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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 28, 2012

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Pram  Cumuls   Options Iron Lung  0:00:00 ()
Slint  Breadcrumb Trail   Options Spiderland  0:06:04 ()
Home  Freedom Rd.   Options IX  0:13:24 ()
Cheer-Accident  Muffy Needs a New Pair of Rose-Colored Glasses   Options Dumb-Ask  0:17:05 ()
Fog  Heartcrusher   Options The Fog  0:20:49 ()
You Fantastic!  Pals   Options Pals  0:30:28 ()
Vacuum Tree Head  Tennant Stations   Options Excel (Eye Eye)  0:48:04 ()
The Dramatics  This is International Telecom   Options   0:49:51 ()
Leprechaun Catering  Poulet, Poulet-Poulet, Poulet! 2   Options Kumquats, Lychees  0:59:13 ()
Leprechaun Catering  Poulet, Poulet-Poulet, Poulet! 1   Options Kumquats, Lychees  1:10:58 ()
Reynolds  7 Apoloca Baluba   Options Pacalirte Sorban Cumanos  1:19:06 ()
Black Dice  Cone Toaster / Endless Happiness   Options Cone Toaster  1:27:28 ()
Tomutonttu   Kuka On Mukana? / Luominen Jäi Kesken   Options Elävänä Planeetalla  1:44:17 ()
Plunderphonic  Birth   Options Plunderphonic  1:57:10 ()
Big City Orchestra  Because   Options Beatlerape  2:02:44 ()
Richard Trythall  Ommagio a Jerry Lee Lewis   Options CMCD  2:08:26 ()
Yann Tomita  Talk to Me, Talk to Me (for Biological and Robotical Research)   Options   2:15:57 ()
Yellow Magic Orchestra  Tighten Up   Options   2:28:10 ()
Asa-Chang and Junray      2:32:03 ()
Charles Bernstein  1-100   Options   2:46:18 ()
Paul De Marinis  March   Options   2:46:56 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/28/12 12:10pm Tired:

This is Hypnotic
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:12pm hubba:

oh, it is you Bryce... thught this was Scott... interesting. Any Rodan lying around?
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:13pm Carmichael:

When I 1st glanced at the list, I thought it said "Silent". Perfect for Bryce's show.
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:15pm hubba:

Yo Carm! morning. Capricorn Black @ the Rube, nice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 12:15pm bryce:

it's not me
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:16pm JT:

HOME! wha
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:16pm hubba:

you're not there
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:17pm DCE:

I'm sure it's you. Who else could it be...now.
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:21pm hubba:

  Fri. 9/28/12 12:23pm scotty wad:

play Lungfish Bryce - DO IT NOW
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:24pm Miscued Record:

Don't believe him! He's a member of that "tribe that always lies" of logic-problem fame.
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:28pm northguineahills:

Home, from near my old home in FL.
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:29pm hamburger:

  Fri. 9/28/12 12:35pm northguineahills:

Fog never gets enough respect. He put out a lot of good records.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 12:37pm bryce:

yeah! just discovered we had more here in cold storage. been makin' my wy through 'em.....
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:47pm Carmichael:

Are you in Florida right now, NGH?
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:48pm Cattar Act:

Slint on Bryce? You going mainstream on us?
  Fri. 9/28/12 12:52pm northguineahills:

@Carmichael: No, but I grew up there and did my undergrad studies there, and my family still lives there.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:00pm Cheri Pi:

Bryce! this is nyce....
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:01pm From Hunger:

No lunch menu discussions? You folks are dropping the ball bigtime
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:02pm ERD:

The Dramatics sounded so strange in the 90s. This is much different from "Devil is Dope"!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:02pm Cheri Pi:

I just had the best Aloo Choley & garlic naan!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:03pm still b/p:

Canned turkey chili, sourdough toast, red grapes. Not sure it's anything to sing about.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:03pm From Hunger:

"Aloo, allay!" she chortled in her joy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 1:04pm bryce:

i know the comments board has been outsourced to bangalore. just want you to know i'm on to you
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:05pm ERD:

I could never get cooked canned turkey chili in Bangalore no matter how hard I tried . . .
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:06pm G:

Bryce is now playing chicken
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:09pm still b/p:

My chili acquired in exotic Traydajohs.

Stupid ass Nero player is stuttery with some regularity. Fun when I'm not sure it's the piece or the player.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:09pm bennett4senate:

yo bryce
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:09pm Park with Q:

Mr. Bryce, I am very sorry you are experiencing difficulty with the comments being left by listeners to your program, and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that your experience with your WFMU comment-enabled playlist is to your complete satisfaction. Please start by giving myself your Listener Response Receiving Identification Number, which you will find on the bottom left hand corner of the invoice that you threw out six month ago.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:11pm Cheri Pi:

sourdough toast sounds amazing to me.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:11pm DCE:

speaking of "traydajohs", just got back from there on my break...picked up several bottles of Botswain Chocolate Stout and IPA. 22oz, $2 each. Looking forward to this evening.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:11pm Mary Wing:

I am loving this Leprechaun Catering! (Said between mouthfuls of tuna salad sandwich.)
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:11pm G:

Nero stuttered while Still fumed.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:12pm pierre:

"Poulet, Poulet-Poulet, Poulet!" is an awesome name.

Bonjour Bryce.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:12pm DCE:

what kinds of services does Leprechaun Catering provide?
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:14pm G:

You can get chicken, or chicken.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:15pm still b/p:

Magically Delicious Breakfasts!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:16pm Parq:

DCE, everything you order comes with cruddy little sugar bits that are supposed to resemble marshmallow.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:18pm northguineahills:

I'm eating leftover Jamaican veggie curry w/ peas and rice, w/ scotch bonnets from my garden. Coconut milk (in the curry) puts some sweet into the heat, although my Mexican gf thought it was too spicy.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:21pm DCE:

the fact that you said "scotch bonnets" (plural) means that your gf is right. that's crazy, man!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:23pm Mike East:

I discovered an Indian place that does a $10 lunch special (tax and tip included). Yesterday, I ordered Chana Bhuna spicy...next time I will get the medium.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:24pm Cheri Pi:

I had my curry today at the highest level too, I'm a heat freak.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:25pm DCE:

everybody's got the curry, and I get stuck with the boring sandwich. well, I'm cheap, too, so I brown-bag 100% of the time.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:27pm northguineahills:

and these scotch bonnets are spicier then normal b/c of the hot summer earlier. I do have limit to my spiciness (would never eat a scotch bonnet whole), but I do like a good sweat.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:28pm hubba:

brain ooze on my keyboard... slurp!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:28pm still b/p:

I think Poor Richard said, "It is better to favor curry than to curry favor."
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:35pm J-Mar:

Eating leftovers with this awesome hot sauce recipe I got recently: You take a bunch of hot peppers, put them in a blender with garlic, ginger, salt and sugar, and then you let them ferment for a few days. Once they're good and fermenty, cook them in some white vinegar. It's like homemade sriracha!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:37pm Cecile:

I had Thai spicy basil noodles and an iced coffee. Tis payday, I went out.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:39pm Cheri Pi:

everybody's everything sounds so delicious!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:40pm northguineahills:

Might try that J-Mar, I have more chilies then I can eat right now.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:40pm hubba:

how many folks here are Govt. workers?
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:41pm Carmichael:

Sounds like Oscar Wilde, b/p. I just may go all Nepalesey today, the way the discussion is going.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:41pm DCE:

sounds like a great way to use up those last-of-season peppers hanging on the plants out back my house, J-Mar
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:42pm Cecile:

I'm in a public agency. Sort of a multi-county agency. We're in governance but not part of the civil service testing system if that makes sense.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:43pm DCE:

not I, hubba--private-sector barbarian for hire!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:45pm J-Mar:

OK, so here are the proportions, as best as I can remember them: 3/4 pound of chiles (I kept seeds and everything); 2-3 cloves of garlic; 1-inch cube of ginger; 1 1/2 tsp. salt; 2 tbs. sugar (or to taste). When you mix everything in with the vinegar, use about 1/4 c of vinegar.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:48pm tim from champaign:

Cecile & Cheri - I told my wife about the Stewart Copeland conversation and she was unimpressed at the level of fandom because no one had the Equilizer soundtrack.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:48pm DCE:

excellent, the process begins TONIGHT!
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:48pm Carmichael:

I'm in a highly public agency. And so is Hubba, though a different one.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:48pm Cheri Pi:

I work for the state.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:49pm jk:

everything just goes better with Bryce
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:49pm Cecile:

hahaha, tim.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:49pm tim from champaign:

State university worker here.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:52pm hubba:

I know you know me, Carm... one day, one day, i'll find you, no matter what the cost! ...just thought I'd ask, thanks for fudging-up everyone. As Carm said, I'm a public sector person.
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:57pm das:

too many ones and zeros on the dance floor
  Fri. 9/28/12 1:58pm northguineahills:

I've worked for the City and Fedeal gov't. Although, my last job was in the private sectore. However, right now, I'm unemployed.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:00pm DCE:

this is great, Tomutonttu is like the BEST!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:02pm bryce:

it's jan anderzén of kemilliset ystävät
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:03pm bryce:

without his friends
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:03pm jk:

just enemies on that one?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:04pm bryce:

only his lawyers know for sure
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:05pm DCE:

this is a lesson in frustrating.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:06pm nic:

very cool
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:06pm Cheri Pi:

hahaah. I just restarted my flash to be sure this was supposed to sound that way ;)
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:08pm Beatler Ape:

stop!! STOP!!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:09pm das:

I'm holding back the urge to search for beatlerape while at work
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:09pm Carmichael:

Catchy album title.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:12pm hubba:

Bryce, did you ever live in the Bay Area?
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:13pm DCE:

Jerry Lee is being alien abducted
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:13pm DCE:

here come the prod rods!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:14pm G:

Or did you mean: Did the Bay Area live in him?
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:14pm das:

wish I had a pair of shoes that looked like this sounds
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:14pm bryce:

i haven't! friends there, tho
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:16pm hubba:

The Bay Area is like a freindly parasite, "come on in... there's cookies in the cupboard."
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:16pm Hugo:

whole lotta ..... going on
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:24pm bryce:

hey, you!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:25pm Hugo:

I remember a tune on one of Charlie's premiums, consisting of two Japanese counting to 12 in Japanese. Would fit this playlist beautifully. I should add that Bryce was also on that one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:25pm bryce:

strangers look at each other in the bay area....and then TALK. it's depraved
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:26pm bryce:

oh yeah, i remember that! was that cornelius??
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:28pm Hugo:

Cornelius was on the premium, too, but not that particular tune I think.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:29pm bryce:

oh!....might have been asa-chang & junray??
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:33pm Carmichael:

YMO goes funky! Pretty cool.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:34pm Mary Wing:

This set has been beyond fantastic, Bryce!! More, more, moooooooooore!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:34pm Hugo:

Yeah, I think you got it. It is on this playlist.

  Fri. 9/28/12 2:34pm sphincter:

they're playing my song!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:40pm Mary Wing:

I that Bryce had typed "ass-chang," heh.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:40pm Hugo:

That premium was called Count Me In. Every track had something to do with numbers. And that's exactly what we're hearing now! Great interactive radio!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:41pm Joe Lean:

This is my favorite song. It makes me fall asleep and then suddenly I wake up and eat 7 raisins!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:41pm Mary Wing:

Did it have any Owada on it, Hugo?
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:42pm G:

Count on it.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:42pm Hugo:

Don't think so, but I don't have it here with me now.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:43pm Cecile:

Bryce, can you play some music not made by what must be absolutely adorable people?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:45pm bryce:

hahaaa, sure!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:46pm Paul S.:

Mama don't take chromatic drone away!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:46pm hubba:

gotta eat some food... maybe scurry on over to get some thai curry. peace everyone, thanks Bryce, great selection.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:47pm DCE:

that was pretty intense
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:48pm popo:

is that you kenny?
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:49pm das:

this guy hates counting
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:50pm DCE:

yeah, I'm starting to get some pretty weird looks over this way..
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:50pm Cecile:

hahhah, bryce.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:50pm G:

@das: It adds up.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:50pm Aabra:

Unreleased Sesame Street where the Count loses it.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:51pm The Board:

Um, overmodulation anyone?
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:51pm LibertyGirlNYC:

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Feeling all count-y now.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:52pm LibertyGirlNYC:

Wish it was 1-200. I want more!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 9/28/12 2:52pm Ken:

Play 1-30 by Owada! Its in the CDs under Owada
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:52pm Mr Lowry:

This show is destroying my ability to concentrate even more than usual.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:54pm Dursun:

#9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:54pm Droll:

[tuning in late]
I'm confused -- music with this much math usually involves Mellotron and flute solos.
I sure hope this means we get to hear The Pointer Sisters' funky Sesame Street counting song soon!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:55pm DCE:

this show is destroying my ability to be sober for much longer! in a good way!
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:55pm The Clock:

There's no soon left
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:57pm northguineahills:

I concur w/ DCE.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:57pm Hugo:

Count Basie, anyone?
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:59pm northguineahills:

I love Owada's work. They have some of his stuff right now in MOMA and DIA Beacon.
  Fri. 9/28/12 2:59pm EAS:

Don't press the "End of World" button till Dec. 2012. Thanks.
  Fri. 9/28/12 3:02pm seang:

  Fri. 9/28/12 3:02pm Mary Wing:

Was that Heart that got so rudely interrupted?
  Fri. 9/28/12 3:02pm EAS:

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