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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Mon. Dec 23rd, 6pm - 7pm: Scott Williams fills in for Techtonic
Tue. Dec 24th, Noon - 3pm: Scott Williams fills in for Feelings with Michele with one "L".

Options June 25, 2012: My Man

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Decimus  (exc - side 2)   Options Decimus 3    0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
No Joy  Indigo Child   Options Ghost Blonde    0:06:53 (Pop‑up)
Staple Singers  My Main Man   Options Best Of    0:11:34 (Pop‑up)
Can  Abra Cada Braxis   Options The Lost Tapes (sampler)    0:13:59 (Pop‑up)
Peaking Lights  Live Long   Options Lucifer    0:23:28 (Pop‑up)
Between Two Fires  Tomorrow   Options S/t (1988)    0:30:09 (Pop‑up)
Splitt  Mettere al Mondo il Mondo   Options V/a, Collection Amplifée    0:34:44 (Pop‑up)
German Oak  Nibelungenlied 1: Siegfried & Kriemhild   Options Nibelungenlied    0:37:11 (Pop‑up)
Mac w/ the Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia  Sylvia's Mother   Options 2011 WFMU Marathon Finale, live at Maxwell's  hi Clay Pigeon  0:44:09 (Pop‑up)
U.P.C. All Stars  Don't Get Discouraged   Options V/a, Soul Cal: Disco and Modern Soul 1971-1982    0:48:20 (Pop‑up)
Chris Forsyth  Downs and Ups   Options Kenzo Deluxe    1:11:28 (Pop‑up)
Magic Trick  Sunny   Options Ruler of the Night    1:11:40 (Pop‑up)
Walter Franco  Por um Triz   Options Ou Não    1:14:06 (Pop‑up)
Toncho Pilatos  El Ultimo Guerrero   Options Segunda Vez    1:17:17 (Pop‑up)
Exusamwa  Phase IV   Options Phase IV    1:19:44 (Pop‑up)
R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day  No, Nothing, Never   Options Exterminating Angel    1:22:02 (Pop‑up)
Transparent Illusion  The Age Of Ridicule   Options     1:28:19 (Pop‑up)
Virginia Plain  Electric Eyes   Options Electric Eyes 7"    1:30:27 (Pop‑up)
Superbugger  Plate-Spinner   Options AKU    1:43:40 (Pop‑up)
w/ Ergo Phizmiz with Alessandro Bosetti et al...  Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon   Options Play Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon    1:48:39 (Pop‑up)
Carpenters  Rainy Days and Mondays (Traktor)   Options     1:53:37 (Pop‑up)
Troll  Blue Skies   Options ¿Qeu Son Los Trolls y en Que Nos Ayudan?    2:08:28 (Pop‑up)
Bugskull  Sun   Options Distracted Snowflake    2:13:45 (Pop‑up)
Expo '70  Moon Raga   Options Hovering Resonance    2:26:02 (Pop‑up)
Bobb Trimble and the Kidds  Selling Me Short While Stringing Me 'Long   Options Take Me Home Vienna 7"    2:33:57 (Pop‑up)
Chromatics  Kill for Love   Options Kill For Love    2:38:14 (Pop‑up)
Circle  New Fantasy   Options Manner    2:42:00 (Pop‑up)
Violence Conjugale  Derniere Robe   Options S/t    2:49:56 (Pop‑up)
Alice Cohen  The Locksmith   Options Pink Keys    2:53:00 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Mon. 6/25/12 3:02pm paula pc:

going right into it I see -- YES
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:03pm DCE:

he is NOT f'ing around today.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:06pm BSI:

Sweet mystical kidney pie!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:07pm LuLu:

..do you guys understand that one minute Jim Price show?
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:08pm ac/dc pat:

yes we do.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:08pm pierre:

Bonsoir Scott !
Bonsoir listeners !
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:08pm steve:

whats not to understand?
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:09pm Cecile:

It's just a little compressed slice of weirdness that makes me smile.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:10pm LuLu:

who is he & why does he show up for a one-minute show? did he win something & that was his prize?
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:11pm ac/dc pat:

somethings just can't be explained...like feedback.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:12pm BSI:

I deeply regret missing the Jim Price show today. Was stuck in the middle of that LSD lecture that Bob Purse posted to the FMU blog & lost all track of time...
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:12pm LuLu:

I bet feedback can be explained.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:13pm don:

Jim Price is a long-time presence at FMU. This is just a little thing he does.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:14pm ac/dc pat:

well technically, yes, but why do we love it?
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:14pm steve:

i think Jim Price had a regular hours long show on fmu a couple of years ago?
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:14pm DCE:

scientifically, yes, but why it speaks to your brain and heart, probably not, LuLu
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:15pm Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Oh hells yeah, love the Staple Singers!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:16pm DCE:

excuse me. I'll be in the CAN for the next half hour.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/25/12 3:17pm Scott W:

S'up yall! Jim Price has been around here for years, he's done a ton of pretty brilliant things, most recently The Price is Beans, w. Vanilla Bean, around '97 or so
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:17pm BSI:

Man, I'm just now dipping a toe into the material on the LOST TAPES collection, and jeepers dang. What treasures.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:17pm Mike East:

For an explanation of feedback, see this tweet from WFMU earlier today: Here's What Happens When a Man Covered in Microphones Walks Into a Room Covered With Speakers: youtu.be/q81NVYWnx1w
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:19pm DCE:

Mike, can't wait to see that when I get home.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:21pm the glowing one:

lost tapes has a lot of filler material in my opinion, but I like the mooney tracks, those proper songs.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:21pm Tom L.:

Damn you WFMU! You play this new CAN album (three cd set) and I'm forced to purchase it. Thanks for draining my bank account, you hipster radio dj. Ugh.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:21pm paula pc:

this Can is kicking me, not the other way around...this is quite a first set, Scott -- all FEROCIOUS cuts in their own ways...
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:21pm Mike East:

The room's not covered with as many speakers as I expected, but the sound is exactly what I expected...beautiful.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:22pm Cheri Pi:

Tom L. that's my conundrum at the moment too.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:23pm H.J.I.:

Is Damo on this sampler?
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:24pm andymorphic:

good thing its not on vinyl
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/25/12 3:24pm Scott W:

this is Damo, tho Mooney's in here too. no filler on the sampler! haven't heard the full box yet
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:24pm BSI:

@andymorphic: it very definitely would be mine by now, if it was... I may have to break my new-CD fast for this one.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:25pm jeff:

Weird! i just turned off disc 3 of the lost tapes box & put on fmu. Synchronicity!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:25pm the glowing one:

>no filler on the sampler!
>haven't heard the full box yet
oh just you wait until you've finished it... >:)
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:26pm ac/dc pat:

Mike: that is not only cool as hell but funny as hell too!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:26pm Van in DC:

Oh hi Scott! Just making it in from being lost in the Jim Price show!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:27pm Lucifer:

hell is neither cool nor funny
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:27pm ac/dc pat:

Scott W, you should play the extreme feedback guy on the air.

Luci: should have said "as heck"
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:28pm Lucifer:

you should also eat your peas at dinner tonight
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:28pm Van in DC:

Ha! Should have turned the sound down a little at work before checking out feedback guy!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:30pm DCE:

having fun tapping my feet to this one
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:36pm LuLu:

ok, thanks for the Jim Price information! I guess it makes sense now.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:38pm Carmichael:

Hey there, Scott. Hi everyone.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:40pm prediction:

German Oak will inspire modern indie rockers to live and record in WWII bunkers.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:42pm Carmichael:

Getting my fill of minimalist Kraut rock today, between this set and Liz's show.
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:43pm Waka Jawaka:

Happy Monday y'all
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:43pm the glowing one:

German Oak had such inspiring songs like "Swastika Rising" or the lovely "Shadows Of War: a) Rain Of Destruction b) V1 To London". Or just like prediction predicted "Down In The Bunker"...
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:50pm Carmichael:

Mac's really playing the room!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:53pm Looms:

Agreed, Mac sounded like some kind of hybrid of Robert Smith and Jamie Stewart. Hi all!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:53pm BSI:

HA! I keep hearing 'em sing DON'T GET THE SCURVY...
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:53pm DCE:

come on and suck a lemon, don't get the scurvy
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:55pm Waka Jawaka:

That was that Mac?! Awesome!
  Mon. 6/25/12 3:57pm LuLu:

Scott sounds like Pepe Le Pew!
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:01pm Carmichael:

Blue Oyster Cult was the band that sang Don't Get the Scurvy.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:03pm Cecile:

Carm, that was Don't Fear the Scurvy.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:04pm DCE:

this is like a lullaby
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:09pm J & D:

Won't come back from Dead Man Scurve...!
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:15pm northguineahills:

That was a great Chris Forsyth track....
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:17pm Danne D:

This is sorta like a foreign version of Daniesln Famile - Kinda Sorta
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:19pm Danne D:

(Danielson Famile)

Anyway, Ugh, Scott plays the Mac version of Sylvia's Mother when I step away from office *sigh*
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:25pm BSI:

This Crutchfield piece is so disturbingly satisfying for reasons I can't comprehend...
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:27pm Danne D:

What's awesome about Scott (and so many FMU DJ's) is that they'll often be inspired by the audience/comments but not in a manner that is that conventional "Hey can you play this record" type of mechanical/transactional deal. It's a special thing :)
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:29pm Gjorgji:

No, Nothing, Never is playing for the second time today. Amazing. Must be sunny in New Jersey.. cheers from Skopje, Macedonia
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/25/12 4:31pm Scott W:

It was, Gjorgji - it just went really dark again! oh, look, now the buckets of rain
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:33pm Carmichael:

I thought this was Martha Davis at 1st listen.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:34pm big fan:

Hi Scott! Can you play Freebird? (Backwards, and at 16 RPM?)
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:36pm Gjorgji:

perfect radio Monday
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:36pm steve:

is it raining IN the studio??
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:37pm Michele:

Great show today, really awesome. Nice timing with the rain sounds at the same time the thunderstorm is hitting in real life. Makes me happy.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:38pm KP:

Blue skies on LI. Guess on way once again.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:41pm Danne D:

There should be more albums named after Kenzo :)
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:43pm Danne D:

Every DJ is now named Jesse, Scott.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Merry Half-Christmas, everyone!
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:45pm Danne D:

LOL Hi Scott.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:53pm KP:

Oh boy is it dark now in Jamaica.
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:53pm pierre:

just saying, i'm having haggis right now…
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:54pm northguineahills:

Always wanted to try haggis, will do so some day,...
  Mon. 6/25/12 4:56pm still b/p:

Rainy Days and Tonguedays.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:01pm Cecile:

ha reminds me of the movie Brave and the kids not eating their haggis.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:04pm KP:

Bon jour to you and your haggis.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:04pm KP:

Bon jour to you and your haggis.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:04pm Mike East:

how was it Cecile?
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:06pm Carmichael:

Karen's sounding a bit, uh ... *husky* ......
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:06pm KP:

Absolutely pouring.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:06pm BSI:

fairly epic, this.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:07pm Cecile:

I liked it a lot, even though there was Mumford and Sons penned songs in it. A little patchy in spots, but overall really beautiful looking and the princess is a great heroine. I may be biased becaus I love Kelly McDonald, the Scottish actress who voices her.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:07pm steve:

suns already back out in brooklyn!
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:12pm TrollFace:

No problem with Troll, beautiful! Thanks.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:13pm Mike East:

cool. I will likely take the kids next week on vacation
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:15pm paul b:

Something about your playing a song called Blue Skies triggered half a memory that there used to be someone named Penalope Blue Sky who sang songs but I can't recall more.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:16pm pierre:

if you like pepper, meat, and oats, then Haggis is for you, and you, and you… i'm associating this with a 12 years Laphroaig, and with Scott's show, i'm in heaven !
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:18pm Cecile:

Mike East, Madagascar 3 is also insane and pretty hysterical.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:20pm Stanley:

Pierre - you certainly know how to live. I'm reaching for the malt now, thanks to you.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:20pm BSI:

Laphroaig. Good call.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:21pm Mike East:

ah cool. Thanks, Cecile. Gotta have rainy day plans at the beach. Personally I'd rather see Prometheus, but I think the 10 kids (btwn nieces, nephews, and my own) outnumber me.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:22pm Richard from Venezuela:

Hello Scott and all the listeners.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:27pm LuLu:

this bed music sounds like someone's getting married - it's so great.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:29pm tim from champaign:

What's the story about Fabio and the band?
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:29pm BSI:

Compelled to make hooting commentary of praise whenever Expo 70 is played. To encourage the behavior is continued, y'see...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/25/12 5:32pm Scott W:

Tim, which band is that now?
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:32pm Bas, NL:

Oww!! This Expo '70's great!! Hi Scott!! Hi all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/25/12 5:33pm Scott W:

oh, duh - S.I.T. & Die Co! ummm... just, you know, the dirty dirty stuff
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/25/12 5:33pm Scott W:

Hey Bas! Great to meet you en espana!
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:35pm Bas, NL:

Hi Scott! Man, it was so great to finally meet 'The Voice'! What a fiesta it all was!!
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:36pm northguineahills:

Always need a moon raga. .... I thought that Ergo Phizmiz et al sounded vaguely familiar....
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:36pm tim from champaign:

The band that got Fabio suspended due to FCC issues.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:37pm tim from champaign:

oops, you already responded. Thanks for the info!
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:38pm pierre:

i send to all of you a massive "bonne soirée" and "bonne nuit" i'll hit the archives later on ! See you guys around pretty soon !
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:39pm Danne D:

@paul b - couldn't find anything under Penelope Blue Sky but found this movie :)
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:39pm Carmichael:

You can't even be a pottymouth on freeform radio?!? The Supreme Court just gave the FCC a smackdown, too. Man, they can go suck it.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:40pm Stanley:

Good night Pierre. I'm only one hour behind you, so will be hitting the sheets soon m'self.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:40pm Danne D:

Hey Richard :)
Hey Bas :)
One of these years we gotta get you guys stateside :)
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:41pm pierre:

we'll see each other pretty soon Stanley :)
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:46pm Waka Jawaka:

hey man CD sounds funky
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:46pm Richard from Venezuela:

Hey Danne D.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:47pm Carmichael:

Hola Ricardo.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:48pm Richard from Venezuela:

Saludos Carmichael.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:51pm paul b:

Danne D: Yeah this is bugging me, can't get the brain gears to go round on this. I had a college house mate who was in a band called Velocity Girl (same as the Black Tamborine crowd) -- Penelope and her band were favorites of his/them. They were either a Lancaster or Boston Band
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:55pm Bas, NL:

@Danne D.. It's inevitable we'll one day all have to come over! I'm looking forward to that! ;)
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:55pm Cecile:

I remember Velocity Girl - they had a couple of good singles.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:56pm northguineahills:

Yep, I still have a Velocity Girl tee-shirt....
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:56pm Carmichael:

Quick archive check: Sarah Kirkland Snider had an album called Penelope. Could that be it?
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:57pm Stanley:

Aw! This Alice Cohen is brilliant.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:58pm Carmichael:

And of course my favorite female voice, Penelope Houston.
  Mon. 6/25/12 5:59pm Carmichael:

Thanks, Scott!
  Mon. 6/25/12 6:02pm Cecile:

Penelope was also an Aussie band during that time.
  Mon. 6/25/12 6:05pm Danne D:

(@paul b - I remember Velocity Girl - I bought one of their CDs :) )
  Mon. 6/25/12 7:18pm paul b:

Pushed the gears thru a half turn and have determined it involves a band from Providence called Honeybunch and their song "Hey Blue Sky" which is about ...
  Mon. 6/25/12 11:16pm Stanley The Meat Guy Always Fashionably Late:

Sorry to barge in like this but I heard there was a radio program that I like. Who is the OTHER Stanley?
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