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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options February 23, 2012: Failure of Funds - marathon show #1

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Artist Track Album
james Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party 
Kraftwerk  Radio Activity   Options Radio Activity 
Don Gere  devil's advocate   Options Werewolves on Wheels 
Scott Walker  Next   Options Scott 2 
Ryuichi Sakamoto  George In the Rain   Options Love is the Devil 
Stalker 2  Eduard Artemiev   Options Stalker 
Can   Paperhouse   Options Tago Mago (40th Anniversary Edition) 
Annette Peacock  I'm the One   Options I'm the One 
Throbbing Gristle  What a Day   Options 20 Jazz Funk Greats 
Phillipe Besombes  Raggacountry   Options Libra 
John Cale   Terry's Cha Cha   Options Stainless Gamelan: Inside the dream syndicate vol. 3 
Don Gere  Dust Bowl   Options Werewolves on Wheels 
Christina Kubisch  Mono Fluido (excerpt)   Options Mono Fluido 
Fred Karlin  Gunslinger   Options Westworld OST 
Dirty Beaches  Sweet 17   Options Badlands 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 2/23/12 3:07pm nic:

funny i was just listening to this before your show
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:08pm Caryn:

Alternative name for show: "Failure of many listeners to get Krafwerk tickets".
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:09pm Caryn:

Dammit, missed the t!
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:10pm Caryn:

Failure to spell, over here...
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:10pm jk:

Did anyone actually get tickets? I think it was a hoax.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:12pm bz:

There were an allotted seven available for each of the shows. Really big, comfy chairs to sit in... but who really wants to see that?
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:14pm seang:

Museums are places where art goes to die
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:15pm as in:

Museum of Morbid Art
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:15pm Ralphine:

Maybe someone can sing "Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn" at the Hoof and Mouth Sinfonia finale.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:15pm steve:

@seang, thats a great quote!
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:16pm w i l d ne :


u rok.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:17pm Caryn:

There's a saying that food in museums is as lousy as art in restaurants. I wonder if there's a similar saying about art in concert halls and music in museums?
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:17pm seang:

I think Alan Watts said that
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:21pm frenchee:

I love hearing the real-deal Brooklyn boys on air!
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:21pm frenchee:

it was beer, Dave.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:22pm joe:

Well for all you folks who could not get ticket you can give that extra cash to WFMU
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:27pm Generator:

Only 30 CON ZEHNER were issued, very limited!
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:27pm frenchee:

What Joe said!
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:33pm w i l d ne:

This is like John Valby + Tom Jones x Jonathan Richman
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:33pm w i l d ne:

This is like John Valby + Tom Jones x Jonathan Richman
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:34pm Caryn:

Scott 2 is definitely my favourite Walker album.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:36pm bruceleh:

BFB does Scott Walker/Jacques Brel
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:36pm gen ken:

FYI CON Zehner box is an edition of 27 -(minus of few that were water damaged in the underground CHOP SHOP substation)
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:41pm frenchee:

Timothy from Bloomington???
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:42pm seang:

Francis Bacon
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:42pm ?:

  Thu. 2/23/12 3:42pm Caryn:

francis bacon!
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:42pm common:

francis bacon
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:42pm hubba:

what is going on in here?
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:42pm w i l d ne:

  Thu. 2/23/12 3:43pm w i l d ne:

I saw that film..between 1999 and 2002
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:43pm hubba:

what's sizzlin then?
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:43pm Caryn:

Excellent film , BTW. Derek Jacobi and Daniel Craig.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:44pm hubba:

who is lucien freud?
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:45pm Caryn:

Oh yeah, and Tilda Swinton.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:46pm Ike:

Pronounced "Barrie."
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:46pm Caryn:

@hubba: Freud's grandson, painter famous especially for his portraits
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:47pm hubba:

I meant, is there an actor in the film that portrays Freud, sorry.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:47pm w i l d ne:

  Thu. 2/23/12 3:48pm w i l d ne:

  Thu. 2/23/12 3:48pm frenchee:

  Thu. 2/23/12 3:49pm Thelma Blitz:

Scott Walker was singing the Schuman/Blau Off-Broadway show version of "Next." For a real treat watch Brel on YouTube sing the original with English subtitles.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:49pm Caryn:

@hubba: went to imdb, and the answer is: nope. David Hockney is played by Hamish Bowles, though.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:49pm Andrew Waterloo:

Fabio was my introduction to WFMU a few years ago when Alexander Hacke was interviewed.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:50pm Mark in VT:

It is pronounced today like the fruit. I imagine long ago it was pronounced differently. I imagine more like a Bar-ee. Think it is French. interesting history about the name. A fist fight decided it.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:50pm hubba:

Interesting, i thought Freud and Bacon had a working relationship, as well as a personal one... i'd like to watch this movie, one of the many reasons I hav been tuing in to Fabio's show, great music with great movie suggestions
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:51pm tr:sh:

Hey thanks.
And I said the same thing about Irwin's show. Real time listening. Both mobile apps depending on whatever was handy.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:51pm hihowareya:

i want to listen to wfmu on a radio in Manhattan. Can you make that happen??? POR FAVOR???
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:51pm hihowareya:

i want to listen to wfmu on a radio in Manhattan. Can you make that happen??? POR FAVOR???
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:51pm Caryn:

@hubba: well, the film only focuses on a few years in Bacon's life, so it's not a full bio.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:54pm hubba:

got it, still like to check it out... have a triptych poster i cut up, used some ikea frames, and placed them above one of the record shelves... tacky, yes... i know.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:56pm Ike:

@hihowareya, in most parts of Manhattan, with a decent stereo and a dipole antenna, it shouldn't be a problem, as long as you're not too close to the Empire State Bldg.'s evil FM transmitters. Put it in MONO if you can. That makes a HUGE difference. MONO MONO MONO.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:57pm Caryn:

@hubba: that just sounds cool
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:59pm Ralphine:

And impale a potato on your antenna.
  Thu. 2/23/12 3:59pm hubba:

they please the eye(s)... something to zone out on... not to mention relatively inexpensive
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:01pm hubba:

a foil wrapped hot potato!
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:01pm Caryn:

My favourite Stalker-related quote is from one of my favourite tv comedies, where the drug-addled police commissioner tries to explain what a stalker is to his precinct: "You know what a stalker is. A stalker lives in the Soviet Union, goes into the forbidden zone, and goes from black & white to colour midway through the movie."
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:01pm Ike:

@Ralphine, yep, strange but true. A potato helped me get FMU in an office in Peapack NJ once. The potato would dry out and I had to replace it w/a new potato occasionally.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:02pm tr:sh:

or for $20-30 get yourself a little mini-FM-transmitter, plug it into the digital stream and broadcast it to some 'blank' station on your radio? Not quite the same, though it is radio/
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:03pm Marmalade Kitty:

Good luck Fabio! My pledge is credited to ALL my favourite shows because I love you all the same
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:04pm hubba:

never fails... always during fabio's show the flah player slacks off... does this mean a million people are tuning in?
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:06pm Ike:

@tr:sh, that's more difficult... shouldn't be necessary in most parts of Manhattan unless you're in a basement, way over on the East Side, or too close to Empire, or most likely USING A CRAPPY RADIO (the leading cause of problems)... doesn't sound as good as FM, either (IMO). But if I were still in Maryland, I would TOTALLY do that.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:08pm tr:sh:

sounds better than mono, though, no?
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:09pm Ralphine:

On the other hand, Eddie from Ohio is from Virginia.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:10pm mark:

Ace featured Paul Carrack who was briefly a member of Squeeze. He sang Tempted.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:12pm Ike:

Hmm, good question @tr:sh. Admittedly I've been comparing the stream to FM stereo, since I live in NJ.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:17pm tr:sh:

..annnd, whatever floats your ear-cavity boats, I guess.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:18pm christopher atop ridge:

yay! made my afternoon. signal is very clear in bay ridge todaty, actually, at least where i am. thx.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:24pm madamoiselle (r.i.p.):

so, a question: what does the line look like that separates having very critical musical tastes (weeding out the, well, weeds) and just plain musical snobbery?
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:26pm mademoiselle (r.i.p.):

misspelled my name. oops. need to be more critical about my typing......
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:28pm (Tel Aviv, Israel,Earth,Milky Way):

They played with Jeff Berlin in that Bruford solo debut - Feels Good To Me
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:30pm glenn:

i don't think there's an across the board answer to that question, mademoiselle.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:30pm Madame:

@Mlle: I'd quite enjoy a discussion on that, but mayhaps after marathon is over?
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:32pm Andrew Waterloo:

madamoiselle: That's a good question. I'd say snobs tend to be concerned with everybody's tastes.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:36pm Joe:

If you call this number 800-989-9368 and give some info and promise a bit of cash really good things will happen I promise....
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:47pm Andrew Waterloo:

I have the For the Love of Vinyl book and it is also a massive coffee table sized book. It's about the Hipgnosis group though.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:50pm Clay:

Fabio. Play some Starcastle and watch the dough roll in!
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:50pm Joe:

I also think snobbery is based on makIng a judgement on something besides what you hear too
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:51pm glenn:

clay's a funny guy.
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:55pm Caryn:

Agree with Joe. If you listen to something, and don't care for it, fine. You are weeding out the bad from the good. But if you decide that something is bad without even listening to it: snobbery. Especially if these opinions are based on what you think you should and shouldn't like, and not on your own tastes. (The same goes for people who say that tv is trash and then say "I don't own a tv". Well, if you never see tv, how do you know it's all trash? Snobbery.)
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:58pm mark:

Ballad of Genesis & Lady Jaye will also play at Wexner Center here in Columbus in April (with director introduction) http://wexarts.org/fv/?eventid=6105
  Thu. 2/23/12 4:59pm Neil:

Dave, please do archive the Robert Fripp show!
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:00pm .:

  Thu. 2/23/12 5:01pm Ralphine:

If that were really Clay, he would've called Fabio "Fobs."
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:02pm hihowareya:

@ tr:sh thanks for the info! BUT i do know there has been years of talk of WFMU putting one in Manhattan! AND it never prevails.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:02pm hopey:

I'm so clueless, yesterday I saw someone walking across campus and thought they had a birthmark on their forehead. My extremely catholic mother would've been so disappointed in me.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:03pm Andrew Waterloo:

To be fair, not owning a TV doesn't mean you don't see TV. It is ubiquitous in our society.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:03pm Robert:

The institution you're thinking of is RPI: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:04pm Fallen Catholic:

A quick Google search reveals, via non-conclusive sources, that confession before ashes is preferred but not mandatory. By the way, yesterday, I met an Orthodox Jew from Los Angeles who, upon first observing Ash Wednesday when he moved to New York, took it to be a Hare Krishna thing.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:06pm Ralphine:

hihowareya: WFMU did put a booster antenna somewhere around Times Square, but it turned out to cause interference and make the signal worse.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:06pm X Yawn:

You guys need to befriend some more rich people, celebrities. send notices to all the offices of wall street.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:07pm Caryn:

@Andrew Waterloo: true, but the people who say that in the snobby way tend to say it with a condescending tone of voice and try to make sure you know they would never sully their eyes with anything tv-related. Or read anything about the medium.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:08pm tr:sh:

Ahh. I remember some talk about that.

Maybe a microtransmitter could be some swag next marathon?

It'd be fun to pick a common frequency and see what happens..
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:08pm alberto:

cry of love?
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My new car gets Sirius satellite signals. Has WFMU considered satellite as a broadcast medium?
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:14pm Caryn:

I'm assuming this is from the 1975 Libra?
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:15pm Martin,Copenhagen:

@Ken:That would be great...Then i could get WFMU on my radio too
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:16pm Ralphine:

Ken From Hyde Park: If memory serves, WFMU made pitches to Sirius or XM or both a long time ago and was told that they weren't looking to rebroadcast terrestrial stations.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:16pm Caryn:

With the playlist update, yep, that would be the 1975 movie.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:22pm Ken From Hyde Park:

In my area, the signal gets weak behind hills, so it'd be cool to have great reception at all times. If I get a smartphone at some point, I could route the stream through the car speakers. Then, I would rule the roads!
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:24pm Clay:

Fab ... you are doing great. Open up. Show your emootions and feelings. It's OK to cry.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:30pm seang:

bring on the Pidge!
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:30pm Stalin:

Fabio plays the best mind numbing yet exhilarting sounds that make controling a state workforce a bit more tolerable.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:31pm Caryn:

"Werewolves on Wheels" factoid: one of the bikers is played by singer-songwriter Barry McGuire.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:35pm X Yawn:

every cumbia album too. bikini babes. you need to play something lively. that last track was like hypnosis without subliminal messages in it to GIVE MONEY.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:35pm Martin,Copenhagen:

..Maybe if you pay enough you can get one of the babes in the coffin with you
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:41pm Mark in VT:

It is really loud out here in listener world. Can't even hear the show. Please advise to simmer down.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:44pm some other guy:

clearly, you are confusing mayonnaise with ketchup.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:45pm glenn:

i'm with you on the mayo, fabio. *shudder*
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:46pm Mark in VT:

The history of mayo in film and film soundtrack book idea, someone please write it.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:46pm some other guy:

I'm not familiar with this dude. Is he always this much like Suicide?
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:48pm T-Zero:

Rather than Elvis, reminded me more of Alan Vega.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:49pm T-Zero:

Oh! I guess that would be Vega, eh? I always forgot that was his band before his solo stuff...
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:54pm mark from vt:

Instead of just the soap and bumper stickers for 15 dollars I think a Fabio endorsed wfmu fast food mayo packet also.
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:55pm Ken From Hyde Park:

82% of the goal. Just 18% to go!
  Thu. 2/23/12 5:55pm gabriel:

that's me, antisocial bum extraordinaire
  Thu. 2/23/12 6:01pm Ike:

I pledged a few min. ago but I didn't hear it mentioned by Dave on the air... maybe I stepped away momentarily? Eh, that's OK, I got the automated receipt.
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