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January 11, 2013 Options
2012: An audible feast — Part Three
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Roy Harper  Tom Tiddler's Ground   Options Flat Baroque and Berserk
(Had Up 1970)
Ike Gordon  Don't Let the Devil Ride   Options Don't Let the Devil Ride
(Mississippi )
Clint Eastwood  I Talk to the Trees   Options Paint Your Wagon (O.S.T.)
(Paramount 1969)
Woody Guthrie  Old Judge Thayer   Options Ballads of Sacco & Vanzetti
(Folkways 1946)
Bill Fay  Cosmic Concerto (LIfe Is People)   Options Life Is People
(Dead Oceans 2012)

Talkover Music:
Samba Pa' Ti   Options Abraxas
(Columbia 1970)

Maria Monti  Aria Terra Acqua E Sole   Options Il Bestiario
(Unseen Worlds )
Wadada Leo Smith  The Little Rock Nine: A Force for Desegregation In Education, 1957   Options Ten Freedom Summers
(Cuneiform 2012)
Meg Baird  The Finder   Options Seasons on Earth
(Drag City 2011)

Talkover Music:
Augustus Pablo 
Drums to the King   Options Blowing With the Wind
(Greensleeves 1971)

D-U-B (Doctor Umezu Band)  Teacher's Runnin'   Options D
(Omagatoki 1986)
Fred Wesley & the JBs  Transmograpfication   Options The Lost Album
(Hip-O )
Yusef Lateef  Goodbye   Options Roots Run Deep
(Rogue Art 2011)
The Winstons  The Days of Sand and Shovels   Options Color Him Father
(Metromedia 1969)
Emanuel Laskey  Welfare Cheese   Options b/w The Monkey
(Thelma 1963)
Clarence Reid  New York City   Options Running Water
(Alston 1973)

Talkover Music:
Earl Hooker 
Improvisations on Frosty   Options The Moon Is Rising
(Arhoolie 1969)

Marie Laforêt  Pour Celui Qui Viendra   Options Maïténa Marie Brigitte Doumenach
Joyce  Feminina   Options Feminina
(Odeon 1980)
Hemlata, Ravindra Jain & Nirmaia Misra  Jangal Jangal Dolu Mai   Options Safed Haathi (O.S.T.)
(EMI 1978)
Niwat Charoenmit  Phromlikhit   Options Fa Thalai Chon (Soundtrack)
Steinski  Mitt vs. The Truth   Options
The Impressions  Choice of Colors   Options The Soul of Vietnam
Orchestre du Bawobab  Kelen ati Len   Options Visage Du Senegal
(Buur 1975)

Talkover Music:
Alice Coltrane 
Ptah, the El Dauod   Options Ptah, the El Dauod
(Impulse! 1970)

The Skylifters  You Better Mind   Options Five Minutes to Midnight
(Mississippi )
Donnie & Joe Emerson  Love Is   Options Dreamin' Wild
(Enterprise & Co. 1979)
William S. Burroughs  Thanksgiving Prayer   Options
Pete La Roca  The Dancing Girl   Options Turkish Women at the Bath
(Douglas 1967)
Hot 8 Brass Band  Fine Tuner   Options The Life & Times of the Hot 8 Brass Band
(Tru Thoughts 2012)

Talkover Music:
Jimi Hendrix 
Born Under a Bad Sign   Options Blues
(MCA )

Rangda  Plugged Nickel   Options Formerly Extinct
(Drag City 2012)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/11/13 8:28am Van in DC:

Greetings Doug, Greetings Ms. Rangda. I'll help set the chairs out.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 8:29am Doug Schulkind:

There's danish and coffee over... there. Here's a napkin.
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:38am Uncle Michael:

Got any soy milk?
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:44am duke:

Any donuts left?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 8:44am Doug Schulkind:

I've got oy milk. For our Jewish guests and listeners.
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:47am Van in DC:

For some reason, rum seems appropriate.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 8:49am Doug Schulkind:

Duke, donuts are all gone. Have a crueller (sp?).
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:54am Uncle Michael:

Sorry, I ate the last four crullers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 8:54am Parq:

Some days I feel just like that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 8:55am Parq:

Doug, line them up in a row. They can be serial crullers.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 8:55am Doug Schulkind:

We're not gonna even say what you LOOK like (on those days), Parq.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 8:55am Parq:

Or make them out of Rice Crispies. Then they can be ... oh all right, I'll stop.
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:57am ndbob:

morning Doug and everyone!
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 8:57am Doug Schulkind:

Hi ndbob!
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:58am holland oats:

eggs? who wants eggs?
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:58am listener james from westwood:

make it a bear claw and a decaf over here, please. or maybe a brace of raspberry rugelach.
good morning all, and shout-out to our man in studio c!
  Fri. 1/11/13 8:59am ndbob:

eggs for me! coffee now, eggs in a bit
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:00am listener james from westwood:

actually, in terms of forbidden breakfast treats, my traditional pre-record fair baconeggandcheese sangwich hovers in the very near future.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:00am Van in DC:

mmmm eggs.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:00am Uncle Michael:

can you get a good rugelach in westwood?
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:00am listener james from westwood:

ndbob, i'll take two hardboiled eggs.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:01am ac/dc pat:

ok, how do I sign up for this new-fangled user account thing? Huh?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:02am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings from Studio C at WFMU to LJFW and all the non-eaten listeners!
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:02am listener james from westwood:

you might, michael; we've got a fine bakery and a bagel shop offering a broad sweep of pastry. i think they get rugelach in during the holidays.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:03am Michael:

Hey Doug and everyone else. Friday!
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:03am ndbob:

there are no bakeries here other then the ones in grocery stores
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:03am Doug Schulkind:

I'm not yet sure how, myself, ac/dc pat. All will be evident when the tablet comes down from the mountaintop. (Imagine Moses holding an iPad mini.)
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:03am Uncle Michael:

user account thing?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:04am Doug Schulkind:

Hey Michael! Have you met (or are you related to) Uncle Michael (see above)?
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:04am Uncle Michael:

Am I the last to know that in 1969 Steve Cropper, Pops Staples & Albert King made an album together?
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:04am glenn:

crueller de ville, crueller de ville.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:05am Michael:

So odd, someone with else with the name Michael =)
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:06am listener james from westwood:

doug, will you be in the nyc area long enough to hit the record fair?
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:06am Uncle Michael:

crueler than thou
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:07am ac/dc pat:

I dunno, I heard a rumor that the option to create an FMU account was going to open up today....
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:07am Uncle Michael:

I love it when the DJ rhymes.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:08am Brian in UK:

We got eggs, the little darlings have started laying agin.
Doug, strange old feeling eh. Back holding up?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 9:08am Parq:

Doug, you're in NJ? Cool! Please tell me you'll be at the record fair.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:08am northguineahills:

Holy crap! I'm here for Doug, I've somehow missed him for the last month and a half.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:08am Aaron in Jcity:

Welcome Back Mr. Drummer! Keep clear of Ken and his mouse-trap game!
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:10am Doug Schulkind:

I'm here, you're there — let's play!

OK, who brought the dice?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:13am Doug Schulkind:

Hooray to NGH, huzzah to Aaron in Jcity.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:15am glenn:

are you wearing your best nathan detroit purple fedora, doug?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:15am Doug Schulkind:

Wish I could say I was going to the Bell House affair, Parq. But alas, no.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:16am Van in DC:

Just curious Doug - have you ever had a live performance by someone on GTDS? I mean, isn't the Love Room thereabouts somewheres? I guess wrong studio though...
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:18am Doug Schulkind:

Not since I moved to Pittsburgh, Van. I didn't have a ton of live music on the show (not easy to get musicians awake for a 9am show!) but I had some over the years when I was still in NY/NJ.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:20am Uncle Michael:

I think the definitive version of this is by Dick Smothers.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:20am Van in DC:

Was thinking you are probably a terrific interviewer
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:20am glenn:

hey, clint's not a horrible singer.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:21am Doug Schulkind:

Clint loves communicating with inanimate objects.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:23am Michael:

He's no Lee Marvin that's for sure.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:23am Uncle Michael:

I play Wanderin' Star form time to time.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:23am listener james from westwood:

gonna paint this wagon, gonna paint it fine
gonna use an oil-based paint, because the wood is pine
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:24am ndbob:

Clint recorded a pretty good teener - can't remember what it's called
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:26am listener james from westwood:

"it's my magnum and i'll cry if i want to"
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:27am Doug Schulkind:

I really really really really really hope I get a copy of this Bill Fay record to give away as a marathon prize. Really.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:30am Brian in UK:

james do not cry over an i sceam
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:31am Brian in UK:

impending r shortage
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:32am northguineahills:

You should do a "best of" of every year you have a recording. That could take awhile too.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:32am Brian in UK:

Those ampersands that were kindly sent over the other week are doing just fine.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:34am listener james from westwood:

it's part of the uk's r-sterity program.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:36am Üncle Michael:

When in doübt, ümlaüt.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:40am ?:

The Bill Fay is going to cost me, I know.The earlier one which flew over from the wilder west some years back, happens to be on the desk today for some reason ...
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:41am Üncle Michael:

Allen Klein is an Upsala alum!
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:41am Paul Sherratt:

PS. ?: = PS
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:42am Üncle Michael:

You don't seem certain.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:44am ndbob:

really nice track there Doug!
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:47am Brian in UK:

Hello ? knew it was you!! My daughter & bf are moving to Penkhull. So are Indian.

@james bit nerdly thought you might like this. No offence.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:48am duke:

This Maria Monti track is very pretty.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:48am Hugo:

Was there a Swedish connection to Uppsala College? Uppsala University is a major university in Sweden, located in a small town not too far from Stockholm. It's the oldest Nordic university, founded in 1477. I've not been there, but I've been to "the other place", Lund in the South. These two are the Oxbridges of Sweden.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:50am glenn:

and then there's sarah lund. i'd go there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 9:50am Parq:

Gotta go. Enjoy your stay in NJ, DrumSum. I'll catch the rest of the show on the 'chives.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:50am glenn:

except she's danish.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:52am Doug Schulkind:

See ya Parqy.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 9:52am Doug Schulkind:

Hello Brother Paul and Dr. Hugo.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:54am Paul Sherratt:

As you rightly state, Penkhull is Indian ( but Trent Vale ain't ) Perhaps a prize of a dozen oatcakes should be give to the first cousin to guess what on earth we are on about ! Or perhaps a copy of soon-to-be published ' The Breakfast Bible '
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:55am Hugo:

Pictures of the old place, though written with a single p:
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:57am northguineahills:

Can't believe they haven't done anything w/ the old Upsala land.
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:58am Brian in UK:

Those oatcakes do not give a inch.

Guess we will be visiting them sometime in the foreseeable. Hope to see Fred Eaglesmith soon. He has written several of Mary Gauthier's hits!!
  Fri. 1/11/13 9:59am Hugo:

For alumni, I would think:
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:03am Van in DC:

Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:04am Doug Schulkind:

I believe it was the exalted Brian in UK who hipped me to Meg Baird. Thanks Brian.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:06am glenn:

fred puts on a great show. i've seen him probably 10 times.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:07am Paul Sherratt:

Brian, as you must have been aware, Fred Eaglesmith's cd ' From The Paradise Motel' is also on the desk. Don't think he's made a Drummer Some appearance but I've a lot of time for his ' Things Is Changin ' album, if less so for the man himself .. Do you have that one ?
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:09am Van in DC:

Irene it was that hipped me to Meg.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:12am Paul Sherratt:

I discovered Meg Baird and her gorgeous ' Dear Companion ' in 2007 thanks to a then BBC DJ's reject pile
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:13am Doug Schulkind:

Apologies if I am somewhat less chatty than usual. I am having to re-aclimate myself to this unfamiliar studio on the fly, all the while yakking with old FMU colleagues who keep popping in.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:15am Doug Schulkind:

Irene is an excellent hipper-toer.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:18am Üncle Michael:

I like the D-U-B!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:18am Van in DC:

oooh nice
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:19am Doug Schulkind:

Yoü like DÜB!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:22am andujar:

oh man, there are some good tunes on that JBs Lost Album! even the cheese is fun. This version of transmo.. is longer than the released one I think. And the version of Use Me was so rare that I'm glad it showed up on this. They should've put this out as a double vinyl.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:22am kat330:

Hi, Doug in the belly of the beast! [just popping in for a sec here -- will be back properly after 11:00]

@Paul: Fred Eaglesmith's "Pontiac" from "Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline" is a real favorite of mine. Didn't hurt I owned an old beater Pontiac at the time it came out.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:24am holland oats:

oh jeez not again - how many "lost" albums are there are this point?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:25am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings to the mighty DJ Andujar! And greetings to the mighty kat330 (and her faithful sidekick Philo)!

Holland Oats is found, praise G-D!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:26am Hugo:

Who is talk-radio host Alex Jones? I was reading Slate earlier today about his appearance on the Piers Morgan show on CNN. The guy was hysterical!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:27am Üncle Michael:

He's filling the Glenn Beck void, these days.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:27am holland oats:

  Fri. 1/11/13 10:27am andujar:

Yusef Lateef!! My parents neighbor! He maintains a strong presence around Western Mass
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:28am Doug Schulkind:

Hugo, Jones is a nobody. He does a cable-access show based in Austin, Texas. CNN gave him a bigger platform that he's ever had.

Andujar, Yusef is my all-time musical hero, rabbi and guru.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:28am glenn:

alex jones is not even worth thinking about.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:28am Paul Sherratt:

Not sure I have that album - it could be in the loft ! But another cracking track is ' I like Trains ' off 'Drive-in Movies' I have never owned a train, btw.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:29am andujar:

Nothing like seeing Yusef in his apron taking out the garbage.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:29am Lewis:

Just popping in to say "Hi" - Doug: I hope your excursion to the mother ship / easy coast is more pleasant than the train ride that brought you there!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:29am holland oats:

@andujar don't get him started
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:30am Doug Schulkind:

Lewis! I loved the train ride, mostly. I figured the Megabus would've absolutely destroyed my back, so I splurged.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:31am Doug Schulkind:

Andujar, I hope I am still taking out the garbage when I am 92.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:33am Lewis:

@Doug = glad you had a nice ride; as an geology student of the appalachians in the old days, that transect from Pittsburgh to New Jersey is an absolute classic! and the train *can* be quite peaceful.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:35am Doug Schulkind:

Lewis, I made sure to stay awake for the Horseshoe Curve at Altoona, where the train does a complete 180.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:37am Hugo:

The reason Jones was on CNN seems to be that he wants to have Piers Morgan deported!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:37am Andrew:

Pfff! Only 180?
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:38am Van in DC:

@Andrew - ha ha
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:38am Lewis:

@Andrew - most excellent; looks like the romans had something to do with it as well...
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:39am Doug Schulkind:

Andrew, that is outstanding!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:39am ndbob:

greetings kat!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:40am J&D:

Horseshoe Curve, it's no place to play,
Horseshoe Curve, you best keep away...
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:40am Üncle Michael:

@Andrew That's excellent, mostly because it's unnecessary.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:40am Andrew:

:-) That is the Bernina express over the Alps between Switzerland and northern Italy.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:41am listener james from westwood:

that railway makes new jersey transit look like a stalin-era stack-a-prole apartment block.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:41am Doug Schulkind:

Üncle Michael, I think you need to äpologize to the Bernina Express.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:43am Paul Sherratt:

I think I can speak for many others in the UK when I say that we don't want him ( Piers ) back !
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:45am Hugo:

@Paul: Background from the Murdoch tabloids?

Would mid-Atlantic be a solution?
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:49am Van in DC:

I don't know what this is but me likes.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:53am holland oats:

that last french number, ooh la la!
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:54am Üncle Michael:

This puts me in mind ot Bubbles by Free Design.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:54am Paul Sherratt:

Hugo, yes, there and elsewhere. In fact his entire life seems to have been spent strolling through a shallow, open sewer.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:55am Üncle Michael:

I'm sorry, Bernina Express.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 10:57am Doug Schulkind:

Just completely lost power at the station...Now it's back up. Will try to reestablish...OK, you get to hear Joyce all over again.
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:57am Üncle Michael:

What is happening? Has the stream gone mad?
  Fri. 1/11/13 10:58am holland oats:

happy happy joyce joyce
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:00am Andrew:

Can you see Pete Seeger outside with an axe?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:00am Doug Schulkind:

An electrician is here working at the station and he "hit the wrong button." Our power back-up kicked in almost immediately. Bless it. Scared the shit out of me, however.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:00am holland oats:

@andrew lol
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:01am ndbob:

great one here - I do remember you playing this Doug
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:01am Van in DC:

Sounded like the chipmunks on my cheap speakers there for a minute.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:01am glenn:

the chipmunks go indian.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:02am Matt from Springfield:

Hi 2013 Drummers and fans of the 2012 Drummer material!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:03am Üncle Michael:

Is this Popeye and Sweetpea?
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:04am Van in DC:

Hi Matt! Don't feed the chipmunks
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:04am Doug Schulkind:

A lot of these tracks should be more familiar as they were all played on shows during the past couple of months.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:06am listener james from westwood:

oh, that crazy "wrong button." like the self-destruct button villains' lairs all seem to have. my first act as a villain would be to board over that button. why make james bond's job easier?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:06am Matt from Springfield:

Hi Van! Chipmunks will just stay and sing forever if you do that.

Good thing that outage was just a mistake!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:07am Van in DC:

The only "bad" thing about you being back at the Mothership at this time Doug is that you have access to all the music library...hopefully you are loading up for future shows :)
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:08am Andrew:

@listener james, funny you should say that - I found this helpful list just this morning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:09am Matt from Springfield:

Steinski's Presidential Remix?!?! Oh Hells YEAH!!! I loved this!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:09am still b/p:

Should I watch this documentary just comin' on about Elton John and Leon Russell working together? There was a video clip of Mahalia Jackson at Newport they watched on a laptop in the studio for a moment, which was promising...but too short.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:10am Van in DC:

Oooh I like #100 on that list Andrew
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:14am Üncle Michael:

I for one, welcome our new Evil Overlords.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:14am listener james from westwood:

i fear that tvtropes site. i might never emerge from its labyrinthine recesses. it's like wookieepedia, which has near-fractal complexity.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:14am Matt from Springfield:

Great list Andrew!

@Van: Well *I* wouldn't be in a mindless trance---Oooh! Did you see this hilarious list of Bond Villain tropes? And there's this great online radio show on right now.... :)
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:15am Doug Schulkind:

You're not THAT ëvil, Uncle Michael.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:15am Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: Never heard this Impressions one before, but I like it a lot! RIP, Curtis.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:16am Paul Sherratt:

still b/p,
Yes watch it. I haven't seen it but it should be known that our Elton ( Reg Dwight ) is a Billy Stewart fan, so ...
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:17am andujar:

i have this Baobab on 45. Awesome JB-inspired funk from one of Africa's greatest bands.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:17am Carmichael:

Yo Dougie and Friday listeners.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:18am Doug Schulkind:

@Matt from Springfield
I remember the day Curtis was hurt. He was getting set to perform at Boys High in Brooklyn when a light tower fell on him. R in sweet P, Curtis.

Speaking of sweet: Carmichael!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:19am Matt from Springfield:

Hi Carm! I listen to Friday (and other days of the week) all the time.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:20am Üncle Michael:

I'm off work on Fridays and therefore, it's the busiest day of my week. As a result, I find that I've completely reconfigured my list of productive endeavors, so that I can still accomplish my goals *and* listen to GTDS.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:22am Van in DC:

Today's show has put me in the mood for pizza. Oh wait. I'm frequently in the mood for pizza.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:22am joe:

'ello folks
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:22am joe:

That's ok Doug go ahead fix your chair we'll wait :)
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:23am listener james from westwood:

good gods, doug, don't lose a finger to that chair, you've suffered enough this year!
üncle michael, your priorities are admirable.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:23am kat330:

OK -- I'm back for the duration.
@Paul: "Trains," eh? Apparently Mr. Eaglesmith is best with modes of transportation.
@ndbob: Hi, there, Robert (it IS Robert, yes?)
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:24am kat330:

@Doug: Oh, no -- that cannot be good for your back!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:28am Matt from Springfield:

We should have a 100,000th track celebration for the stream!

'Ello joe, and 'ello kat!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:28am joe:

Doug are you up to vist the mini record fair Sunday? :)
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:29am Doug Schulkind:

The funny thing is, Tim Smith is here, filming for the WFMU documentary. My chair collapsed ON CAMERA! Keep 'em laughing...
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:29am kat330:

Greets, Matt!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:30am kat330:

Oh, wow! Sure it wasn't sabotaged just for the film's comic relief?
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:30am Lewis:

Seems that we need a squeaky / unstable chair fund...
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:31am kat330:

It can be "bought for replacement" during the marathon maybe.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:31am ndbob:

@kat welcome back - and robert it is!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:32am Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: Or is that just life imitating art? All your pics of clowns are coming back to you ;)
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:33am Üncle Michael:

@Doug The video link was from me...but you must have listed the track differently before because nothing from that last set works, seeking it again.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:33am kat330:

@ndbob: Would have been back right about 11:00, but a business call I couldn't refuse came in at 10:55. :,
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:34am Doug Schulkind:

Turns I didn't do anything. The chair just dropped all the way down. Now I've fixed it and am back on the throne. I am such a sucker.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:34am kat330:

@Matt: You manage to hear TDC on Clay's archive yet? That was amazing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:34am Matt from Springfield:

A very WSB monologue.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:35am listener james from westwood:

can i hear ws burroughs from a couple of rooms away? oh, yes, i can. actually been rereading his work recently, so thanks for this cut!
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:36am Doug Schulkind:

Yes, I played that Burroughs on my Thanksgiving show. What an original I am.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:37am Carmichael:

OK, back from loading up on tea. I have never been called "sweet" before. Not sure how I should take it ....
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:37am Matt from Springfield:

@kat: This afternoon should slow to a crawl, so after lunch I'm hoping!
(I like how you said the whole piece brings context, the gestalt, to all the scattered songs amEdeo's been playing from it.)
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:37am Lewis:

Did you also play Alice's Restaurant?
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:38am listener james from westwood:

hell, burroughs recycled and recombined his own stuff for decades.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:38am joe:

@Lewis I was thinking how WSB was such an approprite alternative to that here on WFMU.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:39am Doug Schulkind:

No, but I have a nephew named Arlo. Does that count?
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:40am kat330:

@Matt: It also really echoed the "trailer trash" darkness of "Killer Joe," which we'd just seen. And always enjoyed and shivered at the dark carny /circus setting, like Freaks and Ray Bradbury.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:40am still b/p:

Would've been great if Guthrie had met Burroughs, in on a possession charge or something, while being booked for the litterin'.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:40am kat330:

@Doug: For reals?
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:43am Doug Schulkind:

For reals re: newphew? For reals!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:44am joe:

Now looking up info on Hot 8 Brass Band wow.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:45am Üncle Michael:

I give up looking for that video...unless Doug can tell me which 2012 show featured the Bollywood chipmunks.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:45am kat330:

Is it short for a longer name, or just Arlo?
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:45am Lewis:

@joe - yeah, my partner loves to play AR at noon on Turkey day, but I have always liked WSB on that occasion.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:46am Hugo:

Back to Piers Morgan. This piece in the Daily Mail seems very sensible to me.

I normally wouldn't say that about the Daily Mail. Not too sure about the sensibility of the guy in the second pic from above. Does that thing belong in the hands of civilians at all? Looks much more powerful than the rifle I was furnished with during military services.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:47am Doug Schulkind:

The mistaken-identity murder of one of Hot 8's drummers was covered in the HBO show The Treme. The actual relatives of the murdered musician played themselves in the scene (including the man's sister who collapsed while delivering a eulogy).

Just Arlo, kat330.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:47am Van in DC:

I like these guys
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:49am Brian in UK:

@ Paul I was not ignoring you earlier but had to take Mutley out to the woods for a constutional. Do not have any Eaglesmith.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:50am Van in DC:

Man...check out the "violent death of group members" of them in Wiki
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:52am kat330:

No, you played Eastwood's "I Talk to the Trees" on Arbor Day, right?
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:52am Üncle Michael:

I subscribe to the 45 rpm, 200gram Bluenote reissues and I missed a pair of releases due to an expired credit card number and just got caught back up and there was a Pete LaRoca title in there...Basra.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:53am joe:

Keep going :)
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:54am Van in DC:

It had to be. :)
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:54am joe:

@VAn yeah that some pretty heavy stuff right there.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:55am Van in DC:

ooooh! Free pizza calls, gotta go! Happy Friday all, thanks Doug!!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:55am Brian in UK:

Basra, where the oil used to just bubble up out of the ground. Trouble was they could find no use for it then. Ah Mesipotamia.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:56am Carmichael:

I like Eaglesmith's Time To Get a Gun.
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:56am Doug Schulkind:

Happy anchovies, Van!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:56am Üncle Michael:

Loving this groove for the second time.
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:56am Brian in UK:

Thanks van, time to make some pizza using that 00 flour.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/11/13 11:56am Matt from Springfield:

The Formerly Extinct Rangda, nice finish to a show for us Formerly Extinct Humans! (What, we must have passed during the Mayapocalypse, only to inexplicably return...)

Thanks Doug! Have a great weekend, everyone!
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:57am Doug Schulkind:

Very funny, kat330!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:57am kat330:

Bye, and great weekends everyone!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:58am Üncle Michael:

Bye everyone. Thanks Doug!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:59am listener james from westwood:

have a great weekend, all, and enjoy your remaining time at the station, doug!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:59am Paul Sherratt:

Hugo, it does make a considerable amount of sense.
Brian, I knew it was that time of a winter's day. Will make sure that soon some Eaglesmith will have landed near you..
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 11:59am Doug Schulkind:

Seeya, UM! Have a brilliant weekend, everyone!
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:59am joe:

thanks doug
  Fri. 1/11/13 11:59am Brian in UK:

Where have heard this before. Safe journey home, Doug
  Fri. 1/11/13 12:00pm Hugo:

Standard military equipment from back in the day in the force:

which was what I was using
  Fri. 1/11/13 12:01pm ndbob:

excellent show Doug!
Avatar    Fri. 1/11/13 12:03pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks for hanging out with me! Cheers!
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