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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options January 27, 2012: We Are Oceans

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Beach House  Gila   Options   0:00:00 ()
Antonio Carlos Jobim  Boto   Options   0:06:58 ()
Jaga Jazzist  Animal Chin   Options   0:12:57 ()
The Million Dollar Orchestra  Rock Freak Boogie   Options   0:16:39 ()
The Knife  Silent Shout   Options   0:25:34 ()
Sarah Motalebi  Coldwar   Options   0:29:58 ()
Venetian Snares  We Are Oceans   Options   0:33:21 ()
Bonde do Tigrao  Cerol Na Mao   Options   0:38:17 ()
Bid  Batuk De Amor   Options   0:42:56 ()
Amon Tobin  Sub Tropic   Options   0:48:47 ()
Björk  Thunderbolt / Sacrifice   Options   1:02:40 ()
Los Bajeros de la Montaña  Cuando Se Aleja El Verano   Options   1:12:13 ()
Kingdom  That Mystic   Options   1:14:30 ()
Nicki Minaj  Stupid Hoe   Options   1:17:40 ()
TNT  Hot Gyal   Options   1:21:21 ()
WombatCombat   Ridd/emz   Options   1:23:59 ()
Beans  Blue Movie (Salva Remix)   Options   1:28:03 ()
KungFused  Tesla Project   Options   1:32:02 ()
Myrryrs  Blood Of A Slave / Paradis Parka / Burn & Turn It Up   Options   1:35:35 ()
Mikix the Cat  Girls   Options   1:46:45 ()
DJ Comrade  PSYCHO VUKKY PIRANHA MONTAGEM LIVE   Options   2:01:38 ()
M.E.S.H.  Dusk Balm   Options   2:06:36 ()
El Nomada  Todo Tiene Su Final   Options   2:10:55 ()
Lightning EyeZ  Kush Kore   Options   2:15:45 ()
Peace Treaty  Change (Dj DaGo Remix)   Options   2:20:22 ()
Magnum  Grooveworks   Options   2:26:50 ()
Hudson Mohawke  Thunder Bay   Options   2:32:14 ()
Zebra Katz  Sex Sellz / Hunter / Ima Read   Options   2:35:31 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/27/12 6:03am Nathan:

  Fri. 1/27/12 6:03am the bahai llama:

yes, i can hear you HotRod, good evening... can you turn it up tonight, i'm already falling asleep at work and it's only 10 pm !
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:03am Nathan:

I can't hear you... and this isn't beach house
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:06am Nathan:

JM in the AM
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:06am the bahai llama:

nathan is correct, in fact... more like Gilad than Gila...
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:07am Nathan:

Being a bit of the hebrew myself... I don't mind, but I prefer the Hotrod.
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:07am Nathan:

You're on!
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:07am JJJ:

I can hear you now :)
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:08am Nathan:

*dabs brow* phew... coffee?
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 6:09am HotRod:

How about now????
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:09am the bahai llama:

deus ex machina this evening
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:09am Nathan:

Back to Hebrew pirate radio.
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:10am JJJ:

Gone again
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:10am s. dexter:

good morning HotRod .. good morning fellow listeners .. whats up with the stream? .... greetings all from grand rapids michigan
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:10am s. dexter:

jm in am
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:10am the bahai llama:

please HotrRod, make it stop! make it go away! Israeli propaganda!
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:10am Nathan:

same uplifting message of universal love though
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:13am Nathan:

you're back.
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:13am the bahai llama:

i know Tel Aviv controls US foreign policy, but i didn't think their control had reached WFMU
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:13am s. dexter:

i hear you HotRod
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:14am r0:

good morning
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:14am vanya zhuk in russia:

hello everyone hello hotrod and especially hi to grand rapids!! oh! GUITAR!
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:16am s. dexter:

hi russia
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 6:17am HotRod:

Sorry about that! Should be good to go now! :P
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:20am Dave B:

Good morning HotRod and the rest of the regulars
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:21am Nathan:

Morning Dave B.
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 6:22am HotRod:

Someone spilled beer on the main mixboard :(
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 6:23am HotRod:

So if you here something bubblin...
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:24am vanya zhuk in russia:

isn`t it against the rules to put beer on the mixboard? you`re freeform but you gotta have some rules? right?!
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:25am Nathan:

Oh damn! Drinkin' and dj'in.
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:25am JJJ:

I spilled beer on nomeansno's drum carpet once, they weren't happy
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 6:31am HotRod:

How is everyone today?!?!?
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:33am Nathan:

I am ready to party.
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:41am the bahai llama:

nice spiky set! keeping me very wide awake, thank you!
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:42am s. dexter:

i fuckin love venetian snares
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:44am vanya zhuk in russia:

yeah and the beutiful ocean waves and running girls! that`s what i like.
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:45am Nathan:

I think the mixing board had a bit too much to drink. ;)
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:46am vanya zhuk in russia:

and solving simple math problems makes me feel right!!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:48am Maestroso:

G'morn Ms HotRod! Slow typing on my iPhone..
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:48am the bahai llama:

a GREAT Front 242 sample in this... will have to dig out the old 12 inch when i get home...
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 6:49am HotRod:

  Fri. 1/27/12 6:53am Dave B:

Every day above ground has the potential to be a great one..
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:57am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 1/27/12 6:58am the bahai llama:

ozzy! okay, off to make my tea now then...
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:02am Ozzy Skateboard:

hehehe :)
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:10am HotRod:

Craving miracles...
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:11am Dave B:

ticket for 2/12 just arrived

Midi controlled tesla coils! YES!
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:12am HotRod:

WOAH!!! Tesla keeps coming up...
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:14am other david:

G'morning HotRod and commenty folks :)
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:22am HotRod:

Thought you wrote "mind controllled tesla coils" ...haha!
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:26am Dave B:

now THAT would be cool

But the show at NY Hall of Science is gonna be great.
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:27am Ozzy Skateboard:

this song is crackin me up
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:27am abby:

hotrod, your show goes by SO FAST!!!!!! i always wish it were longer, thank god for the archives.
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:29am HotRod:

I know exactly what you mean, abby!
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:30am :

Stupid Hoe - wors ever made in negro pop scene, srsly
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:30am HotRod:

How's the volume?? My speakers are not working :P
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:32am Dave B:

Like This!

  Fri. 1/27/12 7:34am Dave B:

or this:

Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:35am HotRod:

Thanks Dave B!!! ;)
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:35am Ozzy Skateboard:

sounds normal to me HR
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:36am the bahai llama:

well all i can say re volume is... i'm still awake!
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:36am HotRod:

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:39am the bahai llama:

wombats don't fight, by the way...
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:41am Parq:

I'm a tryin'. I'm a tryin'.
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:41am HotRod:

they must be kungfused!
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:43am Ozzy Skateboard:

  Fri. 1/27/12 7:51am Nathan:

Noontime smoke has almost put me back in bed... Anyone got any uppers?
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:53am Ozzy Skateboard:

oh you make wish i had some of those 30/30 caffeine pills I used to get by the jar full
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:55am HotRod:

Here you go, Nathan! ;)
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:57am Nathan:

  Fri. 1/27/12 7:58am zoltan:

or this one http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_levvlbFM211qzs3pyo1_500.gif
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 7:59am HotRod:

Thanks Zoltan! :D
  Fri. 1/27/12 7:59am zoltan:

sorry, i mean one of this every morning
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:00am Nathan:

I had dreams of smoke machines and lazers last night.. this could've been the soundtrack.
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:01am Nathan:

Aww :)
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:08am Nathan:

everyone's workin' that apparently.
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:09am Mickey Mephistopheles:

If you haven't seen this interview with Venetian Snares...
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:10am Topher:

Yeah! I'm able to stream from our new work location since we were displaced by Hurricane Irene. My 20 mi. commute changed to 55 each way though. 73 days C&S today.

Happy Friday Everyone.
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 8:20am HotRod:

All the best to you, Topher! :)
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:21am Marmalade ktty:

G'morning HotRod & everyone!
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:27am Ozzy Skateboard:

zoom cough cough cough
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 8:28am HotRod:

pass the dutchie!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:29am Nathan:

I'm awake! I'm awake!
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:30am Tamer:

hello HOTROD happy fridays ..
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 8:33am HotRod:

Hello Tamer! Nice to see you here again. :)
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:35am Nathan:

passes dutchie...
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 8:36am HotRod:

Wow...that took a minute to go around.
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:37am Tamer:

Hows the cabbie driver doing ;)
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 8:41am HotRod:

Not sure...but he's probably enjoying a new cabbie tape on full blast. I must track him down again!
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:41am Nathan:

european style, no puff puff pass, you smoke your fair share then pass it on. Shouldn't really make more than one round.
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:43am Nathan:

likin' this hudson mohawke.
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:45am fred von helsing:

super danceable, diggin' it
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:46am Nathan:

There are a few new Ima Read remixes put up in the last couple days...
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 8:47am HotRod:

I can't get enough of the original Ima Read!!
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:48am Tamer:

I enjoy ur music anyway HOTrod and i like the way you found it haha all the best
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:49am Nathan:

I agree.. just sayin'... someone might be able to level it up.
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:49am Ozzy Skateboard:

sex sellz is very danceable in a funny way
Avatar Fri. 1/27/12 8:52am HotRod:

It's about that time, my lovelies...
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:53am Dave B:

Thanks for starting the weekend right HotRod!
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:56am Nathan:

has it been 3 hours already!?
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:56am Parq:

Neat GIFs - the disintegrating pistol, and the disintegrating performer.
  Fri. 1/27/12 8:57am Nathan:

let's do the time warp again!
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