:05pm robyn:

you can't wait for intimacy frangry. you have to go out and grab it with your vagina.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:06pm Carmichael:

I'm waiting for the man.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:06pm robyn:

@JoJo i am sure.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:07pm madman:

iam waiting for the madwoman
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How many pounds can FRANGRY & FOODBED bench with their kegel muscles?
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:08pm Parent Teacher Conference:

Suggestion: if the parent is dead let the caller channel them. Easier than a Ouiji Board.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:10pm Carmichael:

ALL pizzas are magical!!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:10pm robyn:

michele catching scalding pizzas with her mouth is amazing.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:10pm Linder:

Waiting for Tommy O'Shea to sober up.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:10pm Matt W:

Raw bacon falling from the sky = nightmare
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:10pm Matt W:

Raw bacon falling from the sky = nightmare
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:11pm Noelle33:

Fragry, I think Michele is right - you can't find love because there's too many to choose from.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:12pm warhamster:

would there also be bacon grease falling from the sky? everyone would be gross.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Overalls & side-pony today?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:12pm listener mark:

I am waiting for the ultimate Frangry & Michele total psycho meltdown. We need vodka, methamphetamine, and firearms.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:14pm robyn:

the legends of the fall reference is redeeming this call.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:14pm TheMarmot:

we need a Seven Second Delay/ Shut Up Weirdo crossover episode, Bath Salt Edition Revisited
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:14pm warhamster:

yo, how long is this phone call.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:14pm Caryn:

I'm waiting for Michele & Frangry's "pie fight while tied together from their ponytails" to materialise one day.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:15pm madman:

i cant wait for the reality show
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:15pm SHARPIE!!:

...Waiting for the whole cycle to smoosh in my Kegel Bagel
(from Hegel!)...
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:15pm Frangry:

@caryn: we were so close. maybe next year!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:16pm robyn:

michele eating pizza in a bed and frangry taking selfies.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:16pm kevin g:

Frangry and Michele should listen to this show later on.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:16pm Kevlicki:

I'm waiting for a better topic
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:17pm whiteslice:

Ted talks.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY'S waiting fro Ryan Gosling to dump Eva Mendes.

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:18pm Carmichael:

Frangry is just drunk enough to be snotty to every caller.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:18pm Jason:

I'm waiting for Frangry to be Humble & Michele to be Not Scared.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:18pm warhamster:

I am waiting to leave work for a beer. Listening to drunk people is making me jealous.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:18pm robyn:

yeah that's what america needs to hear. two women eating oysters in the radio.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:19pm Carmichael:

Frangry is just drunk enough to not understand the caller.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:19pm kevin g:

I would also recommend making this the archive sample episode.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:21pm robyn:

this is like an anti-group therapy. i'm enjoying it.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:21pm Just Ted:

yes i do talk. Sorry.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:22pm __ __ __ __:

Waiting for Frangry to check her gmail. ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ Puerto Rican for real.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:23pm Skirkie:

I had oysters this week. It was the best.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:24pm whiteslice:

@Just Ted: no disrespect, I was just making a pun.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:24pm listener mark:

I'm waiting for this to turn into a Dora the Explorer episode.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:25pm Carmichael:

He needs a coffee enema.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:25pm Just Ted:

@whitelslice nor offence taken. I know I ramble.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:26pm Kevlicki:

  Fri. 5/10/13 6:26pm James:

NEW TOPIC - Your reality show name - "Bitchy & Shy"
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:26pm __ __ __ __:

Why do you hate the show Frangry?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:26pm robyn:

ken and ryan seacrest in a room together now that's a reality show.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:27pm warhamster:

  Fri. 5/10/13 6:28pm rAVEn:

Dinnertime here, were making BLT getting low on eggs can you send me a Dozen please ? Are they Free Range ?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:28pm Skirkie:

I hope Tommy O'Shea is good and tanked up too.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:28pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi FoodBed :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
Sorry to keep you all waiting.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:29pm Carmichael:

Tell them what they need, dude.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:29pm Just Ted:

@skirkie True that.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:29pm Danne D:

Frangry is 33. Like Jesus.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:29pm Danne D:

FoodBed just pee-blocked Frangry
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:29pm robyn:

  Fri. 5/10/13 6:29pm Anthony:

Frangry sounds desperate
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:30pm Skirkie:

Jesus is like 2,010 dude.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:30pm Noelle33:

I'm 33 too.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:30pm robyn:

can't even give it away.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:30pm Carmichael:

Jesus died at 33. Nailed to a feckin' cross. Slow bleed. Mocked.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:30pm Danne D:

Mike McKenzie is still waiting for Frangry to call him back.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:31pm Just Ted:

i hope that was not a reference to me.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:31pm Danne D:

Pee Talk with Frangry
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:32pm TheMarmot:

wow, frangry just revealed a lot
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:32pm Skirkie:

You know you have to pay to support babies, right?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:32pm Danne D:

I'm waiting for a caller who doesn't sound lamer than me. Longer wait than I expect.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:32pm Jordan:

I love that MICHELE is a little scared - I'm that way too.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:32pm Danne D:

@Skirkie sez you
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:33pm TheMarmot:

hell yeah michele, get her loaded! Drunk kegels. Is it against FCC rules to queef on air?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:33pm robyn:

you said you wanted to be a male mass rapist
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:34pm Linder:

In vino veritas
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:34pm Anthony:

Framgry is not drunk
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:34pm Carmichael:

Frangry is just drunk enough to be a blithering bitch.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:35pm Danne D:

Ya kinda said everyone, Frangry
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:36pm Tone Loc:

I'm waiting for the drunk guy from England to call in again.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:36pm Danne D:

Shut Up Rapeo with Frangry and Her Probation Officer
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:36pm robyn:

you said...lol...ok...no condoms.. ...you wanted to do it for the power
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:36pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:36pm Skirkie:

Yeah where's Ray Jay?
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:36pm dale:

frangry, i think you're young enough to have missed the oral sex through a dental dam era.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:37pm listener mark:

I am waiting for the reality show because this sure ain't it.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:37pm Tone Loc:

Yes. Ray Jay - thanks Skirkie.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:37pm Matt W:

Oh no....
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:37pm Matt W:

Oh no....
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:37pm Anthony:

Frangry is angry
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:37pm Evan47:

why do i feel like everyone that calls into this show is the kinda guy that would wait in the parking lot to give flowers to a stripper
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:37pm Evan47:

that being said what kind of flowers do you like frangy
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:38pm Danne D:

Dunno, Evan. Can't imagine why that would be the case.

Uncomfortable silence.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:38pm robyn:

maybe assuming it was rape says more about me. i have to leave the beloved comments board but good show ladies. keep that rose running through your veins. <3
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:38pm Danne D:

Prediction: Tim doesn't win 2 weeks in a row.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:38pm Carmichael:

I rest my case, Frangry.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:38pm Danne D:

We've all been waiting for Tommy O'Shea
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:39pm Just Ted:

here we go
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:39pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:39pm Danne D:

Wait, Frangry admitted getting peed on on the radio, what in the hell has she been censoring?
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:39pm Anthony:

What is going on with frangry?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:40pm Skirkie:

I could email Scott.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:41pm Just Ted:

Frangry just sung words. WASTED!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:41pm listener mark:

We never run out of alcohol when X Ray Burns is there.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:41pm Carmichael:

I could send a postcard to Scott.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:41pm Jordan:

I'm waiting for FRANGRY"S voice to go through PUBERTY.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:41pm Carmichael:

How many callers can Frangry blow off in 1 minute?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:42pm Kevlicki:

I waited all month for the cherry blossoms at the botanical garden
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:42pm dale:

i stayed with someone i met at a bar and woke up in her urine. next time she gave me crabs. god, i loved her.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:42pm Just Ted:

not numbers! worrds!!!!!
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:42pm MADMAN:

this is mad
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:42pm Danne D:

S'up Mark? I've now put the commenter to the person after reading your X-Ray comment
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:43pm Danne D:

Crap I mean X.Ray
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:43pm Jordan:

Yell at me more Frangry - it's pretty hot.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:43pm Carmichael:

Frangry is just drunk enough to enter the aggressive phase.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:43pm Just Ted:

but then again you sung numbers because your WASTED!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:44pm Danne D:

I'm waiting for this guy to sound intelligible on the radio
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:45pm Matt W:

I'm waiting for flowers... :(
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:45pm Just Ted:

Please tell me you are not driving home. Take a train or a cab.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:46pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm waiting for my real life to begin...
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:46pm Thomas:

Waiting for Jamacia to rise up!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:46pm Just Ted:

A nice TEA PUNCH wwould be nice now.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:47pm TheMarmot:

michele is tryin to hide bein turned on
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:47pm Evan47:

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:48pm Carmichael:

Frangry is so up and down. First she laughs, then she attacks.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'm waiting for FRANGRY to wear her crotch-less overalls.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:49pm Sam:

I'm waiting for Michele to hook up with Frangry's brother.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:49pm Danne D:

I'm thinking protective services may have to come take custody of Pancake
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:49pm Anthony:

Michele looked hot last week and someone needs to admit it on the radio
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:50pm Danne D:

Michele looked great in her outfit - so there Frangry :)
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:50pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Sodomy is a funnier word than rape...
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:50pm Carmichael:

Michele, please wear your sideways ponytail again.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:50pm Just Ted:

I'.m waiting Frangry and Michiele to wear opposing SIDE PONY TAILS.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:51pm Just Ted:

I'.m waiting Frangry and Michiele to wear opposing SIDE PONY TAILS.
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:51pm Anthony:

Michele was HOT last week...!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:51pm TheMarmot:

where can said michele pic be seen?
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Waitin' for the flood...
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:52pm tommy o shea:

dearest ladies it is proven that oysters are an aphordisiac but do two buzzed latino ladies need them?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:52pm Danne D:

@TheMarmot www.shutupweirdo.com
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:53pm MADMAN:

i have wine here
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:54pm Jimi:

I'm waiting for Ken to FINALLY respect Frangry & Michele.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:54pm Evan47:

...wtf vaginal dry-ness
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:54pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:54pm Danne D:

Next week's SUW topic: Where's the good lube at?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:54pm TheMarmot:

coconut oil for lube. extra virgin
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:55pm whiteslice:

I'm waiting for the FCC to COME DOWN on this show
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:56pm Skirkie:

I look like a man 24/7. It sucks.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:56pm Evan47:

lines have been crossed
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

A hot man?
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:58pm Skirkie:

'Vaginal Moisture' had BETTER be mixed into Put the Needle on the Record.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:58pm Danne D:

Thanks for a great show Frangry and Foodbed :)
  Fri. 5/10/13 6:58pm Jimi:

We're all waiting for Frangry to be kind.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:58pm Danne D:

Bye Frangry :) <3333
Bye FoodBed :) <333
Bye Weirdos :)
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:58pm Just Ted:

billy jam wines
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:59pm Carmichael:

This show was resplendent.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:59pm Danne D:

All of the haters were waiting for the end of the show to call.
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:59pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 6:59pm Just Ted:

sorry billy jams wiind
  Fri. 5/10/13 7:00pm dale:

moses didn't win? i'll bet moses is xxxxxxxxl
Avatar Fri. 5/10/13 7:00pm Skirkie:

True that. Great show.
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