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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options August 28, 2012

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(* = new, *** = special)

Artist Track Album Label Comments New / Special Approx. start time
The Orient Express  Azaar   Options The Orient Express  Mainstream      0:00:00 ()
The Orient Express  For a Moment   Options The Orient Express  Mainstream      0:03:29 ()
Talking Heads  The Great Curve   Options Remain In Light  Sire      0:04:52 ()
M.N.D.L.S.B.L.S.T.N.G.  Excerpt   Options Infinitum ADD Nauseum  Devils Fork    *   0:09:47 ()
Isterismo  Catena di Avversione   Options Tokyo Crusties  540    *   0:11:35 ()
Lenny & the Squigtones  Creature Without a Head   Options Lenny & the Squigtones  Casablanca      0:13:38 ()
Glen Jones & Xray Burns  Greetings From Jersey City   Options WFMU Flexi      *   0:17:24 ()
Yo La Tengo  Let's Compromise / At the Rivers Edge   Options Here Comes My Baby EP  Bar None      0:20:15 ()
Post-Materialists  Transformation   Options Love  Eggy Tapes    *   0:25:36 ()
Konx-Om-Pax  Zang-Tumb   Options Regional Surrealism  Planet Mu    *   0:34:05 ()
Mark Feehan  Sonnabend   Options MF  Siltbreeze    *   0:35:54 ()
Null and Void  Our New Life   Options Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts)  Bunkerpop    *   0:38:33 ()
Peter Hammill  Scissors   Options Consequences  Fie!    *   0:41:32 ()
Cesaria Evora  Sangue Di Beirona   Options Radio Mindelo: Early Recordings  Lusafrica      0:47:07 ()
Conlon Nancarrow  Study For Player Piano No.5   Options Studies For Player Piano  Wergo      0:49:32 ()
Mdou Moctar  Anar   Options 7"  Sahel Sounds    *   0:51:38 ()
Slug Guts  Order of Death   Options Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat  Sacred Bones    *   1:04:27 ()
Sonskull  Stripped Screw Dan's Dream   Options Wiped Clean  Perrenial    *   1:07:41 ()
Chook Race  Medicine   Options 7"  No Label    *   1:09:59 ()
Redd Kross  Stay Away From Downtown   Options Researching the Blues  Merge    *   1:11:25 ()
Home Blitz  In Every Window   Options Frozen Track  Mexican Summer    *   1:15:03 ()
Steve Miller Band  Abracadabra (live)   Options         1:16:31 ()
Keiji Haino/Coil  Suzie Q   Options Tokyo 9/28/03        1:20:51 ()
Michael Yonkers Band  Microminiature Love   Options Microminiature Love  DeStijl      1:27:42 ()
Tommy Bolin  Post Toastee   Options Private Eyes        1:31:28 ()
KHJ bumpers            1:42:17 ()
Evening Meetings  Hello Mr. Evening   Options 7"  Dirty Knobby    *   1:42:35 ()
Woolen Men  Ambivalence   Options Summer 2012 Tour tape (w/Lame Drivers)  No Label  Pin Group cover  *   1:47:52 ()
Egg, Eggs  Few Cops Furthering   Options The Cleansing Power of Fruit  Feeding Tube    *   1:57:02 ()
The Doors Project            2:05:55 ()
Pseudocode  Sad Song   Options Slaughter In a Tiny Place  Sub Rosa    *   2:05:45 ()
YOU  Exit Exit Exit   Options Various: Something Cold  Something Cold    ***   2:14:20 ()
Sutekh Hexen  Behind the Throne Part II   Options Behind the Throne  Magic Bullet  coming up live on My Castle of Quiet 9/4  *   2:20:15 ()
Conrad Schnitzler  Excerpt   Options Live 72  Further    *   2:27:04 ()
Trevor Wishart  Fanfare and Contrapunctus   Options Fanfare and Contrapunctus  Pan      2:33:08 ()
Klara Lewis  49th Hour   Options EP  No Label    *   2:37:58 ()
Malka Spiegel  Dream Time   Options Every Day Is Like the First Day  Swim~    *   2:44:39 ()
John Cage  26'55.988" for 2 Pianists & a String Player   Options Shock Vol. 2  EM  David Tudor, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Kenji Kobayashi, Yoko Ono, 1961  *   2:52:30 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 8/28/12 3:03pm DCE:

whoooooaaaaaa there Brian
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:03pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 8/28/12 3:03pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 8/28/12 3:03pm DCE:

sorry CP!
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:05pm chaddy j:

  Tue. 8/28/12 3:05pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 8/28/12 3:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Rather psychey-delic start to the show today.
Hi BT, everyone!
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:07pm Egdip:

Is that Adrian Belew on guitar Brian?
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:07pm kat330:

Just a pop-in to comment how *fine* that Orient Express "For a Moment" was! Really nice.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:08pm kat330:

Now back to listening only. Hi/bye, BT, Matt and all!
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:09pm kat330:

Oh, wait, is that Pidge asking about Weleb? :)
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:10pm Egdip:

  Tue. 8/28/12 3:11pm kat330:

KO, eyB then.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:11pm Egdip:

  Tue. 8/28/12 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Holadios, kat!
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:14pm Sofrokā„¢:

This MNDLSBLSTNG track has a reflective, relaxing quality.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:14pm northguineahills:

looks for moar volume....
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Now the heavy shit hits the turntable!

M.N.D.L.S.B.L.S.T.N.G.?? Wonder if there's any meaning behind THAT?
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:15pm DCE:

boy is that punishing
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:17pm Lutz:

I thought it was mindblasting, like sandblasting, but I'm wrong. It just doesn't wash under closer scrutiny.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Lenny & the Squigtones!
Is this actually Lenny & Squiggy performing this?
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:19pm mark vt:

For some reason I donned my new class of 73 wfmu swag shirt today instead of the BT T shirt on a tuesday.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:22pm Flexi:

EVA TONE forever!
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Jonesy & X.Ray! Our own awesome pair!
But if this is new, why does it sound like a flexi-disc run over by a steamroller?
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:22pm Mike East:

whoa - I was just listening to an archive of last Sunday's Glen Jones Radio Programme and checked out the playlist so far...I think the universe is telling me I should be listening to BT right now.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:23pm Flexi:

Built-In grit, Matt. Why wait for time's ravages.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:26pm Shred Skelton:

Ira's no Yngwie, but he has heart.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:27pm mark vt:

yes. the universe is lining up just about ok right now. I knew it.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:28pm Mike East:

..also, someone from Talking Heads is in the room next to me...I won't say who. The synchronicities keep piling up!!!
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@Flexi: Added effect of "there is no date of creation, it's always just been *there*!"
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:29pm mark vt:

I would hope it is David Byrne and he is making music out of the building.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: If you play this track backwards, it says: "Listen to B Teeeeee..." over and over.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:31pm hubba:

I need some sonic detritus salvation... feeling anxious in the world of big, clumsy ideas
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:35pm mark vt:

I have been watching some old shows from the late 40's and early fifties. Why did they say "say" so much back then. As in "say, mister" or "say, what are you crazy!"
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:40pm paula pc:

wondrous show so far, Brian
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:41pm mark vt:

And they also said yes a lot in those commercials built right into the shows. "Yes, it's this that is so good, yes. Say, haven't you tried to say say today, yes. Mothers agree, yes, say."
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mark: "Say fella, I gotta show, see?"
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:43pm mark vt:

yah, see, yeah? that was in the 20's
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:46pm Blade-o:

I was alwaus anxious to dismiss Hamill, because the utterance of his name reminded me of Dorothy Hammill and an ill-executed Flying Camel (Helsinki - 76'). I see now that I was wrong. This is good stuff.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:48pm mark vt:

Yeah, yes, see! Say mister. Mothers agree.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:50pm paula pc:

oh, cesaria evora sounds so young here!! amazing how deep her voice got (just as beautiful)
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:50pm mark vt:

Pub d hub on roku has tons of these old shows. So fun to watch.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:51pm Chester Fields:

Say, Brian. This music is the bees knees. We're all smoking cigarettes over hear and pulling our pants up to our ribcages.
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:55pm mark vt:

Which knee? The right..here it comes ladies and gents, the left..bata boom, the high, or the wee knee? Say! (painful sounding hack lung cough added here).
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:55pm paula pc:

now THIS is some splendid Autotune
  Tue. 8/28/12 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@paula: Agree!--as long as I'm not trying to understand the language, it actually works very well!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:02pm Carmichael:

Hiya BT, hey there peoples.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:06pm emmagineering:

lots of notable centarians this year, john cage, nancarrow, and alan turing to name but a few
Avatar Tue. 8/28/12 4:06pm BT:

Hey everybody. Thanks for dialin in, hangin on.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:09pm O.T.:

Brian, quell the rumors. Is Ted Turner your uncle?
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:10pm tim from champaign:

I caught a performance of Nancarrow's pieces about 7 years ago as part of a keyboard festival. 2 phd students studying Nancarrow worked with a programmer in order for a modern player piano to play NC's scores. It was jaw dropping to see the flurry of keys on the keyboard.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:12pm Greg in Trenton:

Ironic, Tim. I just pounded a Dairy Queen McFlurry!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:18pm tim from champaign:

  Tue. 8/28/12 4:20pm Carmichael:

Now this guy's a candidate for every song at the same time.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:20pm other david:

A guy called Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly does an excellent version of this song called "Abrakebabra" - in honour of a particularly, eh, dodgy Irish fast food chain
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:22pm paula pc:

so glad this is the EXTENDED jam on this song...
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:26pm northguineahills:

Darn, I step out and miss the Nancarrow.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:28pm paula pc:

and uh hopefully this is the extended jam too...
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi OD!
Dodgy kebab fast food - wonder if that compares with Taco Bell, America's dodgy taco fast food chain.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:32pm other david:

Heh, hi Matt!

Haven't yet had the pleasure of Taco Bell - if I ever get across to the States again, I'll have to research :)

Abrakebabra has a magnetic effect on drunk people around 2AM..
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:32pm Cheri Pi:

I am so hungry! I'd eat a dodgy kabob right about now...
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:34pm joe k:

Nancarrow AND Tommy Bolin on the same program??!! You are now officially my hero.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@joe k: More importantly, Brian shows there's no reason why there shouldn't be.

@OD: 7-11 taquitos -- people will seldom if ever buy those, except when completed blitzed @2 AM!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:40pm joe k:

@Matt - I couldn't agree more! I was a college DJ 30 years ago and I used to love inserting Nancarrow pieces in the midst of all sorts of programming schemes.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

"Zohk's Coming: No Refunds"
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:42pm Matt from Springfield:

"KHJ Radio in Los Angeles, California broadcasts Spanish-language entertainment programming as La Ranchera. It was also one of America's most formidable Top 40 radio stations in the 1960s and 1970s as 93 KHJ before changing its format in 1980."
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@joe k: Scheming the schemes - I like it!

Can't quite tell what the Wonder Score elements have in common, except linking Barry Manilow-penned commercial jingles with Barry Manilow singles.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:44pm efd:

I feel like I have this jingle sampler.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

At first I thought "the Wonder Score" was like one of those 70s "How to pick up women EVERY TIME!" records of the time! :)

You can't just be like everyone else--you need BUMPERS! Like everyone else who's putting BUMPERS in between!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

  Tue. 8/28/12 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

  Tue. 8/28/12 4:46pm rubber baby buggy:

  Tue. 8/28/12 4:47pm Matt from Springfield:

This Evening Meetings mixed in is far more "energetic"! And even, "classy"!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:49pm darue:

interesting hearing that outside it's negativeland familiarity.
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:50pm paul:


  Tue. 8/28/12 4:51pm darue:

EXECUTE A perfect cut!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, didn't know Negativland mixed that in! I imagine they would use that well--I want to hear that now!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:56pm David St. Hubbins:

"Well you should see what they let STEVE MILLER do at his concert!...Oh yeah, true, it was the SINGER being put in the cage..."
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:57pm darue:

Dick Vaughn's Moribund Music of the 70's

negativeland used it on Helter Stupid, side two IIRC, "The Perfect Cut"

nothin' but a bunch of rooty toots
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@BT: Big Red commercial, upbeat Jam Productions WFMU bumper, Doobie Brothers! Post haste!
  Tue. 8/28/12 4:58pm the black pope:

i'm a human radio station, got it?
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh wow, Scott Williams was playing this recently! Too cool!

@darue: Thanks!
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:01pm BSI:

  Tue. 8/28/12 5:03pm Hugh:

Rock over London. Rock over Jersey City. (Wesley Willis)
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

This guy's like Klaus Beyer, except he's explaining English songs, in English dubbed over the track! When it's prob not his first language to begin with!
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:17pm Beerbully:

  Tue. 8/28/12 5:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Sounds From The Horror Chamber, Vol. XIII
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Conrad Schnitzler! Woohoo!
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:37pm kat330:

Sounds like someone's been eating dodgy kebabs in here.
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:38pm adam:

This should be the FMU theme song
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:38pm adam:

This should be the FMU theme song
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:38pm adam:

This should be the FMU theme song
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:45pm other david:

*looks suspiciously at Matt*
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:46pm other david:

Also - hey Kat! :)
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:47pm kat330:

Hey, OD! It could, of course, be the "Eggs, Eggs" instead, esp. without the Cleansing Power of Fruit. :)
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Man, those dodgy kebabs, they fill you with nothing but enthusiasm for BUMPERS! :)
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

"Egg, Eggs", and the Mr. Eat Candy.
Nice to meet you mystery candy....
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:54pm kat330:

Bye BT and all! Have a great week!
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Holadios again, kat!
Avatar Tue. 8/28/12 5:56pm BT:

So long everyone.
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:57pm other david:

great show BT!
  Tue. 8/28/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Until next time, Brian! Thanks for another extra-interesting show!
Have a good evening, all!
  Wed. 8/29/12 12:55pm Fish Eye:

Greedings from Moscow, Russia. And thank you for broadcasting Post-Materialists!
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