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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options May 17, 2012: The Failure of the Body

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Donna Summer  Love to Love You Baby   Options   0:17:07 ()
Giorgio Moroder  Einzelgänger   Options Einzelgänger  0:17:30 ()
Giorgio Moroder  The Chase   Options Midnight Express OST  0:18:03 ()
Donna Summer  I Feel Love   Options   0:22:36 ()
Peter Thomas Sound Orchester  Black Power   Options Moonflowers & Mini Skirts  0:31:05 ()
Blue Sausage Infant  How to achieve Somnambulism   Options Manitou  0:43:38 ()
tomutonttu  Untitled   Options Elavana Planeetalla  0:49:34 ()
Nurse With Wound/Graham Bowers  Rupture (excerpt)   Options Rupture  0:53:18 ()
Ulaan Khol  Untitled (7)   Options II  1:02:39 ()
Pierre Henry  Hangar D'Avions   Options L'Homme à la Caméra  1:31:02 ()
Pierre Henry  Eau + Machines   Options L'Homme à la Caméra  1:31:21 ()
Pierre Henry  Pompiers   Options L'Homme à la Caméra  1:31:47 ()
Ramon Sender  Worldfood VII (To See Him With My Eyes)   Options Worldfood  1:32:21 ()
King Kong (Laurent Jeanneau)  Khosa   Options Xinjiang  1:48:24 ()
Third Ear Band  air   Options Third Ear Band  2:04:16 ()
Egisto Macchi  richiami spaziali   Options I Futuribili  2:14:16 ()
Black Magic Disco  untitled   Options Black Magic Disco  2:22:11 ()
Trevor Wishart  American Triptych   Options voiceprints  2:49:53 ()
Poetics  Factor A   Options Critical Inquiry in Green  2:53:45 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/17/12 3:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Donna Summer has died. Thanks for the tribute.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:17pm BSI:

The Moroder the merrier...
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:17pm northguineahills:

Thanks for the Donna. Also, it seems like a James Tenney type of day. Oh, a Jason Forrest (donna summer) vs Donna Summer mashup would be apropos.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:18pm Cecile:

Awesome set, Fabio.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:18pm northguineahills:

nice, bsi....
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:19pm Luis:

And thanks for the Einzelganger. Haven't heard it in ages, and it's the first thing the bad news about Donna Summer brought to mind. Will Sparks be far behind?
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:21pm Chris from DC:

This makes me think of Art Bell. He used this as rejoiner music for years.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:21pm Sturk:

Uhhh... is this a show about UFos and stuff?
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:22pm paula pc:

thank you, Fabio...she made electronic music shine, no doubt...
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:23pm fred von helsing:

Just for this day, for this hour, let it be a Donna summer
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Failure of Disco.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:24pm still b/p:

Saw an obit that listed a handful of her hits, "all songs that were the signature of the excess and glamor of the disco era." Well...OK, if you say so.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:24pm Tom L.:

Donna Summer -- The first techno song ever. "I feel love, I feel love..."
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:24pm Tom L.:

Disco sucks. Cancer sucks even worse. RIP Donna.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:25pm Sturk:

I didn't know Donna Summer stole Kraftwerk's equipment.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:26pm too much coffee:

very kraftwerkian
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:26pm too much coffee:

@sturk: beat me to it!
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

she probably stole their hearts too.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:30pm Rodney:

Although Moroder was aping Kraftwerk to an extent, Kraftwerk's music was sexless. Moroder's collaborations with Donna Summer were the opposite of sexless.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:30pm BSI:

I've always dug the Moroder/Summer stuff, though [sacrilege warning] utterly despise what Giorgio did with Sparks. There. I said it. The beatings may commence now.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:33pm andymorphic:

this is dynamite
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:34pm northguineahills:

I concur Rodney.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:35pm still b/p:

Among some college friends, a general term of contempt for disco -- for the music, the realm, the people of either sex -- was "bimbo"...goin' to the bimbo shop, goin out bimboin'. One guy got a jersey as a gift with a custom quote adaptation: "I will bimbo no more forever."
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:36pm northguineahills:

(forgot a comma)
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:37pm Cecile:

I didn't like the disco that was too pop, too highly orchestrated, but I always enjoyed her stuff with Giorgio Moroder as a teen.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:38pm northguineahills:

I have to admit, I was in my early 20s before I could appreciate some disco.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:38pm Cecile:

She died of lung cancer. Some doctors think that lung cancer for women should now be considered as much a gender-associated cancer as ovarian or breast.

Donna was the exception for a lot of rockers, Fabio, you're right.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:38pm dc apt:

man gotta say I was/am in the rock camp. whatayagonnado?
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:39pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/17/12 3:39pm dc apt:

man BSI getting the air play!!
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:40pm BSI:

thanks man.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:40pm Chris from DC:

  Thu. 5/17/12 3:41pm paula pc:

this is great, BSI!!!
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:41pm fred von helsing:

disco did suck back then but well so did the who and the stones and zep and peter F'ing frampton. hooray for the sex pistols! but well heck now we have a world without donna.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:43pm northguineahills:

Nice, I think that's the 3rd BSI tune I've heard. Keep them coming.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:45pm still b/p:

Sirius had a classic disco channel that I listened to a bit, enjoying it and laughing at how heavy my hostility was back in the material's Top 40 day.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:45pm Cheri Pi:

Go BSI!!!
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:46pm fred von helsing:

the old days. but then the thing we then called FM radio turned into what we had previously called AM radio, and the thing we then called AM radio turned into a fucking monster. clear channel must die.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:48pm Rarus Avis:

digg'n dis shit (BSI). hoping my w'coast station gets a copy of this.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:48pm dc apt:

Favorite piece so far BSI, nice work.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:50pm BSI:

Thanks folks. Might be confusing mine (creepy bacon radio noise & growling dogs) with this gorgeous thing here....
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

great, leave my desk for 10 minutes and miss the BSI...there is NO GOD
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:54pm dc apt:

Nope, I was talking mostly about bacon radio + growling...did get a little mixed up though.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:55pm still b/p:

"Creepy bacon radio noise" would be nice as a lyric and I immediately heard it to the tune of Moody River.
  Thu. 5/17/12 3:59pm Cecile:

Ye Gods. There is a basketball player named Metta World Peace.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:00pm glenn:

because that sounds better than insane ron artest.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there used to be a basketball player named "World B Free".
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:01pm Chris from DC:

The former Ron Artest.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:02pm Cecile:

Oh, brother.

DCE, I remember him!
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh this is Steven R Smith? wow...http://tripjam.blogspot.com/2011/02/ulaan-khol.html
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:05pm Cecile:

ha, the article on Metta World Peace was about him elbowing someone in the head during a game. Not very peaceful
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/17/12 4:07pm Cheri Pi:

whoever he is, those are some heavy, smokey jams.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:07pm still b/p:

Saw that elbowing clip. xtreme ouch.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:09pm northguineahills:

Whether through laziness or aesthetic preference, I haven't been one to release any recordings. However, my bandmate wants our recordings to have more exposure then just our site (that i do nothing to promote). In what direction should I proceed? (ngh aka aaron): http://www.parenthesismusic.com/rotc/
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:10pm Cecile:

you sound just fine.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ngh, I'll check it out when I get home. I want ALL the music.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

we're called LUNATICS
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:12pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/17/12 4:12pm Listener Eric:

Great set Tuesday night at Dynasty BSI! You're doing the Lord's work...
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:12pm too much coffee:

  Thu. 5/17/12 4:13pm Cecile:

socially inept.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:13pm lopi:

hey man ,,, dont label me !!!!
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:13pm too much coffee:

idlers. blabbermouths. layabouts. soon to be unemployed...
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:14pm still b/p:

@ tmc -- Louis Posteurs?
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:14pm Cecile:

ADD-addled, malingerers, underachivers and unfocused.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:15pm northguineahills:

Thanks, DCE, I want to take advantage of all the free time I have before I start working again.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:15pm too much coffee:

sitting on our poster-iors...
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:15pm too much coffee:

aka our brains
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:15pm too much coffee:

just letting it flow
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:15pm BSI:

I thought we were Thee Winged Monkeys...? Or is that just the unwashed wednesday morning mob?
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:15pm too much coffee:

for all to enjoy.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:16pm Cecile:

unwashed Wednesday mob.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:18pm Luis:

So, BSI, way back you poo-poo'd the Sparks/Moroder output. None of it tickled your fancy? "Number One Song in Heaven," even? Or are you just not a Sparks fan?
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:18pm Kenzo (last ever):

This pleases my headphones.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:20pm BSI:

@Luis: sorry for the poo-poo. I'm a huge Sparks fan, just of the earlier stuff. I think their more rock-oriented stuff suited the songwriting better.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:21pm BSI:

Kimono My House, specifically: a perfect record...
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:22pm Luis:

What do you think of The Quick, then? Upstart Sparks wannabes? (Remember: Earle Mankey produced their album.)
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:22pm northguineahills:

BSI, do you have vinyl released?
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:26pm BSI:

@Luis: haven't heard 'em. Must investigate!
@NGH: yessir, but I'm not one to advertise here, for fear of "abusing the privilege" -- so, uh, 2nd from the top: http://tinyurl.com/7fwu48m . I shut up now & retreat to dark corner.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:27pm Cecile:

Luis, didn't they have a dance song called Zulu? Am I remembering that right?
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:28pm Luis:

"Mondo Deco" is the album. It emerged from the sidelines of the LA punk scene. Power pop of the highest order.

The Quick? Zulu? Doesn't ring a bell.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:29pm Luis:

Indeed, there's a The Quick with a tune Zulu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smtkTXWfP_Y. But it isn't the LA Sparks sibling.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:29pm Cecile:

never mind, they were British.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:29pm northguineahills:

sweet, BSI. I'll look for it in the hood (I have an archaic practice of only buying music at brick & mortar stores). I think your material is good dj fodder.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:32pm glenn:

i support that archaic practise.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:34pm BSI:

Likewise (archaic practice aforementioned).
And this audio is a treasure. My compliments to the chef.
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:36pm northguineahills:

Holy speedos, I've never heard this Ramon Sender. It is deliscious!
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:38pm paula pc:

this is overwhelming
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:42pm other david:

My god, it's full of food!
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:44pm too much coffee:

damn!!! I want to understand what they're saying!!!
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:44pm Mr Donut:

Whoa I'm pickin up some chatter in my fillings!
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:45pm too much coffee:

"the blood is shining out of my eyes", as Till Lindemann might say
  Thu. 5/17/12 4:49pm northguineahills:

Vermilion music of Betelgeuse?
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:03pm too much coffee:

well, cinema and fire bombing. depends on your point of view, you see
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:04pm BSI:

Snow-globes are a pretty remarkable achievement, if you think about it.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:05pm Cecile:

I personally like microfibers.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:07pm glenn:

i'm a kaleidoscope man, myself.
Avatar Thu. 5/17/12 5:08pm Kenzo (last ever):

Grand Illusion, great film.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:09pm northguineahills:

I needa vamoose. Awesome show, Fabio. See everyone real soon! Friður!
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:10pm northguineahills:

What, no love for Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulators?
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:15pm Rodney:

This Egisto Macchi album is fantastic. There should be more reissues because the originals are unaffordable.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:17pm dale:

i have third ear bands album of soundtrack for macbeth. worth a listen.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:17pm BSI:

NGH: I've got one of those. And it makes me feel greater. [it's a superman creator]... etc...
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:18pm dale:

i have third ear bands album of soundtrack for polanski's macbeth. worth a listen.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:19pm dale:

oooh, double posted cuz first one seemed lost to the ether - sorry fabs
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:25pm nic:

this is great_pierre henry was great 2
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:45pm BSI:

re: this edit piece: love it times infinity. Must have.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:46pm Rarus Avis:

re: edit piece: i agree with BSI. must have.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Do you have some Syttende Mai music to close things out?
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:46pm other david:

Enjoying the show a lot Fabio, thanks.

Was out for a walk around dusk here, listened to Loveless for the first time in maybe a year.. came home, turned on WFMU.. this show has been the perfect follow on while I sit and relax with a beer.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Love "I Feel Love", revolutionary dance music track--I'm glad Donna (and Moroder, her producer) have been honored today. In fact, the 16 minute remix (of "I Feel Love") by Patrick Cowley was probably the first underground extended dance mix back in '78.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:58pm dale:

american gigolo was 79.
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:59pm Parq:

Clay, "Cat People" was Bowie's "Putting out fire with gasoline" song!
  Thu. 5/17/12 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

I have mp3s of the 4 minute single of "I Feel Love", the 12" 8 minute extended, and a fairly rare mp3 of the Patrick Cowley mix. Love my half-hour of "I Feel Love"!
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