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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 1, 2012

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Folke Rabe  What??   Options What??  Dexter's Cigar / Drag City  0:00:00 ()
Lasse Marhaug & Nils Henrik Asheim  Magnaton   Options Grand Mutation  Touch  0:28:14 ()
Lasse Marhaug & Nils Henrik Asheim  Philomela   Options Grand Mutation  Touch  0:29:57 ()
François & Bernard Baschet  Sonatine / Valse   Options Structures for Sound  MoMA NY  0:42:16 ()
Oskar Sala  Musique Stéréo   Options Électronique et Stéréophonie  Erato Disques  0:52:24 ()
Bernard Fort  Fractal XVII   Options Fractals  Metamkine  1:20:39 ()
Skip La Plante  Cycle for Blown Instruments   Options Detritus  Frog Peak / Asimplesound  1:26:38 ()
Rolf Julius  Drum Piece   Options Music for a Garden  Mattress Factory  1:39:52 ()
Daniel Menche  Grand Perpetuator   Options Zelphabet Vol. D  Zelphabet  2:07:38 ()
Iancu Dumitrescu  Harryphonies (epsilon)   Options ED.MN. 1003  Edition Modern  2:27:49 ()
Arnold Dreyblatt  The Adding Machine   Options The Adding Machine  Cantaloupe Music  2:47:30 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/1/12 12:12pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My retirement fund is circling the drain today (and has been for months). Send out some cheering-up music!
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:12pm bridget:

  Fri. 6/1/12 12:13pm nic:

hey great !!!!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 12:14pm bryce:

eh e he helluu
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:15pm ?:

Cool, it sounds like they're listening to FMU in the IT room across from my cubicle.
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:18pm wait:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 12:19pm bryce:

yeah, i just mic'd the 3rd floor fridge
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:25pm brocolli rabe:

good rabe, not bitter at all
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:27pm Looms:

Hello everyone!
Bryce, have you heard Jean-François Laporte's "Mantra" which was released in the Collection Pour L'Oreille by Metamkine? He uses the cooling system of a hockey arena.
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:27pm Looms:

I mean, the sound of the cooling system of a hockey arena.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 12:35pm bryce:

hahaaa, that sounds amazing :) i wonder if we have that here. we used to get some metamkine stuff....
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:36pm George of Troy:

G'day everyone! Looms, thanks for the tip... Sounds like something I'd like to check out.
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:43pm Looms:

It's a 22 minutes drone piece; quite nice if you play it loud.
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:43pm BSI:

Lasse! He did a brutal set down here a while back...
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:52pm BDR:

I like all your shows, Bryce, but I love the drone shows best.
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:52pm BSI:

...whereas this Baschet piece has me thinking it's time to dig out the CARNIVAL OF SOULS dvd this weekend...
  Fri. 6/1/12 12:54pm Chris from DC:

Looms, I thought I saw a review that said Laporte recorded a Zamboni?
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:02pm Carmichael:

Hiya Brycey boy. Hello everyone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 1:02pm bryce:

thx, BDR! been kind of on a kick lately.....

looms, no luck — plenty of mario lanza, though!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:05pm Swan:

Further to the Laporte discussion -- it may be easier to find that piece now on 23five. They reissued it a few years ago, and added a handful of other stuff. The rest is (mostly) great too, as I remember.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:09pm Zamboni Brothers:

Chill, y'all! Bryce is da Ycey-est!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:11pm kat330:

Tuned in for a very interesting piece, this Sala.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:11pm Zambonite monk:

Snowcones for everyone!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:12pm kat330:

Hi, Bryce! Right playlist, right song this time! :)
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:12pm northguineahills:

I once used Oskar Sala and his trautonium for dj flyer in the late 90s.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 1:12pm bryce:

hahaa :)
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:15pm Tom M:

Love this music!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 1:16pm bryce:

a little lunchtime trautonium
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:17pm Looms:

@Chris from DC: liner notes of the CD say he recorded a refrigerating compressor. I haven't listened to it for a few years but zamboni sounds could have been used as well.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:17pm Tom M:

I saw the trautonium in a Berlin museum recently.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:17pm Ken of Brooklyn:

Fantastique show Monsieur Bryce!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:19pm Chris from DC:

Thanks, Looms, clears that up.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:19pm BSI:

Zamboni. That's one of those enormous sandwiches with stuffed with all the messy...... innit?
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:20pm BSI:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 1:20pm bryce:

hi ken, thanks!

tom, cool...was it one of mr. sala's? i remember, a couple years before he died, emails going around saying he was looking for someone to pass his skillz to. not sure if there were any takers....
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:20pm Zamboni Brothers:

Disclosure: Zamboni-sourced snowcones may contain traces of skate metals and hockey-player sweat drops.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:21pm Noel:

Voulez Vous couchez avec moi c'est soir
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:23pm still b/p:

No rabbit rabbit rabbit in this showzone.
Robot robot robot.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:25pm northguineahills:

@Tom M: what museum was that? I was in Berlin recently and will probably back in the not-too-distant future.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:28pm kat330:

Looms, aren't you from northern France?
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:29pm dc pat:

ZB: ..and blood. I was at the Caps practice rink over in Ballston last year and somebody must have gotten run over by a skate. Blood everywhere. They were trying to sweep it up..
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:29pm dc pat:

I imagine it sounds a lot like this down in the rat holes in our neighbor's backyard in the middle of the night...
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:30pm plain brown reprobate:

WFMU is your source for scenes of Electro the Robot with strippers:
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:30pm kat330:

Fort has hit the pierced part of my ear....
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:31pm jk:

  Fri. 6/1/12 1:32pm kat330:

Ah, sweet relief. And Looms, if you're gone but check back ever, this one's for you: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap120510.html
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:36pm Swan:

Wish the shoes had come off sooner!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:38pm steve from cleve:

love that picture, kat330. the world certainly is a weird place.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:39pm kat330:

Most of the pictures at APOD are literally OUT of this world, Steve. :)
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:40pm bruceleh:

Bryce, got some Scott Smallwood q'd up?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 1:40pm bryce:

oopsie, he's at home. i could stick my hooha in a light socket though!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:41pm kat330:

You have a hooha, Bryce? The things I learn here.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:42pm bruceleh:

I would think the hooha would have, say, vacuum tubes inserted into it!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:44pm bruceleh:

Upcoming Events:
DJ Bryce sticks his body parts into various electric and electronic devices, broadcasting the resulting signals live!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:45pm George:

  Fri. 6/1/12 1:45pm Zamboni Brothers:

Bryce's Hooha > Fabio's Muffler
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:45pm still b/p:

Green hasn't flashed me yet when I've looked for it in ocean horizon sunsets.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:46pm Swan:

Oh sweet Julius!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:46pm BSI:

hm.... that opens up a world of possibilities. A sound-art performance with two wrestlers wearing full-body contact-mic suits, maybe?
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:46pm northguineahills:

  Fri. 6/1/12 1:46pm kat330:

The pronouns all indicate you're a dude, so where'd this hooha come from? We must have diff. definitions of hooha.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:46pm BSI:

...and the referee is some mad-scientist type with a mixer & rack of FX...... ooh, the ideas....
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:47pm open mind:

a hooha can be what you want it to be
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 1:47pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/1/12 1:48pm Looms:

Hey, thanks a lot for letting everyone know how beautiful my homeland is, Kat!
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:48pm kat330:

  Fri. 6/1/12 1:48pm Chuck:

  Fri. 6/1/12 1:48pm db:

..suffragette city...hooha...
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:49pm kat330:

I've been there so know that firsthand, Looms! :)
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:49pm dc pat:

yeah, I'd agree with kat--in my book, hooha definitely equals....uh, what those ladies in that robot video DIDN'T expose..
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:50pm kat330:

Actually, the only person I'd ever heard use the term "hooha" is Kristen Chenowith, and it wasn't any part on the average man.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:50pm Sam Spade:

I held up my end. You got your dingus. It's your hard luck it wasn't what you wanted.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:51pm kat330:

What's that about a hard dingus, Spade?
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:53pm Sam Spade:

Then you think the dingus is worth a million?
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:54pm Robot Stripper:

Can you hold up *my* end, Sammy?
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:54pm kat330:

Only if it's Maltese.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:55pm Sam Spade:

The stuff that dreams are made of.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:59pm kat330:

Speaking of percussion, I made a serviceable maraca this morning. Just some brown rice (uncooked, bocoors) in an empty plastic container (Talenti pint gelato in this instance). Worked extremely well.
  Fri. 6/1/12 1:59pm Maltese:

arf! arf!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:00pm kat330:

Who's a good doggie!!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:01pm Maltese:

[sits up and begs, doing his best Asta]
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:01pm Mr Donut:

So that's what a Maltese Bippy looks like
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:02pm Maltese:

I accept Ken-L-Hooha
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:03pm still b/p:

I gave a pocket maraca to a musician friend -- small ball bearings in a contact lens case...allows you to alter the sound quality by making your hand tighter and more loose on it while it's held in the palm.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:04pm kat330:

Very interesting, s b/p. Yeah, I tried all sorts of kitchen items before I hit on the right sound I wanted. I can alter the pitch a bit by how full I fill with rice.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:06pm Experimental Musician:

I tried all sorts of kitchen items before I hit on the wrong sound I wanted.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:06pm kat330:

Is this screw the station ID hour? :) I don't think Bryce likes the mic.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:07pm steve from cleve:

I had a nice pots'n'pans session a few weeks back. who needs costly percussion items when the whole world is one big bang.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:07pm Experimental Musician:

He probably whispered it under the track
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:07pm "the mic":

actually, Bryce LICKS the mic
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:08pm kat330:

If he whispered during the piercing Fort, I could've missed while the mute was on.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:08pm Maltese:

One big bang? I'll take that
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:09pm The Log Lady:

Hi Bryce! The log has a special message for you today; please remember to obey it's instructions! :-)
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:09pm kat330:

Chenowith's dog -- maybe a Maltese? -- licks her directly in the mouth, to bring this hooha/dog of a discussion full circle.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:09pm FCC rep, undercover:

we'll take Bryce licking the mic as a station id. No one else in the world does that. Station ID'd.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:10pm FCC addendum:

Bryce doesn't do station ID, he does station OD
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:10pm northguineahills:

I've borrowed my/gf's metal bowls and my friend's weights just for the sounds many of times.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:11pm kat330:

That's a good DJ! :)
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:11pm FCC addendum:

The ELS track KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:11pm Mike East:

Kristen Chenowith was here a few weeks ago. I'm not sure who she is or what she does, but her music really got on my nerves. Not my thing.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:13pm kat330:

She's a Broadway baby. I'm not a fan of the little-girl voice either, nor her repertoire. An awful lot of little-girl voices are beloved at this station, however.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:14pm tim from champaign:

How come WFMU only plays that one song by EAS Test? It's a good jam but don't you think it's a bit lazy playing just that one song?
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:15pm kat330:

@NGH: I also found a metal teaspoon striking the edge of a metal one-cup measure makes a cool sound. Very cowbell-ish.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:16pm FCC addendum:

EAS has put out 29 CD's, but all with the same arrangement. You can't top perfection. They tried actual marbles in a blender, but that just didn't cut it.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:16pm northguineahills:

cool kat330!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:17pm kat330:

At lEASt it seemed really truncated this time.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:20pm FCC addendum:

Had this been an actual emergency, it would have been tough noogies on you.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:20pm BSI:

diggin' this.
get me? DIGGIN'.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:21pm steve from cleve:

"tough" is the only way I've ever had my noogies. I've come to prefer it.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:23pm Graveyard Workers Local 216:

I dig.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:23pm tim from champaign:

The EAS Test songs that are played on the country stations fill me with more confidence in case there was an emergency. It has a lot of patriotism and swagger to it unlike the self-loathing and apologetic WFMU EAS jams.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:24pm kat330:

If youse guys in NJ are still with the hot temps, get ready for a change in weather. It's now almost 30 degrees cooler in the Louisville area compared with Mem. Day.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:25pm BSI:

gettin' diggy widdit. or something.
Just play this track repeatedly until you receive further instructions. Thanking you in advance, etc...
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:25pm BSI:

@kat330: true enough. Here in DC, they're predicting some kind of apocalypse to start at 6pm.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:26pm kat330:

Love the sound of helicopters in the morning!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:26pm Carmichael:

It will be one-frigging-hundred again today in sunny Californ-eye-ay. Humidity's only about 25%, though, which makes it fairly bearable.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 2:26pm bryce:

i knowww....yet another beaut from mr. menche.

i turned it down quite a bit, so it wouldn't get smoothed out by the broadcast limiters.....
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:27pm BSI:

  Fri. 6/1/12 2:28pm hooha:

Oooh, keep it just like that....
Don't stop....
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:28pm kat330:

Despite the "cold snap," it was a done deal for me to fix potato salad today, which is why now I'll be away from the keyboard for a bit.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:28pm G:

NYC meteo: was sunny this morning, cloudy right now, rain forceast for tonight and tomorow morning. In the low 70s right now, after most of a week in the upper 80s and really humid...
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:28pm Ed Zeppole:

"Listen honey, they're playing our song" Thanks, Bryce!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:30pm northguineahills:

My downstairs neighbors literally (yes, literally), only listen to the late 60s Stones. It's so bad, I can't listen to them any more. And, they are in their 20s. So, blasting this Daniel Menche makes me feel pretty damn good!!!!!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:31pm nic:

wow love daniel menche_i was listening 2 him this morning before your show_awesome_love this !!!!!!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:31pm G:

ngh is a real menche! :-)
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:32pm northguineahills:

It's 68 F/20 C here in Brooklyn and cloudy. The pressure is dropping, so, it'll probably rain w/in the next 3+ hours.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:32pm bruceleh:

  Fri. 6/1/12 2:32pm the glowing one:

oh no, it ended when it finally became interesting
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:32pm George of Troy:

That was awesome (the Menche).
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:33pm still b/p:

HEY hey
YOU you
Get off on my Grand Perpetuator!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:36pm BSI:

Capt.Bryce: I'm not finding "Zelphabet Vol.D" in his discog... what format is that? Did I hallucinate the whole thing? Am I still driving this car? What?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 2:37pm bryce:


it's from a (pretty great!) series of comps — zelphabet.com
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:39pm BSI:

Wow thanks. Jeezus. That Vol.C looks like a winner as well...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 2:50pm bryce:

our buddy/engineer extraordinaire Chop Shop (Scott Konzelmann)'s on that one!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:52pm kat330:

Mmm...like this!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:53pm the glowing one:

who's dreyblatt? this sounds like fred frith!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:54pm northguineahills:

cool! a new to me Dreyblatt!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:54pm Carmichael:

Hey, this song has both melody and rhythm. WTF?!??
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:55pm kat330:

Should be the ADding Machine.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:55pm pgw in mntclr:

i was fairly obsessed with "Nodal Excitation" for a while. dude is good.
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:57pm kat330:

Great tax time tune.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 2:57pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/1/12 2:58pm George of Troy:

Nice show, Bryce!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:58pm bruceleh:

zelphabet, wow, that's a great deal for 2 bills!
  Fri. 6/1/12 2:58pm nic:

thx for a sweet show!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm Basil Fawlty:

Don't mind him. He's in Barcelona.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm bryce:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm jason:

hey Bryce, see you at the campfire
  Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm Looms:

Thanks Bryce!
Hi Scott! Are you still jet lagged?
  Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm kat330:

About Dreyblatt: "The Adding Machine," represents my first venture into consecutive melody, utilizing the vertical tuning structure found on the fingerboard of an electric guitar which has been modified to perform in the tuning system used in my music. The piece gradually makes its way through successive tonal permutations expressed in "circular" patterns."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm bryce:

bye, all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm bryce:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/1/12 3:00pm jason:

tell us when we're live...in the secret room
  Fri. 6/1/12 3:01pm kat330:

Thanks, Bryce! Have a safe and warm weekend all!
  Fri. 6/1/12 3:01pm bryce:

omg, you are, like, SO live right now
  Fri. 6/1/12 3:01pm Accounting Dept.:

On the first of the month we say, "Add it add it add it."
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