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Options May 10, 2012: Riding on my Bicycle

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
R.Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders  Pedal Your Blues Away   Options Singing in the Bathtub    0:00:00 ()
Oliver  Tricycle   Options Sanding Stone    0:02:28 ()
The Roches  My New Bicycle   Options Will You Be My Friend?    0:03:28 ()
Tom Waits  Broken Bicycles   Options One From the Heart    0:05:27 ()
Leo Kottke  Busted Bicycle   Options 6- & 12- String Guitar    0:08:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:11:14 ()
Monty Python  Bicycle Repairman   Options     0:15:52 ()
Kimya Dawson  My Bike   Options Knock-Knock Who?    0:19:10 ()
The Mixtures  The Pushbike Song   Options Intro: The Mixtures Ep    0:22:19 ()
Stephen Tunney  One Wheel   Options Unicycle Today.com    0:25:03 ()
Yaro  Rowery Dwa   Options     0:27:40 ()
Shonen Knife  Cycling is Fun   Options Let's Knife    0:30:38 ()
Cracker  I Ride My Bike   Options Kerosene Hat    0:35:05 ()
Black Mountain  Bicycle Man   Options Druganaut    0:41:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       0:45:02 ()
Frank Zappa  Playing Bicycle on the Steve Allen Show   Options     0:51:31 ()
Pink Floyd  Bike   Options Echoes- The Best of Pink Floyd    1:02:29 ()
Tomorrow  My White Bicycle   Options Nuggets II    1:05:48 ()
Baroques  Bicycle   Options Purple Day    1:08:53 ()
Davie Allan & the Arrows  Biker's Lament   Options Loud, Loose and Savage    1:11:21 ()
Queen  Bicycle Race   Options Greatest Hits    1:14:02 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:17:18 ()
The Pale Fountains  Bicycle Theives   Options ...from Across the Kitchen Table    1:22:16 ()
Unkown Mortal Orchestra  Bicycle   Options     1:26:18 ()
The Ex  Bicycle Illusion   Options Catch My Shoe    1:31:42 ()
Japanther  Metal Bike   Options     1:37:31 ()
Mental Conspiracy  Wear Your Bike Helmet   Options V/A Til Someone Loses an Eye    1:41:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:44:48 ()
Yao Li  Riding a Bicycle in Spring   Options Rose, Rose, I Love You    1:46:20 ()
Yves Montand  A Bicyclette   Options La Bicyclette    1:49:03 ()
Englebert Humperdinck  Les Bicyclettes Del Belsize   Options Single    1:51:40 ()
African Music Machine  Bicycle   Options African Music Machine    1:54:41 ()
Boruk Glasgow  Orgone Bicycle   Options Blackhole Boogie    2:01:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       2:05:42 ()
Alvin and The Chipmunks  Bicycle Built for Two   Options     2:10:49 ()
Vernon and Burns  Bke Built for Two   Options More Music Hall Magic    2:13:37 ()
Sandy Coast  Turning Round the Pedals of our Tandem   Options The Original Hit Recordings and More    2:14:38 ()
Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo  High School Shop Class Constructs Bicycle Built for 26   Options Strange But True    2:18:03 ()
Jason Crest  Turquoise Tandem Cycle   Options Rubble 15 (5000 over Toyland)    2:20:02 ()
Blur  Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made For Two)   Options Sunday Sunday    2:23:06 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       2:26:02 ()
Deperate Bicycles  Handlebars   Options Annother Commercial Venture    2:27:46 ()
Bouncing Souls  The BMX Song   Options Maniacal Laughter    2:28:26 ()
Horny Mormons  Michael Got a Unicycle   Options     2:30:21 ()
Blurt  The Fish Needs a Bike   Options Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol. 1    2:31:41 ()
John Cale  Bicycle   Options     2:34:24 ()
Múm  Slow Bicycle   Options Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK    2:39:26 ()
Deerhoof  Midnight Bicycle Mystery   Options The Runners Four    2:48:09 ()
Kraftwerk  Tour de France   Options Tour De France    2:50:09 ()
Jason Checkla  Unicycle Boy   Options Unicycle Today.com    2:53:27 ()
Brad Anders  Don't Paint Your Bike in the Garage   Options V/A Til Someone Loses an Eye    2:55:54 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/10/12 6:01am Chuck:

Morning! No biking until this afternoon.
Still to wet out...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:03am pierre:

Bonjour Meghan !
Bonur parkies !

"Elle éclabousse tout !!…"
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:04am Chuck:

Bonjour Pierre! Whatever you just said means...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:04am fred von helsing:

if you play sk8r boi I shall shirley die
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 6:05am Meghan:

Stupid rain! Good morning all!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:06am Hollis (U.K):

Pink Floyd .. Bike? err maybe not. 8-P
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:07am Chuck:

It'll clear up by this afternoon, Meg. Saturday is gonna be beautiful! Sunny and mid 70s temps! Can't wait!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:08am Chuck:

Grease up you bicycle chains!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 6:08am Meghan:

Saturday I am up in Boston. But still, it will be nice to be free of bad weather. Hollis, I have it in the line up!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:10am pierre:

@ Chuck : that means "it (she) splashes everything !!…" it's what on the poster that Meghan just posted above the playlist.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:10am fred von helsing:

The chains that bind us are bicycular
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:10am Chuck:

I'll be working on Saturday. Got a deadline to meet...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:11am Chuck:

Thanks, Pierre, but I beat you to it. I looked it up on BabelFish translations... hehe...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:14am Caryn:

Aw, missed the first 2 songs, but never mind (the archives exist)...

"It's the cycle of life, it's the wheel of fortune..."
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:15am Chuck:

"It's a small furry creature from Alpha Centuri..."
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:19am Chuck:

It's sort of a loss not seeing the visuals for this...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:21am Caryn:

@Chuck: just wait for the set that consists entirely of Mr Pither's cycling trip! 30 minutes without visuals.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:24am Chuck:

Ah, just found "Bicycle Repairman" on YouTube. I'll look at it after the show...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:24am ausmanx:

ah, as the Australian listener, thought I'd wait till this turned up, because it just HAD TO. evening Meghan and everyone... back from five weeks in Europe using all those free bikes they've got in every city over there... very civilised!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 6:26am Meghan:

Hello Ausmanx! Or should I say good evening!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:31am Caryn:

Oh those funky Poles...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 6:32am Meghan:

I direct request too!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:33am Chuck:

Somehow I don't think I'd be very intimidated by a cop wearing knickers and riding a bicycle like the one in the picture...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 6:34am Meghan:

errrr that was A not I...... come on fingers.... I said A in my head
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:34am Caryn:

@Chuck: especially when the bicycle looks like you could knock it over by tapping it gently with a feather.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:35am Chuck:

I think you could just cough at it and it would fall, Caryn! hehe...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:38am fred von helsing:

I'm using a kinda beat-up bike right now. I'm not sure
what to name it so I'd like the audience's opinion.
Option 1: << Superklunk >>
Option 2: << Big, Brown, and Tubular >>
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:38am Hollis (U.K):

this cracker track, they have stolen a riff .. bugging from what tune.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:39am Caryn:

Even nowadays those cops on bikes in their little shorts in NY don't exactly radiate authority, and they at least have mountain bikes.
Seriously, I understand the mechanical reasoning for the penny-farthing back in the day, but still, I can't look at one very seriously.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 6:40am Meghan:

Oh, I like Superklunk..... rolls off the tongue easier!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:42am Caryn:

@FVH: I vote for Superklunk, because
a) anything "super" automatically tends to get my vote
b) the k-sounds make it a humorous name
c) it has a "simple=beautiful" aesthetic
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:42am Dafydd:

Option 2 could be misinterpreted . . .
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:42am fred von helsing:

My buddy said the same... SUPERKLUNK it is !
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:42am Chuck:

And what if the bicycle cops have to arrest someone, Caryn? Do they have the person sit on the handlebars? hehe...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:43am fred von helsing:

@adafydd You betcha !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 6:43am Meghan:

they need a side car..... or a tow in the back. or a kids seat....
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:44am Andy in Berlin:

Officially logging in. Good morning everybody!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:44am Dafydd:

I wouldn't want a bicycle cops job. At the end of the day I'd be 2 tired to do anything.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:45am Chuck:

And what if the arrested person is really fat! This sounds like a comedy sketch in the making...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:45am Caryn:

My last bike was a purple half-mountainbike/half-normal bike that was made in either West or East Germany (can't remember which, but the point is, it's from the time of 2 Germanies). About 7 years ago, my then-flatmate had her bike stolen and I sold her my bike on the cheap. (I didn't use it much then, and she used her bike every day.) Now I could actually use a bike, but don't have one anymore.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:47am fred von helsing:

The coolest utility bikes are in hAmsterdam
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:47am Caryn:

@Chuck: if they arrest anyone, they call in a bicycle built for two, so the criminal can pedal himself to the jail accompanied by a cop.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:47am Chuck:

I haven't had a bicycle since I was 12, Caryn. I could probably use one myself considering where I live...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:47am Dafydd:

Maybe they should be riding a tandem - they you handcuff the offending person to the 2nd seat and force them to pedal.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:48am HAL 9000:

  Thu. 5/10/12 6:50am streetside bicycle seat vendor:

I am ready to take your orders
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:50am streetside bicycle seat vendor:

you pervs
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:53am Chuck:

Is this from the Steve Allen show?
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:53am Chuck:

Ah, question answered...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:53am Caryn:

One example of the ludicrousness of the penny-farthing: if the bicycle hit a rock or pothole or whatever, or if the rider tried to brake too hard, it was extremely common for the penny-farthing to throw the rider off over the handlebars. Deaths and serious head injuries due to this were a daily occurrence. This lead to riders, when going down steep hills, to take their feet off the pedals and up on the handlebars so that if they were thrown off at such high speeds, they could land feet-first. Seriously, that is ridiculous!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:54am Caryn:

I'm such a fan of Steve Allen, I'd enjoy this even without Zappa there playing a bicycle.
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:55am Chuck:

Ouch, Caryn! You won't get me on one of those!
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:56am Caryn:

@Chuck: you won't get me on one of them either! Of course, I think that's more due to the fact that I couldn't get on to that high seat in the first place...
  Thu. 5/10/12 6:59am pennyfarthing:

He is not a number. He is a free man!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:00am Chuck:

I'd need a step stool myself...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:00am Caryn:

Looking at the wheelmen drawing, I'm starting to think that the cop in the bottom left corner is desperately shoving the guy waving the top hat back, because even the small breeze created by a hat being waved could cause all those penny-farthings to collapse.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:03am Chuck:

And that's another thing. Isn't wheelman slang for the criminal who drives the getaway car? They're using it for the cops in the picture...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:06am ausmanx:

for the greatest bicycle powered musical project in history, check this out... http://www.jonroseweb.com/f_projects_pursuit.html
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:06am Chuck:

More to add to the comedy sketch! A cops and robbers chase scene on pennyfarthings!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:06am Caryn:

Yeah, in the old days, a wheelman was someone who rode a bike. Then it referred to people who rode a bike for a job (like those cops). When cars became common, it began to refer to professional drivers and then to getaway drivers.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:08am maestroso:

Tomorrow! I was waiting for this song...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:09am Chuck:

Classic 60s garage rock!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:12am Mikey:

i have to oil my chain!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:14am Chuck:

Thanks for sharing, Mikey...
Seriously, the theme has me thinking I really should get a bicycle. Haven't had one in a lot of years...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:15am Caryn:

Recent tv appearances of the penny-farthing:
-"Family Guy"'s Phineas and Barnaby (the handlebar-moustachioed old-timey athletes) ride a penny-farthing everywhere.
-on Conan, they've had "Ghost Rider of a penny-farthing" make 2 appearances so far.
And from Australia, some footage from their annual National Penny-farthing Championships: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iHDrl6qe1s
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 7:15am Meghan:

With all those hills out by you Chuck, it'd be a great ride!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:17am Chuck:

I was thinking the same thing, Meg! Question is what do good bikes go for these days...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:18am Chuck:

And what are the good brands? Don't want a cheapy that breaks down all the time...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:19am maestroso:

Trek and Cannondale come to mine. I have one of each.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:20am maestroso:

Come to mind.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:21am Chuck:

Understood, Maestroso. Which models do you have? That can make a difference too...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:25am maestroso:

The Trek Madone is a road racing bike; very light and fast. I don't race at present but got a good deal on it. The Cannondale is a mountain bike. Both are very well built and robust.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 7:25am Meghan:

I have a specialized Stumpjumper..... but I got skinnier tires. Chuck, you should do a road bike since I doubt you plan on going off road
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:27am Chuck:

Holy crap! Was just looking at some Cannondale models and the least expensive is over $600! The most expensive is over $2K! Guess the bike idea is on extended hold...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:28am Chuck:

If I'm gonna spend over $2K on something it better have 4 wheels and an engine!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 7:28am Meghan:

Don't buy new! I got mine used. And with all the students in your area, I am sure they will be selling their bikes at the end of the year when they move. Bikes can be amazingly expensive!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:29am KP:

Didnt Randy Newman have a song, "My Unicycle Built for Two"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 7:30am Meghan:

did he? I like the title none the less....
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:33am Nathan:

@Chuck What sort've riding do you plan on doing? and where do you live?
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:36am Chuck:

I live in New Paltz, NY, Nathan. It's in the Catskill mountains and the area is hilly. Meghan is right that I wouldn't be doing off road, so a road bike would be best for me. Trick is can I find a good road bike for less than $500...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:36am KP:

For this bicycle themed show, Meghan is the spokeswoman.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 7:37am Meghan:

Oh, I need an instant rim shot
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:43am Caryn:

You need Zappa to play a rim shot on a bicycle.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:45am KP:

So helmets are what you're pedaling?
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:45am Berg:

nice yawn there Meg ;o)
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:46am pierre:

I like the beach boys bandwich… :)
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:46am Berg:

God I need a coffee myself..
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:47am KP:

What is cold brewed coffee?
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:47am Nathan:

@Chuck Ebay. Get a used one. You can find great road bikes of all ages. With an older one you may need to replace bottom bracket / chain / brake pads / cables but once serviced should serve you well and come in under budget. If it's rainy you may want to consider getting something with mud guards. There are some deals out there. I've found that touring bikes (which are really road bikes with lots of extra panniers etc) don't look 'cool' and therefore aren't as desirable but once you take all that stuff off are really good bikes and usually go for cheaper.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:47am Andrew Waterloo:

I totally second you on the Ex Meghan. That and just about everything they do on the side.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:48am KP:

I like the way you switched gears there.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:49am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

I was almost killed by a bicycle helmet.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:50am KP:

Bon jour, Pierre!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:51am pierre:


I LOVE THIS SONG !!! — so poetic
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:52am Chuck:

I'll be checking into it, thanks Nathan! I may have the needed funds in a couple of weeks. A lot of work has come my way of late...
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:54am Caryn:

Loved the Montand!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 7:56am Meghan:

Cold brew coffee is coffee that is steeped in cold water for 24 hours and cut with some water..... but a ton of caffeine. I had one recently and my stomach was going crazy.... I thought I was hungry, but it was the caffeine!
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:57am Chuck:

Hum. Just looking on EBay. There are some inexpensive bikes there. I'll need to find the right size one though because I'm short...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 7:58am Meghan:

go to your local bike store and have them measure you. talk to them about what you should look for. Then go back and check Ebay. Jeff has bought MANY great bikes from there.
  Thu. 5/10/12 7:59am Simon:

good morning! Just back from a Safe Driving course. The cyclists of Oxfordshire are now in marginally less peril than they were before.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:00am Simon:

By the way - I'm impressed the bike tunes are still going after 2 hours. I pretty much drew a blank this week.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:00am KP:

Twenty-four hours sounds pretty intense. I throw a Starbucks packet in a glass of ice water and I'm pretty happy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 8:01am Meghan:

Me too Simon! ha!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:02am karen:

'Morning Meghan
That looks like DOM on his bike!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:02am KP:

Simon that reminds me of the car radio police reports you are forced to listen to in Uk. Maybe it's just rental cars.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:03am Bugle:

Love the 1st vintage poster... Speaks to the battle of human power with Big Oil! (careful out there!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:03am Nathan:

@Chuck Just had a quick look and there are plenty of good condition ones by good manufacturers out there that fall well within your price range. They're not the newest 70s / 80s / 90s but they're good enough. You defo want to work out your frame size. Most important is making sure the frame is in good nick, everything else is replaceable as and when budget permits.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:04am fred von helsing:

had to duck out to a meeting... I come back to some awesomely weird stuff
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:06am KP:

My wife has a nice "girly" Trek and I bought a Schwinn from someone at work. We are total wimps so it's only parks. Jones Beach boardwalk is best but they clamped down this year.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:06am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Craigslist is a great place to find a good deal on a bicycle of dubious provenance.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:07am Chuck:

Already checked elsewhere on bike size, all. I need one in the 46 cm range. There's an older Trek listed on Ebay that size that's only $130. That's more like my price range!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:08am KP:

See ya, still up from work. Time to hit the brakes.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:10am Dafydd:

Humpledink? What's a Humpledink?
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:10am Nathan:

@Chuck There ya go! On to a winner.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:10am Simon:

It's loosely related to a Heffalump
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:10am trolly:

those top gear races are fixed!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:12am Jim Devoid:

Yeah bikes! Brought my trail bike in today! Sinister "Gruitr". Stands for "Get Right In there, Robbie" in reference to stoned dudes being yelled at to properly milk a cow by their uncle....only a bunch of stoned Massholes would come up with a name like this...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:12am Marmalade kitty:

morning Meghan, all! top gear is hilarious, monkey business!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:13am Parq:

June Foray on an Alvin Record? Hey, why not?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 8:14am Meghan:

Yay for Stoned Massholes!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:15am Marmalade kitty:

top tune!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:15am Parq:

Okay, the scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey is next, right?
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:15am Chuck:

It'll probably take me a bit to figure out the gearing system on these type of bikes. The one I had as a kid only had 3 gears! Tells you how long it's been (40 years or so!)...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:16am Caryn:

@Parq: took the words right out of my... um, keyboard.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:19am Simon:

I bought road bike recently and as I was walking out the shop I realised I had no idea how the change the gears. You push the brake levers sideways! crazy! Things have moved on a lot since my old bike. Chuck - be warned. You might have to operate the brakes by pedalling backwards or some such nonsense.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:19am Barkevious Shabazz:

Pedalo by Duckworth Lewis Method
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:20am kath:

hi, running late today, but hi!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:20am Andy in Berlin:

Hey 10 out of 10 for playing Jad Fair!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:20am Jim Devoid:

Somewhat reliving my childhood through my kid's new found love of biking:

Our latest restoration:
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:24am Chuck:

That's how the brakes worked on my 70s bike, Simon! Ha!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:25am Dave B:

Sorry gang, crazy two weeks for me at work. Upfront season (next seasons programs getting sold etc) archives for me
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:25am Nathan:

@Chuck It's pretty much the same, just more sprockets on the cassette / crank arm. So 3 on the crank 7 on the cassette 3 x 7 = 21 speed.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:25am Chuck:

Banana seat, 3 speed gear shifter on the center frame, and "ape hanger" handle bars! Oh, the memories...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:26am fred von helsing:

never had apehangers or banana saddle. unsafe, don'tcha know.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:27am Kostas:

Hey Meghan, a hello from Greece.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:27am karen:

That's how my brakes worked on my 50's bike!
@ Meghan, love all the posters and the program. Amazing how many bike tunes!!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:28am Chuck:

Oh, and the occasional baseball cards in the wheel spokes just to make some noise!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 8:31am Meghan:

Hello Kostas from Greece! Good morning Dave!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:31am moose:

  Thu. 5/10/12 8:37am Dafydd:

I remember the Schwinn Orange Crate - that was quite the bike
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:37am Chuck:

Yay, the clouds and rain are finally moving out! Though the wind has picked up a bit. Should be a nice day for a bike ride!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 8:38am Meghan:

I don't remember my childhood bike..... I think i was still upset I never had a big wheel....
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:39am Chuck:

It's easy for me to remember, Meg. It was the only bike I've EVER had...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:39am Dave B:

I had a hand me down 59s Schwinn Wasp. Big balloon tires. Indestructible
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:40am Simon:

In late 70s britain you either rode a Grifter or a Chopper.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:42am Chuck:

Hum, guess I don't remember everything about my bike. Couldn't tell you what brand or model it was...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:45am maestroso:

60s.. first bike was a Sears single-gear. Then moved up to a Sears three-speed with a twist-grip shifter. I thought that was the coolest thing.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:45am seang:

Banana seat
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:45am still b/p:

Funny...I bike to work every day in spring, summer and fall. But just arrived to see it's bike theme day... when I happened to choose to slog-walk today in the significant rain.

First bike: hand-me down. Second, the bike I really considered my own first, was a Murray F3 Eliminator, 3 speed, sting-ray with tall sissy bar.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:46am shmoe:

we were poor but i got the bicycle i wanted. green three speed with a banana seat. when it was given to me i was told i was selfish. i love bicycles still but when i'm riding
i always imagine i am riding away from things.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:46am Nathan:

I had 5 bikes. 1st was a hand-me-down yellow Schwinn racing bike from my sister with a white seat. Second & 3rd were both BMX's both fell apart. 4th was my dad's hand-me-down which got nicked. 5th I bought with my own money for my paper route. It got nicked. I delivered papers from a wheel barrel for about 8 months.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:46am seang:

  Thu. 5/10/12 8:47am beavis:

you said banana
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:48am Simon:

I am entering a higher plane of consciousness
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 8:48am Meghan:

awww shmoe..... that is sad.... but I am glad you got the bike you wanted none the less!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:49am Chuck:

Delivering papers from a wheel barrow, Nathan?! That sucks!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:50am deerhoof:

we have your bike
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/10/12 8:50am Meghan:

We currently have 4 bikes in the house..... and there is a road bike at Jeff's work. We have had so many bikes come and go in our place I can't keep track! Right now we have my mountain bike, Jeff's fixed gear mountain bike, his good mountain bike and some BMX that needs some loving
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:51am Dave B:

A friend had a Schwinn Orange Peel with the 5 (or was it 3) speed nut buster stick shift and the springer front fork
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:52am Simon:

En fin!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:53am Caryn:

1st bike: light-green hand-me-down that I first rode with training wheels and then without until the age of 6 or 7. 2nd bike: Red one-speed bike bought used from somewhere. At the age of 11 or 12 I got my 3rd bike, which was the purple 3-speed I mentioned before. First and only new bike I've ever owned.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:53am Chuck:

That was the type of shifter on my bike, Dave! It never got me though...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:54am Nathan:

@chuck It really sucked. My parents, bless them, let me suffer through that as a character building exercise. But I had a job to do. I did get massive trapezius muscles from the hefting that thing around. Didn't do much for my street cred though... even the adults poked fun at me.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:56am Chuck:

Sorry to say, but I probably would've poked fun at you to, Nathan. Kids can be so cruel...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:57am Dave B:

Huff that paint!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:57am Chuck:

I should know I've been on the recieving end of such ridicule more times than I can count...
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:57am Dead Corporate Eyes:

those tips are very timely--just about to crack open the paint for the bathroom!
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:59am Nathan:

It's fine. I was also chubby with buck teeth as well. Which thankfully is not the case any more.
  Thu. 5/10/12 8:59am still b/p:

My neighbor observed once again this week that my current Trek hybrid is "quite an antique." Bought new, now about 20 years old, heavy but nearly perfect in its sturdy way and its endurance.

A downtown art-performance space invites riders this month to trace routes on wall maps and to pin up objects found while riding and notes on rides.
  Thu. 5/10/12 9:00am dc pat:

you telling me I missed a bike-themed show?? How did this happen??....
  Thu. 5/10/12 9:01am Dafydd:

Great Show MEgan - really enjoyed it.
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