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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Pluto Walkers  Coffin Dragger   Options The Throwaway Age  Sundazed  2012    0:00:00 )  
Randy & The Radiants  Boppin' The Blues   Options Memphis Beat: The Sun Recordings 1964-1966  Big Beat  1965/2007    0:02:11 )  
Born Liars  Make Up Your Mind   Options Exit Smiling  Cutthroat Records  2006    0:04:31 )  
Born Loose  Fat Chance   Options s/t  Drug Front Records  2012    0:07:21 )  
New York Dolls  Seven Day Weekend   Options A Hard Night's Day  Norton  1973/2000  Sylvain Sylvain here at 1:30!  0:10:29 )  
Moving Sidewalks  What Are You Going To Do   Options The Complete Collection  Rock Beat  1967/2012    0:12:45 )  
The Above live in the studio!  
Engineer: Mike Sin. recorded Feb. 16  
David Horowitz - belly-fiddle, lead vocals Frank Caira - doghouse, vocals Jason Trygstad - skins, pocket piano Matt Marando - belly-fiddle  
The Above  Coming Around   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:20:21 )  
The Above  (Do You Have) A Healthy Mind   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:22:44 )  
The Above  Georgia Peach   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:24:54 )  
The Above playing live this Friday, Grand Victory in Brooklyn with the Electric Mess and the Mystics!  
The Above  Imprisoned   Options live on WFMU  The Above      0:28:08 )  
The Above  Chuck's Blues   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:30:34 )  
The Above  We Can Be Together   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:34:37 )  
The Above  Do What You Wanna Do   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:37:52 )  
The Above  The Prisoner   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:40:51 )  
The Above  Broken Soul   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:42:14 )  
The Above  My Love   Options live on WFMU!  The Above      0:47:06 )  
The Above  You Make It Real   Options liv on WFMU!  The Above      0:49:15 )  
The Above  interview   Options live on WFMU  The Above      0:51:35 )  
Billy Gibbons  interview   Options         1:03:37 )  
Moving Sidewalks  Scoun Da Be   Options The Complete Collection  Rock Beat  1969/2012    1:04:57 )  
Billy Gibbons  interview   Options       Moving Sidewalks this Saturday at BB King's. First show since 1969!  1:09:31 )  
Moving Sidewalks  Every Night a New Surprise   Options The Complete Collection  Rock Beat  1967/2012    1:10:02 )  
Billy Gibbons  interview   Options         1:17:20 )  
Moving Sidewalks  I Want To Hold Your Hand   Options The Complete Collection  Rock Beat  1968/2012    1:18:47 )  
Billy Gibbons  interview   Options         1:22:32 )  
Moving Sidewalks  Pluto Sept. 31   Options The Complete Collection  Rock Beat  1969/2012    1:25:51 )  
Sylvain Sylvain  interview   Options         1:33:38 )  
Sylvain Sylvain  Leaving New York   Options The Monkey Never Dies  Sylvain Sylvain      1:39:14 )  
Sylvain Sylvain  interview   Options         1:42:58 )  
New York Dolls  Trash   Options A Hard Night's Day  Norton  1973/2000    2:02:16 )  
Glen Matlock & the Philistines  Born Running   Options Born Running  Peppermint      2:23:16 )  
New York Dolls  (There's Gonna Be a) Showdown   Options Too Much Too Soon  Mercury  1974    2:34:29 )  
Ramones  Sheena Is A Punk Rocker   Options Rocket To Russia  Sire  1977    2:37:03 )  
New York Dolls  Stranded In The Jungle   Options Too Much Too Soon  Mercury  1974    2:47:04 )  
Sweet Talk  Pickup Lines   Options Pickup Lines  12XU      2:50:47 )  
The Mighty Grasshoppers  I Wouldn't Follow   Options s/t  Vital Gesture  2012    2:53:25 )  
Ben Vaughn  Hawaiian Shirts   Options The Prehistoric Ben Vaughn 1978-1980  Munster  1980/2003    2:57:29 )  
The Fireballs  Dumbo   Options various - Dancehall Stringbusters! Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed  1964/2004  sans Jimmy Gilmer  2:58:00 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:04pm Joe B:

Hi all! tripleheader today! 12:15 - live set from Brooklyn beat masters The Above! 1 pm - rebroadcast of Billy Gibbons interview with the Moving Sidewalks show this Saturday! Then at 1:30, Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls in the studio!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:05pm Cecile:

wow, busy day!
  Tue. 3/26/13 12:06pm geokopp:

Good Mornin' Joe!! Action-packed show!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:06pm Dr. Goot:

Let's Rock!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:09pm Lonious Monk:

Bonjour everyone ! great great day ! Bonjour WFMU & Joe !
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:09pm Stevel:

Wow. What a show, and what a start.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:11pm SmokinJ:

Seat belt fastened and ready to R-O-C-K!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:12pm tim from champaign:

Go Joe!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:14pm ChrisB.:

So looking forward to The Above!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:20pm Cecile:

Deke Richards passed - songwriter for J5 and late-period Supremes
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:23pm Joe B:

I heard Cecile. A member of the songwriting team The Corporation!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:25pm Mike East:

Cool, The Above! I played bass with these guys for two rehearsals many years ago
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

All of The Above - !
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:26pm Joe B:

The Above LIVE this Friday March 29, Grand Victory in Brooklyn with the Electric Mess and the Mystics!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:29pm joe:

'ello folks
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:30pm Mike East:

I remember digging David's style cuz it was very Kinks-y, and he dressed the part, too.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:30pm joe:

I'll be attending one of those Sylvain Sylvain/Glen Matlock shows.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:31pm joe:

Yay The Above with Matt my fellow WFMU volunteer and Power Pop a Licisous attendee
  Tue. 3/26/13 12:32pm Eugene Green:

The Ahhhbuve! they're so good!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:33pm joe:

As you all can hear The Above are well worth seeing and if you have not had the privledge to see the Electric Mess yet another killer live band. Highly recommend seeing both
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:33pm Stevel:

If I ever play on the radio (and learn how to play guitar, write music, etc) I want Mike Sin at the controls.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:33pm Joe B:

Thanks to Mike Sin for another stellar mix job! These guys are an excellent band
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:36pm Tom from Detroit:

Go Joe! Diggin the above
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:39pm Joe B:

Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in! glad everyone is digging The Above! Hey Tom!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:40pm Cheri Pi:

Joe B! Just back from lunch-whoa these guys sound amazing.
  Tue. 3/26/13 12:42pm Derek D:

The Above are tearing it up!! Great job as always Mike Sin, sounds like a vintage BBC broadcast!! And if people do plan on making it out to the Above/Electric Mess/Mystics Grand Victory show Friday night, THE ELECTRIC MESS are on FIRST at 8:30!! Please try and come EARLY!! Bands will be done by 11:00...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:44pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Any Links to BandPhotos?
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:46pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- *does* sound like a 'Live @ B'B' - !
  Tue. 3/26/13 12:47pm Thee KeeKee:

The Above sounding great!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:47pm Joe B:

Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 12:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

They look like they sound!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:05pm braveness23:

B23 here!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:06pm pacific standard simon:

Bet those master tapes are awfully brittle!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:06pm Cheri Pi:

This is badass. B23!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:07pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...always heard that Billy knew Hendrix - & they would hang & put paintbrushes on their guitars & freak out - like the Creation er somethin' - what is meant by 'legendary'...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:08pm pacific standard simon:

Have to say, I like this Moving Sidewalks stuff better than anything I've heard from ZZ since about 1980.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:11pm joe:

Have to give Billy credit most times when you hear band members interviewed about stuff like this the constent answers are like "oh to old to remember blah blah" He seems to have a great memory and love of that time.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:13pm pacific standard simon:

Nice Roky-esque scream, there!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:13pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Billy played w/ Roky Erickson of 13th Floor Elevators on Austin City Limits:
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:13pm braveness23:

Sorry, I was listening to an archive. Monica played a brand new Low song last Sunday night and I've had it stuck i my head ever since. had to purge...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:15pm pacific standard simon:

Thanks for that link, RRN63! I'll enjoy.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:16pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Gotta read 'Eye Mind' about Elevators: Their Code was would not ever Play or Record unless tripping - in 60's Texas. This reportedly left even the Dead incredulous...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:18pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:19pm pacific standard simon:

The blurb on that page is incorrect about one thing, though -- The Holy Modal Rounders used the word “psychedelic” in a song as early as '63 or '64. They re-wrote the words to "Hesitation Blues" to do it.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:23pm pacific standard simon:

I always wonder how some rock'n'rollers managed to stay out of the draft, and others didn't.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- How easily we forget Getting Drafted - ! It cut a swath thru 60's Garage & Psych...one of the classic typical occurances...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:30pm pacific standard simon:

Need to get this Moving Sidewalks set -- way more fun than a complete collection of The Amboy Dukes.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:30pm Stevel:

Second time listening to that interview. Good stuff.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:31pm joe:

Ok now this track you can hear some serious Hendrix influence.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:31pm pacific standard simon:

I know Gary Lewis (of "and The Playboys") served.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:34pm pacific standard simon:

3/4 of the original Ramones are dead, but they can scrape together a Moving Sidewalks reunion. Awesome!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:34pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Sex Dolls - ! Ha - !
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:37pm pacific standard simon:

I'd like to ask Matlock about the differences between working with Syl, and Iggy, and Rotten. Bet Syl would win the personality contest!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Hendrix of course was fortunate enuff to serve right before 'Nam: 101 Airborne jumpin' outta planes was his stylee...
- What a Heavy show this week!...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:38pm pacific standard simon:

Country Joe McDonald, too.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:41pm pacific standard simon:

Who's singing back-up on this?
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:42pm Tom from Detroit:

Syl should do "Leaving Detroit". Party song.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:48pm pacific standard simon:

Syl should write stories. They'd be really short stories, but they'd be good short stories.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

No Dolls in R'n'R Hall of Fame???
...That's like giving a Grammy to Milli Vanilli - an ex-Hitler Youth for Pope - a President losing the popular vote & still winning...like...
  Tue. 3/26/13 1:53pm frenchee:

love Syl's voice: "yew jawdiences"
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:54pm pacific standard simon:

...like The Monkees not being in the "hall of fame".
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:54pm joe:

Syl I'll be at the Stanhope House.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:56pm joe:

Lenny Kaye does a great cover of Jessie's Girl at his one man shows. LOL
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 1:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Syl's voice is choice.
  Tue. 3/26/13 1:58pm Tornado:

What's goin' on with the Dolls? Seem to be on hiatus.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The Dolls are sure an interesting buncha cats!
- What's the film about Arthur - ??
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:02pm joe:

My favorite NYD's song
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:04pm pacific standard simon:

@RRN63 - New York Doll
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:04pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

It's 'New York Doll'.
- Gotta see that sometime.
...Early takes of Dolls - !...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:05pm pacific standard simon:

It'll make you cry.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:05pm joe:

@Revolution really good doc about Arthur pretty much about what he did post NY Dolls leading up to the reunion a few years back. If I remember the movie ends not to long before his passing. Goes into his working on geneology carrier with the Mormon church and some of his other musical endevours and how he coups with the band gettig back togeather.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:05pm efd:

Yeah, New York Doll is a great movie.

Outstanding show, Joe! The hits just keep on coming!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:06pm joe:

Yes pacific is correct it will make you cry
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Prob. mine too, Joe - but that 1st album is sure all killer no filler...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:07pm tim from champaign:

Man, Sylvain Sylvain is so cool. I saw the modern Dolls in Detroit about 10 years ago. I loved Syl's stories that he told on stage.
  Tue. 3/26/13 2:08pm KP:

Fantabulous afternoon, joe.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:09pm pacific standard simon:

I thought the second Dolls record was more about a thicker guitar sound. And saxophone.
  Tue. 3/26/13 2:11pm SHIMMY:

damn this is your best interview ever!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:14pm pacific standard simon:

OK -- I need another bottle of bourbon. Oh, and I once worked the polls on election day, and one of the people who showed up to vote was a lesbian who was legally named Shadow Morton, Jr.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Some years ago, Glen Jones interviewed Sylvain Sylvain on his Jonesville Station program.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:18pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I love how always - the Music Nerds learn all this detail - base their lives on it
- but the Musicians themselves can't remember anything (they have Lives to carry on w/) - like even the Beatles don't know which album is which half the time...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...it might induce spitakes around here - I dunno - but I'd like to hear Syl & Little Steven interview each other - just to hear their voices & attitudes together...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:21pm pacific standard simon:

That's how I justify my participation on WFMU playlist comments to my wife ~ "Honey, I'm a music nerd, this way I don't have to annoy YOU with my music nerd talk!"
  Tue. 3/26/13 2:22pm frenchee:

when I went to GA to claim my dad's body....the funeral director asked me, are you a Yankee or a DAMN Yankee?
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:24pm joe:

@Rev Syl, Little Steven and Handsome Dick :)
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- I think Little Steven & H.Dick are pals already...*Next* week on the Joe Show: He gotta live up to *this* week now...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:28pm joe:

Yeah actually H.Dick is a DJ on Steven's radio station.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:28pm pacific standard simon:

Glen Matlock is an underrated song writer.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:31pm joe:

Pacific SS I totally agree that is one of the things that made me decide to go to this show
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:32pm Mike East:

my wife's from forrest hills. she did not know the ramones.
  Tue. 3/26/13 2:33pm frenchee:

He is hilarious. "which foot should I use?"
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:36pm pacific standard simon:

It's pretty amazing, how much rock 'n' roll vibe came out of Forrest Hills High. Also Peter Parker (Spider-Man).
  Tue. 3/26/13 2:38pm KP:

Jersey City really has it all
  Tue. 3/26/13 2:40pm geokopp:

please tell sylvain to cheer up!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:41pm pacific standard simon:

The Monkees Never Die!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The Ramones as a symptom of the Middle Class makes sense - altho' they were an 'interesting' buncha cats too...If you haven't seen 'End of the Century' film do so...
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:44pm Dr. Goot:

"End of the Century" is bittersweet. "RAW" is more fun!
  Tue. 3/26/13 2:51pm Tamar:

What a great interview!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:53pm pacific standard simon:

Oddly enough, I lost interest in The Ramones' latest record at the same time I lost interest in ZZ Top's latest record -- about '80 or '81. I don't know if it's a coincidence, or what. It's not like I don't enjoy hard-edged rock anymore -- far from it.
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:57pm tim from champaign:

Joe, you deserve a cold one. Excellent show!
Avatar Tue. 3/26/13 2:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Many many time many Critics say the Earlier the Better for Rackbands. (Unlike the Bluesman who must suffer & mature - oddly enuff considereing heavy connections 'twixt Blues & Rock.) There is the adage that you have your whole life to prep for 1st album - but no others...Just as an eaxmple - Queen has good early stuff that Classic Rock format & Mainstream Rockfans knownothing of...Rock is like Sports in that it's adolescent physical hormones...Pop is based on Disposableness...
  Tue. 3/26/13 3:00pm geokopp:

a real bangin' show Joe!
  Tue. 3/26/13 3:34pm Joe B:

thanks everybody!
  Wed. 3/27/13 5:22pm patryck Albert:

Great live shows ....here's mine if u get free tyme & wanna get "Fun " ! http://rockencaux.musicblog.fr
  Wed. 3/27/13 6:42pm patryck Albert:

BILLY ' M ' SIDEWALKS ' / Sylvain-Sylvain ' NYDolls '/ The Above interviews 're totaly great moments on the air wave ....MERCI !
  Wed. 3/27/13 6:44pm patryck Albert:

BILLY ' M ' SIDEWALKS ' / Sylvain-Sylvain ' NYDolls '/ The Above interviews 're totaly great moments on the air wave 'coz can't fly overseas to see 'em alive ( live in France )....MERCI !
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