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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options May 22, 2012: Tony Coulter Presents Tape Hiss: Heratius / PLEASE NOTE: "Tape Hiss" shows are not archived.

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Artist Track Album Label Year
THE IN-THEME  Holger Hiller: Toyshopshoptoy   Options      
HERATIUS  Side A   Options Enchantillion [test press of unreleased 2nd LP]    1979? 
HERATIUS  Side B   Options Enchantillion [test press of unreleased 2nd LP]    1979? 
HERATIUS  Side A: Kar Deche Blues / Vieil Homme et Nephertiti / Ragtyle   Options À Ciel Ouvert [private cassette]    197? 
HERATIUS  Side B: Caty Song / Morphine Pre Kut / Taj Mahal Koko   Options À Ciel Ouvert [private cassette]    197? 
HERATIUS  Side A: Morphine Pre Kut / Taj Mahal Koko / Phil the Schizoid King / L’anniverssaire de Charlotte (live concert) (extract)   Options On Aimerait Que Tu Arrives Avant la Fin [private cassette]    1976-77 
HERATIUS  Side B: Gwendolyne Blues / Thispath (extract) / The Strong Bolchoi / Le Chant des Partisans / The Shepherd ‘Occitania / Crescendo Synthe (extract) / Le Vieil Homme et Nephertiti   Options On Aimerait Que Tu Arrives Avant la Fin [private cassette]    1976-77 
ARMAND MIRALLES & PASCAL COMELADE  4 untitled tracks   Options The Black Box [7" EP]  Frigico/Parasite  1981 
THE OUT-THEME  Gelbart: My Favorite Vacation [part of] + Die Trip Computer Die: Airborn [part of]   Options      

Listener comments!

  Tue. 5/22/12 12:32am tonyc:

Hullo dere. Today's "Tape Hiss" features the great French seventies band Heratius -- whose one LP, "Gwendolyne Blues" (1978), is dedicated to Faust and the Residents ... which gives you some slight idea of where they were coming from. They consisted of Armand Miralles (aka "Armand Mirales"; vocals, guitar), Robert Diaz (saxophones, clarinets, piano, organ), Florence Leroy (piano, organ, percussion), and Kristof Temple (bass, electric guitar). We will hear their unreleased 2nd LP, two private tapes, and a super rare single. See you at noon!
  Tue. 5/22/12 11:58am Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

Salutations TC,
looking forward to another fun packed show of ultra rare tape recordings!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 11:59am tonyc:

Many thanks to Rich Lindsay for last week's fill-in!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 11:59am tonyc:

Greetings, Lord GB!
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:01pm Alf from Upstate:

Welome back Tony! So GLAD you're on every week.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:01pm tonyc:

Hey there, Alf!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:15pm tonyc:

Heratius's one released LP, "Gwendolyne Blues," has sadly never been reissued, but can be found on Mutant Sounds: mutant-sounds.blogspot.com...
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:15pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:17pm tonyc:

Glad your lordship approves!
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:18pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

  Tue. 5/22/12 12:20pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:21pm tonyc:

The principal guitarist is Armand Miralles.
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:22pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:24pm tonyc:

See the band lineup included in my first comment, though some members -- perhaps Robert Diaz -- are probably missing on this recording. (There's no info at all on this test press.)
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:25pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

Any reason why this amazing album was not released?
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:26pm northguineahills:

Yes, this is nice...
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:26pm tonyc:

@ Lord GB: Don't know -- probably just the band breaking up and lack of money. If I ever start a label, I will try to release it myself!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:29pm tonyc:

Hola, northguineahills!
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:32pm listener james from westwood:

good tuesday all. been a crazy morning but happy to come to rest w/ tony and y'all and some rarities.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:34pm tonyc:

Greeting, listener james!
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:35pm northguineahills:

Hallo hallo, tony!
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:37pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

Seriously recommend Ultimate Thule's Cosmic Egg label of unreleased or rare krautrock releases
1. Out Of Focus - Not Too Late (UTCE 001) 41'05"
2. Günter Schickert & GAM - Eiszeit (UTCE 002) 42'36"
3. Kontrast (ex Out Of Focus) - Kontrast Vol. 1&2 (UTCE 003) CD
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:39pm tonyc:

Thanks, Lord GB! I've got the first two, which are indeed quite fab.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:46pm tonyc:

I could be wrong about the personnel being reduced on this test press, but what's definitely missing is Robert Diaz's clarinet and sax, which is a big part of Heratius's sound on their other recordings -- as you'll hear on the cassettes coming up next.
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:48pm Van in DC:

Late, but hi there Tony & peoples. Happy World Goth Day :)
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:49pm tonyc:

Hey there, Van the Goth!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 12:53pm tonyc:

I'm guessing the track order as given on the cassette insert doesn't correspond to the tape -- this is probably really the second-listed track -- but I'm just giving you what's written, wrong or not.
  Tue. 5/22/12 12:53pm Van in DC:

Just for a day mind you ;)
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:04pm tonyc:

I promised you tape hiss, and here it is!
  Tue. 5/22/12 1:06pm Ricardo Montalban:

This is all wonderfully off-kilter, Tony!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:07pm tonyc:

Glad you like, Ricardo! Greetings -- and thanks again for last week's fill-in!
  Tue. 5/22/12 1:08pm Ricardo Montalban:

Was my pleasure. Loads of fun! Thank you again.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:26pm tonyc:

In case anybody's curious, here's the cover of the cassette on now: static.rateyourmusic.com...
  Tue. 5/22/12 1:34pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

Tony, ever heard Magma's BBC Londres album -1974 recordings at the BBC?

Seem a bit strange to me - as though the band were just messing about?
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:39pm tonyc:

Might have. I've heard a BBC recording from '74 (I think, don't have it at hand) that I quite like. It prominently features Brian Godding (of Blossom Toes!) on guitar. Not sure if that's the one you mean.
  Tue. 5/22/12 1:39pm Doug S.:

Hey Ricardo, 'twas a fine show last week!

Tony, today's program is wonderful. Completely atypical for you. All your other shows are merely extraordinary.
  Tue. 5/22/12 1:44pm Ricardo Montalban:

Thank you Doug! Was mucho fun. Listener comments made it fun, too.
while still nice, most listener feedback I get while doing my KBOO show is by phone, often by drunk and/or crazy people.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  Tue. 5/22/12 1:46pm Ricardo Montalban:

Wow! This is amazing stuff, Tony! Too cool! Love the loopy guitar bits.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:48pm tonyc:

While we're passing out thanks, let me thank Eurock's Archie Patterson again for selling and loaning me the super rare material heard today. He kept it hermetically sealed in a vault until I arrived in Portland.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:49pm tonyc:

The rest of this side is all from a live concert.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:52pm tonyc:

Here's the cover of the tape on now: static.rateyourmusic.com...
  Tue. 5/22/12 1:53pm Ricardo Montalban:

Archie's awesome and his hermitically sealed vault is legendary. I hear the guards train their entire lifetime to stand at complete attention, even when tourists hassle them.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 1:58pm tonyc:

Coming up after this tape: a mega rare single featuring Armand Miralles of Heratius in a duo with Pascal Comelade. It's an edition of 3 and one of the Heratius things Archie wouldn't sell me -- but he did let me borrow it!
  Tue. 5/22/12 2:00pm northguineahills:

This is great lunch music.
  Tue. 5/22/12 2:02pm Kay:

I arrived too late to hear the test press Enchantillion. Is there any hope of hearing it elsewhere?
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:04pm tonyc:

@ northguineahills: Funny, my cat is eating lunch to Heratius right now.
Hi, Kay! Sadly, no, unfortunately.
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:18pm tonyc:

Next week's show, by the way, will be a regular freeform show. Have built up lots of stuff to play for you, including German porno.
  Tue. 5/22/12 2:25pm listener james from westwood:

That will bring new meaning to "Ride of the Valkyries."
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:40pm tonyc:

By the way, some of the tracks heard today are alternate versions of tracks on the "Gwendolyne Blues" LP.
  Tue. 5/22/12 2:45pm northguineahills:

Awesome set. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:47pm tonyc:

Thanks, northguineahills! Glad you liked it!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:48pm tonyc:

Here's the cover of the EP on now: static.rateyourmusic.com...
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:49pm tonyc:

And here's a shot I took of the inside: rateyourmusic.com...
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:50pm tonyc:

The line-up here: Armand Miralles: guitars; Pascal Comelade: everything else.
  Tue. 5/22/12 2:50pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

saved the best for last, TC, though whole show was great!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:50pm tonyc:

Thanks, your lordship!
  Tue. 5/22/12 2:58pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

has anything else come out related to the band since 1981?
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:59pm Doug S.:

There are two more radio shows coming up this evening on Give the Drummer Radio:

At 6pm (Eastern), I will return with a one-hour edition of Give the Drummer Some. Tonight, I will be playing exclusively bed music, that is, tracks that I normally use to talkover during microphone breaks.

Immediately following me, 7-9pm, will be the second ever live installment of Kaminsky Kamoutsky with Jesse. Jesse Kaminsky coming to you live from Boston. Tonight, Jesse's special co-collaborator will be Ken Avery, owner of Motorcycleface Records.

Immediately following Tony Coulter's TAPE HISS, the stream has queued up these remarkable musical maestros:

Charlie Barnet
Montella Swing
Bobby Benson & His Combo
Kalambya Boys
Osayomore Joseph
Narit Ari
Soonthorn Sujarichan
Granmoun Lélé
Etta Jones
The Four Jays
The Epsilon
and more
and more
and eternally more...
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 2:59pm tonyc:

@ Lord GB of GB: Regarding post-1981 Heratius-related material: There's just one EP, by Armand Miralles and M.K.B. (probably a split release, not a duo). That's it, as far as I know.
  Tue. 5/22/12 2:59pm listener james from westwood:

a privilege to listen in! thanks tony!
Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 3:00pm tonyc:

Thanks james! And every one else, for listening. See ya next week!!
  Tue. 5/22/12 3:02pm Lord GB of GB (A Mancunian Odyssey):

what about playing

Rex Higgins
Steve Flea
The Wretched Admiral Sphincter
Hot Nadjers
Red Buttocks and
Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Rutles Weekend Tv – 02.06.1975

The Old Gay Whistle Test

Avatar Tue. 5/22/12 3:07pm tonyc:

A last-minute note: Armand Miralles's name is sometimes spelt with one "l" ... don't ask me why!
  Tue. 5/22/12 3:17pm Van in DC:

Work called and I missed most of the show, but thanks Tony!
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