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Playlist for 04 April 2013 Options | The Now Sound of Nothing

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Boom Bip  Pele   Options Zig Zaj  Lex     
YMCK  Pastel Candy wa akuma no sasa yaki   Options Sonido Uzumaki (Various Artists)  Music Related 
YMCK, L-R: Yokemura, Midori, Nakamura
0:04:09 ()
Max Tundra  Will Get Fooled Again   Options Parallax Error Beheads You  Domino    0:06:18 ()
Her Highness  Tattoo Waltz   Options Major Keez Joined by Her Highness in the Neither Land  Birdsong    0:09:42 ()
Kynan  Try Harder   Options Altered Beast    download here  0:12:26 ()
Chicha Libre  La Danza de Don Lucho   Options Canibalismo  Barbes    0:15:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bunny Kick   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel    0:19:28 ()
Dan Deacon  True Thrush   Options America  Domino    0:23:41 ()
Tipsy  Hey!   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel    0:28:27 ()
TV Girl  Misery   Options The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle  TV Girl  download here. the picture at the top of the playlist is from the activity booklet that accompanies the album!  0:31:16 ()
Audrey and Gamaliel  Telephone   Options YouTube video   
from the YouTube video
0:33:54 ()
Beck  Clap Hands   Options Guerolito  DGC    0:37:11 ()
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti  Reminiscences   Options Before Today  4AD    0:40:22 ()
Meadow House  Laugh   Options Tongue Under a Ton of Nine Volters  Alcohol    0:42:51 ()
Music behind DJ:
Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu with Group 
Menyelam Pakai Pipa Udara   Options 1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats as Outlawed by Government  Hot Air    0:45:47 ()
Loveholic  Super Star   Options Florist  Fluxus Music    0:49:57 ()
Oscar Brown Jr.  Brother Where Are You (Matthew Herbert remix)   Options Verve Remixed 2 (various artists)  Verve    0:53:10 ()
Phantogram  All Dried Up   Options Eyelid Movies  Barsuk    0:56:57 ()
Blanketship  Heaven Must Have Sent You   Options Motown Meltdown (various artists)  Gigante Sound  free download  1:00:34 ()
James Pants  Alone   Options James Pants  Stones Throw    1:04:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Roger Roger 
2   Options Sounds Industrial  Zippy    1:08:00 ()
T.J. Miller  Last Time I Had a Date (Bran Flakes mix)   Options The Extended Play E.P. Illegal Art ReMixTape (various artists)  Illegal Art    1:12:18 ()
Lady Reignicorn  Teacher   Options AM:Racket Vol 1 (various artist)    aka DJ Keili!
download album here
1:15:30 ()
Lyrics Born  I Changed My Mind   Options   Quannum    1:18:00 ()
Robyn  Cobrastyle   Options Robyn  Konichiwa    1:23:01 ()
Yea Big  We Can Push Back   Options The Wind That Blows the Dandelion's Seeds  Illegal Art    1:26:33 ()
Godblesscomputers  We Got the (Beastie Boys re-work)   Options Lost in Downtown  Fresh Yo    1:29:32 ()
Twink  the Broken Record   Options The Broken Record  Seeland 
Mike Langlie
1:31:46 ()
People Like Us & Wobbly  Partners   Options Music for the Fire  Illegal Art    1:34:45 ()
Music behind DJ:
Raymond Scott 
Tempo Block   Options Soothing Sounds for Baby  Basta    1:37:31 ()
Love Is All  Felt Tip (demo)   Options Busy Doing Nothing EP  What's Your Rupture?    1:41:48 ()
Brian Eno  Pour It Out (vocal by Laura Spagnuolo)   Options Drums Between the Bells  Warp    1:46:11 ()
Kid Koala  4 Bit Blues   Options 12 Bit Blues  Ninja Tune 
The cardboard record player that came with the album. Mr. Koala demonstrates here
1:49:53 ()
Kaada  Care   Options Thank You for Giving Me Your Valuable Time  Ipecac    1:53:42 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 11:26am People Like Us:

Afternoooon, Nothing is my favourite subject.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 11:39am Charlie:

It's an inexhaustible subject.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 11:41am Uncle Michael:

Nothing doing.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 11:44am Charlie:

Here's a lyric from a song you'll hear on today's show:
Misery is funny
'cause misery is nothing
and nothing is funnier
than nothing
(it's from the album that features the picture at the top of the playlist.)
Avatar    Thu. 4/4/13 11:51am Michael:

Nothing from nothing leaves no thing. Howdy Charlie, Uncle and Vicki.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 11:57am Doug Schulkind:

Busy Doing Nothing = Where Dada meets nada.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 11:57am listener james from westwood:

good thursday, fans of nothing!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 11:58am Charlie:

hello, Vicki, Uncle M, Michael, Dada Doug, and LJFW.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:02pm Charlie:

Here goes nothing!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

excellent, i wouldn't want to miss nothing.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:03pm Uncle Michael:

Nothing to it.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:03pm Charlie:

This is exciting.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:03pm ndbob:

morning Charlie and everyone!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:04pm Uncle Michael:

And *this* is exiting. But, I'll be back.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:04pm People Like Us:

Nothing mediamogul.seas.upenn.edu...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:06pm Art Critic:

The disembodied ping pong paddle represents China swatting away the rest of the free world, especially the imperialist running dogs. The chick with the pixelated face is showing the futility of trying to be analog in a digital age. The elephants are on their way to the watering hole to sleep off all the banana beer they drank.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:08pm still b/p:

Sartre meets Billy Preston in the happy midday Thursday conversation.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:09pm Charlie:

yo, Bob, Glenn, still b/p!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:11pm pacific standard simon:

Hey, OK. No, wait. Woops, uh... now then. I mean, really! Yeah, so:
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:11pm Carmichael:

Hiya Charlie. Hi everyone.
  Thu. 4/4/13 12:12pm Katya:

Tattoos are dumb. There I said it, America.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:13pm Carmichael:

Unless you have one. Then they're cool.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:15pm glenn:

i don't know. tattoo removal services are booming. i suspect there's a lot of drunk buyer's regret going on.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:15pm Charlie:

Agreed, Simon!
No tattoos on you, Katya!
Hi, Carmichael.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:15pm fleep:

Search on the lyrics yields TV Girls from San Diego. I was busy doing nothing so I looked.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:18pm Charlie:

hiya busy fleepin' sumpin
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:18pm duke:

I used to think tattoos were cool until everyone and her sister had one. Now I think not having a tattoo is cool.
  Thu. 4/4/13 12:19pm Katya:

Sometimes nothing is way better than a tattoo.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:19pm duke:

Although a WFMU tattoo might be ok
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:19pm pacific standard simon:

It would cool to get a mole tattooed on yr cheek. And by "a mole", I mean A MOLE.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:20pm Brian in UK:

Hello Charlie, how's the haircut?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:21pm listener james from westwood:

an fmu tattoo ought to get you free lifetime record fair entry.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:25pm Carmichael:

I don't like the "tramp stamp", or dozens and dozens of tats on a person. But 1 or 2 tasteful works of art are OK. I have a single small tattoo, not normally visible.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:27pm Charlie:

which cheek, simon?
hi duke.
i've got a devil's haircut, brian.
The advantage of having a nothing tattoo is you can have it in a different place whenever you want it, Katya.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:27pm Doug Schulkind:

When hipster-flipster me showed up in New York in '83 and saw that (male) cops and wall street traders were sporting earrings, I knew it was time to stop wearing mine.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:31pm still b/p:

I went in the kitchen where local radio was still on and "Paper Roses" was playing. I didn't catch enough to know if it was the Anita Bryant or Marie Osmond version, and not knowing has left me unsettled and edgy.
But this Tipsy is just the thing for it.
  Thu. 4/4/13 12:31pm jan:

Just checkin in. All good! thanks for broadcastin.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:33pm fleep:

A little They Might Be Giants in there.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:33pm pacific standard simon:

Dealer's choice, Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:34pm Brian in UK:

....in the windmills of my mind
  Thu. 4/4/13 12:35pm gary mitchell:

like a wheel within a wheel
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:36pm Charlie:

thanks for saying hi, jan
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:36pm ndbob:

good one here Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:37pm duke:

I like this version of telephone
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:39pm Charlie:

it's an ever-spinning reel, @gary!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:42pm ndbob:

heya gary!
  Thu. 4/4/13 12:43pm gary mitchell:

buffalo bob
  Thu. 4/4/13 12:45pm gary mitchell:

jaunty little number here
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:52pm Uncle Michael:

I've never regretted my tattoo. t2.gstatic.com...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:53pm pacific standard simon:

Today's special at the Pacific Standard Luncheonette is seaweed, brown rice, and a dirty hot dog.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:54pm pacific standard simon:

I want Candy!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:55pm Charlie:

the bob dylan diet, eh simon?
  Thu. 4/4/13 12:55pm gary mitchell:

Brother what a version!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:56pm pacific standard simon:

Hai, dozo.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:56pm Uncle Michael:

I've got tacos al pastor from the carneceria. Vegans, turn away.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:57pm still b/p:

Remember, in Papillon, the guy the escapees run into in the jungle with the serious face ink?
"You like this?"
"Oh, very much."
"I did too, at the time, but I was drunk"
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:57pm pacific standard simon:

MmmMMM, pastor.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:58pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:59pm Charlie:

Hi Wendy!
Reprazentin' the pro-tattoo side, I might add.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 12:59pm Charlie:

How 'bout tattoos of tacos?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:01pm pacific standard simon:

Actually, it's mushroom and chicken sausage and Burmese rice in a piece of flatbread, with salsa.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:01pm People Like Us:

Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:01pm Uncle Michael:

I'm Harry...the guy with taco on his face.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:01pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Oh, I didn't know there was a debate. Yes, I have seven tattoos. (I had to count them. I often forget.) Only one, so far, is related to cheese.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:02pm pacific standard simon:

So the cheese stands alone?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:02pm Uncle Michael:

The one that says "The Big Wheel?"
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:05pm Uncle Michael:

The fire from that last bite of roasted serrano isn't gonna go out any time soon.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:06pm Wendy del Formaggio:

My cheese tattoo is of a Holstein cow. My next tattoo will be the label that comes attached to wheels of Montgomery's Cheddar. Here's a sorta crappy picture of one, scroll down to the third photo. gardenista.com...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:06pm pacific standard simon:

It's a known fact that alcohol extinguishes chili heat.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:08pm Uncle Michael:

I don't think there's any alcohol in the fire extinguishers here at work.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:08pm pacific standard simon:

I have zero tattooes, but I might be willing to consider a laughing cow tat.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:09pm duke:

alcohol can also lead to tattoos
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:09pm Wendy del Formaggio:

The Laughing Cow label is pretty cute.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:10pm still b/p:

Please tell me you'll keep the British spelling with the 's' on the cheese label. Makes a wheel of difference.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:10pm glenn:

la vache qui rit.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:12pm Uncle Michael:

Wendy, that article I mentioned from my Mazda magazine talks about a slew of Vermont cheesemakers. I have it right here.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:13pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Still b/p, I wouldn't dream of changing the label. That would defeat the purpose!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:13pm glenn:

u.m., i tried listening to hinky dinky radio, but the flash player keeps causing safari to crash.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:14pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Uncle Michael, which cheesemakers? I hope it's not all about VT Butter & Cheese, or VT Creamery, or whatever they're calling themselves these days. They get enough press.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:15pm pacific standard simon:

ocupado haciendo nada
Avatar    Thu. 4/4/13 1:15pm Michael:

"Cheddar?" “Well, I'm afraid we don't get much call for it around these parts.”
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:16pm Uncle Michael:

Let me go through it...Vermont Shepherd...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:16pm Charlie:

sorry, we're fresh out.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:16pm Uncle Michael:

von Trapp Farmstead...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:17pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Oh right, I keep forgetting you can play curse words on the Internet. Hooray for cursing!
Avatar    Thu. 4/4/13 1:17pm Michael:

It's a bit runny...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:17pm Uncle Michael:

Shelburne Farms...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:17pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Von Trapp makes a nice cheese called Oma. I sold that one in my shop.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:18pm pacific standard simon:

That's what I like about the streams.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:18pm glenn:

"there's three kinds of cheese. ya got yer cheddar, ya got yer white cheddar and ya got yer marble"
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:18pm Uncle Michael:

Hen of the Woods...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Oh Shelburne Farms, yeah! I need to pick up their Cheddar. It's superb. It's also a very pretty farm, up by Burlington.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hen of the Woods? Dunno that one. Well, I know the mushroom.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:18pm Uncle Michael:

That's it...those four makers.
  Thu. 4/4/13 1:19pm gary mitchell:

nice racket!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:19pm pacific standard simon:

Gol durn it, shucky-darn, oh fuuuudge!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:19pm Uncle Michael:

Says Hen of the Wood is in Waterbury.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:20pm Charlie:

Lady Reignicorn = DJ Keili y'all!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:21pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hmm. Waterbury. That's where Ben & Jerry's AND the state mental hospital are located. Except the hospital got flooded so now it's not there.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:23pm duke:

@charlie the link to DJ Keili's album doesn't seem to work
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:25pm Charlie:

i entered the link as it appeared, maybe a prob with the page. i'll have to look into it later.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:26pm Carmichael:

"I think he said 'Blessed are the cheesemakers.'"
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:26pm still b/p:

My sister in law recently moved form a Ben & Jerry's Vermont job to a Lagunitas Brewery California job. If she moves next to a bacon concern she'll have hit kind of a trifecta.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:28pm Uncle Michael:

For they shall inherit the curd.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:29pm Uncle Michael:

What would Ben & Jerry name their beer and bacon flavored ice cream?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:30pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Uncle Michael: Barf.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:30pm Charlie:

I give up, UM, what?
Avatar    Thu. 4/4/13 1:31pm Michael:

b/p - love some of those Lagunitas Brews. She's lucky. =)
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:33pm still b/p:

Pig on Tap.

Yah, the Lagunitas selections have made it to the NE and are niiice.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:35pm Brian in UK:


Got any Venezuelan Beaver cheese?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:35pm Uncle Michael:

Wendy got it right. Ben & Jerry's Beer'n'Bacon Barf
Avatar    Thu. 4/4/13 1:35pm Michael:

Yup our store has been carrying them for a while. Current favorite is from Rogue: rogue.com...
Now where's Wendy with the cheese?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:36pm pacific standard simon:

Nice co-ordination, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:36pm still b/p:

Bacon and beer ice cream = Strippity Hoppity?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:38pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:39pm Rich in Washington:

Been thoroughly enjoying the mix but haven't had time to pop in to say so until now.
Rearranging my cell.. um, workspace.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:40pm pacific standard simon:

I don't care much for ice cream, so I'll have a bacon-wrapped beer brat with smoked tomato mayo.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:40pm duke:

Bacon and Beer ice cream recipe www.surlatable.com...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:41pm Ike:

I see Keili named her musical alter ego after an Adventure Time character. That seems appropriate somehow.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:41pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Michael, I like Rogue cheese. And I like your Sluggo picture!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:43pm Uncle Michael:

I like Spanish cheeses but I don't know anything about regions. I have to find out if anything good comes from the southern coastal area when I'm there.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:43pm still b/p:

Guinness chocolate cupcakes are sold at a small market nearby. Always tempting. Maybe with a scoop of good vanilla..ummmaumm.
  Thu. 4/4/13 1:46pm earrie:

Coffee porter is good. So's chocolate porter.
Or maybe it was a stout?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:47pm Charlie:

Hi Ike and Rich.
Sorry if I've missed this, but has anyone ever tried a beer float?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:49pm Snortley:

Imperial chocolate stout with coffee ice cream is supposed to be good.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:51pm pacific standard simon:

@Snortley - that does sound good, under the right circumstances...
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:51pm Uncle Michael:

No one wants to hear this because it's the big, corporate colossus but I've yet to taste any craft stout that was as remotely pleasurable to drink as Guinness.
  Thu. 4/4/13 1:52pm earrie:

Beer float would probably be good to try with those summer berry beers (blueberry, raspberry).

I find sweet + beer a challenging taste.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:52pm pacific standard simon:

Well, they've had a lot of time to perfect their product.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:53pm Snortley:

I'll take a Smuttynose porter or Lion stout over a Guinness any day.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:53pm Uncle Michael:

Does anyone know why some Friendship Society members appear in one color and others in another?
  Thu. 4/4/13 1:54pm earrie:

Or porter or stout + a not-so-sweet icecream?
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:54pm Uncle Michael:

I'll keep an eye out for those, Snortley.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:54pm pacific standard simon:

I'm a devoted drinker of Pyramid apricot ale -- fruity, but not exactly sweet.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:55pm listener james from westwood:

the usernames might be links you've clicked on in the past
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:55pm Matt F:

Charlie, your deflected request for Mel Torme's Sunshine Superman will be honored today.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:56pm Charlie:

Thanks for being here today -- you've been a great crowd.
Stay tuned for Matt Fiveash -- here's his playlist link:
All right, Matt, thank you!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:56pm listener james from westwood:

must fly outta here; enjoy the first bit of matt fiveash, all, and many thanks, charlie!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:56pm pacific standard simon:

  Thu. 4/4/13 1:57pm gary mitchell:

if this isn't from a movie, it should be
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:57pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for the ear goodies, Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:57pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 1:58pm pacific standard simon:

Probably from a movie on The Internet Archive.
Avatar    Thu. 4/4/13 1:58pm Michael:

Thanks for nothing, Charlie. See ya next week.
  Thu. 4/4/13 1:59pm Laura L:

Thanks for another fine show, Charlie--a fine accompaniment being busy doing stuff and things.
  Thu. 4/4/13 1:59pm gary mitchell:

well, if nothing else happens today, I became a Loveholic fan
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 2:00pm pacific standard simon:

Not quite MY "last date", but getting close. Before the end of this month, I will probably have to say goodbye to live chatting with Charlie forever. :(
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 2:00pm Ike:

I dug it, Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 4:04pm Monica:

great show, chazarooney!
Avatar Thu. 4/4/13 10:07pm Charlie:

thank you, mz m!
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