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Playlist for 15 November 2012 Options | Down is the new up

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Beach Boys  Fall Breaks and Back to Winter   Options Smiley Smile  Capitol     
Jon Hassell  Miracle Steps   Options Power Spot  ECM    0:01:59 ()
Hikashu  Bino Pike   Options Twin Best      0:06:22 ()
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  Abaddon's Bolero   Options Trilogy  Cotillion    0:09:02 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bunny Kick   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel    0:17:08 ()
Burnier & Cartier  Minha mae nao sabe de mim   Options Burnier & Cartier  Odeon/EMI    0:21:17 ()
Stevie Wonder  Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing   Options Innervisions  Tamla    0:23:49 ()
Coleman Hawkins  Half Step Down, Please   Options Body and Soul  RCA    0:28:26 ()
Leonard Bernstein  I Don't Know   Options Mass  Columbia    0:31:28 ()
Pizzicato Five  Happy Ending   Options Happy End of the World  Matador    0:33:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
Pizzicato Five 
Happy Ending   Options Happy End of the World  Matador    0:39:10 ()
Mekons  Hard to Be Human Again   Options Fear and Whiskey  Sin    0:43:56 ()
Hylozoists  The Iron Chef   Options La Nouvelle Gauche  Brobdingnagian    0:47:43 ()
Guess Who  Grey Day   Options So Long, Bannatyne  RCA    0:50:51 ()
3Puen  Sugar Cookie   Options Silent 3 EP  self-released    0:54:16 ()
Joan Armatrading  Down to Zero   Options Track Record  A&M    0:58:14 ()
Gelbart  Sophisticated Lady   Options Four Track Improvisations  Defekt    1:01:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bicycle Pennywhistle   Options       1:04:00 ()
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra  Sugar Plum Cherry   Options The Nutcracker Suite  Columbia    1:07:36 ()
Noel Harrison  Strawberry Fields Forever   Options Collage  Reprise    1:10:33 ()
Sonic Youth  Candle   Options Daydream Nation  Blast First/Mute    1:13:37 ()
The George School Theatre Arts and Music Dept  High Road   Options Journey of Persephone    info, download here  1:18:44 ()
Los Zafiros  Cancion de Orfeo   Options Bossa Cubana  Nonesuch    1:21:25 ()
Carmen McRae  Where Did It Go (Manha de Carnival)   Options Second to None  Mainstream    1:25:02 ()
Luiz Bonfa  Samba de Orfeu   Options Solo in Rio 1959  Smithsonian Folkways    1:28:11 ()
Music behind DJ:
Vince Guaraldi Trio 
Samba de Orpheus   Options Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus  Fantasy    1:29:30 ()
Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry  Orphee 53 (excerpt)   Options Donaueschingen Music Festival, 1953      1:35:03 ()
Ros Bobos  Descend the Staircase   Options Mandatory Astral Projections  self-released  (picture, above, from the cover)  1:38:38 ()
Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry  Eurydice, from Echo d'Orphee   Options L'Oeuvre Musicale  Ina/EMF  3-disc retrospective  1:41:54 ()
Swandive  Losing My Religion   Options Songs of the Siren (various artists)  Shadow    1:44:40 ()
Strawbs  Midnight Sun   Options Hero and Heroine  A&M    1:49:21 ()
Todd Rundgren  Blue Orpheus   Options A Capella  Warner Bros.    1:52:24 ()
Music behind DJ:
Ennio Morricone 
Malto, Caldo, Soldi, Morto, Giorotondo (replica), from Vergogna Schifosi   Options Eviva! Morricone  Avanz    1:56:49 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/15/12 11:56am listener james from westwood:

good thursday, charlie, and all those doing nothing (except pledging, of course!).
  Thu. 11/15/12 11:58am ndbob:

morning Charlie, James, everyone
  Thu. 11/15/12 11:58am Vicki:

hello - are you going to be playing disaster music?
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:00pm Katya:

Yay! Love the Give the Drummer Radio feed, but always happy to hear it interrupted for a show! Hi there!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:00pm Michael:

Morning fearless leader, Bob, James and V.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:02pm Carmichael:

OK, we're all here and this is where we are. Good day.
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 12:04pm charlie:

Hi James, Bob, Vicki, Katya, Michael, Carmichael.
Vicki - this show is always a recipe for disaster!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:05pm Vicki:

excellent! Since that is exactly what I'm looking for today! Not disaster, but disaster music for my new live set!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:07pm Artie:

Now taking the down escalator into the lake of Nothingness.
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 12:08pm charlie:

Artie, you beat me to it!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:08pm Doug S.:

Anyone else having a 19% nervous breakdown? Make a donation now!
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 12:14pm charlie:

Howdy Doug!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:16pm Tower:

Hey Charlie. Great tunes so far! Your show was mentioned several times on Top Shelf Oldies yesterday.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:17pm ndbob:

and speaking of TSO, hello Tower!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:18pm Carmichael:

The greatest prog rock album EVAH!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:21pm Brian in UK:

Hello little sir echo.

Carmichael, please.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:22pm Brian in UK:

13 minutes = 13% increase.
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 12:27pm charlie:

Hi Tower! I thought my ears were burning. Maybe that was just the liquor, though.
Hi Brian!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:28pm Katya:

Little Stevie, there is so much to worry about, but thank you for the support.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:31pm Carmichael:

Hey everyone, the Coal Man is here. We'll have heat shortly!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:32pm Katya:

Can we expect some mandatory astral projections, Charlie?
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:35pm Brian in UK:

Was it Bernstein that wrote Candide? There's a song in it where Pangloss' buttock is shot off. Or is the memory playing tricks.
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 12:36pm charlie:

Katya -- yes.
Brian -- yes.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:37pm Brian in UK:

If only I'd worked at skool.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:38pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm not *down* with down being the new up!
But this Pizzicato Five is a more-than-happy ending!

How ya doin', Charlie and everyone!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:39pm Katya:

Yay! He lives up there in New England, too. Out at Marblehead, I think. Ooof, how does anyone live there with those bone-cutting cold winds blowing off the ocean and tearing through the towns? Our family did for centuries. Brrrr!
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 12:39pm charlie:

Hi Matt from Springfield.
Hey, y'all, stay tuned for Matt from Fiveash of WFMU's Ichiban Stream, following this show on Give the Drummer Radio.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:40pm Matt from Springfield:

With the hurricane, then my work computer that has the 'net being down for a week, this is the first time back in a while! (I caught my afternoon WFMU shows of course, but I had to wait for someone else to go home, then move to their workstation!)
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:41pm Matt from Springfield:

As Danne D once said, I am MFS, Fiveash is MFA :)
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:41pm Carmichael:

I'm a hot weather person as well. If it's below 45 degrees, I'm absolutely insufferable.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:44pm Katya:

Alright, Perri! Yay for all who donated! You rock stars!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:46pm Perri:

Heyyyy, Katya! We know all (too much) about flood damage... and talk about a worthy cause!!
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:51pm Katya:

We were just talking about you here last night. Looking to pickup another USB vinyl transfer turntable to work though more of the 1000s of flood salvaged LPs.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:55pm Carmichael:

Early jazzy Guess Who, before Wolfman Jack and Starbaby showed up.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:57pm ndbob:

45 sounds really good to me right now
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:58pm Matt from Springfield:

3PUEN! (aka "You're SO Mean!") He always has delightfully delirious releases.
  Thu. 11/15/12 12:58pm Katya:

Bundle up, ndbob. Brrrr
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 1:02pm charlie:

45 is good. I can do 33 and 1/3. I draw the line at 16, though.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:03pm Doug S.:

Last WFMU DJ to play Joan Armatrading? The Drummer Stream's Amanda Nazario! There's no taste like good taste.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:03pm Michael:

Haven't heard her in ages. Spousal unit had this from her first lp.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:04pm Carmichael:

Still summer in NoDak, Bob? :-)
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Jazz of the Sugar Plum Fairies!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:13pm Rex:

That's my boy!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Noel Harrison sings a great stripped down version of "Strawberry Fields".
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 1:17pm charlie:

Hey there, Rex.
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 1:20pm charlie:

(and thanks!)
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:21pm Tower:

Good to hear from you Sir Reginald. Haven't heard much from you since your funeral in 1990.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:24pm ndbob:

There's a great doowop song on this record, but I can't remember what it's called.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:26pm Uncle Michael:

Sorry I'm late...I was busy doing something.
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 1:26pm charlie:

Wish I had that one, Bob!
Hi there, Uncle Michael!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:26pm listener james from westwood:

a quick hells-yeah to today's show. been swamped w work but the music's been keeping the panic attack at bay. charlie is my audio anxiolytic.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:27pm Matt from Springfield:

@UM: That's all right, as long as you check your somethings at the door!
(Of course, I alternate between doing nothing and doing something here...just make sure not to bring the somethings into this show)
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@LJFW: Anxiolytic! I like! :)
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Astral projections are not just recommended here, they're mandatory!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:44pm jan:

enjoying the show. I was also busy, but listening while organizing!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:46pm listener james from westwood:

we're all busy doing nothing doing everything!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:46pm Uncle Michael:

Matt, I'm at work. I left something out in my car.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Great Swandive!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:51pm Doug S.:

Love to see a small flurry of donations during the final 10 minutes of the show. We're only $82 away from reaching the 50% mark. Give WFMU a big financial kick in the pants... and watch us dance!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:54pm Tower:

Really enjoyed descending through the dark matter today, Charlie.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:55pm listener james from westwood:

@matt, the depressing thing is i still need to look up the spelling of words like "recommend," and constantly mistype "editor" (ironic), but "anxiolytic" i've got right on tap. i have a weird brain.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:56pm listener james from westwood:

weird little ketjak thing going on in this cut.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:57pm Tower:

Always love a good Todd song as well.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:58pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie!
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@LJFW: Editor, much like adviser/advisor could be confusing, but "anxiolytic", that's clearly one thing! I see where you're coming from.
  Thu. 11/15/12 1:59pm Doug S.:

Immediately following Charlie will be a live broadcast from Matt Fiveash from our sister stream Rock & Soul Ichiban. Here is Matt's playlist:


Continue the fun, over there...
  Thu. 11/15/12 2:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Yay charlie! Glad to have you back, thanks for another vast and trippy show!
  Thu. 11/15/12 2:00pm Uncle Michael:

Thank you Charlie.
  Thu. 11/15/12 2:00pm Michael:

Thanks for being our Zacherle today Charlie - good stuff. You doing a turkey show next week?
  Thu. 11/15/12 2:01pm listener james from westwood:

muchas gracias charlie!
Avatar Thu. 11/15/12 2:01pm charlie:

Thanks all for dipping your toes into the river Styx with me momentarily. See you all next time. :)
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