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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options September 18, 2012: (I Am) The Silver Octopus

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME           
ENZO MINARELLI  This Poem Expresses by Means of Sound What the Word Cannot Express   Options Fame  Pogus  2012   
MESSY GOES INSANE  Beams (2002)   Options V.A.: Four in One, Volume 3  EE Tapes  2012  0:05:26 ()
KRISTIN NORDERVAL  13 Inspirations (2006)   Options Aural Histories  Deep Listening  2012  0:09:15 ()
LEISURE SUITED EXECUTIVES  In the Village (1980)   Options V.A.: Best of Baltimore’s Buried Bands II  OHO Music/ Progression  2003  0:14:52 ()
BENE GESSERIT  Last Summer (2011)   Options V.A.: Four in One, Volume 3  EE Tapes  2012  0:24:47 ()
ENZO MINARELLI  What Is Not Attractive Any Longer Nobody Looks At but It Remains   Options Fame  Pogus  2012  0:34:02 ()
KLANGFARB  L.S.E. 2 (1977)   Options V.A.: Best of Baltimore’s Buried Bands II  OHO Music/ Progression  2003  0:36:22 ()
ZOLDAR & CLARK  The Ghost of Way (197?)   Options Zoldar & Clark [aka "The Ghost of Way"]  Oxford Circus  2008  0:38:02 ()
SIDNEY PINCHBACK  Soul Strokes (1969)   Options V.A.: Heavy Soul  MOJO  2010  0:44:35 ()
VAMP  Floatin' (1968)   Options V.A.: A Perfumed Garden, Vol. One  RE: Past & Present  1983  0:47:09 ()
RYUICHI SAKAMOTO  Insensatez (Alva Noto remix)   Options Moto.tronic  Sony  2003  0:50:08 ()
STEN SANDELL  Behind the Chords II   Options Behind the Chords  LJ Records  1998  0:54:57 ()
NORMA WINSTONE  Perkins Landing   Options Edge of Time  Argo  1972  1:03:38 ()
OHO  Last Dance (1974?)   Options V.A.: Best of Baltimore’s Buried Bands II  OHO Music/ Progression  2003  1:10:12 ()
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION  Aybe Sea   Options Burnt Weeny Sandwich  Bizarre  1970  1:11:16 ()
NEIGE  Pieces of Leaves (1979?)   Options V.A.: Best of Baltimore’s Buried Bands II  OHO Music/ Progression  2003  1:14:04 ()
RAISINETS  Whatman   Options More Fun to Play Than Listen To [7" EP]  Chocolate Covered  1979  1:20:28 ()
UNKNOWN  (I Am) The Letterman (196?)   Options V.A.: Hen's Teeth, Vol. 2: Blocked! Rare Beat & Psychedelia  Hen's Teeth  1996  1:22:29 ()
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE  Octopus   Options V.A.: The Madcap Laughs Again  MOJO  2010  1:24:06 ()
GENESIS  Twilight Alehouse   Options 7"  Charisma  1973  1:30:06 ()
OUTRAGEOUS  Letter from Kevin (1975)   Options V.A.: Best of Baltimore’s Buried Bands II  OHO Music/ Progression  2003  1:37:53 ()
NOSY PARKER  Silver Wings   Options Nosy Parker  RE: Gear Fab  1975  1:42:34 ()
SHIDE & ACORN  Solitaire   Options Under the Tree  RE: Gear Fab  1973  1:46:41 ()
CHAMAELEON CHURCH  Tompkins Square Park   Options Chamaeleon Church  MGM  1968  1:50:58 ()
FROGGIE BEAVER  Come to Believe   Options From the Pond  Froggie Beaver  1973  1:54:03 ()
NUCLEUS  Lullaby   Options We'll Talk About It Later  Vertigo  1971  2:02:09 ()
MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE  It's Good to Be Alive   Options Volume II  Vertigo  1970  2:16:44 ()
HUMAN FLESH  Perche   Options V.A.: Four in One, Volume 3  EE Tapes  2012  2:14:09 ()
OHO  Opposites/ Paint Can/ I Crawled Back to Nothing When I Crawled Back to You (1975?)   Options V.A.: Best of Baltimore’s Buried Bands II  OHO Music/ Progression  2003  2:33:52 ()
WIMPLE WINCH  Save My Soul (1966)   Options The Wimple Winch Story, 1963–1968  Bam Caruso  1992  2:44:56 ()
BlLOODROCK  Timepiece   Options Bloodrock  Capitol  1970  2:48:01 ()
BEAUREGARD AJAX  Dr. Jebediah Webb (1968)   Options Deaf Priscilla  Shadoks  2006  2:54:02 ()
CHAMAELEON CHURCH  Camillia Is Changing   Options Chamaeleon Church  MGM  1968  3:00:27 ()
THE OUT-THEME  Gelbart: My Favorite Vacation [part of] + Die Trip Computer Die: Airborn [part of]   Options       3:03:42 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 11:56am tonyc:

Hullo dere. Zee show starts in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:03pm Michael:

hey now tonyc. I see the magic has already begun...
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:04pm tonyc:

Hey, Michael!
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:05pm Doug S.:

I went in and made your playlist "live," Tony. Hope you don't mind my meddling.
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:06pm annie:

omg!!! i'm home and can listen!! praise be!
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:06pm tonyc:

Oops -- thanks, Doug. I forgot....
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:07pm tonyc:

Hi there, Annie!
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:07pm Carmichael:

Tony! I was confused by the GTDS schedule and thought you were off this week. Doug, your last e-mail to me was the 12th. Are you still sending regular missives?
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:07pm Carmichael:

Annie! Holy cow, how have you been?
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:08pm Doug S.:

I felt the need to prove my meddle. I needed to put the pedal to the meddle. Please pin a meddle on my chest. As alchemist-in-chief for the stream, I wanted to practice a little meddleurgy.

OK, I'll stop.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:11pm tonyc:

@ Carmichael: I'm on every week these days. (And greetings.)
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:11pm annie:

carm, i'm very well.... asheville is proving to be a great move.. i work tons right now, so no tunes while i'm there, which i sorely miss... especially on the slow days.. .. winter approacheth... mine eyes shall see the coming of the lack of work.. .. saving... saving.. saving.. life remains good.. you??
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:12pm Doug S.:

Nope, I've been sending out emails pretty much every work day. I sent a newsletter on 9/12. But I send email blasts about upcoming shows usually with 30 minutes of the beginning of each show. I sent one on 9/13 for Amanda's fill in; on 9/14 for Charlie Lewis; and on 9/15 for my show. Did you NOT get these? Maybe check your spam filter?

  Tue. 9/18/12 12:14pm annie:

........and i'm forever hatching plans for the rough times.. it's how i roll
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:17pm Carmichael:

I'll check, Doug, but I'm sure I haven't received anything after the 12th.

Annie, what slavish environment would not allow you to listen to music?? I'm doing the same thing in the same place, year after year. Eventually I will attempt to leap off the treadmill and into the great unknown.
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:21pm Ricardo Montalban:

Greetings everybody!
Wonderful show so far, Tony!
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:22pm tonyc:

By the by, the Leisure Suited Executives, on now, later turned into the United States of Existence.

Greetings, Senor M!
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:28pm Manuel O' Bruxeleiro:

hola tony and friends! bene gesserit!
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:28pm annie:

i work in a stall at the WNC farmers market, selling produce for the owner of the stall. there are days when the action is non-stop.. there is no wifi there so i overhear the radio played by the stall across from me which is either 80s/90s top 10 on random play of about 50 songs or it's "country western" at its worst.. they promise to bring wifi.. if they do, i'm bringing my ipod touch... no doubt!!
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:30pm tonyc:

Hola, Manuel! Yep, Bene Gesserit -- your (adoptive) countrymen.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:40pm tonyc:

Good advice: Beware of the harlequins. They're a big problem 'round these parts.
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:42pm Carmichael:

'77 on the Zoldar and Clark, Tony. Here's a helpful link: http://www.planetmellotron.com/revz.htm
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:44pm tonyc:

@ Carmichael: Thanks much, but this track is actually not from the original LP -- it's only on the CD, which has lots of bonus stuff. The CD should perhaps be titled "Ghost of Way."
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:44pm tonyc:

... as that's what it says on the disc itself (tho not on the cover).
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:47pm Carmichael:

The link notes that The Ghost of Way CD is '88, and is actually a combo of the 2 Jasper Wrath albums.
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:49pm holland oats:

y'alls be vampin'
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:50pm tonyc:

Vamp evolved into Clark Hutchinson.

Hey there, Holland Oats!
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:55pm tonyc:

@ Carmichael: Thanks! It's a complicated story -- it's Jasper Wrath stuff that was in the can, some of which was released in the '70s under various made-up names (Zoldar & Clark, Arden House) by a tax-scam label, but all of which was recorded back then.
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:56pm holland oats:

hey so apparently mitt romney is now doubling-down on those nude photos of kate middleton
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:57pm tonyc:

At least there are no nude photos of Mitt Romney -- yet.
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:58pm Jeremy:

Hi Tony, all! Enjoying the smorgasbord today!
  Tue. 9/18/12 12:58pm Carmichael:

Interesting reading, Tony. Thanks for piquing mu interest.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 12:59pm tonyc:

Heya, Jeremy!
  Tue. 9/18/12 1:09pm rock_0la:

Hey Tony, hey y'all ! just tuned in ... let it roll
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 1:11pm tonyc:

Hey rock_Ola! Glad you rolled in....
  Tue. 9/18/12 1:14pm rock_0la:

Oy! The Mothers :)) you make my day Tony ...
  Tue. 9/18/12 1:18pm rock_0la:

Hola @Manuel O' Bruxeleiro ! ¿Todo bien?
  Tue. 9/18/12 1:27pm kat330:

You have returned as I have just arrived -- hello, Tony!
  Tue. 9/18/12 1:29pm Manuel O' Bruxeleiro:

@rock_ola todo all right ;0
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 1:29pm tonyc:

Greetings, O' Great Kat!
  Tue. 9/18/12 1:32pm kat330:

When the weather's good, I find myself less on the lists. There's still a winter to come though. I missed the Mothers, phooey. Archives.
  Tue. 9/18/12 1:33pm rock_0la:

This Mojo Stuff is awesome ... reminds me of an epic J. Mascis > No Good Trying !
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 1:36pm tonyc:

@ rock-Ola: That Mascis cut is in fact on the MOJO Barrett comp I just played!
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 1:52pm tonyc:

Re Chamaeleon Church, on now: Chevy Chase was their (rather minimalist) drummer.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:06pm rock_0la:

one can see it flying by ! (Lullaby) cheerio Tony + y'all ...
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:16pm tonyc:

My playlist system froze up on me for a while there -- everything seems to be normal now. Manfred Mann Chapter Three was on before this Human Flesh.

Toodles, rock-Ola! Thanks for stopping by.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:19pm northguineahills:

Is this Human Flesh vintage? Very nice.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:20pm kat330:

This is suitably spooky -- but Halloween's a way's off, Tony. :)
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:20pm tonyc:

Hiya northguineahills! This Human Flesh was just completed, but parts of it date back to 1990
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:21pm tonyc:

@ kat330: Have to warm up, don't I?
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:22pm holland oats:

tony does the monster mash 24/7
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:22pm kat330:

And you'll lose a week of warmup next week.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:23pm Ricardo Montalban:

This is creepy. I like it. It sounds like something my wife says I'd go to sleep to.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:23pm kat330:

It's probably spookier catching only the occasional word, like "night" and "cold," etc.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:28pm kat330:

The traffic noises are rather reassuring we made it through the night -- I hope.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:29pm tonyc:

Don't worry, kat -- this whole thing has just been a discussion of favorite pasta recipes.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:29pm kat330:

Or not...
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:30pm kat330:

Perhaps, if dough of human flesh, cold and dead. [shiver]
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:36pm tonyc:

Pasta al freddo? (Freddo being Italian for cold, natch.)
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:39pm tonyc:

It's funny how many great bands from the Virginia/Maryland/Washington, D.C. area have been overlooked over the years -- that region is sort of a cultural blind spot, I guess.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:44pm tonyc:

... or cultural black hole.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:45pm Doug S.:

My best friend was the drummer for one of the DC scene's best-loved local pop-punk acts, The Insect Surfers. When we graduated high school, I trundled off to college and he trundled off to rehearsal with his new band. Thirty-three years later I am STILL jealous.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:49pm tonyc:

You gave the insect drummer some.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:50pm tonyc:

Whatever that means.... (Don't ask me, I just work here.)
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:52pm tonyc:

Once again, I'll be off next week. Thom Jones (DDDJJJ666) will be filling in.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:53pm MrFab:

Hey, I know The Insect Surfers - cuz they moved here to L.A. from DC (as did a certain Mr Rollins). That's one way to escape the "cultural black hole."
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:53pm kat330:

Am I hearing a bit of Three Dog Night vocals here? Been working hard in the kitchen, so...
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:55pm tonyc:

@ kat 330: Don't know about the Dog -- but that Bloodrock track is sort of a proto-version of their one hit," DOA."
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:56pm kat330:

@tony: Given what you've been doing this last set, I guess Mr. 666 will be playing all light and airy pop sounds. Or are you just prepping us for next week?
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:56pm tonyc:

I'll be running over today, in order to fit in one last Chamaeleon Church track. So stick around -- on this track, you can actually hear Chevy!
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 2:57pm tonyc:

@ kat330: Mr. 666 refused to divulge his intentions.
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:57pm Doug S.:

There will be no KAMINSKY KAMOUTSKY tonight, but there will be a GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME, at 6pm. Tonight's show is a tribute to the "Freeloading 47 Percenters"

Tony will have a fill-in next Tuesday (boo-hoo), but we have a bevy of wonderful artists coming up next here on your 24-hour Drummer Stream. Get ready for happy tears. Coming next, immediately following Tony:

Smiley Lewis
Clifton Chenier
Fever Tree
Smokey and His Sister
Tiyiselani Vomaseve
Fadhili Williams Mdawida
Ramblin' Tommy Scott
George Hamilton IV
La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata
Bobby Williams
Spencer Wiggins
Lee Tillman
Dennis González
Roscoe Mitchell
Dave Bixby
Grupo Dominica
Herbie Nichols
Mthuzini Girls
and more
and more
and eternally more...
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:58pm northguineahills:

Kickass set, tony!
  Tue. 9/18/12 2:59pm kat330:

When I worked there, Chevy used to call to order Jamey Aebersold playalong sets for, AFAIK, his sax playing. Guess I never knew he started as a drummer.
  Tue. 9/18/12 3:00pm Ricardo Montalban:

Thanks for making radio sounds today, Tony!
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 3:01pm tonyc:

Oops -- just read Doug's note about no Kaminsky. Sorry for the false info, all.
  Tue. 9/18/12 3:01pm kat330:

Have a wonderful, safe week off the next, Tony! TY for all I sneaked in to hear! [sorry for the weird grammar of that former comment]
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 3:02pm tonyc:

Thanks northguineahills, Senor M, Kat330 and everyone else. See you in 2 weeks!
  Tue. 9/18/12 3:02pm Ricardo Montalban:

You mean Kaminsky's outski?
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 3:03pm tonyc:

  Tue. 9/18/12 3:03pm Doug S.:

No worries! GTDR has nominated you for Secretary of Weird Grammar. (I sure hope you get confirmed by the Senate!)
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 3:05pm tonyc:

Sayonara, all! Thanks for tuning in....
  Tue. 9/18/12 3:08pm kat330:

@Doug: Ain't it always the case: we dames are nominated as secretaries instead of executives.
Avatar Tue. 9/18/12 3:12pm tonyc:

I, of course, get to magically correct my stupid spelling and grammatical errors here. Ha!
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