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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options April 30, 2013: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:01pm heartywhite:

Hello, friends!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:03pm Matthyou Springwater:

Hello Hearty! And all y'all Heartyfolk!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:03pm cosmic matrix:

yay! it's hearty night white! ...light! hi hearty and friends!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:04pm Fredericks:

Heart, Matt, CM, howdy.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:05pm cosmic matrix:

whoah! we're on the move! it's so virtual!!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:05pm cosmic matrix:

i can almost smell you, hearty!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:05pm Chris M.:

wow, thanks for the shout-out, Hearty! listeners can get bonus Hearty White here: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:05pm Mike East:

hey folks!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:06pm Matthyou Springwater:

Howdy Frederix! cosmic matrix! Chris M! Mike!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:06pm Danne Duckcaller:

Hi Hearty Heroes and Heroines :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:06pm Mike East:

cool, Chris M. Thanks!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:07pm ♥Honey♥:

Hearty!! Matthyou! Mike! Fredericks! Danne! Et al!!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:07pm Devin Gristleperson:

Well hello Springwater, East, Duckcaller, M., matrix, Fredericks, & White.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:08pm cosmic matrix:

hearty's taking us for a walk!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:08pm Mike East:

Hey prolific commenter, Danne D.

Ahoyhoy, honey
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:08pm Matthyou Springwater:

I myself have only made tea in the microwave. I have a filter to brew whole leaf tea with, but even then I'd still probably microwave the hot water.

Howdy Mr. Duckcaller! :)
And the Gristleperson! And Hearty ♥ Honey!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:08pm Philo...........................♥:

Hearty Hello!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:09pm Danne Duckcaller:

@ Devin that sounds like a law firm :)
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:09pm Philo...................................♥:

I guess I need a few more dots!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:10pm Devin Gristleperson Esq.:

Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:11pm cosmic matrix:

philo, careful, i got in trouble messin' with length over in pseu braun land.

ten high!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:11pm Matthyou Springwater:

And to Philo! :D

Have all the dots you like, Hearty's is friendamily style!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:11pm Philo...................................♥:

Greetings, Devin, Matt, Mike and the whole hearty gang!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:11pm ♥Honey♥:

Hey, Devin! This is toe-in-the-water only -- we found we enjoy Hearty's repartee much more when not distracted. Just wanted to say "yo"! And remind Hearty about meeting up soon. :)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:11pm Matthyou Springwater:

I'll put some underscores on the table too
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:12pm Matthyou Springwater:

Real live recorded chirpy birds!!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:12pm Devin Gristleperson Esq.:

Build your home out of shrimp, and mail all your wishes in an envelope made of dreams.

Well it's nice to see both of you, even if it's just your toes!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:13pm cosmic matrix:

cool. well that's why i pledged to this show and not pseu's....although ultimately it's all the wunderful fmu. never got my heart for some reason! :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:13pm Mike East:

hey Philo. good to see you. seen any good film lately?
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:13pm cosmic matrix:

ok i gotta pay attention to the master here
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:14pm Philo...................................♥:

Thought they were live in our backyard. Plenty of wild life here (of the squirrel and sparrow variety).
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:14pm Devin Gristleperson Esq.:

I think I have some airplanes laying around here somewhere
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:14pm Matthyou Springwater:

@cosmic: Alt+3, will add ya a heart to your Name: line! :) ♥♥♥
True, when I comment here I usually listen to the Archive later to catch Hearty's nuances.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:15pm ♥Honey♥:

@cosmic: We pledged to this show (and Hearty kindly wrote us a TY unlike some other DJs) and and to five others, but we won't have ♥ because it was pre-Marathon time. Silly, silly.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:15pm cosmic matrix:

i've always wanted to get wet in the rain with you, hearty! :)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:15pm Danne Duckcaller:

Hearty has a deeper voice in this format
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:16pm Philo...................................♥:

Hey Mike! A bit on the skimpy side, but caught Planet of the Vampires over the weekend. Great little cheese-dip, atmospheric microbudget miniatures from Italian 60s!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:16pm Danne Duckcaller:

What does alt-4 do?
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:16pm Danne D:

Nothing. I'm confused.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:17pm Danne Duckcaller:

I'm so confused I lost most of my name back there
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:17pm ♥Honey♥:

Used a metal measuring spoon against a metal measuring cup to add percussion to one of my SC tracks. :)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:17pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Danne: Diamond! ♦
+5 and +6 will get you the other suits: ♣ ♠
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:17pm Mike East:

@Philo - I've seen that one! Thought it was great. Set design is awesome!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:18pm Philo...................................♥:

@Matthyou Unfortunately all that is nixed when you run a mac!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:18pm ♥Honey♥:

@Mike: It was "Prometheus" pre-Prometheus! Many similar elements.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:19pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Philo: Hmm, I wonder how to ASCESS ASCII from a Mac? ASCeek, and ye shall ASfind...
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:20pm Danne Duckcaller:

That's why they are called recesses :)
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:20pm Philo...................................♥:

@Mike All the colors of the darkness! Lotsa great splashy techincolor colors, fog machines and a good eye is all you need.

@Matt I'm just as AS-double-S so will remain an ignoRAMus.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:20pm cosmic matrix:

none of my alts do nothin'. and i got a dell. but thanks! hm...

wow what a program, hearty!

hearty......is probably sitting listening to this too.

this is too fucking cool. hearty i wuv you.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:20pm Devin Gristleperson Esq.:

Now This Is What I Call Jazz Piano Shreds! Volume 28
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:21pm Mike East:

almost rented Prometheus this week, but the accountant at work was watching it and I saw a clip that was a bit more gruesome than I'm in the mood for at the moment.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:21pm Danne Duckcaller:

Ugh. I got nothing :(
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:21pm Matthyou Springwater:

Like the closing credits music for an imaginary radio movie..!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:21pm Danne Duckcaller:

♣ ♠ there

(copy and paste is my friend)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:22pm Matthyou Springwater:

That works too, Danne! :)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:22pm Devin Gristleperson Esq.:

Very large quantities of sexual activity.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:23pm Danne Duckcaller:

I'd love to see Hearty perform at a Hoof N Mouth one year :)
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:23pm dale:

i have a 1960 ish banjo uke in the closet. i feel like part of the illuminati now!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:24pm Matthyou Springwater:

@dale: Banjolele!!! They evidently were popular in the 20s.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:24pm Danne Duckcaller:

When Hearty puts it this way, suddenly I've realized that the bagpipes are in fact the most natural of instruments.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:25pm Matthyou Springwater:

Don't misunderdeestimate me!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:28pm Matthyou Springwater:

You can probably get that treatment at the International House of Pancakes on Yer Belly.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:28pm dale:

great name matthyou! i don't think it's worth much, it's metal bodied, probably taiwanese or japanese
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:29pm ♥Honey♥:

Collective unconscious.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:29pm Matthyou Springwater:

Hmmm, do you become "less you" as your memories fade??...

Deep thought! Speculate!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:30pm ♥Honey♥:

Philo gave me a slide whistle and bongos for my birthday adding to my array of many instruments. :)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:31pm Devin Gristleperson Esq.:

Slide Whistles are surprisingly versatile.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:32pm dale:

a bruce vallanche
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:32pm Philo...................................♥:

I must be less me as I forgot to remember. Subunconscious-Nessie.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:33pm ♥Honey♥:

@Devin: Our songbirds really dig the sound. Heard somewhere that a dude could play "Flight of the Bumblebee" on one. Seems unlikely.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:33pm Devin Gristleperson Esq.:

One day "Bruce Vallanches" will be a unit of molecular measurement.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:35pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Honey: Actually "Flight of the Bumblebee" would be an easy cop-out on a slide whistle--just glissando over the notes range instead of fingering each note in rapid tempo. (Btw, Wynton Marsalis playing that on trumpet! AWEsome!)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:35pm Devin Gristlerestofthename:

Hahahah. I would like to hear that. They are very delightful instruments.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:35pm Matthyou Springwater:

Peripatetic lesson! Go Heartotle White!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:36pm ♥Honey♥:

Rabbits don't live in trees!! Do you know where Cabbits live?
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:38pm Danne Duckcaller:

I Have to Head Out Hearty Humans but be well :) and thank you Hearty :)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:38pm Devin Words-Here:

The fact that you wrote "glissando" makes me think it is not very easy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:38pm heartywhite:

Thank you!
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:38pm Philo...................................♥:

I seem to recall a Finnish punk band that did a version of Bumblebee on a xylophone. HC Andersen.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:38pm Matthyou Springwater:

Later, Mr. Duckcaller! Study the Hearty Humanities! :)
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:38pm Devin:

Good night, Danne!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:39pm mise en place:

I just bought Superfly on vinyl a few weeks ago. Classic.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:39pm Matthyou Springwater:

Ooooh! Xylophone would be awesome!

@all: I know Honey's answer already--take a gander at it! :)
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:40pm dale:

ooh, those sisters were foxy, to use a descriptor of the ladies of the 70s
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:41pm ♥Honey♥:

Cabbits live in lodges, bocoors. [Henry Cabbit Lodge is very popular]
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:41pm mise en place:

I also bought the Foxy Brown soundtrack by Willie Hutch
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:41pm Matthyou Springwater:

YES!! Please do Hearty! Take the show on tour!!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:42pm cosmic matrix:

  Tue. 4/30/13 7:42pm Philo...................................♥:

@Matt I was mis-taken. They only did Sabre Dance.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:43pm dale:

looking for a 'welding for dummies' type course. can't find it locally
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:44pm Matthyou Springwater:

Sabre Dance is good, and already based on a xylo-like instrument rhythm. But try to contact that band: their next challenge should be Flight of the Bumblebee! :)
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:45pm ♥Honey♥:

Philo has an occipital bun.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:46pm Matthyou Springwater:

I'm a self-deprecator; I'm not very good at it...

credit (I believe) to Stephen Wright.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:46pm Fredericks:

"My self deprecation is insincere."
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:47pm dale:

hearty is curdled, not coddled
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:49pm Matthyou Springwater:

Actually with the Internet I don't think there's anything that's not a word anymore; any group of letters probably has become a word somewhere.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:49pm ♥Honey♥:

Hope you NJ-ites are rooting for Rosie on Derby Day. I watched her win The Oaks last year.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:50pm Devin Personface:

Sebastian Cabbits?
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:51pm sunshinerecorder:

Photo gallery CD-ROMs! I miss those.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:51pm Bob the Shark:

Does bum vomit equal diarrhea?
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:52pm Matthyou Springwater:

I feel that way with Sambuca.
Also wary of Southern Comfort--not that *it* made me sick, but I got sick from mixing stuff with SoCo--and now it's guilt by association.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:52pm ♥Honey♥:

Hey, Devin, woke up extra early yesterday morn for whatever reason and thought I'd get a chance to hear your final 10-15 minutes. Hmm. :,
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:53pm cosmic matrix:

it was fun walking around reals halls with you tonight hearty!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:54pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Honey: I always like to listen to the first 15 or so minutes for the excellent banter w/ Therese--also disappointed Monday. BUT! And here's the BUT! .. amEdeo recorded several fun promos for Keili's show! You can find them around her mic breaks during that fill in.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:54pm cosmic matrix:

i threw up once real bad on ten high but that don't stop me now! mmmm that stuff
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:55pm Philo...................................♥:

Canyons of Hearty's Mind. Like canals on Mars. Visible with bin-oculars.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:55pm Devin Personface:

Well, you heard the final 15 minutes of THE GREATEST BEST FILL-IN.
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:56pm ♥Honey♥:

@Matthyou: Thanks for the shortcut tip!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:56pm cosmic matrix:

"take one egg, get a pencil."
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:57pm DPCD:

We'd love to have you on tour and host that tour nearby Philadelphia. Come see where Daniel Boone's family got ousted from the Quaker religion, or where Ben Franklin went off the rails for a particular widow, or where the owner of Campbell Soup Co drank himself to death despite being the wealthiest man in the state that day...
Or less sordid stuff. You can swell with pride at Gettysburg or Valley Forge, Constitution Hall, or the 9-11 crash site.
You would be very interesting to my Amish and Menno friends in Lancaster County too!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:57pm Matthyou Springwater:

Happy to be Helpful, Honey!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:58pm sunshinerecorder:

Come to NYC! We're really nice.
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:58pm Devin Sheckyface:

Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:58pm cosmic matrix:

someone write a song "snuggy mummy" !
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:58pm Matthyou Springwater:

I totally support Hearty making a road tour too! But, Springfield first, it's closer on I-95! ;)
  Tue. 4/30/13 7:59pm ♥Honey♥:

Hearty, thank you, sir! You have our number, so call us maybe. :)

Bye folks and COW-nee-tah OO-nee-ah to all!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 7:59pm Devin Humanperson:

Good night all my delightful friends, thanks for hanging out tonight! Have a beautiful week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 7:59pm mise en place:

g'nite, all
  Tue. 4/30/13 8:00pm Philo...................................♥:

Nighty night. Enjoy not only hearty white, but a hearty rye, too!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 8:00pm Matthyou Springwater:

You mean something to all us, Hearty! Thank you for another wonderful and fulfilling show! Have a great night Heartyfolk!

And "sweet dreams", to everyone! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 8:00pm heartywhite:

Y'all are wonderful!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 8:01pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 8:02pm sunshinerecorder:

Thank you, Hearty! Always the highlight of my Tuesday.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/30/13 8:35pm heartywhite:

Hey, there's a lot of emails I don't have and I'd like to thank you for pledging so if you pledged and I didn't write you, please email me!
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