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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options June 12, 2012: Sweaters in the Sand

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME          0:00:00 ()
THE UNITS  East West 2 (1981)   Options History of the Units: The Early Years: 1977-1983  Community Library  2007  0:01:46 ()
KLIMPEREI  iwm5   Options IWM (5): De Quelque Directions  In Poly Sons  2010  0:05:55 ()
LES TAILLEURS DE NOTES  Sauce Robert   Options Les Tailleurs de Notes  In Poly Sons  2012  0:21:43 ()
CLAUDIO LOLLI  Un Bel Mattino   Options Un Uomo in Crisi  Columbia  1973  0:24:40 ()
FLO & EDDIE  The Love You Gave Away   Options Moving Targets  Columbia  1976  0:29:43 ()
BREAD  Games of Magic   Options Baby I'm-a Want You  Elektra  1972  0:33:15 ()
BERNARD BENOIT  Riviere du Huelgoat   Options Lutunn Noz  Arion  1975  0:36:27 ()
NICKY COOK  Cup of Tea   Options Nonsense of the Undead Sloth    2012  0:39:09 ()
KLIMPEREI  Lolaphone   Options IWM (5): De Quelque Directions  In Poly Sons  2010  0:41:08 ()
THE MINX  Tides   Options Real Minx  Ashland  1983  0:53:16 ()
RED ASPHALT  Red Asphalt (1982)   Options Unreleased  Egg & Anvil  2008  0:56:21 ()
IKE YARD  Infra-Ton (1981)   Options 1980-82 Collected  Acute  2006  0:58:14 ()
THE TERRORISTS  Bitter   Options Terrorists [12"]  Scab  1984  1:01:35 ()
SIS Q LINT  Dog Sweaters   Options Pre-Need E.P. [12" EP]  Lint Trap  1984  1:06:46 ()
RED ASPHALT  Goodbye Sunshine (1982)   Options Unreleased  Egg & Anvil  2008  1:09:09 ()
KITCHEN & THE PLASTIC SPOONS  Blatta (1981)   Options Best Off: Recordings 1980-81  Ill Wind  2007  1:11:11 ()
KEVIN DUNN & THE REGIMENT OF WOMEN  Private Sector   Options The Judgement of Paris  DB  1981  1:14:07 ()
LOS PARANOS  We're on the Sand (198?)   Options http://inpolysons.free.fr/en/iwm4-cassette.html /  N/A    1:23:14 ()
LES TAILLEURS DE NOTES  Ne Pleure Plus Jeanette (Car Albert Est Revenu)   Options Les Tailleurs de Notes  In Poly Sons  2012  1:27:12 ()
HOLY NAME OF JESUS PARISH  Dites Moi   Options Stage "66"  no label  1966  1:30:59 ()
KLIMPEREI  Les Elephants Paranoiaques   Options IWM (4): Los Paranos  In Poly Sons  2010  1:32:04 ()
IKE YARD  M. Kurtz (1982)   Options 1980-82 Collected  Acute  2006  1:33:56 ()
MICK NESS  You in Me   Options Leave Me Your Ears  Torso  1981  1:39:28 ()
LESTER  Kiki's Paris   Options Lithuanian Luau  Lost  1997  1:42:24 ()
KLIMPEREI  Los Paranos   Options IWM (4): Los Paranos  In Poly Sons  2010  1:44:12 ()
WINSTON TONG  Late Night (198?) [CD RE bonus track]   Options V.A.: Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven  Crammed Discs  1990  1:46:02 ()
THE BECKIES  Song Called Love   Options The Beckies  Sire  1976  1:54:14 ()
BIG STAR  Daisy Glaze   Options Radio City  Ardent  1973  1:57:19 ()
MORNING STAR  Premeditated Rendezvous   Options Morning Star  Columbia  1976  2:01:08 ()
EARWACKS  Rope Swing   Options Distances  no label  1981  2:04:35 ()
SPIRIT  Mega Star   Options Farther Along  Mercury  1976  2:07:54 ()
GINO VANNELLI  The Battle Cry   Options The Gist of the Gemini  A&M  1976  2:11:19 ()
A-440  Scylla   Options Ulysses: The Greek Suite  20th Century Fox  1978  2:13:13 ()
URIAH HEEP  What Should Be Done   Options Look at Yourself  Bronze/ Mercury  1971  2:14:55 ()
THE ALLRIGHT FAMILY BAND  Starry Ride   Options Music Is Love  A.F.B.  1980  2:22:37 ()
HIDDEN AGENDA  Renew Flesh (1983)   Options Few Decisions  Genetic Music  2010  2:26:53 ()
LOS PARANOS  Undustry (198?)   Options http://inpolysons.free.fr/en/iwm4-cassette.html /  N/A    2:32:08 ()
MICK NESS  We Are in Moving   Options Leave Me Your Ears  Torso  1981  2:34:50 ()
MINUTEMEN  Validation   Options Paranoid Time [7" EP]  SST  1980  2:38:06 ()
MESSER FUR FRAU MULLER  At Our Place an Echo Has Been Kept Here   Options Hyper Utesov Presents...  Solzne  2000  2:38:40 ()
KEVIN DUNN & THE REGIMENT OF WOMEN  AG   Options The Judgment of Paris  DB  1981  2:42:47 ()
ERNEST HOOD  After School   Options Neighborhoods  Thistle Field  1975  2:51:09 ()
THE OUT-THEME  Gelbart: My Favorite Vacation [part of] + Die Trip Computer Die: Airborn [part of]   Options       3:02:56 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 11:55am tonyc:

Hullo dere. Show time is in 7 minutes. Just put my socks on, I have a cup of coffee handy -- I'm ready to go.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:00pm Artie:

Coutlivate Me!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:00pm EL TOPO:

WAY HAY Tony, looking forward to you taking us where no one has gone before!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:01pm manuel de bruselas:

I'm in pole position too for the show
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:01pm Daniel:

I've had a lot of coffee but it's all worn off. Save me Tony!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:01pm Brian in UK:

Hello Tony, it's remarkable the increase in volume of the stream over trad FMU.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:02pm tonyc:

Hello everybody! Thanks for showing up!!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

volume! clarity! bass! we must have bass! are we goddamned old ladies?
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:02pm Doug S.:

On Twitter, I just called Tony "the Carl Sagan of psychedelic radio." Discuss.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:02pm EL TOPO:

what equipment do you use, Tony, to play your records and record the show?
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:03pm listener james from westwood:

a fine tuesday to all, and howdy tony! making with the bleeps and bloops already, i see. excellent!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:04pm EL TOPO:

eeh, just won a grand on the slot machine shpeeler!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:06pm tonyc:

@ El Topo: My equipment situation is hard to explain quickly. I can run through it after the show if you want....
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:07pm MrFab:

Doug S.: cuz he has billions and billions of records?
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:09pm EL TOPO:

yeh great Tony, I imagine either you have lots of valve equipment or that it goes through so many processes, it would be difficult to for you to finish typing it all in 3 hours!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:12pm tonyc:

Coming up next set: Bread!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:13pm Ricardo Montalban:

Hello, Everybodeez!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:13pm Stephen Hawking:

Prof. Tony, I believe I have found an error in your Bread calcul. . . Wait, help, I'm being sucked into a parallel universssssssssse -
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:13pm tonyc:

Hola, senor!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:14pm EL TOPO:

NOT OF Guitar man fame , I hope?
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:14pm tonyc:

Yep -- from "Baby I'm-a Want You."
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:14pm holland oats:

oh no not coulter again
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:15pm Richard Feynman:

Blow us some vinyl O-rings, Tony!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:16pm Stephen Hawking:

How do you make Bread from scratch? First you must create the Softrockiverse.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:16pm holland oats:

freeform tweeterers unite! love @furbubble
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:19pm tonyc:

I never knew physicists were such soft rock fans. i would have figured they'd go for heavy metal.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:20pm EL TOPO:

Doug S.
the Carl Sagan of psychedelic radio - well Tony's got the imagination, record collection and taste to be able to live up to that statement. Other DJs on radio who claim to be that (Psychedelic Pete etc.) lack Tony's ideas, or think that psychedelia is about the Beach Boys, garage rock and Mamas and the Papas!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:23pm Doug S.:

And Tony has the loving, inclusive spirit matched with the voracious urge to discover. And the big ears.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:25pm tonyc:

Doug -- don't you know I'm self-conscious about my big ears?!?
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:28pm EL TOPO:

yes, there are some of us who want fresh sounds all the time, love to find old and new adventurous music, have experimented(!), and generally want to get out there man.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:31pm EL TOPO:

is this Flo and Eddie from the Mothers/Turtles fame?
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:32pm tonyc:

Yep -- 'tis.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:33pm EL TOPO:

lost track of them after Zappa!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:34pm EL TOPO:

nicely segued into Bread, Tony you should be a DJ!
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:34pm Michael:

Flo and Eddie were/are radio guys like Tony and Doug too! Afternoon everyone.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:35pm tonyc:

Afternoon, Michael!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:41pm tonyc:

Pretty sure this Nicky Cook album is available on the Free Music Archive.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:41pm EL TOPO:

HAS any one heard the Groove Armada new mix album - Late Night Tales, done by Groove Armada, they used the most obvious Bread track - Guitar Man, as well as 10CC's I'm not in Love and ELO's Showdown. - if only they had chosen TC to do it, then we would have got some real late night tales!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:45pm tonyc:

Coming up next: a set of '80s post-punk/new wave/minimal synth.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:47pm Brian in UK:

Just got a loaf on the go at the moment, smell is wafting upstairs.

Richard F, did you ever get to Baku?
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:49pm tonyc:

@ Brian in UK: Is that what that smell is? I was just thinking my computer smelled like Bread.
  Tue. 6/12/12 12:53pm Brian in UK:

70% wholemeal 30% strong Canadian white. Mmmmmmmm. Tony, you get the crust.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 12:58pm tonyc:

Sort of David Thomas-esque vocals here.
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:12pm MrFab:

That Sis Q Lint was great! Funny, was just listening to the Inflatable Boy Clams' "Skeletons" again earlier this morn, and this seems to be kinda cut from the same cloth.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:13pm tonyc:

Agreed! Lint = Clams
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:14pm charlie:

Hey, which one's Kitchen?
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:16pm tonyc:

Hey, Charlie! Well, since a woman's place is to be Kitchen, I'm guessing it's the female vocalist.
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:17pm charlie:

Was there really a "best of," or is that a joke?
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:18pm tonyc:

It is a comp -- so, yeah, it's somebody's "best of."
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:21pm manuel de bruselas:

this kevin dunn song is super glam! all that glitters is gold to me
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:23pm tonyc:

He's super British-sounding for a bloke from Georgia (Atlanta).
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:26pm charlie:

R. Stevie Moore can sound rather British for a fella from Nashville.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:27pm tonyc:

True, true!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:28pm tonyc:

The South of England?
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:29pm charlie:

crumpets and grits
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:32pm charlie:

that Tailleurs de Notes was lovely, ty.
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:33pm Michael:

It was and howdy charlie. The whole program has a lovely lilt today so thanks Tony.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:33pm tonyc:

Thanks, Charlie! 'Tis brand, brand new -- came out no more than a month ago.
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:35pm charlie:

Hi there, Michael.
Cool, Tony, brand new music!
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:36pm EL TOPO:

what was colonel Kurtz's first name in Apocalypse now?
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:36pm tonyc:

And thanks, Michael! Though I may have just listed from the lilt....
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:41pm tonyc:

Mick Ness, on now, is a group, not a person (kinda like Jethro Tull).
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:41pm charlie:

Still lilting, just a bit more mental now.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:42pm tonyc:

Is he saying, "I can wear your fancy-ass tie"?
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:43pm EL TOPO:

getting dangerously close to punk there, Tony, a bit like PIL!
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:43pm charlie:

Sounds like it!
Big fan of this here Lester album.
  Tue. 6/12/12 1:45pm charlie:

that segue = big :)
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:48pm tonyc:

Thank you, Mr. Charlie, master of the big segues!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 1:59pm tonyc:

Coming up next: some '70s big-puffy-hair AOR.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:00pm EL TOPO:

I hope not Backman Turner Overdrive!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:01pm tonyc:

No -- puffier than that.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:01pm charlie:

Is Big Star flat-hair rock?
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:02pm tonyc:

Limp hair rock. They needed conditioner!
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:03pm dane:

hey tony that kitchen and spoons comp. is called Best Off not best of
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:05pm Ike:

LOL @ some of these lyrics. "Living alone ain't easy/ living with you is worse"
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:05pm tonyc:

@Dane: Oops!! Thanks, Dane!
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:06pm northguineahills:

Been enjoying. Was streaming Euro Cup while streaming Tony.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:07pm dane:

play Daisy Glaze again!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:07pm tonyc:

Hey there, Ike & northguineahills!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:09pm tonyc:

Wherein Spirit attempts to sound like ELP.
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:16pm tonyc:

Next set: more '80s stuff (after the first track anyhow).
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:18pm manuel de bruselas:

this sounds like "you always get what you want" no? looooovely
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:19pm tonyc:

Yes -- very subtle and swinging for Uriah Heep!
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:19pm dane:

is Look at Yourself with a mirror on the cover?
my mom had that record :)
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:22pm tonyc:

@Dane: Yep, that's the one. Don't be afraid to look at yourself.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:24pm dane:

the more you look at yourself the more afraid you will be
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:27pm tonyc:

Thanks much to Dane for the loan of this Hidden Agenda CD and a bunch of other things heard today.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:27pm dane:

er "you" in general that is
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:29pm tonyc:

No worries. I use that Uriah Heep album to shave every morning.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:30pm dane:

seems I need to listen to hidden agenda more often, this is cooool
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:39pm Ricardo Montalban:

I wonder how many album covers used the mirror on the cover?
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:40pm charlie:

had to leave for a while. nice to walk back in on Messer fur Frau Muller.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:40pm dane:

your show is cheering me up. i just lost an ebay bid for the Flash Boyancy EP
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:44pm tonyc:

Just a flash in Frau Muller's mirror? (No idea what that means -- but I figured I'd respond to the last three comments at the same time.)
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:47pm dane:

sorry to keep being pedantic, but there's no The before Minutemen. no one cares but me *cry*
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:47pm tonyc:

Pedantry is good. Thanks!
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:48pm Ricardo Montalban:

Wonderful show, Tony!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:49pm tonyc:

Thanks, Ricardo! Ernest Hood -- via you -- is coming up next.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:51pm Doug Schulkind:

There are two more programs airing on the stream today. Live at 6pm I will be on with an hour of mind-melting Turkish folk and psych on Give the Drummer Some.

Live at 7pm, Kaminsky Kamoutsky with Jesse will broadcast from Jamaica Plain, Mass, as Jesse Kaminsky trades turntables with his guest co-host Ryan Davies, a musician/DJ/producer originally from Wales.

Coming up immediately following Tony hear on the 24-hour Drummer stream:

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
The Blue Notes (from South Africa)
Lamine Konte
Celestine Ukwu
Hassan Erraji
The Impossibles (from Thailand)
Mieko Hirota
Khabuan Mukda
Mahendra Kapoor
Georgis Trakis
The Allen Brothers
Benny Spellman
Sluefoot Joe
Sammy Myers
Rev. Utah Smith
The Coleman Brothers
Amaswazi Emvelo & Mahlatini
and more
and more
and eternally more...
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:55pm tonyc:

Thanks for listening everybody! I'll be back next week with "Tape Hiss." Perhaps devoted to the band Cartoon -- not sure yet. Anyway, see ya!
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:55pm EL TOPO:

thanks Tony for great show.
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:56pm Doug Schulkind:

Don't hang up yet, folks, Tony's show has 7 more minutes to go!
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:58pm charlie:

great stuff, Tony, comme toujours!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:59pm tonyc:

@Doug: True DAT -- or should I say true stream. (No one uses DATs anymore, do they?)
  Tue. 6/12/12 2:59pm northguineahills:

Thanks Tony!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 2:59pm tonyc:

@Charlie: Mercy Buckets!!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 3:00pm tonyc:

Popsicle! Popsicle!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 3:01pm tonyc:

@ El Topo and northguineahills: Thanks for showing up!
Avatar Tue. 6/12/12 3:03pm tonyc:

Ta, all!
  Tue. 6/12/12 3:03pm Dervish:

A sublime show, Tony. Thanks!
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