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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options September 20, 2012: Forced failure cannot work

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
La Monte Young  Map of 49's Dream the Two Systems of Eleven Sets of Galactic Intervals Ornamental Lightyears Tracery (excerpt)   Options Der Zweck Dieser Serie Ist Nicht Unterhaltung (1957-1973) Vol.2  0:09:11 ()
Pierre Andre-Arcand  You Will Live   Options Eres +7  0:50:37 ()
Layne Garrett  who sleeps below me propels my dream   Options v/a district of noise Vol. 5  0:54:11 ()
Rick Reed   Capitalism: Child Labor   Options The Way Things Go  0:55:48 ()
Goblin  Death Dies (film version)   Options Profondo Rosso  1:24:34 ()
Goblin  Deep Shadows (Film Version. Part 2)   Options Profondo Rosso  1:25:05 ()
Ennio Morricone  The Bird with The Crystal Plumage   Options The Bird with The Crystal Plumage  1:28:50 ()
Ennio Morricone  violenza Inattesa   Options The Bird with The Crystal Plumage  1:29:18 ()
Astrid  suite   Options High Blues  1:29:45 ()
Jan Jelinek  The Ballad of Soap   Options Tierbobachtunger  1:36:52 ()
pere ubu  Codex   Options Dub Housing  1:41:38 ()
PETER IVERS/ DAVID LYNCH  In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)   Options Eraserhead  2:00:51 ()
Captain Beefheart and the Magic band  Kandy Korn   Options Mirror Man Sessions  2:01:21 ()
Decibel  Manati   Options Fiat Lux  2:09:57 ()
Von Himmel  Strawberry Hill   Options Space Communion  2:14:40 ()
Ettienne O'Leary  Day Tripper   Options Musiques des Films 1966-1968  2:21:52 ()
Tropa Macaca  Balada Dos Que Ja Mascem Mortos   Options Ectoplasma  2:24:34 ()
Pierre Henry  Une Tour de Babel (pt.2)   Options Une Tour de Babel  2:38:00 ()
Vertonen  Harbor Surfacant   Options The Ocean is Gone, The Ship Is Next  2:46:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/20/12 3:09pm DCE:

how do you do?
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:09pm Cheri Pi:

This is nice.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:12pm common:

what is the instrumentation on this? Pretty great drone.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:16pm fred:

Good afternoon Fabio, DCE, Cheri and common. Very nice start indeed
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:20pm nick:

Never thought I'd hear lamonte young on the radio...I heart u WFMU
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:20pm r i s k y:

This is Fobulous! Horray for this, my office is a buzz about it. Greetings all.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:24pm common:

hello fred and others.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:25pm fred:

Is Fabiolous a word?
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:26pm DCE:

it is now, fred. coinage!
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:31pm Ike:

Fabiondrious, Fabiolangrous, Fabinnific.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:32pm Andrew Waterloo:

  Thu. 9/20/12 3:34pm Music for Gas Chambers:

I call this the lazy DJ hour.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:34pm Andrew Waterloo:

it's Fabio's turn to do the dishes again.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:36pm Andrew Waterloo:

I am really enjoying this La Monte Young
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:39pm steve:

a friend was just talking about going to the Dreamhouse... totally forgot about that place
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:40pm Long Time Listener, Never Once Caller:

Can someone explain what makes that piece so incredible? Genuine question. Just seemed like unremarkable drone.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:44pm Andrew Waterloo:

@LTL, part of it is the fact that it is so minimal without any baggage or distractions.. you can really just fall right into it. It's more of an environmental experience than a musical one.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:45pm sdfjones:

STF is my church, with convenient service hours.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:45pm steve:

LTL, its been a while since i was there but i remember i loved how the sound would change as you moved around the room. years later who knows, maybe i wouldnt be so impressed. also i wouldn't say its unremarkable, i think its sort of perfect in its straightforward simplicity, sonically and conceptually. imo.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:54pm Cecile:

the piece meshes well with the constant noise in my head.
  Thu. 9/20/12 3:59pm Chris from DC:

Aw, shoot, I missed Layne. Nice.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:03pm pierre:

Bonsoir Fabio.

I was wondering, do you know the work of Terence Dwyer ? and if yes,do know if his music is somewhere to be bought ?
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:07pm DCE:

loving this Rick Reed piece, though the subject matter is dispiriting.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:07pm nic:

awesome love this
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:08pm Mike East:

my favorite kind of ending...abrupt.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:14pm green mountain man mark:

Oh, good. As long as the splattering is with blood and not the sex in this movie you are talking about.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:16pm steve:

Deep Red on the big screen... yes
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:18pm Loren:

What is happening? How is everyone?
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:19pm andymorphic:

love me some goblin
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:22pm DCE:

Loren, some of us are good, and some are just ok, but nobody's really bummed out today, thankfully
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:23pm steve:

pretty good Loren, you?
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:23pm Loren:

Glad no one is bummed, that'd be a... bummer.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:25pm Loren:

steve, not bad... not great... kind of okay.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:26pm BSI:

Just got here. Thanks for playing the District of Noise 5 comp, maestro. Layne is a mad genius.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:26pm common:

goblin goblin goblin!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:27pm Stanley:

At least that orgasmic panting thing was nnowhere like that chewing thing Brian Turner played this week. That really creeped me out.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:28pm Loren:

Stanely, the Akos Rozmann piece?
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:28pm green mountain man mark:

Yeah, I thought Fabio said there were no sex splattering, just blood splattering.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:30pm green mountain man mark:

kidding aside this is so awesome to listen to.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:31pm Stanley:

@Loren: I think you're right. Very disturbing.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:34pm Loren:

There is this disturbing, more unsettling actually, piece by Robert Ashley that Ken played during one of his last Halloween shows... if you any desire to try and top your previous listening experience.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:34pm DCE:

sloooow burn...
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:38pm Stanley:

@Loren: I just checked it out it was the Language Removal Services track. Seriously, I felt like vomiting.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:42pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 9/20/12 4:43pm Loren:

@Stanley, I see... Now, I'll have to check it out after the show since I didn't realize it was a seperate track.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:43pm green mountain man mark:

I meant this entire thing, not the orgasmic part. To clarify.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:43pm DCE:

didn't somebody play this earlier in the week? trying to think who...Scott or Brian maybe.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:44pm BSI:

aaah, this one was always on the short-list of Ubu favorites...
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:44pm Carmichael:

Cheri's digging the Pere Ubu ...
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:47pm DCE:

could've heard it on my local station..mighta been Scott McD last week too. I know I heard it just recently. That's my problem, not yours.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:48pm DCE:

the Columbia pressings were thin and weak, easily scratched.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:49pm Cecile:

I remember that!
THere was also Richard Hell, Patti Smith, Ultravox and the Saints. It was so weird.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:50pm Loren:

@DCE, sorry, don't see it... I do like when the DJs somehow happen upon the classic jam in close proximity, like the same week... as though it is a thing or something... Big White Cloud was like that not too long ago.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:55pm Cecile:

  Thu. 9/20/12 4:55pm Brian:

I must have joined Columbia record club at least 5 or 6 times. Every time I moved in college (which was a lot) I would join again. Computers hadn't kicked in yet. The hard part was finding 9 or 11 records I wanted from them.
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:55pm BSI:

John Phillip Law! The one true Sinbad!
  Thu. 9/20/12 4:58pm Loren:

I just got goosebumps...
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:01pm Cecile:

  Thu. 9/20/12 5:01pm Loren:

you know, the neocons should use scenes from Eraserhead to promote abstinence.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:02pm steve:

  Thu. 9/20/12 5:07pm Carmichael:

This is your Captain speaking.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:18pm Loren:

Whoa... I think there was something in that scone... weeeeeee!
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:21pm BSI:

we're in the SCONE ZONE.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:22pm dale:

disappointed we couldn't hear all of nancy sinatra there...oh, here she comes...oh - there she goes.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:22pm dale:

lulu does a kick ass version as well
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:24pm BSI:

oh hell I'm digging the farking freep outta this here. Another scone, please.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:26pm Carmichael:

I've had Nancy and Lee Hazlewood on my brain for the last week or two. Can't seem to shake it. Thankfully, I saw Devo last week and also can't shake Through Being Cool.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:33pm dale:

boones farm
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:34pm Cecile:

Sadly, yes Fabio.
When Boone's Farm came out in the 70s, all the frats building snow statues at MTU winter carnival did some kind of tribute to it.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:36pm octy:

The apple wine was Annie Green Springs, I bet Clay Pigeon could tell you about this as well- 70s booze for rural teenagers.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:36pm Snortley:

Don't forget SpaƱada pre-bottled sangria!
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:37pm Cecile:

now it's marketed to soccer mom lightweights. Sort of "celebrate the moments of your life."
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:37pm Cecile:

And Riunite on ice. Very nice!
Yes! Annie Green Springs. AKA instant hangover.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:40pm Cecile:

and of course, wapatouli made with Hawaaian punch, grain alcohol and whatever fruit was on the quick sell shelf at the store. I never personally imbibed in that - only heard horror stories
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:44pm BSI:

Holy crap, Cecile. I somehow "wapatouli" was a term invented by a very sadistic ex-roommate, circa 1986. What a random flashback.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:44pm BSI:

But it was the same basic idea: alcoholic hell-juice...mixed in a spackle bucket. For style, natch.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:46pm nic:

this guy's great
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:47pm Carmichael:

I was partial to TJ Swann myself.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:48pm Snortley:

  Thu. 9/20/12 5:50pm moose:

  Thu. 9/20/12 5:52pm Carmichael:

Or if I wished to wake up on Sunday feeling like 40 miles of bad road, it'd be Mad Dog 20/20.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:53pm Cecile:

yes! mateus.

BSI, my friend used to mix up an evil punch with grain alcohol and root beer Kool-Aid and serve it in one of those catering kegs. I did imbibe in that, and OY.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:53pm Carmichael:

Easy Days, Mellow Nights, etc...
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:54pm Jack:

My first puking on alcohol was Tango!
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:54pm dale:

i used to drink vodka and tang in a pinch. probably where the tang in tango came from
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:55pm david:

lol, "Where's the conflict, Clay?"
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:55pm dale:

  Thu. 9/20/12 5:56pm dale:

  Thu. 9/20/12 5:57pm Ike:

Now I want to play Stratego. Haven't played in years.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:58pm dale:

i used to take a rubber shrunken head with long hair and put it on johnny west. then he/she would be a sexy fraulein and use her wiles on gi joe to escape from the gulag. good times.
  Thu. 9/20/12 5:59pm dale:

He will never finish his Risk story...
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