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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options July 12, 2012: Unicorns Explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/12/12 7:01pm Lana Del Rey:

Night People!
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:06pm Dan B From Upstate:

Dave cutting out sounds like a Bill Cosby bit.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:07pm Peter doubt:

who are these dudes? When will they be given a 3 hour slot?
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:08pm Bklyn:

Be nice, they're awesome
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:08pm Dan B From Upstate:

Find out, Peter Doubt! http://www.deathclock.com/
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:10pm max:

I <3 Night People!
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:11pm Cliff:

Can we talk about bronies? Bronies anger me.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:11pm Flambulaz:

I would call this show a quagmire.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:12pm Flambulaz:

Bronies piss me off.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:12pm Marmalade Kitty:

no bank bail outs in "Monopoly"
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:13pm Flambulaz:

That's right, in Monoply, when you're bankrupt, there is no helping hand to reach out and touch your soul.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:13pm Flambulaz:

There is no one there to comfort you in Monopoly.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:14pm Flambulaz:

This show strikes me as something that goes on and on and on....kind of like a quagmire.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:15pm Flambulaz:

My interest level in this show is rising.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:15pm Flambulaz:

This show is better than The Dusty Show.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:18pm Cliff:

Nah, you're thinking of cat owners.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:19pm Flambulaz:

Cat owners animals don't sit around yapping at nothing for hours on end, the way that ASSHOLE DOG OWNERS do with their poor animals.

Dog owners make me angry.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:19pm Let's:

talk about dogs. have you ever seen a dog andy? why yes i have .
and on and on and then it's 8 pm . again .
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:19pm Marmalade Kitty:

talking shit is fun! :D
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:19pm Caryn:

@Cliff: cat owners may be crazy in other ways, but they certainly don't "need an animal to worship them", since no cat has ever worshipped its owner.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:19pm Flambulaz:

Actually, the show is getting better the more you deviate from whatever dumbass idea you originally had.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:20pm Cliff:

Caryn, except when it's dinner time :)
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:20pm *bklyn:

I missed a dinner party for this
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:20pm Flambulaz:

Oh great, let's review the entire Monopoly board. Great radio idea!
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:20pm Caryn:

What is depressing is the fact that they're making a Monopoly movie...
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:21pm seang:

Hello Finland!
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:21pm Alicia Renee:

Clearly the advantage of typewriter corn-on-the-cob eating is sheer entertainment (i.e. emulating a cartoon).
But generally only advised for one cob (& that uni-corn could be of any color, albeit likely yellow.).
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:21pm Dan B From Upstate:

Just visiting!
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:22pm Caryn:

@Cliff: oh please, have you seen cats at dinner time? Certainly they are very attentive and won't take their eyes off the person about to give them food, but there's no worship or adulation there. It's more "I gotta keep an eye on you so you don't f this up, moron".
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:22pm Some Where:

  Thu. 7/12/12 7:23pm Flambulaz:

Let's ask more question about unicorns.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:23pm Dan B From Upstate:

I hear unicorn blood is delicious.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:24pm Flambulaz:

Let's spend a whole hour asking questions that you could google.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:24pm Unicorn:

If you fuck with me, I shall Impale your ass!
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:25pm Caryn:

@Dan B: did Voldemort tell you that? (I have a vague notion that he killed a unicorn to suck its blood at some point, though I could be completely wrong...)
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:26pm Dan B From Upstate:

This is true, Caryn.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:26pm Unicorn:

..or tear you a new ass hole! You like?
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:26pm Flambulaz:

Oh yeah, harry potter movies are really awesome too. I love to take my Prozac after having an abortion and watch freemason satanist harry potter crap.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:27pm Flambulaz:

harry Potter and Spiderman - great way for adults to spend their time.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:27pm Dan B From Upstate:

My sad Harry Potter nerdery knows that the death eaters wanted the unicorn blood to make voldemort live forever.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:28pm Asanarama:

In "Legend", everything goes to heck as soon as the girl touches the unicorn. That's all it took. At least that's how I remember it.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:28pm Caryn:

Well, Harry Potter references are better than references to the Ally McBeal unicorn episode...
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:28pm UNICORNS:

  Thu. 7/12/12 7:29pm Dan B From Upstate:

Little girls (emphasis on little) have the worst taste... in everything.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:29pm Flambulaz:

I'm find this show to be extremely interesting.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:29pm Caryn:

@Asanarama: true, because unicorns are so pure that no-one is supposed to touch them. The fact that she touches the unicorn is the reason the unicorn is weakened enough for the baddies to chop off its horn.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:30pm Flambulaz:

Great, unicorn talk. My favorite.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:31pm Flambulaz:

What percentage of people's cookie jars are made from ceramic composite, vs . cookie jars that are made from plastic or glass? It's a real interesting question.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:31pm WOW:

I've never thought of it that way befrore !
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:31pm Danny from the block:

Chelsea Squirrel
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:32pm Flambulaz:

She was smoking bath salts and doesn't remember the song.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:32pm Flambulaz:

This show is really captivating.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:33pm Caryn:

The horn of the unicorn can make water potable. Traditionally unicorns were either white, black or red, and were thought to live in India.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:33pm Flambulaz:

Mario Bros is a misogynist game.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:34pm Cliff:

Mario Bros. is heteronormative too, two guys having to save a princess and stuff.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:34pm Flambulaz:

How long can unicorns toenails grow before you have to trim them?
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:35pm Caryn:

There are unicorns in the Torah and Bible.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:35pm Dan B From Upstate:

Caryn, you really are a breadth of knowledge on so many subjects. I wish you would be an e on this show one of these weeks.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:36pm Flambulaz:

mario Bros should be banned because it's offensive to homosexuals. ANYTHING that is offensive to homosexuals should be banned, and anyone who engages in any potentially offensive behavior or thoughts against homosexuality should be gang-raped in public, like they did in Sodom and Gomorroah.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:36pm Pacman:

my hair bow started the transvestite video game revolution
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:36pm Flambulaz:

No, fashion is TOTAL FREEDOM, MAN.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:37pm YEAH MAN:

  Thu. 7/12/12 7:37pm Flambulaz:

Caryn, do you have a citation for where unicorns appear in the Bible?
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:38pm Dan B From Upstate:

I'd think boys are harder to market to because they're outdoor kids. Little girls (again, emphasis on little) like their indoor tea parties. Dirt is gross. Shit like that.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:38pm Flambulaz:

None of us are in prison. Even people who are really in prison. Prison is just a state of mind.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:39pm Caryn:

Interestingly, they say the royal Danish throne is said to be made of unicorn horn. In reality, it's narwhal horn. Royals also had their drinking cups made of "unicorn horn" because it was supposed to neutralise poison, and thus deter assassination attempts.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:40pm bklyn:

Stuff make people feel a certain way, girls/women want more of a range of feelings then men, it's okay.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:41pm Caryn:

@Flambulaz: The King James translation mentions unicorns 8 times. Later translations often change the translation to an ox. For instance, "But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of the unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil." (Psalms 92:10)
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:41pm bennett4senate:

take away all money
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:41pm Flambulaz:

Seriously, like what is the premise of this whole show? Just to ask great questions?
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:42pm Dan B From Upstate:

Two ideas: 1. Kill your tv 2. Never listen to a clear channel radio station.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:42pm Caryn:

Or: "His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth." (Deuteronomy 33:17)
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:44pm Alicia Renee:

make a stand (a tenacious, continual, & Verbal STAND) against labels---black them out, frown conspicuously when you see them, talk shit about them amongst yr peers etc; brag about how LITTLE you use/buy, etc...
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:45pm Flambulaz:

I have an idea why this radio show exists.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:46pm Dan B From Upstate:

I have taken part of a page from the book of Dave. I recently bought a popular "tablet" computer, I never refer to it by name.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:48pm bklyn:

I just said no to another dinner invite, I'm confused whether or not I should eat
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:49pm Dan B From Upstate:

bklyn, as long as it's not a chain restaurant, do it up.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:49pm Listener zero:

Wow, hey can somebody delete that antisemitic heap of right-wing lies and garbage by Flambulaz?
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:50pm bklyn:

Upstate, thanks
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:51pm Dan B From Upstate:

He hasn't said anything in a while. I wanna say Sandy blocked him.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:52pm bklyn:

  Thu. 7/12/12 7:55pm Dan B From Upstate:

Dave supports the ending of Fight Club.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:56pm bennett4senate:

Dave how you gonna feed your baby mama?
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:57pm Flambulaz:

NO, I just had to go take a piss. I wasn't blocked. I know how old-time leftist "free speech" advocates love censorship though. Censorship is the last refuge of a coward who knows he's wrong. Now go take your prozac and your adderall like a good boy.
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:58pm bklyn:

I have a backyard but I can afford good soil
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:58pm max:

I miss the night people/bennett4senate back 2 back line up
  Thu. 7/12/12 7:59pm bennett4senate:

me tooooooo
  Thu. 7/12/12 8:00pm Dan B From Upstate:

I miss you and Trent, Bennett!
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