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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 27, 2012: Post Apocalyptic Failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Pastor John Rydgren  An Offering of Music   Options Silhouette Segments  0:10:32 ()
Mark Evan Burden  10/24/02   Options Growing/Mark Evan Burden split  0:11:14 ()
Lucio Battisti  una poltrona, un bicchiere di cognac, un telivisore, 35 morti ai confini di israele e giordania   Options Amore e Non Amore  0:18:26 ()
David Toop  Soft Cavities   Options Black Chamber  0:23:45 ()
Umberto  Boston, 1942   Options Night has a Thousand Screams  0:30:28 ()
Birchville Cat Motel  Beautiful Speck Triumph   Options Beautiful Speck Triumph  0:44:14 ()
Ivo Malec  Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-meme (excerpt)   Options Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-meme  1:01:33 ()
Lionel Marchetti  Saturne   Options Red Dust: Livre Magnétique  1:20:17 ()
Lionel Marchetti  Décompte   Options Red Dust: Livre Magnétique  1:21:18 ()
Lionel Marchetti  Port de la Mort 2   Options Red Dust: Livre Magnétique  1:21:38 ()
Lionel Marchetti  Final (Chant magnétique)   Options Red Dust: Livre Magnétique  1:22:13 ()
AF Ursin  Astral Twist   Options Murrille  1:35:35 ()
EasSide Percussion  The Pear   Options E.S.P. (EasSide Percussion)  1:42:35 ()
Gunter Mass  Reise   Options Klangbilder  1:44:04 ()
Janek Schaefer  Forglen   Options Above Buildings  1:50:20 ()
Agitation Free  Haunted Island   Options 2nd  1:53:31 ()
Pastor John Rydgren  Search It Out   Options Silhouette Segments  2:16:20 ()
Egnekn  elaP fo edahS retihW A   Options elaP fo edahS retihW A  2:20:07 ()
Dialing In  We Burn Our Stillborns   Options The Islamic Bomb  2:20:56 ()
Il Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza  A7-2 (prove concerto '67)   Options Azioni  2:22:09 ()
Courtis/Moore  Lunoion = A Nu Lion   Options Brokebox Juke  2:31:19 ()
Ennio Morricone  Ragnatela   Options La Tarantola Dal Ventre Nero  2:43:41 ()
Horde Catalytique pour La Fin.  Gestation Sonore 3   Options Gestation Sonore  2:54:42 ()
Stian Westerhus  Guiding the pain   Options The Matriarch and the Wrong Kind of Flowers  2:55:36 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/27/12 3:15pm month meet year:

Failure of Dec. Or was it late Nov?
Failure of 2012
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:16pm nyoukis:

hope you had a nice sozzled krimbo, fab.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:16pm BSI:

Now firing the 21 jellyfish salute. Because I don't have anything else around here...
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:17pm Chris from DC:

It's failure after the end of the world, don't you know that yet?
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:21pm green mountain man mark:

If I was elected to be senator of the United States I would take advantage of the new opportunity to use the nation as an audience for my jokes. It would be hilarity all the time. Constant nonstop fun and jokes.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:21pm month meet year:

Failure of a dessert crust on my hands. Dessert's still fine, though.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:22pm DCE:

hey Fabio. Well, 2012 was sure a failure on many fronts. Let's hope for a better 2013.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:22pm stinger in your heart:

glasgow ya bas prob drinking moonshine right now.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:27pm Thomas:

How does anybody like X-TG's Desertshore/The Final Report? I was wondering why it hasn't been played on STF yet.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:30pm Looms:

@Thomas: I love The Final Report but I'm a bit disappointed by several Desertshore covers.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:34pm green mountain man mark:

It is high time the nation has an intelligent conversation with itself about pot use.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:38pm DCE:

things are going in that direction, gmm, thankfully
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:40pm Thomas:

@ Looms: Desertshore has been growing a lot on me. Especially on headphones. My only gripe with it is that I feel 'Afraid' is ill-placed in between Blixa Bargeld's and Marc Almonds stunning performances.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:42pm sdfjones:

Will Fabio tell how Brother John got him on WfMU?
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:43pm joono:

my new years resolution is to resist the urge to make snotty comments to clay and fabio ... not to succeed to resist just resist
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:47pm BSI:

as always, praise be that Cat Motel..... lovely stuff.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:48pm Chris from DC:

  Thu. 12/27/12 3:49pm Mike East:

oooh, this is nice. I'm hoping to create a similar soundscape and record it next week.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:50pm Ken of Brooklyn:

GREAT show today my friend, finally able to listen in real time!
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:52pm Looms:

@Thomas: I got the 2CD as a Christmas gift so I haven't had the chance to get into Desertshore (listened to it only once). But I agree with what you said about Afraid.
Final Report has already become a bedside favourite, it's really great.
  Thu. 12/27/12 3:59pm jdelz:

I'm way into this BCM track. Time to look into their history...
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:01pm Chris from DC:

jdelz: track down Chi Vampires next.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:02pm jdelz:

Will do. Thanks for the tip
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:05pm Thomas:

@Looms: Yeah, The Final Report is really great. They sound so unleashed and joyfully groovy on it.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:05pm JTE:

Clay countdown...
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:13pm Rob bill@acme.com:

  Thu. 12/27/12 4:16pm Mike East:

They've got a dine in theater somewhere near East Orange (NJ) I believe. I gotta check out that Tarantino flick.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:19pm green mountain man mark:

Do monkeys have strokes? Or is it just humans that strokes happen to? Or even other animals.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:20pm Mike East:

that drum kit at Otto's is the worst. Goddamn floor tom won't stand up.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:22pm Floor Tommy:

you'd be reluctant to get back on your feet after the beatings I take!
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:26pm Carmichael:

No Clay today, JTE. 2 hours of Night People. Heya Fabio.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:28pm Ken of Brooklyn:

This Lionel Marchetti collection is f#cking AMAZING!!!!!!
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:34pm Liz from Brooklyn:

I always enjoy your show, and today is especially good.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:38pm green mountain man mark:

I have these anti vomit tablets that my doctor gave me. You put it under your tongue and let it dissolve. I am not a very vomiting person but I use these little tablets sometimes. Especially when I get all spinny aroundy feeling. This music is making me have that spinny aroundy feeling. Not in a bad way but a good way.Fun.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:44pm JTE:

Two hours of Night People woohoo!
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:49pm Ken of Brooklyn:

  Thu. 12/27/12 4:52pm joono:

@GMMM---its almost time for clay can i borrow some of those pills
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:55pm green mountain man mark:

Did I ever mention that Fabio's show is a treasure to me. So good. I think about this at times when I am out and about. Like this little reminder all of a sudden, like oh yeah! The world is great sometimes and I think about how cool of a universe we live in that a show like Fabio's does exist. It brings a peace. Then I also have pills that make me feel the same way.
  Thu. 12/27/12 4:57pm joono:

i hadda teenage lobotomy --- so no worries here
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:04pm Cecile:

  Thu. 12/27/12 5:06pm Sandy in Houston:

Hey look! it's Cecile!
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:07pm Cecile:

hi, sandy!
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:08pm Sandy in Houston:

  Thu. 12/27/12 5:10pm Cecile:

so did you and alex paint the town red last Thursday, Fabio?
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:10pm Sandy in Houston:

I'm going to see Jandek play tonight.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:10pm Cecile:

married to Lester Bowie, sang with the Art Ensemble...
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:11pm Ashok:

I love the semi-professional broadcast--it's great listening as always. I'm sorry you don't make the big bucks--me, either--but take comfort that WFMU has resisted the influence of professionals. In Seattle, we had a free form station here modeled on FMU that fired its volunteer staff in the late 90s. The station management--still in charge today--rehired some of the staff, still being paid well today, and those jokers have been playing the same shows for almost 15 years. Admittedly, their nightime DJs are better, but it's too much work to listen to them. They don't need me to contribute money to support their professionals. WFMU gets my meager contributions and my attention. I love your show.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:16pm JTE:

It's the volunteerism that makes WFMU's content so quality-oriented. Without that, the content would probably just dissolve into the bland cacophony of the media world.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:18pm Droll (in Seattle):

Ashok, Amen. KCMU was great college FM, when it became the Paul Allen Experience it lost all connection to the listeners because there is no path from listener to DJ. Not that I'm likely to become a FMU DJ from Seattle, but I know I can't become one at KEXP. The difference is not subtle.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:19pm JTE jteilhard@gmail.com:

Speaking of... I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in volunteering to be a beta tester for 40 minutes one evening in January. I'm working on a new tool for social chatting online. If anyone's interested, feel free to email me and I'll send you more details. I'm hoping to find 20 interested strangers and WFMU listeners always seem smart and honest. ;) jteilhard@gmail.com
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:20pm Andrew Waterloo:

It's also the fact that it's found an audience that's just as unapologetic about the nature of freeform.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:23pm Ashok (in Seattle):

Agreed! One has to wonder why the NYC area needs a KEXP satellite. KEXP spends money on geejaw technology and professional staff; WFMU spends money on operating a great station that people worked at throughout the Sandy nightmare. Everyone at WFMU deserves a good income for what they're doing, but volunteer DJng seems to raise the bar to the labor of love that WFMU's great programs appear to be. OK, I feel stupid. Great show, Fabio!
Avatar Thu. 12/27/12 5:26pm fabio:

Thanks Ashok and all the rest of you amazing listeners for your undying support. We couldn't do it without you.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:31pm Droll (in Seattle):

Awwwww -- Group Hug Everyone!
We are the new scene that celebrates itself!
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:38pm Fredericks:

Someone lifted my wallet during the hug!
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:38pm green mountain man mark:

failed hugs to everyone of us out there.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:39pm kat330:

Hi, Fabio and all you Fabiosos! Good one, Fredericks! :)
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:42pm Fredericks:

Hello, Kat and fellow Failureistas!
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:45pm r i s k y:

Thank you yet gain Fabio for another great Thursday of radio blissening.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:45pm JTE josephteilhard@gmail.com:

sorry anyone who tried to email me - I posted the wrong address above. it's josephteilhard@gmail.com thanks!
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:46pm JTE josephteilhard@gmail.com:

blissening... i love that
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:51pm kat330:

Here's my representation of a group hug: {{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}

Hugs and Happy New Year to you all!
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:51pm green mountain man mark:

I was just thinking about this today. I wondered if Italian men shoot out spaghetti instead of or along with sperm. Because sometimes I shoot out haggis. Just wondering.
  Thu. 12/27/12 5:54pm Carmichael:

@Sandy: Jandek! Is he playing in Houston? That should be a great noisefest/strangeness party.
  Thu. 12/27/12 6:00pm green mountain man mark:

I assume that it would be easier to spew out spaghetti out of the one eyed jack hole than lasagna. Or possibly the more difficult to pass through a urethra a huge bologna tube,
  Thu. 12/27/12 6:02pm green mountain man mark:

I need to be banned from posting stuff. I know!
  Thu. 12/27/12 6:04pm Sandy in Houston:

@Charmichael: yes, he's performing in studio with a small audience. :)
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