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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options April 20, 2012

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Chris Forsyth  String Haters   Options Dreams    0:00:00 ()
Michael Flower  [6]   Options Returning to Knowing Nothing (Phase One)    0:10:54 ()
Andreas Martin  Bärenluder   Options Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen    0:18:51 ()
Tomutonttu  Syvät Sävyt   Options Astral Social Club / Tomutonttu  @ 33 rpm — whoopsie!  0:24:35 ()
Decimus  [A]   Options Decimus 4    0:37:31 ()
Nicholas Szczepanik  [A]   Options The Truth of Transience    1:01:33 ()
Gog  [A]   Options In Our Architecture This Resounds    1:21:14 ()
Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / Jack Smith  S.O.S.   Options Dreamweapon I    1:31:10 ()
The Harlemans  Fear For My Body   Options Poetry Out Loud - Number Nine    1:45:20 ()
Haare  Rautapilvi   Options Rautapilbi    1:50:35 ()
Axel Dörner / Werner Dafeldecker / Sven-Åke Johansson  DKDG III   Options Der Kreis Des Gegenstandes    2:12:46 ()
Nate Wooley  An Hour of Continuous Music for Walter Marchetti   Options Instrumentals vol. 1    2:28:37 ()
Dora Bleu, Tom Carter, & Sam Shalabi  Improvisation on Silence   Options Circle of Crosses    2:46:44 ()
The Dreebs  Pivotal Rape   Options The Dreebs The Dream    2:54:31 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well hi there
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 12:08pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:09pm miketp:

to the great backyard outdoors for a listen
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:09pm Mr Donut:

Chris Forsyth sounds like he has a lot of hands
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:09pm Cheri Pi:

Everything I hear by Chris Forsyth I love.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:11pm tim from Champaign:

Is this the Billy Jam 4:20 show?
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:12pm paula pc:

as far as this kind of stuff goes, bryce just hit the motherlode...so great!!!!
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:12pm nic:

wow this is great
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 12:13pm bryce:

hey, everyone!
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:14pm Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:15pm puli:

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:17pm lane:

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:22pm allan:

the words in that album title look made up
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 12:22pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:25pm adam:

damn, this is absolutely incredible! killer show so far.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:27pm allan:

Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:30pm Cecile:

Cheri, you just got a grape leaf pita.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:32pm allan:

miguel's? grape leaf don't sit right with me.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:34pm allan:

this music is so sweet, in the sugary sense
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:35pm Cecile:

nah, it's our silly way of saying "you've got mail."
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:36pm allan:

haha your job sounds way more fun than mine
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:38pm Cecile:

Cheri sent me a "banh mi" earlier.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:39pm allan:

bahn mi...that name, mixing memory and desire
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:39pm Andrea in Brighton UK:

Wicked show
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 12:40pm bryce:

oh cool, thanks andrea! :)
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:44pm lane:

longtime listener first time live stream commenter.... GREAT TASTE!
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:45pm Cheri Pi:

I would like to give Cecile 5 Rhubarbs for her latest installment!@!@ You are an evil genius.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:46pm Cheri Pi:

Together we will create the world's first Banh Mi-Pasty Shack co-op in Houghton.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 12:47pm bryce:

wow, thx lane! people gift fmu with such beautiful stuff -- i just sit on my ass and push the red button...
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:47pm nic:

[A] = great
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:48pm Nommy:

See me, touch me, feel me....banh mi.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:50pm Caryn:

Hello all!
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:51pm Cecile:

thank you, Ms. Pi.
How about the Juustoaa Spring Roll? You would REALLY need the dipping sauce then.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:52pm Cecile:

Or you could dunk your roll into your Vietnamese coffee. Like a UP oldtimer but with completely different stuff.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:53pm Caryn:

This food talk is killing me...
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:54pm Cecile:

Caryn, we're trying conjure up Vietnames-U.P. Finnish fusion cooking and it's not quite working
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I think I burned my satay dipping sauce a little last night, but we'll see today when the tempeh hits the sauce.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:54pm Cecile:

put some more peppers in it if it's burned, and pretend it's chipotle.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:56pm nic:

  Fri. 4/20/12 12:56pm Caryn:

It is an interesting combo... Maybe a spring roll made with mämmi? I actually think there's a recipe for that. Disgusting as it sounds.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:57pm Cheri Pi:

If I don't eat soon I will eat these fantasy foods.
  Fri. 4/20/12 12:58pm Cecile:

Oh, boy, Caryn!:

mämmi was eaten during lent. Its laxative properties were associated with purification and purging.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:00pm Cecile:

From the Finnish Mammi Association:
In spite of its rather unappealing appearance and distinctive flavour, mämmi is still a part of Finnish Easter, eaten cold as a dessert with cream or half-and-half and perhaps a sprinkle of sugar on top.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:00pm Cecile:

and these are mammi boosters. LOL!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ok, I bite, and I'm going to have wiki Mammi.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:01pm mike tp:

decimus is a keeper
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hmm, doesn't sound so bad.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:02pm Caryn:

When I was working at a book store, someone came out with a big cook book of nothing but mämmi recipes, like pasta dough made with mämmi, mämmi souffles, etc. Boggles the mind.
@Cecile: did the website have a picture of mämmi? Because you can see why it looks so unappetizing.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:02pm dc pat:

DCE: what kind of tempeh you putting satay on?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

not sure, the regular kind I guess?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:03pm Glenntern:

Hey Bryce!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:03pm Cecile:

yes. It actually looks kind of like Finnish "Indian Pudding", but the femented tang might give one pause.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:03pm dc pat:

oh, thought it was specially marinated or somethin...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:03pm Caryn:

Bourdain was just in Finland. I wonder if they made him eat it? They once gave it to Gordon Ramsay, and that was hilarious.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nah, just gonna fry it up in some olive oil and dip away
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:04pm Cecile:

I'll bet...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 1:05pm bryce:

glennn! you here?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:05pm Glenntern:

I am here.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:06pm Caryn:

Add to the diarrhea-ish appearance the weird grainy texture and the traditional serving method of a basket made of birch bark and you have a dish most foreigners probably won't try unless you put a gun to their head.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:06pm dc pat:

ok, that's alright, carry on...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:06pm G:

So we're on the [A] list for now?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:07pm Cecile:

I would try it...once.
I might love it.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:07pm dc pat:

gotta figure out what to make for dinner, and it ain't going to be mammi. Don't think tempeh's going to make it either...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 1:07pm bryce:

mämmi actually sounds kinda delicious...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 1:08pm bryce:

[Y], G
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:08pm Caryn:

It's an acquired taste, but I don't think it's that bad. Still, I wouldn't make tortellinis out of it like that cook book loon did.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:09pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

when I don't know what to have for dinner, invariably it's noodles with olive oil and garlic.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:10pm Mr Donut:

Lervely drones today
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:11pm Caryn:

@DCE: mine would be rice with garlic and herbs. Can't do that today, though. Have no oil in the house.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:11pm dc pat:

hmmm, olive oil, garlic..hmmmm. I made a walnut sauce for noodles recently and it kicked axe!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

NO OIL? is there some type of embargo up that way?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:12pm lane:

funny bryce. it's so much more. the lonely painters of the world occasionally worship at your seated ass...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:12pm dc pat:

hmm, rice....hmmm. I think I've made rice twice already this week..
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:13pm Col. Jessup:

The Truth of Transients: You can't panhandle the truth!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 1:13pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/20/12 1:13pm Cecile:

caryn what about butter?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:14pm dc pat:

must be the anti-Hanukkah holiday
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:14pm Mike East:

I recently started making my own falafel with store bought mix. Pretty delicious. Heating up a pot of oil gives me an excuse to deep fry a bunch of stuff, too.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:15pm northguineahills:

Ok, I'm really digging this Szczepanik guy, never listened to him, only read about him.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:15pm dc pat:

I gotta make some falafel out of fava beans soon. So much better than chickpeas.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:15pm nic:

  Fri. 4/20/12 1:16pm raga:

va va va VOOOOOM!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:16pm dc pat:

hmmm falafel....nah, wife said whatever I make has to be quick and not messy.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:16pm northguineahills:

Ok, I must be insane, just made myself a brussel sprout (Fresh, then sauteed), chorizo, egg, jalapeno, fresh oaxaca queso etc burrito. It was actually excellent.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:16pm Caryn:

@DCE: naah, just dirt broke and out of both oil and margarine. All I have at home are 2 cans of soup, potatoes and tea. Yeah, that should hold me until the end of the month...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:17pm Mike East:

I had an edamame falafel earlier this week. It was good, but not as good as the ones I fried up myself.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:18pm dc pat:

we have the Amsterdam Falafel house here in DC and haven't really made it myself since they opened. A...mazing.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:18pm Mike East:

northguineahills - that sounds really delicious...though not right now, I just stuffed myself with a Meatloaf sandwich. Its my cheat day.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

...munchin' on a bag of yogurt pretzels...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

should really start calling some people but I don't feel like selling stuff nobody needs right now
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:19pm Caryn:

Oh wait, I also have a carton of lingonberry juice! Vitamin C sorted.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:20pm Cecile:

yikes, caryn!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:20pm Mike East:

I need a digestif. Scotch, anyone?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

let's put a "Caryn" package together for her!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:21pm northguineahills:

I want to try to make my own falafel, haven't tried. I best at Mexican and East Asian (and fusions of the two). I'm attempting jerk seitan this weekend (the gf is a veggie).
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:21pm dc pat:

let's see, recently made lentils, chili, etouffe, miso soup, baked ziti, pizza, tacos,...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:21pm βrian:

Felafel for lunch. Excellent. We have (good) felafel in Madison at last!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:21pm Caryn:

@Cecile: oh, it's still better than when I was homeless. I lived on a can of crushed pineapple a day then.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:22pm Cecile:

ye Gods.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:22pm still b/p:

I tried a little Caol Ila last night. I'm not a Scotch drinker but I liiiked it.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:23pm northguineahills:

God, I could really use some decent scotch, but being on the dole doesn't allow for the good stuff. I used to get a bottle of Caol Ila every other month (cries).
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:24pm Caryn:

Man, one day I gotta try seitan or falafel. I look at them at the store all the time, but never buy.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:25pm nic:

  Fri. 4/20/12 1:26pm still b/p:

Never pronounce Gog backwards or you get snatched into another dimension forever.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh crap!!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:28pm dc pat:

we have an Ethiopian restaurant near by (in VA) that makes the best fake meat (seitan) on Earth. Don't make it out there enough...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:28pm βrian:

Get seitan at a good Vietnamese restaurant: mì căng. Yum.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:29pm steve:

yeah, but its basically just like this dimension except everything smells like buttered popcorn
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I've never had good seitan.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:29pm Cecile:

good name for a vegan metal band:
Hail Seitan
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

but I believe it exists.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

"I believe in seitan..."
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:31pm Mike:

Great show so far, Bryce!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:33pm steve:

seitan + bottle of good bbq sauce + slow cooked in frying pan = undeniable win
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:33pm allan:

lots of veggie punx have patches that say "hail seitan", But i dont know if its a band.

mock duck bahn mi lunch so swell
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 1:34pm bryce:

thx, mike!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:34pm Mr Donut:

Gog was beautiful
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:35pm lane:

if any of you crazy people do FB please friend. I'd love to meet in semi-real space. https://www.facebook.com/lane.twitchell
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:35pm Cecile:

I gotta get over there...soon
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'd wager this space is more than semi-real, and more real than FB!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:37pm βrian:

FB is a corporate black hole. Be not assimilated. Guard your soul.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:40pm βrian:

It ought to be "Hale seitan," for it makes you hale and hearty.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes*:

I am a cross between a squirrel and a weasel. A squasel.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:42pm Cecile*:

More like a cross between a frog and duck
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:42pm βrian:

Bryce, there's a band playing outside my office window. Can you turn their volume down, please?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ok, it may be true, but somebody has taken my name in vain and posted as me.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:43pm Cecile:

that wasn't me.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:43pm βrian*:

Or a dog and a pig
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's a queer feeling...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:43pm fred:

Caol Ila! I'm more a Laphroaig guy myself, but this is good stuff. Now if only some more of the uncut Laphroaig would make its way to my vicinity, I'd feel better
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sombody's running amok here.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes*:

I'm confused
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:43pm still b/p:

Mmm....squaselberry turnovers.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:44pm βrian:

Yes, Poseurs!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes*:

I need my meds
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:44pm Cecile:

please stop it, whoever it is.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ok, I'm not posting anymore today until this shithead quits it.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:45pm lane:

oh whatever on the Mark Z gimmick hating... everything in america is corporate black hole... except FMU and the artworld!... but let me guess that crack will trigger a run of artworld hating... go ahead, pile on the hate if u must.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes*:

This tom foolry needs abating
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:46pm dc pat:

sorry DCE. Come on trolls, play nice!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:47pm dc pat:

maybe we need a log on. optional of course...
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:48pm βrian:

DJ can check IPs, naturally.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:49pm Cecile:

  Fri. 4/20/12 1:49pm steve:

im with you lane. facebook has both positives and negatives. until something better comes along its one of the best ways to streamline keeping up with lots of friends and acquaintances.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:49pm Trolly McTrollerson:

Cmon, wanker, DCE is good people.

One commonsense rule on the board is don't post using the name or handle of someone who actually could be posting using that name. It's either confusing -- or, worse, deliberately deceptive.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:49pm fred:

@dc pat: wasn't that one of things that were supposed to come later/soonish?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:52pm Cecile:

I'm off to lunch, see you all in a while.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:52pm βrian:

Is FB hiring forum spammers now?
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:52pm lane:

i was just saying that because all u people sound cool and funny, and this total anonimity thing sometimes sends me down a paranoid black hole... which can be fun of course, and hey I LOVE Ketamine, as much as the next paranoid fuckhead!... OK sometimes totally anonymity can be fun... YOU PARANOID FUCKHEADS!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:53pm Moral Quandary:

Just tuned in, see you played Szczepanik. I have liked everything by him I've heard but I can't force myself to like him because he collaborated last year with a dude who I went to college with who is possibly the most irritating dude on the planet. Alas I must enjoy in secret.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:54pm βrian:

Relax, have some felafel.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:54pm Father McGuire:

Down with this sort of thing!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:55pm Caryn:

Careful now!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:55pm lane:

oh MQ grow up, every half way decent artist is the most irritating "dude" on the planet.. unless he's the most irritating "bitch"!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:56pm fred:

@Moral Quandary: Some highly talented musicians are complete assholes. I'm not even sure it's a sad one, but it's a fact.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:56pm Father Jack:

  Fri. 4/20/12 1:57pm Mr Donut:

MQ: I once worked with an actor who DELIBERATELY RUINED the show we were in and who is now a famous TV star. For years I refused to watch his program. When I finally did I loved it, it's great! So go ahead.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:58pm lane:

and for u that think i'm a FB mole... Here is my FMU cred: http://www.lanetwitchell.com/wfmu.php... I'm a mole for no one but me!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:58pm dc pat:

Yeah, really Kenzo! WHERE'S THE LOGIN???
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:58pm Bishop Brennan:

Don't call me Len, you little prick. I'm a bishop!
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:58pm Assholes:

We are EVERYWHERE. Get used to it.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:59pm Groge:

Relax, have some felatio
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:59pm βrian:

Log-ins are a pain, since they require cookies.
  Fri. 4/20/12 1:59pm Van in DC:

@dc pat - @1:28 regarding the Ethiopian place, is that the one on 23rd street in Crystal City by chance?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:00pm Mike East:

Cookies are delicious, but they require milk.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:01pm Messina:

Loggins is a creep
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:01pm cookie monster:

cookie good!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:01pm Barry:

This song reminds me of a Tarkovskiy film
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:02pm Barry:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 2:02pm bryce:

oh man, that's a great soundtrack
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:03pm βrian:

When it comes to cookies, I'm bulimic. I purge every few minutes.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:03pm northguineahills:

Man, I leave the comments board for 15 mins, and it all goes to feck! Thank Zarathustra for Father Ted.

So, what's w/ this Haare? I'm not familiar, or my memory is fading.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:03pm cookie monster:

cookie make computer work good!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:04pm still b/p:

Logging in:
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:04pm lane:

Messina... THAT is why I love this place!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:05pm Carmichael:

Good day, all. I'm posting as me. When I'm not, I'll tell you.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:05pm I am Haare:

I am a Fin, I put music out in both cassette and CDr format as well as a few single-sided LPs. I have an obligatory RRR release and long, luxurious hair
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:05pm nic:

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:06pm cookie monster:

cookie monster like pajama ad!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:06pm BSI:

Posting what passes for me.
Missed Szczepanik. Ex-local dude make goot-goot.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:07pm northguineahills:

Wait, did Bryce play some by the great band, "."? (according to the playlist)
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:07pm Barry:

Bryce, time for a Edward Artemyev special
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:08pm still b/p:

I'm not familiar with music of that period.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:08pm βrian:

"." (Translated from the French.)
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:08pm fred:

Hey BSI! Sorry I missed you in Paris, those past few weeks were such a rush... I hope you'll be back
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:09pm mike tp:

had a surreal listening experience while listening n dozing in my yard. the music was sitar music n birds were singing their song as if on a tape loop n in the distance car tires rolling over a hiway thanks BRYCE FINE WEEKEND
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 2:10pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:10pm steve:

great call Barry... love Siberiade
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:10pm BSI:

Cheers Fred: Paris was a blast. Couple of great shows, much intoxicating fluids. I'll definitely be back, with or without the Qwartz fest...
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:12pm KevinInSpain:

Love the show!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:12pm Carmichael:

I see we're still rolling with the Angus MacLise from earlier this week. Now I have Crowley back on my mind. Eek!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:12pm Caryn:

Never been into Haare that much. Oh, and it's "Rautapilvi". It means "iron cloud".
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:14pm Barry:

I am intrigued by Aleister Crowley but I'm scared of getting into what he did
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:15pm Hugo:

This one?

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:16pm KevinInSpain:

Don't be scared of old Mr Crowley, he's just showing you some secrets about yourself
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:16pm Caryn:

@Hugo: yep, that's him
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:16pm northguineahills:

Some Mazen Kerbaj would be nice in this set.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:16pm βrian:

The thump-thump outside my window ... ugh. I can barely hear the flatulent gravel.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:17pm ms_a:

hi bryce - they told me to use the computer at work, so here we are.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:17pm Caryn:

Haven't heard any of the stuff Haare has done as Golden Vomit. Anyone know if that's any good?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 2:20pm bryce:

who told you that, ms_a?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

is it safe to play now? wow, that's quite an ear-grabber there!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:21pm Smucker's:

With a name like Golden Vomit, it has to be good.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:21pm Barry:

Solaris OST vs Stalker OST THAT is the question
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

more "ear-leech" than earworm
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:23pm Hugo:

Ear trumpet
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:24pm Mike East's Lunch:

He's gonna give himself a coronary one of these days.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:25pm dc pat:

had to step out...everything back to normal?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:26pm BSI:

@dc pat: god, I hope not.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:26pm Mike East:

probably true, Lunch. @Barry, original or remake or Solaris. Both are pretty great, I think.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:26pm fred:

@NGH: I haven't see Mazen Kerbaj in ages! I wonder what he's up to these days
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:27pm dc pat:

hmm. How do we know you're the real BSI?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:27pm Mike East:

*of Solaris, that is*
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:27pm Barry:

I havent seen the remake
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:28pm Mike East's Lunch:

Friends don't let friends stroke out, you feel me?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:28pm Guesser:

The fake BSI would be "B.S. I"
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:28pm steve:

"Fire" from the Siberiade soundtrack ftw
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 2:28pm Nobbie Cheese:

everything is wrong
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:28pm BSI:

only his hairdresser knows for sure...?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:29pm the real dc pat®:

can't be too careful these days
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:29pm the real dc pat®:

oh what a give-away! You have hair!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:30pm Carmichael:

I haven't seen the original or remake of BSI.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:30pm Barry:

The time I first saw Stalker I thought I'd gone to heaven
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:30pm Van in DC:

@dc pat - I was wondering previously up the playlist to you about the Ethiopian place you mentioned...? Crystal City... by chance?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:30pm uHog:

Me, remixed.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:31pm BSI:

...but haven't had it professionally cut since about 1981...
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:31pm Carmichael:

I always have to hit the mute button to see if the sound is coming from outside my window, from my crappy computer or from Bryce. Usually, it's Bryce.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:31pm the real dc pat®:

@Van - sorry, I was out. I'm not exactly sure. It's called Damah or something like that. My co-workers drive me there and I don't know jack doink about VA.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:32pm Professional Haircutters:

We had to apply for food stamps.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:32pm the real dc pat®:

@BSI - same here since 1989
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:32pm northguineahills:

@Fred: Mazen still runs the Al Maslakh rec label, and I think his new band is called ""A" Trio".
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:34pm Barry:

Whenever you wear light chinos you have to be really careful in urinals
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:34pm Mr Donut:

Al Hirt losin it!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:34pm Van in DC:

Ah okay, thanks. Crystal City has that "restaurant row" (23rd st.) with some pretty decent places is why I was wondering. And an Ethiopian place there is usually jam packed to try to get into.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:35pm BackSplash:

Tell me about it!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:35pm fred:

I was Nate Wooley do an amazing set last month, opening for The Ex. This guy is seriously good. Don't miss him if he plays wherever you are
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:35pm uHog:

The only sound in this room is Bryce's. All other sound has been eliminated.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:35pm allan:

apparently being on here is like looking into my future. i haven't gone to a barber since 2000. any advice from the future?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:36pm fred:

@NGH: thanks! I'll take it from there and see what I can find
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what, you guys shave your heads or have your wives cut your hair?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:36pm Barry:

Never put a lightbulb in your back pocket
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:37pm BackSplash:

@allan: always ask a truly trusted friend how it looks from the back. bryce does that after every unprofessional cut :-P
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:37pm uHog:

The Ali Baba?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:37pm the real dc pat®:

This place is in a strip mall. Kind of a hole in the wall. During lent, the make a lot of fake meat.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:38pm G:

if you shave your head, someone still needs to eyeball it. or use a mirror in good light.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:38pm Barry:

Don't buy expensive 'ribbed' condoms, just buy an ordinary one and slip a handful of frozen peas inside it before you put it on.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:38pm the real dc pat®:

first I grew my hair down to my butt, then I just started hacking away at it. Doesn't matter really if you sport an adult "punk" cut. You stick out like a turd in the punchbowl in dc though...
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:39pm Carmichael:

My dog runs the clippers over my head. We take turns. Mine is tomorrow.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:39pm allan:

yeah working with multiple mirrors is alrite on the back, sometimes the spot right behind the ears is tricky though.

and who buys condoms?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:39pm steve:

so many life lessons learned on the comments board today
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:39pm BSI:

@DCE: for me it's an all-on / all-off cycle. Buzz it down solo with a #1 blade, then ignore it for about 8 months (within reason). Repeat.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Barry's got some goddamned good advice for us today. dc pat, I'd LOVE to see that!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:40pm Federal Employees:

Weekly topnotch professional haircuts, even with touchuos during the week, are just not that expensive. Ask John Edwards.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:40pm Barry:

Cheer loudly at 8.00pm each Saturday to fool the neighbours into thinking you have won the Lottery.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:40pm glenn:

usually it's food. today it's grooming tips.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:40pm the real dc pat®:

@allan - exactly! That's where I always have problems...
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:41pm steve:

buy pizza, pay with snakes
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my hair looks like pigeon crap no matter what phase it's in.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:41pm Carmichael:

With my haircut, I have no rock-n-roll cred. When I play in a club, I hear mutterings of "cop" ....
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:42pm Barry:

Avoid jet lag by simply taking an earlier flight, thus arriving fully refreshed and on time.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:42pm Glenntern:

so how long is this song
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 2:43pm bryce:

zzzzzzzzz wha?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:43pm βrian:

Would you like a progress bar?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:43pm nic:

really crazy :-))
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:43pm steve:

guessing based on the title its an hour... ?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:43pm Glenntern:

oh its other glenn that everyone thinks is me!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:44pm the real dc pat®:

I dunno but the wife just said "What is that??" Me: "Music." Wife: "See ya..."
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Carm the Narc, right...!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:44pm Carmichael:

Hey, we've talked about snakes AND planes! I have to go put in a couple miles. Thanks for the sound advice, everyone. Thanks for the noise, Bryce.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:44pm βrian:

Nay, he's lower case.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:45pm BSI:

FOOD. Nobody is talking about effin' food.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:45pm steve:

buy snakes, pay with snakes
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:45pm allan:

i've been buzzing my head lately because i don't have a shower anymore, usually it's buzz summer grow winter. wax on wax off, ad infintum

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the title is a tad misleading--it's not "continuous" with all these little breaks. But hey, I'm not a narc.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:45pm uHog:

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:45pm Mr Donut:

Barry: To soften brown sugar or rather to keep it soft store with a big marshmallow on top.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:45pm glenn:

all right!! my first interner stalker. i'll have to prepare a speech.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:46pm βrian:

My mantra: malai kofta kashmiri.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:47pm Barry:

In 16 minutes something beautiful is going to happen
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:47pm uHog:

Internal stalkers are preferable to external stalkers
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Mr. Donut, where does one obtain these large marshmallows? I'm picturing them the size of a small couch pillow.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:48pm G:

Internet stalkers are just strings of ASCII characters. No big whoop.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:49pm βrian:

Dunno about that. Cryptosporidium is an internal stalker.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:49pm Caryn:

@DCE: exactly, that's why sleeping people keep eating their pillows while dreaming of these marshmallows
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:50pm the real dc pat®:

DCE - not a narc, yeah, not like Carm...

BSI - you missed the food talk man. Serves you right for showing up late again...
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:50pm Mr Donut:

DCE: Giant land, of course
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:51pm Glenntern:

they need to fix this thing so i can cut n paste ASCII cats
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:51pm βrian:

Elsie: "Marshmallows are people!"
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:51pm Cecile:

what did I miss? I went to have ban mi and watch people at the food court watch people on CNN (food court has big screen TVs) excavating a basement for Ethan Patz. It was pretty surreal. People were stopping cold in their tracks..
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:51pm BSI:

trdp®: Alas, i was busy shoving curry gluten down the neck-hole. All I needed was the FMU app to make it complete...
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:52pm uHog:

I only exist in this box.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:53pm the real dc pat®:

well see, we were talking gluten today too...let that be a lesson to you..
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

uHog, get out more often!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:54pm the real dc pat®:

Cecile - seitan, haircuts, advice, 2 glenns
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Cecile, things appear to be stabilized.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:55pm allan:

@ cecile: we talked about hair (cutting of one's own), and using snakes as currency, and other things...i always watch those CNN tvs in the mornings with my jerabeks day old baked goods and the homeless people
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:55pm steve:

also, snakes
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:55pm uHog:

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:55pm Glenntern:

is this song an hour long or something
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:55pm allan:

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:56pm BSI:

[takes a token glance backwards in time] .. ah, I see some respect was paid to Amsterdam Falafel. Probably the greatest cheap lunch in town. It is bewilderingly awesome.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 4/20/12 2:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:58pm vanya:

2barry: thumbs up from moscow for tarkovsky knowledge. my girlfriend wonders how could you possibly go to heaven, though, watching such a heavy,sad and, i don`t know, tense, movie as stalker? that`s a bull crap, man!!! we just watched annie hall, THAT`s heaven! nice music btw, just joined the show, hi everyone and bryce, the dark king of djs!
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:58pm nic:

AwEsOmE sHoW
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:58pm Mr Donut:

  Fri. 4/20/12 2:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

is it time to go already?
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:58pm Cecile:

hahahahha, allan.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:59pm the real dc pat®:

BSI - you know it. Fries are amazing too.
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:59pm allan:

bye bryce kisses
  Fri. 4/20/12 2:59pm uHog:

  Fri. 4/20/12 3:00pm βrian:

Need more tahini.
  Fri. 4/20/12 3:00pm G:

  Fri. 4/20/12 3:00pm the real dc pat®:

damn place wasn't there when I actually lived 2 blocks away though!
  Fri. 4/20/12 3:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

coming to you in dual monotone!
  Fri. 4/20/12 3:00pm Van in DC:

Thanks Bryce
  Fri. 4/20/12 3:01pm HotRod:

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