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Playlist for 02 August 2012 Options | Instrumentutionalized: The Piano

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Luciano Chessa, filmed by Terry Berlier.

Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Christian Marclay  Frederic Chopin   Options More Encores  No Man's Land / Recommended    0:00:00 ()
Starr Player Piano  demo record   Options 78      0:02:25 ()
Starry9Angel  Chopin Nocturne in F sharp Major op. 15, no. 2   Options YouTube video    video here  0:03:57 ()
Michel Petrucciani  Caraven (Herbert remix)   Options Blue Note Revisited (various artists)  Blue Note    0:07:31 ()
Lyon & Healy Empress Electric 88-Note Piano  Too Busy   Options Here's a Nickel - Play Me a Snappy Tune!  Concert Recordings    0:12:04 ()
Barbara Minkus, as Lucy  Schroeder   Options You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown  King Leo/MGM    0:14:30 ()
Hoagy Carmichael  The Old Music Master   Options Ole Buttermilk Sky  MCA    0:17:25 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tom Recchion 
Free of Ice   Options Chaotica  Birdman 
0:19:38 ()
Ferrante & Teicher  Blue Skies   Options Dynamic Twin Pianos  United Artists    0:24:18 ()
Chitose Okashiro (with J.Y. Song)  Tong Poo (for four hands)   Options Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works  ProPiano    0:26:19 ()
Scavenger Quartet  Lucy's Piano   Options Whistling for Leftovers  Snowdonia    0:31:15 ()
Beth Sorrentino  Such a Beautiful Day   Options Nine Songs, One Story    free download; buy it here  0:34:34 ()
Moondog  I'm Just a Hop Head   Options H'art Songs      0:38:40 ()
Duke Ellington  Who Knows?   Options Piano Reflections  Capitol    0:41:29 ()
Al Jazzbo Collins  Little Red Riding Hood   Options Steve Allen's Grimm Fairy Tales for Hip Kids  Brunswick    0:43:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tom Recchion 
Out of the Dunes   Options Chaotica  Birdman 
0:47:11 ()
DJ Matsuoka  Piano Objective   Options Excellent Bird 12-inch single  Compost    0:51:14 ()
Apes of God  How to Pick Up Girls, part 1   Options How to Pick Up Girls!  Oracular Laboratory    0:54:29 ()
Liz Phair  Canary   Options Exile in Guyville  Matador    1:00:46 ()
Chick Corea  Song for Sally   Options Piano Improvisations Vol. 1  ECM/Polydor    1:04:05 ()
unknown  Blue Skies   Options John Oswald: Mystery Tapes      1:07:30 ()
Vince Guaraldi Trio  Linus and Lucy   Options A Charlie Brown Christmas  Fantasy    1:10:24 ()
R. Stevie Moore  Explanation of Artist   Options Phonography      1:13:14 ()
R. Stevie Moore  Goodbye Piano   Options Phonography  Flamingo; Sundazed, Recommended 
(from the video)
1:13:43 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tom Recchion 
Doomed Ships   Options Chaotica  Birdman    1:16:39 ()
David Boeddinghaus  A Real Slow Drag (Scott Joplin)   Options Crumb (soundtrack)  Ryko    1:21:07 ()
Bob and Ray  Concerto of Life   Options radio broadcast      1:24:47 ()
Maurice Ravel  Toccata, from Le Tombeau de Couperin   Options Masters of the Roll, vol. 8: Piano Music of Ravel  James Stewart Music    1:28:51 ()
Eve Beglarian  Landscaping for Privacy   Options Tell the Birds  New World  text: Linda Norton  1:32:47 ()
Thelonious Monk  Rhythm-a-Ning   Options Criss Cross  Columbia    1:39:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tom Recchion 
Is It A Baldwin?   Options Chaotica  Birdman 
1:43:39 ()
Cy Marshall  Remember Veix   Options Soundtracks    here  1:46:28 ()
Tom Waits  The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)   Options Small Change  Asylum    1:49:42 ()
Ernie Kovacs  Happy Birthday to a Book Worm   Options Percy Dovetonsils... thpeaks  Omnivore  info  1:53:05 ()
Blossom Dearie  Some Other Time   Options Sings Comden and Green  Verve    1:55:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
Richard Povall 
From an Unknown Fragment   Options Impossible Rags  Frog Peak Music 
1:59:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/2/12 11:18am Vicki:

Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 11:24am charlie:

and the show will have no overlap from this show I did for Radio Boredcast: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 11:24am charlie:

hi vicki!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 8/2/12 11:25am Vicki:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 8/2/12 11:26am Vicki:

so many pianos, so many time signatures
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 11:27am charlie:

i should play all the pieces at once and see who finishes first and award a medal...
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:28am doyle dean:

Hi, bye. A little 'un on the way home from dance camp....we'll tune in and do a few pas de deux or somesuch. (my guess is it'll be a someSUCK if I'm involved)
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 11:32am charlie:

have fun at dance camp, doyle! oh, the (f)utility...
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:41am kat330:

Hello, Charlie! I'm busy grating cabbage for cole slaw. Likely less on my keyboard here but listening raptly to your keyboards today.
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:44am gary mitchell:

oboy, my favorite instrument
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:44am ?:

happy thursday, folks! good day, charlie!
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:49am Michael:

hey now charlie, hey now everyone. Patiently waiting....
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 11:51am charlie:

well hey there kat, gary, ? and michael...
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:52am kat330:

Will the mystery guest please come from behind the curtain?!
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 11:57am charlie:

patiently waiting...
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 11:57am charlie:

busy eating fruit salad, yogurt and nuts
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:59am kat330:

I'm beginning to question the existence of ?
  Thu. 8/2/12 11:59am Mr. Tough:

Put that spoon down and play music!
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:03pm northguineahills:

I love this Marclay album. The Serge Gainesbourg and Zorn pieces are nice.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:03pm gary mitchell:

the most appealing attributes..
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 12:07pm charlie:

I love hearing Chopin played by amateur pianists....
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:10pm northguineahills:

After Faye's set earlier, it's starting to look like piano day at WFMU.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:10pm listener james from westwood:

that's odd; i came thru as a question mark. i will now cry 96 tears. howdy again, all!
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:13pm Anchovy Paste:

This has got me all keyed up.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:15pm Doug S.:

Just arrived! Is that a photo of Frederic choppin'?
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:17pm listener james from westwood:

^^^ thread winner
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 12:17pm charlie:

That's Georges Sand...
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:25pm kat330:

@LJfW: I no longer doubt your existence. :)
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:27pm kat330:

Just finished my busy grating a whole cabbage and escaped with on the minor mishap of nicked thumb knuckle. Better than usual. Now off to make / eat some luncheon.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:29pm Ricardo Montalban:

Am I crazy, or is this a song that was done by YMO?
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:30pm Ricardo Montalban:

Oh, duh. I just read the album title. I guess I AM crazy, as well.
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 12:31pm charlie:

i believe you are right, ricardo, it's by ryuichi sakamoto
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:31pm Dervish:

Loved your sub show for Tony, Ricardo.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:31pm Katya Oddio:

Fun theme, Charlie!
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:31pm ndbob:

Heya Charlie and everyone!
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:31pm still b/p:

Will 88th comment win a prize today?
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:32pm ndbob:

In Baltimore for a few weeks... @Gary - I will email you re a time to get together
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:32pm Ricardo Montalban:

Has anyone ever broke down Ferrante and Teicher's discography as to where their cool and weird records are and where their insipidly commercial albums are?
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 12:33pm charlie:

and an overdue hello to NGH, James, Dervish, Katya, Bob and still b/p (lol, btw)
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:33pm kat330:

@s b/p: Dunno, but be comment #86 and you're outta here.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:35pm gary mitchell:

the Ferrante and Teicher LPs on Westminster are a gas... after that, it's hit and/or miss
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:37pm Katya Oddio:

Alright! Comfort Stand Recordings representin'!
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:38pm jan:

just got back to my computer and domestic sound system. Much better than iphone to hear this great music.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:38pm kat330:

So nice to hear autumn, the cat. :)
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:41pm Ricardo Montalban:

@gary mitchell; Thanks! You can't hardly go through thrift store bins without seeing a half dozen F&T albums.
They DO have one really weird Christmas LP, which I have. I'll have to see what label it's on. I generally loathe Xmas albums, but this one's really strange. Prepared piano, etc.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:42pm Katya Oddio:

Two consecutive songs for me tied to Irwin. We once traveled upstate New York hunting for the ghost of Moondog.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:44pm Katya Oddio:

Beth also shared "Such a Beautiful Day" (produced by Irwin Chusid) on the free netlabel Comfort Stand Recordings.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:47pm Holly in NC:

@Ricardo: Why yes! http://www.spaceagepop.com/ferrante.htm

And you can dl 'Soundblast' from my never-updated blog here: http://hollisterbanister.blogspot.com/2011/05/ferrante-teicher-soundblast-sound-of.html -
which includes links to other F&T goodness.

Best trivia ever - F&T used to practice at Steven Tyler's (Aerosmith) Grandma's Boston apartment!

Oh, and hi Charlie & everyone. I'm eating yogurt too :-)
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:47pm kat330:

Thanks, Katya!
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:50pm Ricardo Montalban:

@ Holly: Muchas gracias!
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:52pm kat330:

Just for today, it should be GTPR, eh?
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 12:53pm charlie:

Hi Holly! Thanks for the links and you too Katya.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:58pm listener james from westwood:

gotta jet out for the moment; will try to grab the tail end of this tiger of a show!
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 12:58pm charlie:

:) kat330
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:58pm Katya Oddio:

Still wish he would turn his site Space Age Pop Music (spaceagepop.com) into a book.
  Thu. 8/2/12 12:59pm Laura L:

Andy Breck-manish!
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:00pm Katya Oddio:

"How To Pick Up Girls" or is it "How To Get Beat Up By Girls"?
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:01pm gary mitchell:

breckman's lines have succeeded twice for him so far
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:02pm still b/p:

Alex plays the audio angle mo' better:
"What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you got little save pitiful, portable picnic players. Come with uncle and hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited."
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 1:03pm charlie:

you mean his two marriages, gary?
hi Laura!
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:05pm Ike:

Oh wow, thank God(dess) that the pick-up line record is over. Whew.
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:05pm kat330:

Unphair, maybe, but personally one of my bêtes noires...
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:06pm gary mitchell:

yeah.. the man has a million lines, he's fmu's comic laureate
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:12pm Katya Oddio:

His Ed Wynn vocal quality makes him funny to me
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:13pm Katya Oddio:

Such a classic from the Vince Guaraldi Trio! Yay! Thanks, Charlie.
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:13pm kat330:

"Für Elise" for the modern era: simplicity = elegance.
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:31pm Rachmaninoff:

Wonder if I'll get to Rach your world today?
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 1:33pm charlie:

No doubt, Rach-y
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:41pm gary mitchell:

monk.. how appropriate
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:51pm Rachmaninoff:

My Prelude in G Minor is one for listeners to look up. Whatevs.
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:54pm Laura L:

I love Mr. Dovetonsils, thank you, Charlie.
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:56pm gary mitchell:

man, i love this lady
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:57pm kat330:

Today's BDN, how do I love thee? Let me recount the 88 ways....
Booya, Charlie! Thanks and so long everyone!
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 1:57pm charlie:

Blossom Dearie singing Comden-Green-Bernstein = the Rachmaninoff of the show tune world?
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:57pm Holly in NC:

Love Blossom.
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 1:57pm charlie:

me too, mr mitchell
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 1:58pm charlie:

Hey y'all -- thanks for turning the pages for me today! See you next time.
  Thu. 8/2/12 1:59pm Michael:

And I love Ms. Dearie. Thanks for the ivory memories charlie. Great stuff.
  Thu. 8/2/12 2:00pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie - I'll catch the part I missed on the archive
  Thu. 8/2/12 2:00pm Katya Oddio:

Fans of Blossom Dearie, you might enjoy Monica's tribute show in the archives.
  Thu. 8/2/12 2:02pm gary mitchell:

thanks katya
  Thu. 8/2/12 2:02pm Katya Oddio:

Here's a fun album of ragtime player piano performances from the Free Music Archive and Kazoomzoom.
  Thu. 8/2/12 2:03pm Katya Oddio:

AND selections from some toy piano albums

Wonderful show, Charlie! Thanks!
Avatar Thu. 8/2/12 2:04pm charlie:

Thanks everybody, see ya!
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