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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options February 28, 2012: Marathon Week 2 w/co-host JASON SIGAL

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Today's grand prize is a tubetop from the dresser of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Psychic TV/Throbbing Gristle/Thee Majesty) displayed right by Eddie O'Dowd. $75 gets you in the running to win it (please state on your pledge that you want it though!) at the end of the show. $75 automatically gets you Brian's premium today, an MP3 disc BUDGET BUDOKAN with hours of full live sessions from the show, package design by Keegan Cooke of Sacred Bones/Crystal Stilts)

win all 30 of these Wish You Were Here CDs

(* = new)

Artist Track Album Label Comments New
WFMU Marathon Week 2!  Pledge 1-800-989-WFMU or online at wfmu.org!   Options        
No Joy  Ghost Blonde   Options Ghost Blonde  Mexican Summer     
Black Bug  Mental Ray   Options Black Bug  tUMULt  This prize CD up for grabs right now!   
Kids in the park  Black Metal   Options        
Botanist  Echiniceros   Options   tUMULt    *  
Hospitals  Happy Jack   Options        
Dan Melchior  Atomizer   Options Assemblage Blues  Siltbreeze  This prize up for grabs right now! LP!   
Swell Maps  Midget Submarines   Options A Trip To Marineville       
Milk Music  Live Here on the show   Options     Found on my premium BUDGET BUDOKAN II (MP3 compilation of live sessions from here on the show!) $75 nabs you it   
Skullflower  GF4050   Options Carved Into Roses/Infinityland/Singles  VHF  3CD set up for grabs right now   
Dan Melchior  '90s Man (Part 2)   Options Assemblage Blues       
Legendary Pink Dots  Russian Roulette   Options Live here on the show    From the Budget Budokan II premium   
Village People  Food Fight   Options        
Meatus Murder  Love That Chicken   Options        
The Psyclones  La Basse du Musique   Options Different Thinking People  Permanent  LP up for grabs right now as a prize   
Jack Ruby  Bad Teeth   Options Jack Ruby       
Twerps  Dreamin   Options Twerps    CD on Chapter Music/Underwater Peoples up for grabs now! They're gonna be on the show April 4th (with feedtime also!)   
Hackensack  Riverboat   Options Various: Downer Rock Genocide       
Flied Egg  Leave Me Woman   Options Vertigo Remixed       
Ed Schrader's Music Beat  Rats   Options 7"  Load     
Bad Brains  Pay To Cum   Options 7"       
Watery Love  New Kind of Kick   Options 7"  Negative Guest List    *  
Killdozer  I Am I Said   Options Live here on the show       
The Rebel  Arabian Nights   Options live here on the show       
The Fall  Nate Will Not Return   Options Ersatz GB  Cherry Red  The new Fall record is up for grabs right now on CD   

Listener comments!

  Tue. 2/28/12 3:03pm bill:

  Tue. 2/28/12 3:03pm Cheri Pi:

Oh noe, this is the BIG day!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Week 2! And with Jason Sigal!
Avatar Tue. 2/28/12 3:05pm BT:

You know it!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:10pm wigwambam:

kick ass kids singing venom's "black metal"...sweeeet
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, how old is the vocalist?
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:11pm MKPDX:

Just Can't Get Enough!! WHEEEE!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:11pm Nick Sakes:

I remember this on the Youtube!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:11pm bill:

Vocalist is like 11!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:12pm Woo:

This proves you don't have to go to college and be snob.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:12pm Nick Sakes:

The other kids are about 12-13 years old. Singer kid is about 8.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:13pm Cheri Pi:

that was really, really, really nice!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:14pm YouKid:

Wow, it puts Amanda to shame. Really good!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:14pm bill:

meanwhile that last vokillist is about 900
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:17pm JDELZ:

Where can I hear Amanda? Heard it here a few months back and couldn't manage to track it down.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:18pm Cheri Pi:

that last vocalist was Pappy (Popeye's father)
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:19pm Mary Wing:

Amanda is regularly played on Irwin's show; search for her here:
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:20pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

BT's premium is sickeningly great! Try not to crack your head during a fall. 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:23pm glenn:

blanks? what would the f.c.c. accept in lieu of tits?
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Mary! I normally do a "site:wfmu.org" Google search and put the keywords I'm looking for. That's a handy search app if you're looking for a partial title or artist name.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Who did that Gimme Shelter remix? I KNOW Brian's played it before!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Happy Jack Blaze of Glory!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:27pm bill:

This is batshit priceless!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:31pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Get WFMU its money NOW! WFMU don't make no junk. 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:33pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Thanks, Becky!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:42pm P-90:

@Glenn: Is "t-i-t-s" really still a big no-no at the FCC?
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:43pm Cheri Pi:

Today in radio history, BT & Jason took it to the limit, one more time...
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:47pm JDELZ:

Is this a cover? Sounds strangely familiar...
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@JDELZ: BT's played it before, and Milk Money were in last year for a live set.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:49pm paul b:

Milk Music very early Replacements sounding I like!
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@paul: Really? I've heard old Replacements that was much more punk than their mid 80s stuff, but a sound like Milk Music--I oughta take a listen.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:55pm FCC:

Luvvv tits, hate the word.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:57pm paul b:

@Matt: oh yeah "Taking a Ride", "I'm in Trouble", "Customer" I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  Tue. 2/28/12 3:57pm kata:

I just wanna say, that's not a tube top, it's a tank top. Tube tops do not have straps. Just sayin'..
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Buck, Mills, Stipe!! Where are you now?! It's PLEDGE time!
@paul: Thanks for the recs!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:01pm wigwambam:

I was a member of the R.E.M. fan club when I was in high school.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:07pm chris:

I am ****so**** looking forward to receiving this CD in the mail... hell yes!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:11pm Mary Wing:

Thanks for saying that, kata! I didn't want to rain on the tit parade, but really, it's a spaghetti-strap tank top. (As if guys would know/care about this, heh!)
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:15pm kata:

sure @MW -- leave it to me to rain on a tit parade.. btw, I love you WFMU ! I hope you make lots of money!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:15pm abb.:

  Tue. 2/28/12 4:22pm Stanley:

Yeah - I gotta get all my crap together, that's for sure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/28/12 4:22pm efd:

My gf had her place cleaned by Team Clean last year and they did an amazing job! All Brooklyn/Queens/Manhattan listeners should get in the running for that prize!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

You can't stop the food fight!
Nobody can stop the food fight!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:23pm herb:

i've been spreading my seed arou..., wait, i've been spreading my pre-marathon pledge around & i'm just about done. wanted to repeat something i've been posting, that IF YOU CAN GIVE AN ADDITIONAL 1% ON TOP OF YR DONATION, PLZ DO. i did. and also, i'm picking up street change & gonna give to wfmu. every little thing helps (tho this *hurts* the homeless. oops, sorry.)
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:24pm Matt from Springfield:

The "cop" teams up with Mark Mothersbaugh--unique perception of punk prevails.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:25pm ADM:

No way is this the village people.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:31pm Cecile:

It is a tank with spaghetti straps.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:31pm Mary Wing:

Jason, you nooodge! ;-) If you model it, I want to see pictures!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:31pm jeff-m:

def not a tube top. it's a tank top
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:32pm Cecile:

tank top...
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:32pm Cecile:

ha, Pappy, Cheri.
I loves Pappy.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:33pm dc pat:

I'm still shocked that that Food Fight song was the Village People....
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:33pm jeff-m:

ha, a tube top is like a giant wristband that goes across your boobs... which might be even creepier
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:34pm Cecile:

tube tops:
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:35pm Leigh:

Is Meatus Murder on Brian's premium?
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:36pm Cecile:

That Village People album had to be 80 or 81 --- new Romantics didn't get off the ground until then.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:37pm Mary Wing:

Bah, where'd you find that tube top page, Cecile? Too funny!
Genesis could rock a tube top, I am sure.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:37pm dc pat:

1981, I just checked, called Renaissance..
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:37pm Cecile:

ha! I rule.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:38pm Cecile:

Mary, I googled tube top images....
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Go Cecile! You do rule, you even acknowledged Jason for the FMA!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:43pm Cecile:

if you never listen to FMU, but use the FMA, it's worth pledging.

I told my boss all about the site. He checked it out, and goes "and how much do they charge a month?" He had a hard time believing it was free.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:43pm Cecile:

and thanks matt!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:44pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I think Godflesh are playing Primavera this year. Sonorous! Amazing!
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:47pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Is/are, was/were. Haha.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:49pm Steve-O:

Hey Brian, sorry I missed you. I heard the station might be in a little trouble so I'm gonna see if I can dig up some cash to send to you sometime. =)
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:51pm Ike:

You can pledge now and pay later! Just choose "bill me later."
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:52pm chris:

@Cecile -- totally agree about the FMA... its an amazing thing... worth more than a dollar a day on its own...
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:52pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Thank you for saying, Ike. I would've done the same, but you beat me to it.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:52pm Cecile:

Pledge some money so the flash stream can stop being beta and conking out all the time.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:53pm Cecile:

THAT's RIGHT. I'm going to see fEEDTIME.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:55pm ZZ Tank Top:

Beavis goes crazy for some scant dressed mams.
  Tue. 2/28/12 4:58pm brian:

great show brian (and jason) !

i missed where you mentioned where the twerps were playing - if you did at all. can you pass along that info again, please?

thanks again
Avatar Tue. 2/28/12 5:00pm BT:

heybrian ihave itlisted on wfmu.org/upcoming blurb
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:00pm Cecile:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/28/12 5:01pm efd:

Full list of Twerps tour dates: j.mp...
Avatar Tue. 2/28/12 5:01pm BT:

  Tue. 2/28/12 5:02pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I'm cash poor, but so so so WFMU rich. I'll be just fine. Scratch that, better than before. 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:03pm Matt from Springfield:

@Adam: Better to have WFMU and no money than to have money and no WFMU, right? ;)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:04pm Cecile:

Brian's pulling out the big guns
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:05pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

@Matt, yes, yes, YES! Romneybot has his Crystal Cathedral, I have my Hi-Freq House! ;-)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:06pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

  Tue. 2/28/12 5:06pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

  Tue. 2/28/12 5:07pm Matt from Springfield:

How bout that percussion?!!! Combined all the glories of drums, cowbell and glass Coke bottle all at the same time!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Get Freqy!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:11pm Mary Wing:

Honey badger guy!!! Love him!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:11pm Danne D:

That is great! Honey Badger Dude!

Pledge in honor of Honey Badger Dude!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:11pm jeff-m:

does anyone remember "New Kind of Kick" being in a late 90's Nike commercial?
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:11pm chris:

BT *does* give a shit... pledge now!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@Brian: You spread that clip, BEFORE it even when viral!! You put us on the cutting edge of that trend, and now we have wonderful Randal promos. Perfection!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:12pm jeff-m:

feel like I'm th only one...
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:17pm Danne D:

Call Michele! Pledge Pledge Pledge! Phone slaves need you to call them! 800-989-9368
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:18pm Cecile:

Are they stamped with a promo stamp?

just asking.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:19pm Cecile:

I knew when you said American pride, it whad to be Killdozer...
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:19pm Danne D:

Killdozer always makes me think of Bill Mac
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:24pm Cecile:

  Tue. 2/28/12 5:24pm oogoo:

FKING Amazing!!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:25pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Elaborate, Danne D? :-)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:30pm Mary Wing:

That's an awesome picture!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:31pm Mary Wing:

Wish You Would Pledge!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Nothin' like Finnish twigs to keep those CD-Rs fresh and pristine!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:34pm Cecile:

it's like they are in a sauna, matt.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:34pm Cecile:

it's like they are in a sauna, matt.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Ah, that's it! Keep it steam, keep it clean!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:37pm Caryn:

  Tue. 2/28/12 5:37pm Ike:

"It's up to you to put a brick in the wall." GROAN! Har har har.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:39pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

@Ike, I teed Brian up in the worst way. Hahaha.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:40pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Congratulations, Bianca B!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:41pm Danne D:

@adam Elaboration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfYDeBsdUiU
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:42pm hopey:

Please Kill Me is the standard.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:42pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Thanks, Danne D! You always come through. :-)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:43pm derp:

is bill mac really wheelchair bound?
Avatar Tue. 2/28/12 5:44pm BT:

No.....just for Killdozer covers
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:44pm Cecile:

who's playing bass? they are a monster
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:45pm derp:

well I guess watching the end of the video answered that question.... derp derp!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:45pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I'm as wild about soused Mark E. Smith as I am speedy Mark E. Smith. :-)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:46pm Cecile:

I hope Mark E. Smith makes it through menopause OK.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:48pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I hope he made it through the recording of this song. ;-)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:48pm andy:

You can hear the mucus.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:49pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

@Andy, he's totally mired.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:52pm Mary Wing:

Dudes! Somebody's gotta wear the tank top!!!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Ladies...who LUNCH!
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:53pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Everything *about* WFMU is amazing! 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org. C'MON! :-)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:53pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Thanks, fellow Portlander John.
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha, BT recollects Allentown! :)
  Tue. 2/28/12 5:58pm roman david:

just pledged! never stop doing good radio things please!
  Tue. 2/28/12 6:00pm Ashok:

This station is magic. I want that fucking tank top.
  Tue. 2/28/12 6:01pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Right on, Roman David!
  Tue. 2/28/12 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Brian and Jason!
Thanks everyone who pledged!
  Tue. 2/28/12 6:01pm Cecile:

goodnight all!
Happy fundraising all!
  Tue. 2/28/12 6:02pm Stanley:

Nice one Brian and Jason.
  Tue. 2/28/12 6:02pm mz:

holy shit awesome. thanks. good job bt, jason.
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