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Like a newborn baby discovering the melodies of existence for the first time! Experimental-hardcore-post-pop-punk-nuevo-hippie-dance-noise for the uncontrollably self-conscious. ALSO: Talking!

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Options January 28, 2013: Phil Spector pulls a gun on everyone!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Therese & amEdeo  Therese & amEdeo   Options Therese & amEdeo  0:00:00 ()
Nico  These Days   Options Chelsea Girl  0:20:09 ()
Falco  Rock Me Amadeus - Falco Symphonic   Options Falco Symphonic  0:22:17 ()
R.L. Burnside   Hard Time Killing Floor   Options Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down  0:27:09 ()
Suicide  Ghost Rider   Options Suicide  0:32:00 ()
David Bowie  Let's Dance   Options Let's Dance  0:34:39 ()
Jay Reatard  Hiding Hole   Options Matador Singles '08  0:42:00 ()
Pixies  Monkey Gone To Heaven   Options Doolittle  0:43:34 ()
Bonnie Prince Billy  Sheep   Options Ease Down the Road  0:46:20 ()
Small Life Form  mouthed   Options Demain  0:49:22 ()
Inca Jones  WFMU 91.1 FM   Options Trippin' On Christmas  0:50:48 ()
Osaka Popstar  Insects   Options Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk  0:52:33 ()
Lau Nau  Hamaran Hevoset   Options Valohiukkanen  1:14:06 ()
Deutsche Im Exil  Kunstpeise Eis   Options ExtremMist 81 Sampler  1:16:51 ()
Julia Shmmas Holter  Je Vivroie Liement   Options Eating The Stars  1:20:12 ()
Black Ice  These Times   Options Before the First Light  1:22:28 ()
Nexus  Triplets   Options The Best of Nexus  1:28:10 ()
Pascal Comelade  Un Train Direct pour Charenton, pts. 1 and 2   Options No More  1:29:53 ()
God is My Co-Pilot  Musica Caliente   Options Puss 02  1:33:04 ()
Buddy Holocaust  Concrete and Steel   Options Live 1981  1:36:35 ()
The Soundcarriers  Signals   Options Celeste  1:39:41 ()
Expe  Track 6   Options Emeralda  1:44:44 ()
Terje Isungset  Ice Beauty   Options Igloo  1:48:52 ()
Kenneth Goldsmith & Jonathan Zorn  Boys Will Be Boys   Options Kenny G Meets John Zorn  2:12:55 ()
Ruth Stiles Gannett/Music From Nature  Elmer And The Dragon/Music From Nature   Options Elmer And The Dragon/Music From Nature  2:17:47 ()
Brian Eno  Ikebukoro/Madrid/4   Options Music From Nature  2:32:17 ()
Skycutter & Kiki Mojo  Crystal Blue   Options Infinite Beat Vol. 1  2:37:06 ()
Intellectuals  Identity   Options Invisible Is Best  2:43:37 ()
Isis  Hall Of The Dead   Options Wavering Radiant  2:46:01 ()
Beautiful Skin  No Angles Required   Options Everything, All This, and More  2:59:31 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:06am BadGuyZero:

Singing In The Rain Eye Eye: Hellbound"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:07am BadGuyZero:

That gif is like Mark Twain meets Burzum.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:10am BadGuyZero:

"Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom." *ugh*
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:11am BadGuyZero:

The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension" was rated PG. It's also better than "Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom." It's also the movie I have seen more than any other movie. I've seen it 400+ times.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:13am BadGuyZero:

The pilot episode of "Columbo" was on TV tonight. Steven Spielberg directed it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:13am Ike:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:17am BadGuyZero:

Goodnight Therese!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:24am amEdeo:

AND GOOD DAY FRIENDS, visible and otherwise!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:26am amEdeo:

Over 400 times? That is commitment. And I'm saying that as someone who really likes Buckaroo Banzai. Who is your favorite supporting member of Banzai's group?
  Mon. 1/28/13 3:26am Falco:

C'mon and eat me I'm a Danish !
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:28am amEdeo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:32am BadGuyZero:

I was renting Buckaroo Banzai so often the guy at the video store told me it would be cheaper in the long run to buy my own copy. This was back before "priced to own" VHS tapes became the norm. That copy of Buckaroo Banzai cost me around $80.

Fave Hong Kong Cavalier is a toss-up between Rawhide and Perfect Tommy.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:34am fred von helsing:

Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:35am fred von helsing:

Fave film "Liquid Sky", seen it 16 times.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:36am BadGuyZero:

I remember renting "Liquid Sky" in 1988/89. That movie was a trip!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:37am BadGuyZero:

I wonder what Lewis Smith [Perfect Tommy} is up to these days. I know what Clancy Brown [Rawhide] has been doing.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:37am amEdeo:

Wow. I became notorious at my video store for renting Jurassic Park on a weekly basis, but I don't think they ever told me to just buy it. So weird to think about how prices for video (and also DVD) lowered so quickly. Well maybe not video... but DVD.... ok maybe not DVD either. Am I misremembering?
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:38am amEdeo:

Clancy Brown is my jams. I have never seen "Liquid Sky", but I want to! Comes up in a lot of articles on Cyberpunk film.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 3:43am fred von helsing:

Fond memories of watching Liquid Sky and drinking Jack Daniels from a mason jar.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/28/13 3:46am BadGuyZero:

Clancy Brown cracks me up as Eugene Krabs.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:17am amEdeo:

Will the heat ever make up it's mind?! I thought it was supposed to be warm in here....
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:17am fred von helsing:

random word: pickles
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:20am amEdeo:

I like pickles. Wish more places gave them out for free.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:22am fred von helsing:

cool similar band: Prototypes
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:23am fred von helsing:

Hokie smokes, Bullwinkle, we've been transported to Dark Night of the Soul :)
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:25am fred von helsing:

Have you tried pickles dipped in honey? It's a Russian specialty and it's surprisingly excellent.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:25am amEdeo:

Hahaha. Not sure what happened tonight, I was planning on going upbeat and fun.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:27am amEdeo:

I have NOT tried that! Is there a particular type of pickle that goes best in honey?? I can vaguely imagine how those two might go together.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:29am fred von helsing:

Lau Nau, did that appear in the new music bin? It's cool that FMU plays lotsa Finnish stuff but Ken's been going easy on the Eläkeläiset lately.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:30am fred von helsing:

Pickle type, that's a good question cos ya don't get kosher dills here. Just pickle spears, not sweet, go for sour, and dip'em. And since it's rooskie, naturally it goes superbly with chilled vodka.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:38am amEdeo:

Yeah, Lau Nau is burning up the new bin. Pretty solid album.

I will take your pickle advice under wing. I actually haven't purchased pickles in quite some time... maybe not since before the last time I moved.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:45am fred von helsing:

picklewing !
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:46am fred von helsing:

Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:47am amEdeo:

That looks like a Pixies song!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:47am amEdeo:

"Golden Eyes, the Picklewing"
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:49am fred von helsing:

"This Pickle's Gone to Heaven", that sounds like one hot date baby !
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 4:50am amEdeo:

Is it too late to make Golden Eyes (The Picklewing) the official mascot of my show?
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:04am fred von helsing:

Ask this guy steamcommunity.com...
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:09am fred von helsing:

Finnish folklore says that if you dream of losing precisely one tooth, it foretells that someone you know will die.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:18am pierre:

(very nice .gif)

Bonjour AmEdeo, fred, Ike, BGZ.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:20am fred von helsing:

Bonjour! I've been grooving on this French-themed Ursula 1000 noiz www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:21am fred von helsing:

Nature sounds, here's a chunk of the mother lode macaulaylibrary.org...
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:28am kat330:

Nice whistle! 'Mornin', Amedeo and all! Couldn't sleep and so glad I tuned in for this. :)
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:33am kat330:

Everyone asleep?
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:34am amEdeo:

Goood morning Pierre! Goood morning Kat!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:36am amEdeo:

Kat, YOU are up EARLY!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:37am kat330:

Yep. A big moon outside, too.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:38am fred von helsing:

everyone workin' !
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:39am kat330:

Was it already asked and answered about your .gif? Philo made me ones for my profile that I rotate. (Currently the bottom left pic if clicked.)
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:40am kat330:

Hey, fred!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:41am amEdeo:

FRED-- Everybody's moving!
Everybody's moving!
Everything is moving!
Moving, moving, moving!!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:42am amEdeo:

What do you mean Kat?
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:42am kat330:

Where it's from, who did it, etc.?
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:43am amEdeo:

Person named "Uno Moralez"! More here: unomoralez.com
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:43am fred von helsing:

We got to move it move it !
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:44am fred von helsing:

MOVE IT! www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:45am kat330:

Kiitos!. Certainly isn't "Down by the Old Millstream."

"Everybody's movin' / Everybody's groovin'" -- that's a burnin' Love Shack? :)
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:46am amEdeo:

Hahah. Well, I guess I asked for it...
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:49am kat330:

@Amedeo: So you've found a place to move?
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:51am amEdeo:

No, not yet. Just thinking of Fugazi.
Had to put moving on hold for a few days. But I will resume the search on Wednesday.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:53am fred von helsing:

Twin Peaks, reimagined by amEdeo
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:54am kat330:

I'm sure it won't become a habit, but it was nice to awaken over early and catch some bits of Humanity live for once. Thanks. A.!

Good rest of your days, people!
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:55am kat330:

How do you catch a unicorn?

Unique up on him.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:56am fred von helsing:

What's invisible and smells like carrots ?

Bunny farts.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:57am kat330:

Invisible is best.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 5:59am fred von helsing:

What has been chosen cannot now be unchosen.
Avatar Mon. 1/28/13 6:00am kat330:

Philo just hi / bye! [he's off to run]
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