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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Four El-Moroccos  To-Bango   Options various - Strummin' Mental Part Three: Real Gone Instrumental R&R and Surf 1958-1965  Link Wraycords      0:00:00 )  
Johnny and the Volumes  Blowout   Options various - Strummin' Mental Part Three: Real Gone Instrumental R&R and Surf 1958-1965  Link Wraycords      0:02:46 )  
Danny & the Demons  Countdown   Options various - Strummin' Mental Part Three: Real Gone Instrumental R&R and Surf 1958-1965  Link Wraycords      0:03:30 )  
Space Walkers  The Invader   Options various - Strummin' Mental Part Three: Real Gone Instrumental R&R and Surf 1958-1965  Link Wraycords      0:05:57 )  
Riptides  Machine Gun   Options various - Dancehall Stringbusters! Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed    not an endorsement of assault weapons  0:09:42 )  
The Secrets  Twin Exhaust   Options various - Dancehall Stringbusters! Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed  1962/  ROY BUCHANON!  0:11:13 )  
Ventures  Wild Thing   Options Wild Things  Sundazed/Dolton  1966/2012    0:13:52 )  
Troggs  Good Vibrations   Options Archeology (1966-1976)  Fontana  1972/  RIP Reg Presley  0:15:53 )  
The Tradewinds  New York's A Lonely Town   Options various - Cowabunga!  Rhino  1966/1996    0:23:25 )  
Challengers  Surfin' Safari   Options Surf Beat!  Sundazed  1963/1994    0:24:12 )  
Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers  Surfer's Delight   Options the Rising Surf  Sundazed  1963/2006    0:26:38 )  
Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers  Breaki' Out   Options The Rising Surf  Sundazed  1963/2006  aka Richard Podolor, superstar record producer  0:28:26 )  
Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers  Malibu Run   Options Surfers' Slide  Sundazed  1963/2006    0:30:34 )  
The Cornells  Beach Bound   Options various - Lost Legends of Surf Guitar Vol. IV  Sundazed  1963/2005  with Peter Lewis of Moby Grape  0:32:33 )  
Debbie Dean  Don't Let Him Shop Around   Options various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 1: 1959-61  Hip-O Select/Motown  1961/2004    0:40:24 )  
The Miracles  Mighty Good Lovin'   Options various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 1: 1959-61  Hip-O Select/Motown  1961/2004    0:42:43 )  
The Martinis  Hung Over   Options Late Late Party (1965-67)  Light In the Attic  1965/2011    0:45:21 )  
Bettye LaVette  He Made a Woman Out of Me   Options various - My Goodness Yes! Soul Treasures from the Silver Fox Label  Sundazed  1969/2005    0:47:37 )  
The Relatives  Rap On   Options Don't Let Me Fall  Heavy Light  1971/2009    0:50:10 )  
Margie Joseph  Touch Your Woman   Options various - More Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country  Trikont  1971/2010  Dolly Parton song  0:52:23 )  
Junior Kimbrough  Meet Me in the City   Options First Recordings  Big Legal Mess  1966/2010    0:56:31 )  
Calvin Cool  El Telecote   Options various - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1  Norton  1963/2008    1:07:03 )  
Saucers  Cha Wailey Routa   Options various - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1  Norton  ?/2008    1:09:46 )  
Aqua-Nites  Carioca   Options various - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1  Norton  1962/2008    1:11:22 )  
The Out Cast  Long Tall Sally   Options various - G.S. I Love You: Japanese Garage Bands Of The 1960s  Big Beat  1967/1996    1:14:18 )  
Thee 50's High Teens  Shout   Options Punch De Beat  Tokyo No  2009    1:16:54 )  
Miss Ludella Black featuring The Masonics  I'll Ride the Storm   Options From This Witness Stand  Damaged Goods  2008    1:21:38 )  
Julian Covey & The Machine  Sweet Bacon   Options various - Get Smarter: 60s Instrumental Grooves From Around the Globe  Past & Present  1967/2009  produced by Jimmy Miller  1:22:53 )  
The Coachmen  Stay Away   Options The Moving Sidewalks: The Complete Collection  Rock Beat  1966/2012  unreleased instrumental version  1:25:40 )  
Davie Allan & the Arrows  Bongo Party   Options Devil's Rumble: Anthology '64-'68  Sundazed  1966/2004  originally from The Wild Angels  1:29:50 )  
The Tempos  The Last Time   Options Speaking of ... the Tempos  Norton  1966/2007    1:34:57 )  
Russ Olson  Sorry About That   Options various - The Ikon Records Story  Frantic  1966/2005    1:37:58 )  
Marauders  Carol   Options various - The Ikon Records Story  Frantic  1965/2005    1:39:57 )  
Jimmy White with The Relations  Diamond-Coated Banana Bush   Options various - Party Party Party  Arf! Arf!  ?/2004    1:43:04 )  
Action Unlimited  My Heart Cries Out   Options various - No No No  Arf! Arf!  1966/1998    1:45:41 )  
Little Bits  Girl, Give Me Love   Options various - Yeah Yeah Yeah  Arf! Arf!  1967/1998    1:48:06 )  
The Yo Yo's  Crack In My Wall   Options various - Psychedelic States:New York in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1966/2002    1:50:26 )  
The Mishaps  Under My Thumb   Options various - Psychedelic States:Alabama in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1968/2002    1:53:10 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:05pm SmokinJ:

Hey Joe & all!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:06pm efd:

WFMU Snow Emergency Schedule in effect! Good to hear you, Joe!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:07pm Philo Gristle:

Sounds more like Charging than Walking, kicks ass either way.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:07pm Stevel:

Dear Gawd, this stuff i great! Are we threatening to have an entire show sans lyrics? I'm in.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:08pm ken in denver:

This music should melt that snow away fast.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:09pm Philo Gristle:

Rex always starts with an instro set, so feel right at home!
  Sat. 2/9/13 1:09pm Listener Jumpy in Brooklyn:

InstruMENTALS! Go, Joe!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:11pm ken in denver:

Was it the Call of the Wighat that brought you to this place?
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:11pm Philo Gristle:

Riptides! First heard on those Songs the Cramps Taught Us comps....
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:13pm Tome:

HOwdy JB that really Roy cool oh EFD in the house too !! cool
  Sat. 2/9/13 1:14pm John L:

You are waking me up. Since I'm at work, I guess that's a good thing.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:14pm Parq:

Great to hear you, Joe, especially since I missed much of Tuesday's show. And hey, all. Philo, hope you guys didn't get snowed in too badly.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:15pm Artie:

Peter Lorre on vocals here? Or just a proud imitator?
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:17pm Bad Ronald:

Well, this is a pleasant surprise Mr. B, great opener, it's a good day today!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:17pm Parq:

Wow, never heard this, Reg and the boys covering the Beachmen.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:17pm Mailman Tom:

Did one of the Ventures mimic Peter Lorre's voice, or did they hire a voice actor for the song?
  Sat. 2/9/13 1:18pm John L:

Bunch of college kids in here that have never heard ANY version of Wild Thing. How did they graduate high school?
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:19pm Parq:

Hmm. For a second, I thought the references to Peter Lorre on vocals were to "Good Vibes". Chuckle.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:19pm Stevel:

The Troggs take on the Beach Boys reminds me of the Shatner stuff.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:20pm Mike East:

joe b. on a Saturday. dig it.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:20pm Tome:

beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeloc ! yea!!!
  Sat. 2/9/13 1:22pm Frank:

Great first set Joe!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:22pm fleep:

Still telling people about the Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires live set, Joe, one of the highs of the week.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:22pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I've always been thinking that fur-lined fallout shelter was going to be the doom of poof old Rex. Maybe by next week, they'll be able to dig him out of that hole, miles below the earth's crust. Did he leave you a copy of his wolf howl for the mike breaks?
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:23pm Mike East:

joe, you need more reverb on your vocals if you're gonna fill in for rex. A LOT more.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:25pm Parq:

Hah! They're right, of course, Joe. And it wouldn't hurt to get yourself some old B-movie drop-ins.
  Sat. 2/9/13 1:27pm Ken in Denver:

hope yr woody's not outside.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:27pm Amanda:

Happy tobogganing, Joe!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:27pm fleep:

Today's Santa Monica Pier sea temperature is 57 °F. Bring a wet suit.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:28pm Philo Gristle:

@Parq No snow here in Indiana, in fact rode my motorcycle to half-day at work today! Sunny, 30F morning, now mid-40s.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:28pm Rob S:

late to the party but that Peter Lorre was Don Wilson of the Ventures
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:31pm Parq:

Ah, so you guys are in IN. Rather peripatetic, you two. Wasn't sure where you are currently set down.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:35pm Philo Gristle:

Well, we've been stuck here for a while now even if we're trying to get outta dodge (and have been since 2000!).
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:36pm fleep:

Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:37pm Mike East:

  Sat. 2/9/13 1:41pm Pat. James Lonog:

Joe, Have you heard the Packy Axton comp Late Late Party?
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:42pm Joe B:

hey Pat! We have it here!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:42pm Joe B:

Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in!
  Sat. 2/9/13 1:46pm Pat. James Lonog:

Yes, that one!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:46pm Mailman Tom:

Rob S. Thanks for the info on Don Wilson.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:47pm Matt F:

Joe! What a surprise! Thanks for playing the best puke-sound-effects song of all time.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:48pm KP:

Trains only every two hours. You and Brother Jimmy's Barbecue are stuck with me.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:53pm G:

Serves me right for not checking the schedule for fill-ins after a storm. Here now...
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:55pm KP:

This is much more fitting for a barbecue joint than what they are playing in the barbecue joint.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 1:56pm G:

Yes, old d00d, Save Roosevelt Stadium!!!!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:00pm G:

Rex snowbound in his furlined igloo.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:00pm BadGuyZero:

I saw a movie on TV a few days ago that had the footage from that press conference where they announced that rock concerts were being banned in Jersey City. It was "Let The Good Times Roll," a 1973 film comprised of 1950s rock 'n' rollers performing their hits of yesteryear interspersed with some vintage concert footage.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:01pm G:

Yeah, and what happened after those old stalwarts stood up for keeping rock out Roosevelt Stadium? "...the Grateful Dead employed the space as one of their principal Metropolitan New York venues in the mid-1970s after the demise of the Fillmore East, performing at the stadium six times between 1972 and 1976. Yes, The Allman Brothers Band, James Brown, The Band, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, KISS, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Tony Bennett, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Alice Cooper also performed at the stadium."
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:01pm Battleaxe:

Yo Joe! I think that Margie Joseph is on the part 2 Dirty Laundry! Great tuneage.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:02pm BadGuyZero:

The Relatives are playing here in Dallas a few days after I get back from volunteering during the marathon!
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:02pm John L:

If you are in the Hudson Valley area, the Jonathan Toubin Soul Clap w/the Stalkers, at BSP in Kingston, is still happening.
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:06pm Mike Sin:

Joe! If it couldn't be Rex, Joe is just the guy to do it!
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:06pm Mike Sin:

Joe! If it couldn't be Rex, Joe is just the guy to do it!
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:06pm Mike Sin:

Joe! If it couldn't be Rex, Joe is just the guy to do it!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:06pm KP:

The CSNY concert at Roosevelt Stadium happened the night Nixon was pardoned. They played Ohio and riot ensued. It was fun.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:08pm BadGuyZero:

Mike Sin got the heavy reverb goin' on his comments. *hee!*
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:08pm Joe B:

Roosevelt Stadium RIP.

Thanks Battleaxe! you are right!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:09pm G:

Among Yes concert traders, the June 76 Roosevelt Stadium boot is considered maybe the best recording available from that tour, b/c after all the currently circulating version is straight out the WNEW vaults (live broadcast), with trippy comments from the Night Bird between and after the encores. A great sounding period piece.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:10pm KP:

I'm told I should stay in city another night because roads are impassable. Trying to figure out if that is real reason.
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:11pm Listener Jumpy in Brooklyn:

Mike Sin, is Joe the guy?
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:13pm G:

gotta broom the car again, while there's still sun left to melt the underlying ice after that, bbl
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:14pm Mike Sin:

My fingers are too fat to comment from my phone! Anyway, there's a cool Pink Floyd bootleg from Roosevelt Stadium. I think it was the "Animals" tour.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:19pm Parq:

Killer version of "Shout" -- an antidote to what "Animal House" did to it.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:21pm BadGuyZero:

@Mike Sin: I think I have boots of three nights at Madison Square Garden from the "Animals" tour. I can't remember if they played Roosevelt Stadium on that tour. I know that they did on the "Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Wish You Were Here" tours.
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:24pm KP:

Where's that pecan pie!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I have some news that Lee Rocker (Stray Cats) and some other folks are playing tonight in Woodstock, NY. Call ahead to be sure it's still on.
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:27pm Toddophonic:

Kiss, Bob Seger and J. Geils Band played together at Roosevelt Stadium. There was a 4th act, might have been Frampton
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:30pm Droll:

Jezzz, I'll bet the tickets to some of those 4-act shows were under $10! Try to see Kiss for less than $50/seat today...
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:30pm Joe B:

J. Geils also opened for Yes there! with Jo Jo Gunne
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:34pm BadGuyZero:

@Toddophonic: Point Blank
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:35pm Rob (from Mt Hope):

Hey Joe
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:39pm BadGuyZero:

That was the original intro of "Detroit Rock City"!!!
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:42pm G:

True dat, Joe, and on the WNEW soundboard boot Yes actually totally **rocked out** for once with a killer version of "I'm Down" with a 120-mph all-rock guitar solo as their final encore, leaving a wall of overmodulated audience cheering at the end...
Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:48pm Mike East:

It's been a fine two hour excursion to nowhere, Joe B. Really enjoyed having you spin today.
  Sat. 2/9/13 2:50pm Toddophonic:

Avatar Sat. 2/9/13 2:51pm G:

"It was finally demolished in 1985, and a gated community named Society Hill opened on the site in 1987." Progress.
Avatar Sun. 2/10/13 2:50am tomB:

Do you think they took their name from the movie or from the song "Troglodyte"?
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