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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options February 10, 2012: Through The Looking Glass

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Atrio Serenade  Alma Radiante   Options     0:00:00 ()
Kitka  Awakening   Options The Rusalka Cycle: Songs Between The Worlds  music by Mariana Sadovska  0:10:54 ()
Xanja  Nomadic   Options Lunar Kitchen    0:17:03 ()
Fingers in the Noise  Lost in Freezing Fog (Original mix)   Options     0:21:35 ()
Miss Bolivia  Noche Polar   Options     0:29:26 ()
Aphex Twin  Bucephalus Bouncing Ball   Options     0:33:22 ()
Matt Houston  R&BASS de rue   Options     0:39:03 ()
Mr. Vega  CongaMan   Options     0:42:52 ()
Hifana  Nampooh (feat. Keyco)   Options     0:46:31 ()
Charlot  なごみのポーズでjukeもどき   Options     0:49:50 ()
T&K  Line of Light (Canblaster remix dreamy version)   Options     0:51:29 ()
Canblaster & Nightwave  Power Up   Options     0:54:49 ()
DJ Food  Hour Glass / Looking Glass   Options Quadraplex EP    1:07:11 ()
Forest People & Indigo Children  Necromancy Dub   Options     1:17:54 ()
Sugarcubes  Birthday (Justin Robertson 7" mix)   Options     1:26:01 ()
Jill Kroesen  I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here   Options     1:29:43 ()
Tito Puente And His Latin Ensemble and Orchestra  Un Poco Loco   Options     1:34:29 ()
DJ LT  Tchoucou Tchoucou Balani Mix   Options     1:40:43 ()
Bonde do Role  Gasolina [Scottie B & King Tutt remix]   Options     1:50:01 ()
Drippin  Worlds Apart   Options     1:54:43 ()
Lōtic   Lust (Norrit Remix) / Denial   Options     2:06:23 ()
Failure  Mouthpiece (original mix)   Options     2:16:12 ()
Drop The Lime  Sex Sax   Options     2:20:34 ()
Nicki Minaj  Stupid Hoe   Options     2:28:25 ()
Professor Angel Sound  Go   Options     2:29:12 ()
Huzur  Ingrid   Options     2:32:46 ()
Morphy  Turn The Tablas (Cylon)   Options     2:36:57 ()
Pandit Kamalesh Maitra / Trilok Gurtu  Raag Bhupal Todi   Options     2:42:34 ()
Enuui  Shin'ei   Options   Shin'ei is a very old Japanese shogunate era word meaning 'Sound of the Gods'  2:51:09 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/10/12 6:03am northguineahills:

Insomnia still kicking my ass, catching you at 6, rather then half after 8.....
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:04am Dave B:

And so another week concludes.
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:06am s. dexter:

mmmmmmm (^_^)
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 6:06am HotRod:

Greetings! ;)
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:09am pierre:

an another week end starts ^^

Bonjour HotRod,
Bonjour listeners extraordinaires !
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:11am snow white and the seven frequencies:

hey hotrod and listeners around the world, we're all tuning in, turning on and dropping out...
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:16am pierre:

@ snow white and the seven frequencies: if later someone give you a red apple, i would advice you not to eat it.
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:17am snow white and the seven frequencies:

nothin' wrong with them red apples, pierre...
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:20am As I Am:

Good morning HR and fellow listeners!
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:25am pierre:

this goes well with my hungover coffee
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:28am Dave B:

I need to go out and get some coffee. Be right back
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:28am northguineahills:

Love the Fingers in the Noise (as well as Atrio Serenade). Time for a nap. See y'all later!
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 6:28am HotRod:

The meaning of seven dealing with perfection can be traced back to the steps taken by early astronomers (and astrologers). These stargazers identified seven dynamic celestial orbs: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:38am As I Am:

@HR... thanks...I always wondered why all those self-help books and seminars were called things like "The seven secrets of success"; "The seven steps to happiness"
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:38am snow white and the seven frequencies:

i keep telling the guys they are incarnations of perfection, but they're modest and won't believe me. they might listen to you though, HotRod
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:42am As I Am:

The first 7-inch I bought was "Silver Machine" by Hawkwind...the b-side was called "Seven by Seven".
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 6:44am HotRod:

7 days of the weeks...
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 6:44am HotRod:

7 wonders of the world...
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 6:44am HotRod:

7 chakras...
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 6:45am HotRod:

7 deadly sins...
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:45am s. dexter:

7 pieces in the tangram
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:46am maestroso:

7 steps to heaven
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:47am Dave B:

My birthday was on the 7th
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:47am pierre:

7 Chakra
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:48am T-Zero:

Seven of the Borg Collective... ;) lol
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:48am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:49am T-Zero:

[holds out cup] Please, sir, may I have more?
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:49am snow white and the seven frequencies:

ozzy! okay, i'm off to make the tea. and i kind of wish i hadn't started this seven thing... let's get onto Dickens quotes instead!
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:50am s. dexter:

7 holes
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:51am Dave B:

Hey HotRod, did what I sent you arrive undamaged?
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:53am T-Zero:

@snow white and the seven... "They cried their tears, but then they did the vital thing: They built a new family, person by person. They came to see that family need not be defined merely as those with whom they share blood but as those for whom they would give their blood."
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 6:54am HotRod:

Not yet, Dave! Gotta check my mailbox! By the way, has anyone read "The Seven Poor Travellers" by Charles Dickens??
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:55am T-Zero:

I don't think so... guess I should...
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:55am Ozzy Skateboard:

hehehe :)
  Fri. 2/10/12 6:56am Dave B:

Oh, and there are the seven gods of fortune in Japanese mythology. "shichi fukujin" includes: hotel, ebisu, Jurojin, bishamonten, fukurokuju, benzaiten, daikokuten
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:09am Dave B:

Last but not least, you'll taste seven kinds of fruit in "Hawaiian Punch" for that one of a kind fruit taste
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:09am s. dexter:

off to the job ... (be listening with my android while i work woohoo!) .. see you all next time ... thanks HotRod ... thanks WFMU !
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:13am annie:

got up early today, been listening since the beginning! and i smelled coffee and sure enough there's ozzy with the pot...
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 7:14am HotRod:

Dave B, your birthday was January 7th?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 7:15am HotRod:

I mean, February 7th...
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:17am fred:

Good morning HotRod and listeners!
There's a song by IAM called "le 7"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 7:19am HotRod:

Hello Fred!!! :D
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:20am Ozzy Skateboard:

oh I got the pot tooo hahahaha :)
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:20am Dave B:

Yep. Snuck it right in under the radar. Jumped in the ocean on 2/5, went to most of my doctors on 2/7
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 7:20am HotRod:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 7:21am HotRod:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVE B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:23am Dave B:


Clean bill of health is the best gift I can ask for and I got that.

  Fri. 2/10/12 7:25am JJJ:

DJ Food was one of the best I've seen, did real technical mixes with 4+ tracks and videos at the same time, also a nice bloke :)
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:27am fred:

Hey Dave B, seems you get some sugarcubes for your coffee
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:28am Ozzy Skateboard:

HB DB :)
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:28am JJJ:

Happy birthday Dave B! :)
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:28am Berg:

happy bday DaveB!
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:28am pierre:

Joyeux Anniversaire Dave B !
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:29am Marmalade kitty:

happy birthday dear Dave B... Happy Birthday to you!
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:30am Dave B:

Thanks gang. These wishes, and this song, mean a lot.
Love. And blessings to this tight knit bunch"
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:42am max:

This is awesome!
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:44am other david:

Happy Birthday Dave B!
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:47am Peruana Tetona:

Good morning all and happy birthday Dave B! My morning is off to a great start, thanks HR.
  Fri. 2/10/12 7:59am Dave B:

And an early joyeaux anniversaries to Pierre!

I'm going into silent listener mode. Thanks for another wonderful weekend start HotRod. I wait for your feedback on what was sent.

Have a great weekend everybody!
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:07am Christopher:

this talkover track brings back great memories.. thanks! And HotRod just so ya know.. your show is the ONLY way to start a Friday morning, in my book.
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:10am r0:

Good morning HotRod. Všechno nejlepší Dejve B!
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:10am pierre:

Merci Dave B ^^, that would be a joyeuse saint Valentin to everybody else as well.
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:21am Cheri Pi:

Another Friday in my favorite place with my favorite people. Hey DJ!
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:21am Topher:

Better late than never! Hello all. Howdy HotRod.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 8:30am HotRod:

Blessings, Topher! :)
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 8:32am HotRod:

Hey Cheri Pi!!! :D
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:33am milopkl:

australia here
Avatar Fri. 2/10/12 8:35am HotRod:

Hello Milopkl ! ;)
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:39am Berg:

I second Christopher on that - except that for me it's the ONLY way to *finish* my Friday afternoon!
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:49am seang:

Hey Hot Rod, just checking in
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:52am daniel:

lalala canberra, the last intentional cityz lalalaa
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:54am Berg:

oh noo.. it's already over?..
  Fri. 2/10/12 8:57am Berg:

oh noes.. have to focus on getting work done then.. thanks for the show hotrod!
  Fri. 2/17/12 7:39am Fritz:

Your show is too good to just be on the internet time slot - I hope it gets moved to a regular radio time slot so more people can hear it!
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