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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options January 10, 2013: Today's Assignment: Analyse Ppotential Failures

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Skullflower  Elephant's Graveyard   Options Ruins  0:10:45 ()
Solid Eye   4th Movement   Options Voyage To See What's On The Bottom  0:25:46 ()
Guardian Alien  See The World Given To A One Love Entity (pt. 3)   Options See The World Given To A One Love Entity  0:25:05 ()
Goat  Det Som Aldrig Forandras/Diarabi   Options world music  0:36:50 ()
Popol Vuh  Affenstunde (excerpt)   Options Affenstunde  0:50:42 ()
Jan Jelinek  Im Diskodickicht   Options Kosmischer Pitch  1:00:09 ()
Borful Tang  John And Mary: The Restaurant   Options Root  1:03:42 ()
LSD March  Kazukisenawa   Options Uretakumo Nakunarutorika  1:08:11 ()
Borful Tang  The Conversation   Options Herd and Unherd  1:14:07 ()
CM von Hausswolff  Frequency Protection   Options A Lecture on Disturbances in architecture  1:46:57 ()
Gate  prophet   Options Golden  1:52:39 ()
Jon Mueller  Change is the Only Evidence of Life (excerpt)   Options Physical Changes  1:53:36 ()
Roly Porter  Atar   Options Aftertime  1:53:59 ()
Organ Eye  Tema 2   Options Organ Eye  1:54:21 ()
Günter Schickert  Wald (excerpt)   Options Samtvogel  2:21:29 ()
Polwechsel/Fennesz  Framing 2   Options Wrapped Islands  2:26:58 ()
Adam Bohman  Metal Mushroom   Options Music and Words  2:27:31 ()
Rune Lindblad  Tora   Options Objekt 2  2:33:29 ()
Folke Rabe  Argh!   Options Argh!  2:51:15 ()
Russ Garcia  Red sands of Mars   Options Fantastica  2:51:42 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/10/13 3:13pm northguineahills:

  Thu. 1/10/13 3:14pm BSI:

if I may,
Oh hell yes.
Thanks, etc.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:14pm paula pc:

what ngh said!!!! I swear I was thinking about them FIVE MINUTES ago before turning this on...must be the Fabio Vibes...
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:17pm BSI:

@paula pc: there's something to them Fabio Vibes. I was flashing on early Skullflower this morning (IIIrd Gatekeeper), it just feels right somehow...
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:21pm fred von helsing:

mixing your show, grimes sxsw, and soma.fm groove. WORKS!
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:25pm paula pc:

  Thu. 1/10/13 3:30pm DCE:

@ fred, that sounds awful! but who knows? I sure don't.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:30pm Marmalade kitty:

Evening Fabs!
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:31pm Dusty Rhodes:

Guardian Alien vs. Starcastle
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:33pm david:

hi Fabio and all!
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:36pm Mike East:

Hey guys. Just found out Phantom of the Paradise is going to be playing in the city...and Paul Williams will be there!
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:38pm BSI:

Jeezus, this thing just got bigger.
'n stuff.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:40pm david:

love this bed music
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:41pm Mike East:

@fred - I just got Grimes' tour rider emailed to me today
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I heard the song from Goat and it caught my attention for some reason. Why is that?
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:42pm BSI:

ah, that was GOAT getting bigger. 'n stuff. I approve.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:43pm Cheri Pi:

Goat is coming to town soon, I tried to google them this morning but I got nada. Thanks Fab!
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:43pm david:

Goat = pagan Pan = translated by monotheists to the devil
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:44pm fred von helsing:

sound problem goat,
that's a band name
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:44pm Jacob:

It's Swedish and it's "what never changes". Diarabi, no idea.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:45pm Cheri Pi:

Swedish afro-psychodelic rock band
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:46pm fred von helsing:

@cheri Wot band ?
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:47pm Cheri Pi:

Goat are a collective who hail from a small and very remote village called Korpolombolo in deepest darkest Sweden. Legend has it that for centuries, the inhabitants of the village of Korpolombolo were dedicated to the worship and practices of Voodoo. This strange and seemingly unlikely activity was apparently introduced into the area after a travelling witch doctor and a handful of her disciples were led to Korpolombolo by following a cipher hidden within their most sacred of ancient scriptures. The reason it led them there is unknown, but their Voodoo influence quickly took hold over the whole village and so they made it their home - there, they were able to practice their craft unnoticed and unbothered for several centuries. This was until their non-Christian ways were discovered by the Church and they were burned out by the crusaders, the survivors cursing the village over their shoulders as they fled. To this day, the now picturesque village of Korpolombolo is still haunted by this Voodoo curse; the power of the curse can be felt throughout the grooves of the Goat records.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:49pm DCE:

shit, those guys are coming your way? maybe they stop by up north too! I'd pay to see that.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:49pm fred von helsing:

@cheripi Send a URL or it didn't happen
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:50pm BSI:

Whoa, good to know this Popol Vuh is on vinyl again. I picked up the CD on Spalax ages ago, but this kind of thing needs to be on the big black circles, in my opinion.
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:51pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 1/10/13 3:56pm fred von helsing:

@cheri KY-state bad but well, kthxbai we're outa hiir
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:57pm northguineahills:

Well, it looks really good that I'm getting this job. They want me to come in next week to sign shit. I really wish I caught that email typo on my resume, like, a year ago!
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:59pm BSI:

Bravo, NGH. Send some of that victory shit over here, willya?
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:59pm lewis:

just what the doctor ordered! thanks Fabio
  Thu. 1/10/13 3:59pm DCE:

congrats, ngh! and, "ouch"!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:01pm Cheri Pi:

good stuff NGH!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:01pm northguineahills:

I was wondering why I was getting not contacts back for all the resumes I sent out until I noticed said typo, then I got 5 job offers w/in the last 2 weeks. Thanks, everyone, looks like I'll be able to donate to this spring's marathon again, thank Pan!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:04pm lewis:

@NGH - Congratulations!! hope your stress levels are, or will soon, drop
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:04pm Mike East:

way to go, northguineahills. Best of Luck!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:05pm Sandy in Houston:

@NGH what was the typo? what will your job be? congrats. :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 4:07pm BSI:

good lord this Borful Tang.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:08pm DCE:

I like this!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:08pm Kyle:

It's not too orful!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:08pm Braveness23:

Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 4:10pm G:

@Sandy: he said on a comment board a week or two ago that on his resume for a year or so there was a typo in his contact info, or outdated contact info...
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:10pm steve:

that's great ngh, congrats!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 4:11pm G:

"Contact Info Failure" :-( :-)
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:11pm northguineahills:

my pro email in my header read lastname.middleinitial.lastname@gmail.com, when it should have read lastname.middleinitial.firstname@gmail.com. I edited the content of my resume twice a week for a year, but never looked at the header, plus, I just saw my last name out of the corner of my eye, and it looked correct. It must have been some bizarre copy/paste error when my laptop froze for a second is the only thing I can think of being the cause.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:12pm Marmalade kitty:

Cheri Pi, was that piece of the top of your head? Burning people out is such a Christian thing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 4:12pm BSI:

damn, NGH. Now I need to run home & go over mine with a fine-toothed witch doctor.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:13pm northguineahills:

The job will be updating and migrating the NYFD GIS to be compatible w/ various mobile devices. The architecture hasn't been updated for 30 years, so, it could be interesting.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:13pm Cheri Pi:

NGH-maybe you'll get a call from HR himself!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:13pm northguineahills:

Yes, total Resume of Failure.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:16pm northguineahills:

I was just "this" close from accepting a job in Jacksonville, FL. My ex-fiance doesn't think I'm such a bum anymore.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:16pm Braveness23:

LSD March is making me claw at my ears. I like it!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:16pm DCE:

excellent warpage today, Mr. Fab.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:17pm Mike East:

Is this from the Conversation?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 4:17pm BSI:

...of course now Mrs. BSI just got a lead on a position in Brooklyn Hts, so maybe it's time to say SCREW YOU, dc, you're not feeding me anymore...(?)
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:17pm Mike East:

oh, there's the update. my bad.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:19pm Cheri Pi:

Good luck to Mrs BSI, you & Gomez could "volunteer" at the station
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 4:21pm BSI:

Aye, Cheri, my first thought was, ooh, marathon slave!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:21pm Braveness23:

The emergency alert system is the catchiest number so far. ;-)
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:23pm northguineahills:

Didn't you just get to DC, BSI?
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:23pm northguineahills:

This job is in downtown Brooklyn, so, easy commute.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 4:27pm BSI:

nope, NGH, DC is my hometown. Left in '91 for about 10 years, been back for a while. The idea was to finally buy a place, get a dog, settle forever. But (potentially) screw that...! Just collecting options...
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:29pm Cecile:

  Thu. 1/10/13 4:33pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 1/10/13 4:35pm Cecile:

  Thu. 1/10/13 4:36pm Ike:

D.C. has its charms, but NYC is superior in most ways. Especially radio, obviously. Though I noticed that WAMU-2 is now on regular FM in D.C. w/surprisingly good bluegrass, if you like that sort of thing. Good compromise music for me when driving around D.C. with the folks.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:36pm Rachael:

I heard that the Yasunao Tone show is sold out... bummer!
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:37pm ang:

I'm going to the Tone at MoMA. With a ticket. happy
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:38pm Carmichael:

Belated congratulations ngh (after all, it's been like 50 posts ago)! And by the way, I just finished a Countywide 311 contract, complete with mobile apps and GIS tracking. All new to me, and pretty interesting to a non-techie.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:46pm northguineahills:

Cool, Carmichael. And, thanks!

The 311 contract looks interesting.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:47pm too much coffee:

++ngh. truly, work sets us free.
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:49pm Loren:

did anyone begin their Failure assignment yet? Can we work in groups?
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:54pm Carmichael:

From earlier on the Give the Drummer Stream, I am a Loser, therefore cannot even actively fail. Sigh ...
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:56pm Loren:

You are amongst fellow "losers" my friend... we have all succeed at failing... a collective failure?
  Thu. 1/10/13 4:56pm Mr. Lowry:

What's a "311 contract"? Was thinking of using that as my Mexican Wrestler name.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:00pm G-Dog:

its a sexual position.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:01pm Andrew Waterloo:

311 is just a bad dream from the 90s.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:01pm Cecile:

311, at least in our town, is a number dedicated to non-urgent matters for the city government - loose dogs, questions about traffic tickets, recycling schedule, etc.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:03pm Charles:

How is this considered music?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:06pm Looms:

Are you here to make friends, Charles?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:06pm Ike:

I don't believe anyone said it IS music, did they?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:07pm G-Dog:

Charles my boy...that was awesome.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:07pm northguineahills:

If you're a loser, you can fail by winning.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:07pm Charles:

Maybe not. I'm new here. Whatever is on now is much better though and does sound like music.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:09pm Sandy in Houston:

Organ Eye was good, I wrote it down for later. (:
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:09pm steve:

Roly Porter! he's cool!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:10pm northguineahills:

BSI, I don't why I thought you used to be up here, maybe you were here do a show or something once upon a wfmu-ey time.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:11pm steve:

man, i haven't seen a "this isn't music" comment is ages...
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:12pm Cecile:

play some more bees.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:12pm david:

Strength Through Uncertainty
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:12pm Charles:

Sorry to everyone. I guess I would get skewered by making such a comment, with all the regulars around here. Didn't mean to offend anyone.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:13pm Cecile:

  Thu. 1/10/13 5:13pm Loren:

"music is noise that thinks" - Victor Hugo
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:14pm david:

ah I missed affenstunde. pity. first popul vuh album I think.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:14pm Cecile:

Charles, a lot of stuff Fabio plays could be considered audio experiments or sound sculpture. there's not a lot of hooks here apart from Mr. Giant Man. But in Fabio's words, I dig it.

No offense taken, Charles.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"Come for the music. Stay for the noise."

That's my motto!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:15pm too much coffee:

anyone got the exact Jack Smith quote handy?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:15pm northguineahills:

It's cool, Charles, I don't even know what is music or if I consider anything to be music. I just know when something breaks the threshold of sensation of my tympanic membrane vibrating.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:15pm Cecile:

Fabio, play something that either sounds like bees or an oatmeal box full of rocks being hit by a pipe wrench. Thanks!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:16pm Mr. Lowry:

1 noise with structure
2 noise listened to as if it had structure
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 5:16pm BSI:

NGH: I've been up there for some gigs, friends, one FMU visit, always a groovy time. If I had to leave DC, it would be a logical option (rents don't appear to be any higher than what I'm used to here)...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 5:16pm BSI:

PLUS, for once maybe take advantage of Fabio's list of events & shows up there. God it kills me every time, the films & such.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:17pm Sandy in Houston:

"you don't have to call it music if the term offends you" - john cage (right?)
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:17pm Paul McCartney:

1. J.S. Bach
2. Yasunao Tone
3. Lots of other stuff neither Bach nor Tone.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:19pm Carmichael:

Cecile is correct. 311 is the number to report potholes, downed phone lines, surly garbage collectors, etc ... In today's modern age, you'll now be able to send a picture of graffiti for removal, pay your utility fees from your phone, that kind of stuff. ngh is also right: the technology (and the mindset) hasn't been updated since the 60s. Now, "there's an app for that".
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:19pm Loren:

Fabio, can you add "The Failure of Music" to your show page list?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:21pm Loren:

@ Carm - finally, when the sewage overflows, I can send a picture of the city guys hosing it off into the gutter... maybe they'd like pictures of the city guys hosing themselves off? Mr. January from sanitation, shirtless... sweet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 5:23pm BSI:

oh hell this is crazy magnificent.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:28pm Carmichael:

The last time we had a non-music discussion around here was on Bryce's board, the famous "marbles in a blender" topic.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:28pm French Canadien Bad Boy:

That was wild.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:39pm Marmalade kitty:

  Thu. 1/10/13 5:42pm david:

just groovy enough!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:44pm steve:

Fenneszzzhh - i guess thats how you say it?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:45pm RCinMT:

"forest" not world. never heard of scwarzwaldkirchetorte?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:46pm Husband Man:

wald = forest
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:49pm Loren:

Kurt? is that you?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:50pm Carmichael:

What the hell happened? Did I tune in WNEW?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:50pm Nate:

This radio thing hilarious! Where can I find this?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:50pm Rachael:

  Thu. 1/10/13 5:51pm Loren:

@Nate - on WFMU!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:52pm Johnny Bigfoot:

Well, this is a lovely interlude.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:53pm AM Song Cycle:

123 verse/chorus/bridge.
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:56pm Loren:

I got a few streams going... echo in full effect!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Fabio Late Night - after the 11 O'Clock News!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:57pm Loren:

Is folke Rabe the same guy who did the Lord of the Rings synth album?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Fjörds are in NORWAY! Yet you make that joke even when refering to Sweden! Get tired of it for once!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:58pm Cecile:

from Canada!
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Or maybe actual frog animals composing a softcore porn score?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:58pm northguineahills:

I thought wald was wood?
  Thu. 1/10/13 5:59pm Cecile:

It was a clear malt beverage that tasted like crap.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:00pm Husband Man:

Yeah NGH, like a walk in the wood(s)
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:00pm sFrances:

I was listening to Clay Sings the Classics today while doing errands. Great dose of AM radio vibes...
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:00pm Loren:

nope, Folke Rabe differnet person, than Bo Hanssen, the Lord fo the rings guy, and Bo Anders Persson, the Parson sound/Harvester guy, but they're all buddies...
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:00pm Carmichael:

  Thu. 1/10/13 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay just washed up here in the rain...

@NGH: Wald itself means "woods", like a forest. Holz is more for the material wood.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Pigeon Poperas! Saturdays, at The Met!
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:01pm sFrances:

  Thu. 1/10/13 6:01pm Cecile:

the song the dirty clown is great.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:02pm Fredericks:

It's kinda dirty.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:02pm jean:

i liked it and i'm from montreal... any connection
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

YES! "That Dirty Clown"! Thanks for taking our suggestions, Clay! :D
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:03pm Danne D:

Classic Clay!
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:03pm Jason:

Yes to radio theater!
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, didn't know it was from that long ago!
Byeeee, Fabio!
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:04pm jean:

i'm transported back to a simpler time
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:05pm kata:

ha, I love it already.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:05pm Johnny Bigfoot:

Love it! Shades of Alice.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:05pm TommyT from Rivercity:

  Thu. 1/10/13 6:05pm sFrances:

oooooh , nice. this has a real Crispin Glover/Ratcatcher feel to it....
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:07pm Nate:

Brilliant CP! I love this! I am now COMPLETELY creeped out and I cannot turn away!
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:08pm sFrances:

a dirty clown from the South Carolina State Fair.2009..http://www.flickr.com/photos/francesrust/4059024851/
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:08pm Johnny Bigfoot:

More here: http://www.myspace.com/thatdirtyclown
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:08pm Cecile:

Clay, you have to put this out properly.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:09pm nyoukis:

Fabio, you have to lend Clay your copy of "John Gavanti"
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:10pm northguineahills:

I would have never had guessed I was listening to the CP show.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:10pm Brainiac:

Another one, please...
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:10pm steve:

dirty clown was the right decision, definitely
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:10pm Maxim Goose:

hey-- you're playing the dirty clown album!! good plan
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:11pm Cecile:

nyoukis, ITA.

This is amazing.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:13pm Maxim Goose:

one of these tracks can be found with other weird and wonderful things on the compilation album "the vanity case reality tunnel volume two.. the carnival is over"-- just thought i'd say
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:13pm ds:

never would have guessed it either. I am still waiting to find out what happened to the necklace!
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:13pm Cecile:

this is fucking amazing.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:13pm Johnny Bigfoot:

Killer Clowns: http://www.bryanreesman.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Killer-Klowns.jpg
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:14pm Brainiac:

This is like looking through the wrong end of Da Telescope.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:14pm Sandy in Houston:

  Thu. 1/10/13 6:16pm steve:

i am in awe, mouth agepe for the past 10 minutes
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:18pm Cecile:

I will have to go in a while, but I am so tuning in to the archives.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:20pm Johnny Bigfoot:

I'm gonna go write an opera about a guy who has one big foot. Bravo! - Peace
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:21pm Brainiac:

And to think I had every intention of staying sober tonight.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:23pm TommyT from Rivercity:

Giving John Moran's "The Manson Family: An Opera" a run for the money.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:23pm ds:

is there some website that streams R Kelly's operas? I'll be ready for that after this warm-up.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:25pm Cecile:

man, I gotta go. But wow.
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:30pm Marmalade kitty:

Nice recording Clay! If this is a 33 i'd be interested to hear it played at 45..
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:30pm Marmalade kitty:

  Thu. 1/10/13 6:35pm TommyT from Rivercity:

Need to replay during the fund drive. Sharpling's got nothing on "The Dirty Clown".
  Thu. 1/10/13 6:46pm Grenn:

The Dirty Clown made me cry and changed my life. who's it by?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@Grenn: None other than DJ Clay Pigeon himself! :)
  Thu. 1/10/13 7:09pm Grenn:

just googled and bought on Amazon. Thanks Matt fr Springfield!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 1/10/13 7:10pm Matt from Springfield:

My pleasure!
I just may buy the whole CD myself!
  Mon. 1/14/13 4:13pm Mr. Bojangles:

That Solid Eye tune reminded me a lot of "Three Days" by Jane's Addiction. I wonder if they were influenced by JA.
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