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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 27, 2012

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Vert  Mooseic   Options Nine Types of Ambiguity  0:00:00 ()
Antediluvian Rocking Horse  The Curious Advance   Options Music for the Odd Occasion  0:10:06 ()
Stock Hausen & Walkman  Dirty / Crash   Options Ventilating Deer  0:11:04 ()
Dummy Run  Five A Side EP   Options Five A Side EP  0:18:28 ()
Braer Rabbit  Hamburgers and Tangerines   Options Foolproof Projects  0:25:48 ()
Hravatski  Vatstep DSP   Options Swarm & Dither  0:30:54 ()
Farmer's Manual  365   Options Fsck  0:36:59 ()
Farmer's Manual  366   Options Fsck  0:40:45 ()
Blevin Blectum  EmptyBottleStar   Options Gular Flutter  0:44:49 ()
Curd Duca  Nervous   Options Switched-On Wagner  0:50:53 ()
Asa Chang & Junray  Parlor   Options Minna No Junrei  0:53:51 ()
OOPARTS  Siphon   Options Out of Place Artifacts  0:57:54 ()
Phthalocyanine  [track 4]   Options Zacks EP  1:04:31 ()
Anthony Manning  Elastic Variations vol. 1   Options Elastic Variations vol. 1  1:13:54 ()
  end of the record (sorry)     1:38:45 ()
Vernon & Burns      1:39:35 ()
Ivor Cutler  Stick Out Your Chest   Options Get Away from the Wall  1:46:27 ()
Ivor Cutler  Turkish Bath Play   Options Get Away from the Wall  1:47:13 ()
Ivor Cutler  There's A Turtle in My Soup   Options Get Away from the Wall  1:50:57 ()
Ivor Cutler  Gruts for Tea   Options Get Away from the Wall  1:54:10 ()
Ivor Cutler  Get Away from the Wall   Options Get Away from the Wall  1:56:46 ()
Ivor Cutler  The Tureen   Options Get Away from the Wall  1:58:44 ()
Hermann Nitsch  7. Sinfonie   Options   2:04:24 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/27/12 12:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that is one kind of rocking horse, I guess.
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:15pm Noah:

Get those goddam rocking horses lashed down below or I'll....screw it! I've had it! Toss 'em right overboard.
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:15pm Investor:

Not another Stock Crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

rocking horse latitutes...
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

call Pat Sayjack, we've got a "before and after" answer!
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:22pm mick:

bryce, you`re slaying me !!!
time for a glass of wine......
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 12:24pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/27/12 12:26pm Looms:

Hello there!
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:26pm bruceleh:

re: Messaien last monday
Maybe I wasn't in the mood, or I need to listen to that again (without the videos), but most of went in one ear and out the other.
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

going to eat me sandwich now. See you in 1/2 hr. don't play anything too good whilst I"m away.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 12:31pm bryce:

why would i break character now?
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:32pm Playlist:

Now playing: Anything Too Good

neener neener neener!!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 12:32pm bryce:

bruceleh, oh no! :)

can't enjoy all the music all the time...
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:32pm dom m:

shit's tight
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:32pm new on AMC:

Breaking Bryce
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:39pm Carmichael:

Thanks for reminding me, Dom. Be right back.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 12:40pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/27/12 12:48pm dc pat:

what? I missed Messaien??
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:50pm Playlist:

you were messin around ---> you were missin Messaien
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:53pm Carmichael:

Is this where the helicopters come flyin' in?!?
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:53pm dc pat:

I hate missin' Messaien...
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:56pm dc pat:

Messiaen I mean. DAMN YOU BRUCELEH!
  Fri. 1/27/12 12:58pm northguineahills:

@Carmichael: I just watched the Redux version two nights ago on Netflix, pretty awesome, everything makes much more sense.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:05pm FCC:

Is that Lurch?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:15pm still b/p:

"There is evidence that exposure to phthalocyanines can cause serious birth defects in developing embryos."
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:17pm developing embryo:

shit...well, what's done is done.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:18pm bruceleh:

@still b/p
Did you see the shape of that molecule?

  Fri. 1/27/12 1:21pm still b/p:

Yes I did. Like a snowflake exposed to phthalocyanines during its frosty gestation.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:21pm Wordplay List:

@Playlist: Not messin around enough and missin wordplay, I'd say.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:22pm Playlist:

Missin accomplished.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:22pm John:

You need a new picture for your homepage I'm bored with mirror hat guy
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:23pm Mirror Hat Guy:

  Fri. 1/27/12 1:24pm John:

I suggest an amusing picture of a penguin
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:25pm John:

or a cat
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:26pm kat330:

How 'bout the cat in the mirror hat.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:27pm Name Tag:

HELLO! My Name Is:

Mirror Hat Guy
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:27pm kat330:

Oh, I meant to attribute that to Dr. Seuss...
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:27pm Amusing Penguin Booster Club Chairman:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 1:28pm bryce:

hahaa, holy shit, you are totally right.

i need an extreme makeover
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:28pm audiolog:

Please, speak longer, Bryce. I want to listen your comments...
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

do Bryce has his own page or do you refer to WFMU's homepage?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:30pm kat330:

@APBCC: What's amusing about the penguins there, but for the one in a sweater?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sorry. Do Bryce HAVE his own page?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:30pm G:

Click on "Bryce's playlists", DCE...
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:30pm G:

before he changes it :-P
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ah yes, I remember Mirror Hat Guy now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 1:32pm bryce:

click on him!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:32pm kat330:

@DCE: Well, he does, and it "hasn't went" away yet.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:32pm G:

I wonder what year that was. Some tech demo or convention I guess. MHG is from and/or in Texas, given his lapel pin.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:36pm kat330:

This one's good for the green environmentalist Bryce:


Or several of them here: http://theuniblog.evilspacerobot.com/?p=5819
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:37pm MC Billy Shakes:

Look in thy glass, and tell the face thou viewest
Now is the time that face should form another...
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:38pm kat330:

@G: maybe SXSW?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:38pm ?:

Aah, Mirror Hat Guy. The original, way less intimidating version of RoboCop.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:39pm Caryn:

The slightly fly-like version of RoboCop.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:39pm G:

Maybe Bryce knows, or maybe it's been up so long now he doesn't!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:39pm kat330:

He reminds me of "The Fly" -- "help meeeeee!"
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:40pm kat330:

Arrrgh, Caryn shows up in time to synch ahead of me!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:41pm Van in DC:

And that's C3PO behind him?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:41pm Mirror Hat Guy:

a huge hairy spider is coming after me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

help meeeeee!!!!! help meeeeee!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:41pm Caryn:

The Fly after he got blinged out: "I got me some gold caps on my eyes. Can't see for shit, but I look illin'!"
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:43pm kat330:

Speaking of The Fly, I went to theater school w/Goldblum, but I simply could not contain my laughter in the final moments when he's crawling across the floor... I don't think others in the audience were as amused.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:44pm channeling Goldblum:

The check cleared.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:44pm John:

I wish I was Vice President of Procurement. I could decide what to buy.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:45pm kat330:

Oh, this track should have played on "Burns Night" Wednesday.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:46pm John:

Burns Night means eat disgusting haggis and wash it down with whisky and recite bad poetry. Let the Scots have independence and be rid of them, the ginger heroin taking misers.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:46pm Carmichael:

"Does Bryce be havin' his own home page?"
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:46pm kat330:

I challenge you all to watch the film again and tell me you have no impulse to laugh during that sequence -- double dare ya!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:47pm Board of Directors of Procurement:

Maybe. Maybe not.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:47pm Caryn:

The Fly, after an awkward pause: "I do look illin', don't I? Someone answer, please? Like I said, I can't see, so I can't look in a mirror. Maybe trying to act cool in front of my kids was a bad idea. I mean, look at me, I'm a dorky white guy from Texas. Why am I trying to talk like a rapper? What is illin' anyway? Aargh! Someone get this gold off! Help meeee... Help meeee!"
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:47pm John:

Ivor Cutler!!!! I like bugs I like bugs!!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:47pm channeling Goldblum:

I laughed after the check cleared for that.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I always have to supress a laugh when I pick up the phone and the caller says nothing but "DICK"
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:49pm glenn:

geena davis had good legs, i seem to remember.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:49pm kat330:

ICOCBW, but I don't think JG was bringing in the big bucks on that film. Nothing to sneeze at, I'm sure, but still...
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:49pm John:

She was in the USA Archery team was Geena
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:50pm Caryn:

Oh, kat, I wish I could laugh at that, but ever since the same teleportation accidents happened to my boyfriend, and I had to blow his brains out with a shotgun, it's hard to find the humour there...
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:50pm channeling Goldblum:

Better than emptying wastebaskets or doing checkout at Target.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:50pm Brindle:

I've come here to say one magic word to you.

  Fri. 1/27/12 1:51pm Caryn:

Seriously, didn't anyone see the "based on a true story" bit at the start of the movie?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:51pm kat330:

I was such a huge fan of the original, I'm not sure I could have kept a straight face in the updated version even if not Jeff G. in the role.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:51pm Wondering:

So............. does that mean you're single?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:52pm The Magnificent Onanist:

I just need a few moments on my own
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:53pm John:

2 minutes of Ivor Cutler once a year is all anyone needs
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:53pm Vaudeville Routine:

Waiter, there's a turtle in my soup.

Tell him to hurry up. We're closing soon.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:53pm Caryn:

@Wondering: hah! Yep. Luckily, "The Fly II" was not based on a true story, and I didn't die giving birth to a giant larva that would grow up to be Eric Stoltz.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:54pm John:

Has a woman who knew that she was well dressed ever caught a cold?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:54pm Fly:

Being in the restaurant soup for a vaudeville routine is MY JOB. Shit, EVERYTHING is outsourced anymore.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:54pm John:

Enough of Ivor
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:54pm kat330:

And I think the industrial press was waaaayyyyy better -- an illin' killin' device indeed.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:55pm Hugo:

I have Life in a Scotch Sitting Room vol. 2 on lp, but was there ever a vol. 1?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:55pm ranjit:

If you don't want gruts, throw 'em out the old back door.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:55pm Wondering:

Well, maybe when you get out of jail, we can catch a movie or something.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:56pm Fly in Resaurant Soup:

glug glug help meeeeee! help meeeeeee! glug glug
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:56pm ranjit:

I am sitting in a scotch room, different from the one ye are in now.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:56pm Caryn:

@Wondering: sure, how about "The Fly"?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:56pm glenn:

i think that's groats.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 1:56pm bryce:

hugo, i don't think so!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:58pm Wondering:

Uhhhhhhhhh. Okay. Or maybe Moonstruck?
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:58pm Caryn:

I'm starting to suspect Bryce just put a record on and has gone out for dinner. He'll be back in an hour. He's making his comments to the board via smart phone app.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:58pm Doktor Frankenstein:

Ivor, or whatever your name is, hurry and go bring me a HUMAN BRAIN!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:58pm Carmichael:

I think the punchline is, "It took me a fortnight to get through the thistles."
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:58pm John:

Just Get Away from the Wall It's His Wall
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:59pm Caryn:

The wall's just been painted.
  Fri. 1/27/12 1:59pm kat330:

Is this extended Cutler play because of the spilled beer on the board? Or is Bryce just bored?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:00pm Abby Normal:

Will mine do?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:00pm ivor:

I think I've said enough for now . . .
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:00pm Consumer Reports:

@kat: Listener torture test.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:00pm T-Zero:

@glenn: I presume groats is the Scottish version of grits...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:01pm Caryn:

@Wondering: That's not based on your life, is it? I'm not gonna come over and find that you're an overacting baker whose hand was cut off in an unfortunate breadslicing accident?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:01pm Carmichael:

Groats are more like all-bran.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:01pm kat330:

Not implying it applies here, but whenever a listener lauds or a DJ spins some absolutely irredeemable bit of recorded noise, I'm reminded of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" lyric: "But you don't really care for music, do ya?"
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:02pm dc pat:

oh man, I missed Ivor Cutler??
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:03pm Wondering:

Hang on, I've just got to check these crumpets.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bryce, you should get that looked at.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:03pm T-Zero:

@Carmichael: Right. Maybe "version" wasn't the word I was looking for...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:03pm Carmichael:

Ya, ya feck youse.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:05pm crit:

i get sick of stupid voice records...lame
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:05pm John:

Hermann Nitsch>Ivor Cutler
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:06pm glenn:

well they're kinda like grits, except not corn and not soaked in lye.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:06pm Otis:

Play some Ken Nordine!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:06pm Randy J.:

Nitschy for me, dawg
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:06pm Dr Crap Eyes:

Herman's Hermits<either
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:06pm bryce:

hahahaaa, i'm gonna play so much ivor cutler now!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:07pm Caryn:

And now and entire symphony, so Bryce can go back to his dinner for the remaining 53 minutes...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:07pm Consumer Reports:

Tolja. See my prior comment ^^^^
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:07pm crit:

cool...i'll quit listening to your show...no big deal
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:07pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/27/12 2:08pm Hourly Mic Breaks:

More rock, less talk. It's all about THE MUSIC!!!! :-)
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:08pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

and don't let the radio electrocute you on the way out! or something.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:09pm T-Zero:

@DCE: Just smack'em with your big joint ;)
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:09pm crit:

tough guys...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, only if I'm asked nicely, after several beers...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:10pm Carmichael:

Feckin' eejit.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:10pm kat330:

My class at Neighborhood was filled w/ eventual comedy stars as it turned out. Besides Goldblum there was also Sandy Helberg and Jeff MacKay.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:11pm dc pat:

man tough crowd today...bring on the Cutler..
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:11pm Teh Internets:

@crit: Whinerz gonna whine
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:11pm Rubber Duckie:

back er down boys looks like we got us a TROLL, copy
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:11pm Caryn:

Nitsch is niche music. Or wait, is that supposed to be "Niche is nitsch music"?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:11pm kat330:

We had a blast.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:12pm northguineahills:

Gee, I digdug the Ivor Cutler and the Nitsch.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:12pm Caryn:

Carmichael appears to be in a "Father Ted" mood. Bryce, play "My Lovely Horse"!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:13pm kat330:

So I came in to join in the fun and next thing ya know there's a bar brawl?!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:13pm Bronie:

anything related to My Little Pony would be appreciated as well
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:14pm Teh Internets:

He slunk out.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:14pm Hugo:


Regular fare for listeners to John Peel on BBC Radio 1 in the seventies. The only thing to top it off would be interminable episodes of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:14pm Nietzsche:

Did I hear someone mention my name??
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what would it matter anyway, Fred?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:15pm Caryn:

Hey Nitsch, Nietzsche says your music is beyond good and evil!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:16pm an existential void:

  Fri. 1/27/12 2:18pm Caryn:

Oh kat, after spending years with a Finn, a bar brawl shocks you?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:18pm Also Sprach:

This is so turn of the century...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:18pm Singularity:

@void: Hear that giant sucking sound?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:20pm kat330:

J.T. is apparently not like any stereotypical Finn. He's the kindest and most mild man I've ever met. He hardly ever partakes -- hates beer -- and when he does he prefers something like a pear cider.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:21pm Troublemaker:

Maybe he only goes over the top when you're not around. One year = Still on good behavior.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:22pm Troublemaker:

Maybe he only goes over the top when you're not around. One year = Still on good behavior.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:22pm kat330:

Tying Finns and The Fly: Geena Davis was married to Renny Harlin after Goldblum, I believe? BTW, did you think the Oscars snubbed Kaurismaki in the foreign film category?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:23pm bryce:

hugo, i just might! i feel like the climate is right
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:23pm Oscar Nominators:

Snubbing is what we DO. You're welcome.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:23pm kat330:

@Troublemaker: It's been a dozen years however. :) I'm the one encouraging him to find a beverage to relax on the weekends, so finally he's trying rum (which I don't care for).
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:24pm Carmichael:

Blame my attitude on ol' Cutler. The boyo brought me back to my youth, he did.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:26pm nic:

Nitsch is great thx !!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:26pm bryce:

used to have a couple CDs worth of some totally hilarious radio plays he did....till the HD crash...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:27pm kat330:

my 2:22 (nice that!) was @ you, Caryn. You still here?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:27pm Caryn:

@kat: It's funny, Goldblum used to be married to Geena Davis, while Renny Harlin was with Laura Dern. Then, Renny Harlin married Geena Davis, and who does Goldblum start dating? Laura Dern. It's like frigging wife swapping!
I kinda feel bad for Kaurismäki, since for years he didn't want the Finns to put him up for nomination. Then, when he's finally okay with it, he's not nominated.
I suspect JT and me are soulmates: no drinking here, either. Which, in Finland, makes me feel like a freak. I might as well be a giant half-fly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:27pm bryce:

thx, nic! and it's not even 6-tage long...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:28pm bryce:

hi kathleen. hi caryn.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:29pm Caryn:

The weirdest thing is there only being two songs up for the "best song" Oscar. WTF?!? These new rules don't make a lick of sense.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:29pm kat330:

Yeah, I was going to mention something about the wife swapping, but wasn't sure I had my facts straight on that. As a tall woman myself (though not on the Davis order), kinda glad to see Goldblum pick the taller ladies. Usually they pick the petites.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:30pm kat330:

Hi, Bryce! :)
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:31pm Van in DC:

Or is it husband swapping?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:31pm bill:

Hermann Nitsch video. Good times!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

no, it's just a key party
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:32pm kat330:

@VDC: You have a point.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:32pm Otis:

if booze doesn't fit, pot usually does. see your local doc for a prescript if you're lucky. mellow and a lot better for you than liquids.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:33pm bryce:

bill, (gateway to joy) donna and i have flipped the idea of going to prinzendorf around for years......i guess i'd be eating a bit of MEAT though...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:33pm Caryn:

Goldblum & Peter Weller (hah, The Fly & RoboCop... maybe Mirrored Hat Guy is just a fan of theirs?) have that jazz combo. Anyone here ever see them perform live?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:34pm nic:

i had some CD's LP's something i don't know where they went
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:35pm kat330:

Nope, he's never partaken of the herb either. He's a very unique and (gushing stupidly) and wonderful being.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:35pm bryce:

oh shit, that sucks! they're great for some extended zoning out...and totally beautiful packaging
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:36pm Carmichael:

Pardon me all, I'm off marching now.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:36pm kat330:

By Carm!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:37pm kat330:

Rather "bye"!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:38pm bill:

bryce: Bravo! Be sure to send a postcard!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:38pm bryce:

nic, there was a spate of aktionist films making the gallery rounds here a few years ago. pretty, er......intense viewing....
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:39pm Caryn:

  Fri. 1/27/12 2:39pm Crackle:

Bryce Krispies! You are good.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:40pm Looms:

Let's march to the theater for Peckinpah's Wild Bunch. Bye all, thx Bryce.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:40pm bryce:

bye, seeya looms!

bill, it's crazy, there's basically music or some form of sound going on literally 24 hours a day....and blocks of feasting. sensory & conceptual exhaustion of every kind
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:41pm dc pat:

no veggie burgers in Prinzendorf?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

who's buying brunch now?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:41pm kat330:

I like the drummer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:42pm bryce:

hahhaaaa, that's the clincher...

well, there's always TOMATINA
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:43pm kat330:

He marches to his own beat, and like I always say, ask not for whom the drummer drums; he beats off for thee.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:43pm kat330:

Cow bells?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:43pm noor:

hey i've got this same setting on MY drum machine
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:43pm dc pat:

If I ever get to Europe I suppose I'd be eating meat too..
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:44pm nic:

thx bryce i'll have to check them out
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:46pm dc pat:

I wonder if there's a carrotina..OUCH!
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:47pm kat330:

  Fri. 1/27/12 2:47pm nic:

wow great red fun
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:47pm dc pat:

or a beeratina...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

beet-o-rama might get ugly
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:48pm dc pat:

I made wheat beer once and it tasted like crap so I took a bath in it.....I don't know why.... I feel like I've said too much now...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:49pm mike noble in dc:

i could go for some ivor slaney about now.
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:49pm G:

Let alone a canteloupatina or a watermelatina.

Background for those who haven't seen it yet:

  Fri. 1/27/12 2:50pm bill:

Bryce: is Prinzendorf an annual event? I'm looking around interwebs without much luck (even just Googling Prinzendorf NSFW)
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:51pm noor:

is that a water melon filled with vodka and vermouth?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:51pm kat330:

Um, not so cool..if I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing...
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:53pm dc pat:

say what ever happened vodka bags anyway?
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:53pm Sigmeund:

vat is it dat you sink you are seeing?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:56pm bryce:

no idea, bill! kinda doubt it, tho....
  Fri. 1/27/12 2:56pm Hugo:


Wacky, those Austrians.

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 1/27/12 2:59pm bryce:

odd to say this....but i feel like mr. nitsch is actually the most spiritually healthy of them all
  Fri. 1/27/12 3:00pm G:

Nitsch has a site with an English area where he discusses his work, including pages where he discusses his "actions" and theatre events:

  Fri. 1/27/12 3:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, this has been fun!
  Fri. 1/27/12 3:00pm Caryn:

The Spanish have their tomato-throwing, the Indians have their powdered paint-throwing. We Finns throw mobile phones, but not at each other: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_throwing
  Fri. 1/27/12 3:02pm noor:

or is that a watermelontini
  Fri. 1/27/12 3:02pm dc pat:

we Americans just throw up.
  Fri. 1/27/12 3:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 1/27/12 3:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

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