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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options July 19, 2012: Sudden FAilure! R.I.P. Ilhan Mimaroglu

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Freddie Hubbard  Sing Me A Song of Songmy pt.1   Options Sing Me A Song of Songmy  0:15:11 ()
Jean Dubuffet  Humeur Incertaine   Options Musical Experiences  0:25:18 ()
İlhan Mimaroğlu  tract: a composition of agitprop music for electromagnetic tape pt. I   Options Agitation  0:40:19 ()
İlhan Mimaroğlu  Wings of the Delirious Demon pt.1   Options Criminal Record  0:48:05 ()
İlhan Mimaroğlu / Jean Dubuffet   Bal Des Leurres   Options Music For Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar  0:54:35 ()
İlhan Mimaroğlu / Jean Dubuffet   Swift Feet   Options Music For Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar  0:55:00 ()
İlhan Mimaroğlu / Jean Dubuffet   Reflections   Options Music For Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar  0:58:02 ()
Kluster  Klopfzeichen pt.2   Options Klopfzeichen  1:20:48 ()
Conrad Schnitzler  Meditation [excerpt]   Options ROT  1:32:16 ()
Alexander Ross  Grandfather Paradox (excerpt)   Options Grandfather Paradox  1:48:42 ()
S*  1999   Options 1981/1999  1:55:02 ()
Zbigniew Karkowski  Nerve cell_0 for Cello and Computer (excerpt)   Options Nerve cell_0 for Cello and Computer  2:09:19 ()
Horders  Destiny   Options Fimbulvetr  2:15:52 ()
Zbigniew Karkowski  Nerve cell_0 for Cello and Computer (excerpt)   Options Nerve cell_0 for Cello and Computer  2:16:14 ()
Brotzmann/Miller/Moholo  the Nearer the Bone, the sweeter the Meat   Options the Nearer the Bone, the sweeter the Meat  2:23:10 ()
N.A.D.M.A.  Homage to Amilcar Cabral   Options Uno Zingaro di Atlante con un Fiore a New York  2:35:31 ()
Eli Keszler  Cold Pin 3 (Ensemble)   Options Catching Net  2:48:16 ()
Fritz Welch  Shy, Shy   Options Gobi Wow  2:48:51 ()
ekkehard Ehlers & Paul Wirkus  Ziemia   Options Ballads  2:53:41 ()
Kitty Wells  Making Believe   Options Country Classics  2:54:10 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/19/12 3:19pm DCE:

good afternoon, sir Fab.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:19pm Honey Water:

Hi, Fabio! Are you going to whip up a storm of tropical sounds for us today?
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:20pm Cecile:

this is Freddy Hubbard? This is as weird as hell.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:21pm Rodney:

Yeah, I had no idea Freddy Hubbard had an experimental phase like this.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:21pm ERD:

Should've figured some Mimaroglu would be played. Thanks.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:22pm Coffee Cola:

HAR HAR HAR, good one Honey Water!
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:23pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Fabio and all the listeners.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:23pm Mr. P:

Play that one. You know, the good one.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:23pm nyoukis:

Mimaroglu... his sound was/is vital,, that Turk had an ear.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:23pm Honey Water:

Fabs made me wait almost 20 mins. in order to get that in early. I figure a lot of folks are making the same connection to what's happening on the left coast.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:23pm Cecile:

this makes Bob James's free jazz record look like Mantovani. cah-ray-zay
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:25pm cah-ray-zay ed-dee:

Our prices are insane!!!
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:26pm Mike East:

Hey Honey Water - tell yer man I finally watched "For a Few Dollars More" and I think it might be my favorite of the trilogy...you can tell yerself, too.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:26pm cypress hill:

insane in the membrane! insane in the brain!
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:27pm Factchecker:

"Freddie," not "Freddy."
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:28pm Honey Water:

Heh! Will do, Mike! We just received a Chilean doc called "Nostalgia for Light," heavily recommended by the good doctor, Mark Kermode, of the BBC film reviews.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:28pm cah-ray-zay ed-dee:

@ CH: Hits from da bong!
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:30pm seang:

Art Brut
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:31pm Honey Water:

@seang: Received my AB in that.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:31pm Mike East:

@HW - cool! let me know how it is
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:33pm cah-ray-zay ed-dee:

Where Art thou et tu Brute?
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:34pm hubba:

just in time for the second set... how's ya'll doing?
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:35pm sinister dexter:

thank you Fabio for the music , realy appreciate it ... greetings all from grand rapids michigan
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:37pm Honey Water:

Really? Interesting factoid, Fabio.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:37pm northguineahills:

Damn, Mimaroglu too. So many great musicians have passed lately.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:37pm Jean Dubuffet:

For a very long time I was too humble [...] and lacking in confidence and composure; and I suffered cruelly because of this, appearing in my own eyes to be nothing more than the most abject dog turd. It was only at a late stage – when in the end I had resigned myself to living like a dog turd without shame or regret and making the best of the situation – that it dawned on me that everyone else was also a dog turd.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:39pm Honey Water:

@Jean: I realized quite a while ago that everyone else is also a dog turd. But too many of those folks also aren't required to live like a dog turd.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:41pm cah-ray-zay ed-dee:

It's ok for turds, just don't step in them, or should you? I forget.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:44pm northguineahills:

Ah, this is the one Mirmaroglu LP I have.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:45pm swellsy:

Will Fabio play something in tribute to Miss Kitty Wells?
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:47pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile-you've got a rhubarb waiting for you.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:47pm A Rhubarb:

I gave up waiting for humans long, long ago.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:48pm swellsy:

Kitty had many physical failures too.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:48pm cypress hill:

thanks, lady.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:48pm Honey Water:

And their material advantage deludes them into thinking they are superior and not also dog turds. C'est la vie et la grande illusion.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:48pm swellsy:

yer welcome....
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:49pm Cecile:

anyway, what cypress hill said.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:50pm RhuPaul:

You've got a barbed remark waiting for you.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:51pm Mike East:

any rhubarb serving suggestions? I've got a bunch of it and I'm not sure what to do with it.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:51pm Honey Water:

  Thu. 7/19/12 3:51pm Carmichael:

Hey Fab, hey everyone.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:52pm Honey Water:

@Mike: People claim it makes a great pie.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:52pm Cheri Pi:

Oh a Rhubarb! Don't take any Buckeyes from anyone.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:52pm cah-ray-zay ed-dee:

rhubarb paul pie drag race!
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:54pm Honey Water:

Combined with strawberries so I've heard.
  Thu. 7/19/12 3:54pm Cecile:

I made a great peach rhubarb crisp.

  Thu. 7/19/12 3:59pm Cheri Pi:

Damn girl, that sounds delicious.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:00pm Mike East:

so basically they need to be sweetened by something is what I'm getting. hmm. thanks for the tips.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:04pm northguineahills:

Mimaroglu retired from Columbia once they outlawed smoking indoors on campus.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:06pm Carmichael:

True artists need constant and unfettered access to nicotine.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:06pm Jean Dubuffet:

Who wants to go --
drivin'...with Jean.......
drivin'....with Jean......

  Thu. 7/19/12 4:06pm Cheri Pi:

What a badass / or an idiot. I admire that, though I only smoke at bars.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:07pm dc pat:

[..I'm dying of boredom here at work....I'm going to slip the fuck outta here at 4:30...]
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:08pm Cecile:

I cut back on the sugar by a quarter and it was even good.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:10pm Cecile:

is it really my swag? I doubt it.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:10pm Andrew Waterloo:

Strawberry Rhubarb crisps are really good too
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:10pm dc pat:

if I smoke one fuckin cigarette, I get a headache the next day.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:11pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hello Fabio! listeners!
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:11pm still b/p:

Lotta things could use sugar shrinkage. Toll house cookies with half the recipe-spec sugar are still so gooooooooood.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:12pm Cheri Pi:

I'm trying to quit, I average 2 cigarettes per drink. I never want to smoke unless there;s alcohol (it's conditioning)
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:12pm dc pat:

I've had fucking amazing strawberry rhubarb pie but ultimately I don't get rhubarb. I understand it's a perennial so it's got that going for it but what else can you do with it?
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:12pm Cecile:

andrew, ITA. I just found that on the internets because I had frozen peaches and no berries. I think the next one is going to be strawberry/peach/rhubarb.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:12pm Honey Water:

I found I had so much more time available after I quit cigs in '97. A real time consumer that one doesn't suspect.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:13pm Marmalade Kitty:

  Thu. 7/19/12 4:14pm dc pat:

hey what the? Am I banned? I was just trying to be funny. You can't ban me. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:14pm Mary Wing:

Fabio, William Berger's show is on TONIGHT at midnight, not tomorrow!
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:14pm Honey Water:

I found I had so much more time available to me when I quit smoking in '97. An unsuspected time consumer those little coffin nails.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:15pm Honey Water:

Comments not working?
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:16pm Swellsy:

Fabs, I understand if you don't want to play Kitty, many other DJs will, and your musical houseboat is positively preening today--awesome.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:16pm Honey Water:

WOW! I tried writing immediately upon reading dc pat @ 4:10 -- wouldn't post it, so rewrote it. The it shows up 4 mins. later. Weird. Guess it was a major traffic jam.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:16pm dc pat:

oops, guess I'm not banned....never mind...
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:17pm Honey Water:

Pat, things are behaving mighty strangely. Kenzo to the rescue?
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:18pm still b/p:

Comment flow balky and then bursty....wave-like.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:19pm dc pat:

I don't partake anymore. never really was a smoker. Now BEER, that's a whole other story...
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:19pm Cecile:

you can make chutney with it, a sweet tart kind of sauce for pork, but mostly it's for dessert. It's also quite nasty if you don't cook it.

I think you can make an herbal tea from the roots for gastric distress, but be careful. Don't take it for more than 8 days, and DO NOT DRINK IT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT. (it's an active ingredient in some old school um, inducing labor remedies)
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:20pm dc pat:

speaking of beer, I had 3 fuckin beers last night and I felt like crap this morning. 3! What the hell? Well they were pounders...and 9% alcohol, but still.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:20pm Cecile:

that's your answer right there, dcp. It's like drinking wine...
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:21pm Carmichael:

I have many vices, but smoking has never been one of them.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:21pm Cecile:

same here Carm, except for a brief fling with the chiba back in the day.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:22pm dc pat:

yeah, but I don't usually have any problems with that. I think it was the hops that everybody loads into beer these days.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Rhubarb also makes a great jam. Especially with some strawberries mixed in.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:23pm Cecile:

that could be. Especially if you have problems with ragweed and whatnot.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:24pm Carmichael:

I recently had two glasses of a honey peach cider that tasted like mead and was 9.5%. Followed by an IPA. I could barely walk to my car. I guess my tolerance has left me in my old age.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:24pm Honey Water:

Kluster: Describes how email is appearing today.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:24pm dc pat:

I swear, if I had a hammer, I'd start hitting myself in the head I'm so GODDAM BORED!! DAMN YOU PRODUCTIVE LIFE!!!
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:24pm Cheri Pi:

DCP I've been enjoying (to my great suprise) the Leinenkuegel [sp] seasonal summer shandy, it's 4.2 percent alcohol. I really wanted something hoppy last night but did not want to wake up with a headache. it paid off.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:25pm Cecile:

I love me some summer shandy.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:26pm Carmichael:

@Cecile: "Chiba" means something different in CA than it does back east, I think. But I know what you mean, as I did the same thing.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:26pm still b/p:

Smoked a while at:
Age 10
Age 13
Age 17 to 23
Forever grateful that I didn't have the heaviest habit that's so hard to quit. Seen it so hard for other folks.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:26pm dc pat:

Carm: that's the other thing (age) but didn't want to say it..

Good to know Cheri, think I'll keep the content lower from now on...
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:28pm northguineahills:

I quit smoking tobacco when I was 22. Didn't touch it for four years. Now I average 2-3 cigarettes/month.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:28pm Folksong Leader:


If I had a hammer I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening
I'd hammer my head open
Because I'm so fucking bored!
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:28pm Cheri Pi:

If I smoke dank it'll send me right to the mental hospital, though I could tolerate it as a younger snack-cake.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:29pm Honey Water:

@s/bp: OTOH, it took you three times to quit for good! :) I didn't even start until I was almost 30. I had a first serious quit in '90, but stupidly resumed after a bad breakup. Then the '97 quit worked.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:29pm dc pat:

  Thu. 7/19/12 4:29pm Cecile:

carm, if we're talking about herbal essences, we're on the same page.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:30pm Cecile:

bye, dcp!
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:33pm Carmichael:

See ya Pat. Cecile, chiba refers to heroin out here. I'm certain you didn't have a brief fling with THAT.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:35pm DCE:

god let's hope not!
anyway I started smoking at 8 when I found a pack of Kool Menthols lying in the street, unattended. Quit by 22.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:36pm Andrew Waterloo:

On rhubarb I was going to say that it makes a nice snack just dipped in white sugar
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:37pm still b/p:

A former girlfriend smoked some 20 years, quit when she had kids and for about ten years, then was driven back by stress five years ago and still hasn't re-kicked it. It's a turrible hold it gits. The going out to smoke is its own little social circle/scene, too.

Back in the indoor days --
Common late-night scene with roommates in college after medium-to-heavy beer intake: "The $5 bet we made about quitting...that's off for tonight...right...?"
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:37pm Cecile:

oh, hell no. not with that.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:37pm Honey Water:

@DCE: Ooh, your cig pack story reminds me of the Breaking Bad ep we last saw. Just one to go to finish the 4th season.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:38pm DCE:

what, the little kids found meth lying around in the streets while riding bikes?
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:39pm Honey Water:

Nah, far worse than that. No spoilers will come from these fingertips.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:44pm Cheri Pi:

I feel like throwing buckeyes!
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:46pm Cecile:

I will obey Fabio. I will synch my digivices to your will.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:47pm still b/p:

I'm not gonna confess my main digi-vice.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:47pm kata:

OK, what ? Raymond Scott doc? fucking awesome !
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:50pm Cecile:

yeah, kata, that sounds like a winner.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:51pm Honey Water:

Fabio, recently saw a news bit about an aluminum record added to the national archives.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:52pm nyoukis:

this tape blows my mind, all hail Jan for the reissue, something i always wanted to do,, check out Bananafish #10 for some of Ross's fiction writing, aswell as reading on the CD, and some sweet eye candy drawings,, talk about multi-faceted assholes....
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:55pm Honey Water:

Hey, Mike East! Just remembered to ask you: Did you ever get email/text from that SSD ECL dingus?
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:56pm Philo Gristle:

@Mike East @3:26: Mike, glad to hear it! Hard to call favorites, love 'em all, but both FAFDM & TGTBTU are a smidgen above the first one in my humble estimation.
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:58pm Honey Water:

(Hunaja, we're coming at Mike from the East and the west. ;)
  Thu. 7/19/12 4:59pm Philo Gristle:

Oh, and curious to note Jean Dubuffet making an appearance... we published a collection of Charles Willeford's stories and poems sometime back and included a piece called "Jean Dubuffet Was Here." I'd never heard of him before, and rarely after.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:06pm Mike East:

@HW - no SSD email, but I never got around to emailing Nick yesterday.

@PG - I'll agree with that estimation
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:07pm Honey Water:

@Mike: Well, I made an LD call to sign up AND sent an email follow-up. Nada. Zero. Zilch. And not even an explanation note as to why. You're the first I saw from last eve's playlist today to ask.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:22pm kata:

yeah, bring on the eerie vibes !!
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:22pm Mike East:

Expect nothing from SSD and you won't be disappointed :)
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:23pm Cecile:

well, i'm following pat's leave and going.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:25pm Swellsy:

I want more rhubarb comments. Why do I read this sh*t?
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:29pm Honey Water:

@Mike: Yeah, guess that should be the 7SD/SSD motto. :) OTOH, I absolutely never expected a b'day shout-out on the show -- that was a true shocker! -- and I can only suspect the extraordinary persuasive skills of Philo accomplished that event.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

20 minutes with no comments! :0

I'd better add something to the mix! Hello everyone!
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@HW, Mike: Nope, no emails from the 7SD ECL for me either. I called Nick and gave an email, maybe I'll reply back to him to see. Or, maybe this is just another radio stunt gone bad-slash-never intended to go good to begin with! :)
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:54pm Honey Water:

Matt, I wrote Nick this morning and asked if he would simply shoot out a brief explanation of the problem, and still not a word in reply. Weird that. I thought perhaps they scrapped the idea because Andy was adamant about his number not being spread around, but then why not send an email out to let us know that?!
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:55pm Honey Water:

Oh, and HI! btw. :)
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:55pm Honey Water:

Well, wouldn't call this afternoon's aural confluence a tropical storm, but it had many high points. Thanks, Fabio! Hope you'll stick around for some Pidge time, too.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Kitty Wells tribute! Unexpected from Fabio, thanks man.
RIP Kitty.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:57pm hamburger:

hmm just got some dust in my eye
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:57pm Honey Water:

Someone dared him to play Ms. Wells.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:57pm coelacanth:

Hi Fabio.Bye Fabio. Excellent show,again.Thanks.
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi HW!
Fab's nightmare: Clay's tape doesn't work out the outset, and Clay begs for him to stay and talk! For TWO hours tonight--Dusty Double Dose! :)
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:58pm Honey Water:

I'll settle for just the first hour, or some portion of it. :)
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:58pm Marmalade Kitty:

Great show Fabio!
  Thu. 7/19/12 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Well hey hey Marmalade! ;)
  Thu. 7/19/12 6:01pm Honey Water:

Do they make rhubarb marmalade over there?
  Thu. 7/19/12 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

"Never Ending Story", Fab!
  Thu. 7/19/12 6:02pm ASB:

The singer of Duran Duran is Eckankar. DING DING DING
  Thu. 7/19/12 6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Heaven 17! From, of course, CO's "The Heaven Seventeen" band!
  Thu. 7/19/12 6:03pm ASB:

  Tue. 7/31/12 7:57pm fritz welch:

correction: "Shy Shy" is by FvRTvR not Fritz Welch. FvRTvR is Guido Hennebohl and yours truely
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