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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 28, 2012: "real failure does not need an excuse. It is an end in itself"

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
CAN  Waiting for the Streetcar   Options The Lost Tapes  0:18:14 ()
CAN  True Story   Options The Lost Tapes  0:18:28 ()
CAN  Midnight Sky   Options The Lost Tapes  0:22:01 ()
CAN  Desert   Options The Lost Tapes  0:18:45 ()
CAN  Millionenspiel   Options The Lost Tapes  0:40:10 ()
Maciunas Ensemble  Easy Take   Options Music for everyman  0:45:23 ()
Full Blast & Friends  Sketches & Ballads (excerpt)   Options Sketches & Ballads  0:46:00 ()
Vibracathedral Orchestra  Minkey   Options Vibracathedral Orchestra  0:55:40 ()
El-G & Charlene Darling  Ixelles   Options Au Grand Dam du Jour  1:24:53 ()
El-G & Charlene Darling  Ça a la cave (pour et de Bakarne)   Options Au Grand Dam du Jour  1:25:53 ()
Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier  the First Forest   Options An Age of Wonder  1:39:43 ()
The Caretaker  Cloudy, Since You Went Away   Options A Stairway To The Stars  1:40:30 ()
Klara Lewis  49th Hour   Options Klara Lewis EP  1:44:31 ()
RV Paintings  As Far As We Could See   Options Samoa Highway  2:06:50 ()
Toshi Tsuchitori  Breath 5   Options Breath  2:07:44 ()
Jacques Berrocal  Parallèles   Options Parallèles  2:33:52 ()
Magic Aum Gigi  For Manuel   Options Starring Keiko  2:39:45 ()
Deuter  Babylon   Options D  2:40:01 ()
Ash Ra Tempel  Schizo   Options Starring Rosi  2:45:27 ()
Tonton macoute  les gens du Voyage   Options Mureedil  2:58:29 ()
Magazine  The Light Pours Out Of Me   Options after the fact  2:59:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/28/12 3:19pm octy:

Hearing "Mr. Giant Man" always tells me that the working week is almost over, sort of like the Ready Steady Go intro: "Your weekend starts here." Also...Fabio, have meant to say this to you for a long time- thank you for being the catalyst who made the excavation of The Garden by Silver Apples possible!
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:20pm mick and sergej:

we (dad and son) just had a good laugh at "are you waiting for the stinker".
rocking tune though.
malcom mooney is awright !!!!
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:20pm Mike East:

Thanks for the CAN!!
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:21pm Cheri Pi:

Lost Tapes-best thing to happen since ...
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:21pm duke:

Can should find some more of these lost tapes. This stuff is great.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:21pm mick without sergej:

can with malcom are superior to the can without in my book
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:24pm Cecile:

hey, all. Did Diane's show end in a brawl?
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:24pm Cheri Pi:

I like Damo a tiny titch better-my way into Can was through the Fall...
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:24pm Carmichael:

Yes we CAN!
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:24pm andymorphic:

play the whole disk!
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:25pm Cheri Pi:

Hell Yes Cecile! It was hard not to throw a few punches but most of us behaved ourselves in the face of crazy.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:27pm mick without sergej:

yes, play the whole thing !!!!
best listening experience in a while.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:27pm Cecile:

You did well. Someone had a bug up their arse.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:28pm Cecile:

anyway, all's well that ends well. I got my copy of Bat Chain Puller in the mail today. whoo hoo
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:29pm Cheri Pi:

My cat could have pointed out the logical fallacies; Dry drunk/fetal alcohol syndrome victim so I was trying to have compassion. I wish I'd get something awesome in the mail!
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:30pm BSI:

holy crap. I see I've been missing it.
...missing it no longer....
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:33pm mick without sergej:

who`s ken?
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:37pm northguineahills:

All I know is I got a hot dog w/ caviar at Diane's show.

I need full time employment to get this Can set.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:39pm mick without sergej:

cheri pi....
but just image they would have gone all the way with malcom
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:39pm Cecile:

it's cheaper than you would think. $25 for 3 discs ain't bad.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:40pm Mike East:

Any NY area folks that are interested in making some musical noise, I will be doing some musicking this evening around 6pm on 55th st. Let me know, I'll shoot you some details. We've got ALL types of amps, keyboards, percussion, etc. FX pedals...
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:40pm Cecile:

and I just ordered one...
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:40pm DCE:

that's a deal!
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:42pm fred:

I think I need this box set. I hope Bimbo Tower has it. I'd even be willing to feed the corporate monster, but I'd rather not.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:43pm johnnykevlar:

Buying music? That takes dedication.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:44pm northguineahills:

@Mike East, 6pm is a little early, but shoot the deets in case the universe folds into itself and it becomes tenable for me to attend.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:46pm BSI:

@Mike East, sounds like my kinda sandbox party. Wrong town, alas...
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:46pm fred:

@johnnykevlar: it's an investment, the way I pay a lot more to get books from an actual book store. What I get in return is advice about stuff I would have missed, and a few friendly places with passionate staff who love what they're doing
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:47pm Looms:

Hi! I totally agree with Cheri Pi, these "lost tapes" are killer.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:50pm Mike East:

@ngh- 625 W55th st. 6th floor...email me dictatoreast at gmail and I'll give you my cell...it can be hard to find the first time. I'll likely be making noise until about 8:30ish.

@BSI - bummer. time for a roadtrip.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:52pm mick without sergej:

@fred. i met the guys from bimbo tower a few months ago (at the sonic proest festival)...good folks.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:52pm fred:

I only wish Brötzmann was consistently that good live. I once saw him with Joe McPhee and that was awesome. But other times, not so much
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:54pm fred:

@mick: I was there too! I don't know when you met them, but I was there for the whole thing... Do you live in Paris?
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:55pm Cheri Pi:

I wonder if this will come out on vinyl-does anyone know? (by this I mean Lost Tapes)
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:57pm johnnykevlar:

by making noise do you mean that literally? are you looking to improvise?
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:58pm mick without sergej:

fred, no, i played there with super reverb. in reims, tours and that "small town" before paris on the sunday.
  Thu. 6/28/12 3:59pm johnnykevlar:

my question is addressed to Mike East
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:03pm Looms:

@Cheri: for what I know, these tapes were found in 2004 when the Inner Space studio was sold to the Rock'n'Pop museum (http://www.rock-popmuseum.com/)
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:05pm Mike East:

@johnnykevlar - yeah, improvise. anything goes.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:06pm Cheri Pi:

Thanks for the link Looms! What a cool place.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:06pm Mike East:

...some might call it jamming.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:07pm johnnykevlar:

I thought it was going to be like AMM ;_;
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:07pm Looms:

meant "as far as I know", sorry for my broken english.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:08pm Looms:

(once again :)
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:09pm DCE:

english was already broken when you got ahold of it, Looms!
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:10pm Looms:

words of truth :D
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:10pm Cheri Pi:

Looms, you're just improving English.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:11pm fred:

@mick: Super Reverb! That was a very nice set. Maybe a bit too long, just for the sake of nitpicking, but the first 3 quarters at least were killer. Fantastic buildup.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:12pm Looms:

I understand english much better than I type it, actually (especially when I'm busy cooking)
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:12pm hmm yess:

Turn this song back on
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:13pm Mike East:

never heard of AMM, johnnykevlar, but if Wiki is accurate- yes, I had something like that in mind.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:14pm Cecile:

"minkey" is how Inspector Clouseau used to say "monkey"
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:14pm mick without sergej:

fred, yes, you could be right.
nitpicking is right up my alley.
allthough i would say the last 3/4...just nitpicking..hehe.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:14pm fred von helsing:

we haven't heard monkey versus robot for SO long
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:14pm hmm yess:

How about some sitar-ta! ?
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:16pm johnnykevlar:

that's pretty bad ass that you can rock out in your apartment, mike. What are some of your favorite artists and albums?
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:16pm fred:

Hey FVH! Did you get what I sent?
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:18pm Sandy in Houston:

@johnnykevlar if you want to come to houston, I'm booking a fun evening of some AMM type stuff for Saturday evening. :) and we're bringing keith rowe back in October.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:19pm fred:

@Fabio: you should pronounce the 'z' in Boulez.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:20pm johnnykevlar:

Thanks sandy, I wish I could go to houston. I would probably have problems getting to manhattan from where i am even though it's two hours away ;_; what are the groups called on saturday?
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:20pm Cecile:

annie hall is a great movie.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:22pm Looms:

@Fabio: Fred's right.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:26pm fred:

It seems that Stockhausen is also a sandwich brand in Germany
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:26pm Sandy in Houston:

none of the groups have names, I'm just inviting people to play together in groups I think would be rad.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:28pm johnnykevlar:

why is texas so crazy> that reminds me of the huge improv "free form freakout" for the Red Krayola debut LP
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:29pm BSI:

well, i have in my pocket my hurricane fighter plane...
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:30pm fred:

Fabio, thanks so much for playing music by El-G and Charlene Darling. I like them a lot
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:31pm Mike East:

@johnnykevlar - I work in a rehearsal studio so I have access to all kinds of stuff. I'm trying to take advantage of it while we are slow. Artists and albums is a tough question...it changes day to day. Today I was listening to the new Loop 2.4.3 record (a buddy of mine) and its great. I've also been on a post beatles solo album kick (Ram, Darkhorse, all things must pass), and Spacemen 3, always. More than anything, I like hearing things I've never heard before, hence, WFMU all day long.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:34pm Sandy in Houston:

I <3 red krayola. Houston's super fun these days for improv & the noise scene is as good as ever. We're going to get keith rowe to do scratch orchestra pieces with my all female large ensemble. !!
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:34pm too much coffee:

WTF: “For a while I thought, ‘O.K., I’m not going to play Stockhausen, certainly not in New York, Mr. Gilbert said -- http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/24/arts/music/stockhausens-gruppen-at-park-avenue-armory.html
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:36pm too much coffee:

unemployed at the moment, and not able to afford the stockhausen gig anyway, even if it hadn't sold out eons ago.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:36pm fred von helsing:

yes i did! just listened to it!
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:38pm WRECKEDUMB:

Mike East....the british band LOOP????
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:39pm too much coffee:

@sandy: where should one go for noize in houston?
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:39pm Mike East:

we provided the music stands for that, too much coffee. I wish I could tell you I had a connection to get some tix.

@Wreckedumb - no Loop 2.4.3. - they're a percussion ensemble.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:39pm Cecile:

Sandy's house! lol
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:40pm fred:

@FVH: do you like it?
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:40pm johnnykevlar:

Shit mike, that's awesome. Yeah, Spacemen 3 are great. I thought you mean the band Loop, ironically similar to Spacemen, but I have to check that out. I would like to jam but I'm in CT and it would take too long to go down there.
Ahh, that's incredible. I don't know of any noise or improv scene where I live..;_; I'm a huge fan of texas bands, would be cool to be able to see that kind of stuff
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:41pm Obama:

Germany loses, Holder in contempt and hmmm what else today happen.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:41pm WRECKEDUMB:

M.E. gotchya. There was a late 80's band called LOOP and I kinda got excited for a sec when I thought they may have something new out. You should check em if you have not, especially since you dig the most wonderful Spacemen 3
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:42pm Cheri Pi:

Oooo I like this one Fab.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:42pm BSI:

Great set. Working from home today & these sounds are putting the dog to sleep, which is required for me to get anything done around here. Dude's a speedfreak or something.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:42pm Sandy in Houston:

My house! Super happy funland does noise shows, and our record stores sound exchange and vinyl edge also do noise gigs.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:42pm Mike East:

I will DEFINITELY check out Loop. Thanks for the tip, guys!
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:46pm The Owl:

Specifically, check out A Gilded Eternity, Loop's last, and best album.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:46pm too much coffee:

Don't really care about sports, but I'm glad to hear about Germany going down this time.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:46pm too much coffee:

& I loved that photo of Merkel & other bigwigs in the current ruling BRD aristocracy hooping & hollering at Greece's defeat last week. What a telling display hubris, & an almost eerie lack of self-awareness.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:47pm Cheri Pi:

Me either TMC-but thanks for the update, I know that will make Mr. CP happy later tonight when he watches the recorded game
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:48pm Mike East:

Thanks, The Owl, that helps.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:50pm Chris from DC:

@Owl: Yeah Gilded Eternity is brilliant.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:51pm BSI:

re: LOOP releases -- the Peel Sessions disc (WOLF FLOW) is also worthy, methinks.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:51pm johnnykevlar:

i will never have noise shows in my house ;_;
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:57pm northguineahills:

Sorry about the delay, Mike, just emailed you. I was watching soccer/football.
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:57pm Ike:

But what KIND of chocolate?
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:58pm steve:

dammit, just the suggestion of dark chocolate makes me want to go get some
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:58pm too much coffee:

10 years since you went away... and it still feels like yesterday...
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:58pm steve:

leyland kirby
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:58pm Chris from DC:

Leyland Kirby
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:59pm Obama:

Woo Holder just issued a "come to Jesus" response. Smoking!
  Thu. 6/28/12 4:59pm BSI:

dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans = the only chocolate i'll touch. In fact i happen to have some right over there... hold on a second...
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:00pm fred:

@Fabio: since you ask... that 'T' at the end of "petit" is silent
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:00pm Looms:

@Fabio: you shoudln't pronounce the T at the end of "petit" :D
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:01pm steve:

that's a brilliant combination, i gotta find some o those choc o beans!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:01pm Looms:

oh my!!!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:01pm Andu Pettite:

It is? :P
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:02pm BSI:

  Thu. 6/28/12 5:05pm Chris from DC:

I saw Pita and Erik M do a live soundtrack to that "Crazy Ray" ("Paris Qui Dort") at the Pompidou. Pretty cool film.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:05pm fred:

@looms: he did ask
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:08pm Looms:

@Fred: he did!
@Fabio: don't try to find any logic in French pronounciation, we had to learn about it too ;)
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:10pm too much coffee:

oh, and here's something else on July 11: Alexander Hacke (of Einsturzende Neubauten) + Danielle de Picciotto doing live soundtrack to the silent film "The Glasshouse", at XPO = 929 b'way williamsburg = http://xpo929.ticketfly.com/event/122179/
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:11pm fred:

@looms: logic and French just don't mix, it's like Guinness and champagne.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:12pm too much coffee:

xEN people + friends don't come here nearly often enough, so everyone please go there & give them a big hug!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:13pm fred:

Amazing track!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:15pm The Owl:

This is perfectly complementing the noise of the people replacing the fire escape on my building (and this isn't meant as sarcasm - they really do go well together).
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:16pm steve:

what instrument is this? sounds somewhere between a human voice, a didgeridoo, and a jews harp.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:16pm Looms:

@Fred: logic and English don't mix either, why does "to pronOUnce" turns into "pronUnciation"? AAAARRRGH!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:16pm The Owl:

Tuvan throat singing, I'd guess.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:17pm Electric Cowbell:

Toshi Tsuchitori for president! seriously what a human!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:17pm fred:

@steve: I'd say voice; overtone singing technique
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:17pm emmagineering:

Feels like droning cicadas? also that one amazing Charlem: Palestine / Tony Conrad / la Monte young piece? Thx fabio ;)
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:19pm fred:

@Looms: French influence...
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:20pm BSI:

@Looms: true enough. Now... how is it that "et cetera" can become "EX SETCH-RA" in the mouths of otherwise rational adults?
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:21pm BSI:

...then again, being from the DC area, there's a fair amount of Baltimore / Annapolis / eastern-shore MD accents which are like dada poetry more than English...
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:22pm emmagineering:

"sharing a sonority" that's the album I'm thinking of, specifically "Db" where its all Droney and serious feeling but then people crack up from time to time during it bc they miss a note or something?
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:22pm fred:

@BSI: I wouldn't have guessed you knew any rational adults
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:23pm BSI:

@fred: at this point it's my wife & my dog, & that's it. Everyone else is fruitbat city.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:24pm fred:

Personally, I give that type a wide berth
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:25pm Looms:

@BSI: if only I knew :(
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:26pm thuggyBear:

My dog is looking at my speakers like she's in an old RCA ad
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:26pm superhate:

04/07 Non Jazz......Espace en Cours.....Paris......WELCOME
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:28pm fred:

@superhate: I'll be there, though there are other great gigs that day
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:29pm Looms:

WOW! the "Jac Berrocal" pronunciation is okay!!!!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:32pm fred:

04/07: Alvarius B, C Joynes, Quentin Dubost. 8:30ish, 8€, espace en cours, 56, rue de la Réunion, Paris
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:34pm Fredericks:

I don't believe this is true: "Note: This playlist is still being updated."
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:34pm fred:

@Looms: and that's no small feat. Everybody clap!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:34pm Looms:

@Fred: do you know if Alvarius B will come to western France too?
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:35pm Fredericks:

Oh, yes it is! I guess you have to post comments for it to happen.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:35pm fred:

No idea. But I can ask. Are you in Brest?
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:37pm Looms:

  Thu. 6/28/12 5:38pm hubba:

new job; can't listen; today feels surreal on so many levels... i'm with ya in spirit. peace everyone.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:39pm dc pat:

Oh man, worst bashing of the German team ever....
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:42pm fred:

@Looms: I'll ask around and let you know if I hear about something. I think I still have your email somewhere, and anyway I know David Fenech has it
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:46pm Looms:

@Fred: thanks. I have to confess I couldn't attend Sir Richard Bishops' concert here last month (sigh)
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:49pm too much coffee:

@dcpat: tja! (German for "tisk!", more or less)
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:50pm hubba:

BTW - Looks like you're knocking it out of the park (again) Fabio... should be good for a weekend listen. see ya!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:51pm northguineahills:

The Tangier Islanders of Maryland, in the Chesapeake, are supposd to have an accent closer to 17th c England then anywhere else, according to linguists.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:51pm too much coffee:

opening sentence from a certain German newspaper, just now: "Tonight was the night that Germany was shown its borders." precious!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:51pm dale:

great show with all the can today, fabs. a lot of dropouts on the 90.1 signal all day long though.
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:53pm northguineahills:

@dc pat, damn Deutschland really sucked today. I'm ashamed to say Italy played a good game (mainly b/c I can't stand how Italy usually plays).
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:54pm dc pat:

Italians played great, no doubt...
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:54pm Looms:

Thanks for the Zewizz track, Fabio. Bye!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Ash Ra Tempel--this sounds great! 70s or modern?
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Really? I loved the fuzz sound of the guitar!
Rest assured, Fabio--if that one half was great, I look forward to the other half!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:57pm fred:

  Thu. 6/28/12 5:57pm kata:

art school refugees unite !
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:57pm too much coffee:

let the love flow, Clay!
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Cecile! What's Pablo Cruise's hits!?!? :)
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:58pm dale:

how long, has this been goin' on
  Thu. 6/28/12 5:59pm paula pc:

Love Will Find A Way was my favorite Pablo Cruise hit
  Thu. 6/28/12 6:00pm paula pc:

how long was Ace, featuring Paul Carrack who ended up in Squeeze
  Thu. 6/28/12 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks paula pc, I was just about to say..
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