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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 13, 2012: Failure the Liberator

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Organum  Delta   Options Veil of Tears  0:08:30 ()
Leyland Kirby  And As I Sat Beside You I Felt The Great Sadness That Day   Options Sadly the Future is No Longer What It Was: Disc 3 "When We Parted My Heart Wanted to Die"  0:21:24 ()
Ravi Shankar  Reflection   Options Transmigration Macabre  0:43:08 ()
Ravi Shankar  Memory of Uday   Options Tana Mana  0:48:06 ()
Ravi Shankar  Dadra   Options The Sounds Of India  0:51:32 ()
Shankar Family and Friends  Lust (Raga Chandrakauns)   Options Shankar Family and Friends  1:01:31 ()
Ravi Shankar  Dhun: Fast Teental (excerpt)   Options Live at Monterey International Pop Festival  1:04:38 ()
Mmoss  Untitled   Options I  1:28:29 ()
Spiral Joy Band  Long Shadows Beneath The Moon   Options Wake Of The Dying Sun King  1:33:04 ()
Baby Grandmothers  Somebody Keeps Calling My Name   Options Baby Grandmothers  1:50:23 ()
Valerio Cosi  Harmonia Raag   Options Collected Works  1:50:59 ()
hobo Sonn  Untitled   Options Wary the Mind  2:07:16 ()
Stefan Weisser (Z'ev)  Book of Love being written as They Touched, As is As, Instill, 9 Feathers Floating, etc...   Options Z'ev 1968-1990: One foot in the Grave  2:21:22 ()
Luigi Archetti  16   Options Null II  2:23:39 ()
Cassis Cornuta  Untitled   Options 25 Jaar de Gebraden Zwaan Zingt  2:24:47 ()
Sick Llama  Born Again to Die (excerpt)   Options Born Again to Die  2:45:03 ()
Enzo Marinelli  To be is, Not to be is not   Options Fame  2:31:56 ()
Shangri-Las  Past, Present, and Future   Options Golden Hits  2:35:15 ()
Loop Orchestra  Outsiders & Outcasts   Options The Analogue Years  2:47:19 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/13/12 3:13pm Carmichael:

Ya, boy. Hi Fabio and crew.
  Thu. 12/13/12 3:16pm david:

Hi Fabio, Carmichael.
  Thu. 12/13/12 3:18pm nic:

love this
  Thu. 12/13/12 3:22pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 12/13/12 3:30pm listener james from westwood:

i mistook this for a disintegration loop track. never a bad thing.
hi, folks, and happy thursday!
  Thu. 12/13/12 3:50pm Parq:

One of the first things I think of in connection with Ravi Shankar is the visually stunning finale to the film "Monterey Pop", with Ravi's one lengthy, intense raga. I'm always knocked out by how the crowd just explodes when he's done.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:00pm Hari Georgeson:

Actually, when I think of Ravi, it's the Concert for Bangladesh, after a couple of minutes of playing the audience clap loudly, causing him to say "If you enjoyed the tuning up that much, I hope you enjoy the music even more"
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:04pm northguineahills:

Digging the Ravi set....
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:08pm Ike:

Ravi Ravi Ravi
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:08pm Cecile:

hola, all.
RIP Ravi.

I hate everything.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:11pm Cecile:

stupid team project, and stupids laughing at my mistakes, and stupid ugly web design that everyone thinks is great. :(
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:12pm Cecile:

but Ravi is good.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:15pm steve:

i feel your pain Cecile, especially regarding ugly web designs :)
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:19pm Cecile:

well, in the words of George Harrison, all things must pass. I'll be all right in a while.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:25pm Cecile:

I was watching a travelog show with that human void Sandra Lee, and one bartender made her a Killing of a Chinese Bookie cocktail. The reference went right over her head
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:27pm Cecile:

Fabio, when are your neubaten friends coming around to play records again?
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:28pm david:

"Is that freedom rock?"
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:30pm MD:

thanks god this is not "hipster freak" music!!!
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:31pm common:

  Thu. 12/13/12 4:33pm steve:

i like hippie freak music
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:34pm Marmalade kitty:

Hey Fabio!
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:38pm Chris from DC:

Good call. Love this Spiral Joy Band.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:38pm northguineahills:

Falling into a spiral of joy sounds a lot more fun then falling into a spiral of depression.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:39pm Carmichael:

Nuthin wrong with the old hippies. It's the new hippies that's spoiling it all. Thats what it is.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:43pm Marmalade kitty:

new hippies can be old or young.. old hippies can be young or old..
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:45pm Woo:

Old hippies and punks should keep their shirts buttoned. I'm talking about you Roger Daltrey.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:46pm 1mckers:

You're laying it down this afternoon, Mr. Fabio.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:54pm Bill F.:

Agreed, this show is the TITS.
  Thu. 12/13/12 4:55pm Amy Vicky:

When I think of Ravi Shankar I think of a pile of hot, steaming meat!
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:04pm steve:

Burger is a good label
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:10pm Cecile:

thanks, Fabio! lol.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:10pm Night Al:

Dang...just missed the Ravi Shankar. I'll have too play the archived show later to catch up.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:11pm sFrances from VA:

Hello all~!
i had the pleasure of seeing Ravi live, with his son on Tabla back in the 80's...lovely.

@Cecile: kick the stupids in the neck! kick 'em!

@ Woo: yeah, Daltry's adult waistband should not have been unsheathed while singing about teenage wasteland.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:21pm Listener John from NJ who lives in NJ:

@Cecile: Your description of Sandra Lee as "that human void" really makes me laugh.

And it seems to me to be a very accurate description . . .
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:25pm Cecile:

right on, sFrances.

Listener James, she's kind of like that neighbor lady you grew up with that laughed a little too hard at things she didn't understand.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:27pm nic:

i love this!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:30pm Mott:

i can't believe they couldn't think of a name for this.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:32pm hamburger:

I love this too!
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:32pm Joe Voltage:

Got this one on order. Thought the multi center hole thing was really cool idea.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:35pm Carmichael:

This is driving me crazy.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:37pm Mott:

its got a good beat, you can really dance to...
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:38pm Joe Voltage:

Oh wait. Meant Mag ik Eens Even in Uw Broek pissen? Still cool.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:46pm Matt from Springfield:

25 Jaar de Gebraden Zwaan Zingt -- Dutch-like, "25 years of __ swans sing"?
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:46pm ^^^^^ttttttpt^:

  Thu. 12/13/12 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

25 years FRIED swan sings?? Like German "braten" for fried I guess. Weird...
And the Shangri-Las "Past, Present, and Future", that's a freaky song!

Hey everyone!
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:50pm hamburger:

Hey! Matt!
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:50pm hamburger:

Is it weird that I really enjoy Fabio's show but find Bryce's hard to get into?
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:50pm Matt from Springfield:

"25 years of the fried swan singing", prohaps...
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:50pm steve:

The Shangri-Las did some really dark stuff...
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:52pm Matt from Springfield:

'Burger! How's in going!

@steve: "I Can Never Go Home Anymore" is probably their "finest" work, arrangements and harmony parts and all, the dark side of a Wall of Sound. But it still had their touch of melodrama to it. Now "PPF", that's just disturbing to listen to!
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:53pm Fredericks:

This is demon conjuring music. I'm going to turn it up.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:53pm Carmichael:

hamburger, I'm just the opposite.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@hamburger: IT going, even.
And every show is different here: host, personality, selections, even "vibe" and the commenters "vibe". While Bryce & Fabio would prob make a great Marathon duo, their shows aren't necessary mutually-inclusive.
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:56pm hamburger:

@Matt from Springfield: Hey! One more day of work before 2013! (Apart from those days between Xmas and NY, but those are never usually work.)
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:57pm hamburger:

Time zones are weird too, I'm 5 hours ahead, so the mood fits in differently...
  Thu. 12/13/12 5:59pm sFrances from VA:

@hamburger: now that I'm unemployed & listening to more shows live vs archives, I've been thinking a lot about how time zones affect mood. I can see how Fabio's set would work especially well as a late night show~
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Last Minute Rope-A-Dope!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:01pm david:

calling on Fabio's star power...
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Congrats 'burger!
Hey Frances!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

"Calling Occupants / of Fabio's Star Power"
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Remember, you guys aren't blacklisted FROM the world, you're blacklisted INTO WFMU! That's much better, right??
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:03pm david:

they say everyone with a cell phone around occupy in a certain timeframe got tracked...
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:04pm Night Al:

The dynamic duo-denim winging it...pick a topic. How about Kanye's leather skirt? Mick looked great for 84.
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Rodential Fabio -- if your kids have a pet gerbil, mouse etc, suggest "Fabio" for a name!
FERRETS! "Fabio the Ferret"!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:07pm david:

Fabio and Clay find common ground in Ornette!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Holding court!
You're in radio court...Defend!!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:08pm sFrances from VA:

I loved Kanye's leather skirt. Then again, I love men in skirts/dresses.
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:10pm Night Al:

I could compose with a kazoo, drums, and assorted electric hums...
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

This is heavy, "active" jazz--no mere "noodlin" here!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:12pm Fredericks:

The phones work. I don't know if they ring.
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@Frances: This is my fave tweet re: Kanye's skirt :)

"Ich bin ein Loser ‏@AmandaBondy
ugh kanye wears a leather kilt and he's a tastemaker, but I try to wear my pleather skort to stewart's ballet recital I'm denied entry?"
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:13pm david:

41 and no glasses - his vision will go all at once when it does...
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

I've thrown A-Rod...out of my Fantasy League! Boo-ya!! Zing!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Fabio/Clay: Oh, you're ones to talk, ya Cradlerobbers! ;)
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

His phone doesn't like Billy Joel though :)
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

When he's on with Julie, "Claycy at the Upside Down Bat"
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay's playlist is open, so see you guys later!
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:27pm Night Al:

2012 musician deaths ... Ravi Shankar, Dave Brubeck. Hal David, Andy Williams, Marvin Hamlisch, Bob Welch, Robin Gibbs, Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Duck Dunn, Chuck Brown, Adam Yausch, Levon Helm, Dick Clark, Davy Jones, Don Cornelius, Etta James, ... who'd I forget?
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:27pm david:

  Thu. 12/13/12 6:38pm david:

Paul McCartney solo? Great. Nirvana? Great. Whatever that was? Bad news.
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:41pm slugluv1313:

i agree with Fabio re: Billy Joel; the *one* song i actually like is "Cold Spring Harbor," a piano piece in which HE DOES NOT SING AT ALL!!!! and as a pal of mine once said about "I Go to Extremes, "THAT GUY WOULD NOT KNOW AN EXTREME IF IT CAME UP AND PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE!"
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:43pm moose:

when i was a kid i had the glass houses lp by billy joel, i maintain a weakness for that one album
bon jovi stinks
  Thu. 12/13/12 6:51pm blee:

Dual boards, twillight zone.
  Wed. 12/26/12 12:27pm Catmandoo:

Love this Organum. Really deep and amazing. Thanks.
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