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Three hours of adventurous jazz drawing on the Destination: Out archives and other planes of there.

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Options January 16, 2012: Rivers deep; mountaintop high.

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
Roscoe Mitchel  Tatas-Matoes   Options Congliptious  Nessa  1968   
John Coltrane  Alabama   Options Live at Birdland  Impulse!  1963   
The Spencer Jackson Family  Ain't Nobody Gonna Treat Us Like They Used to Do   Options The Zulu 45s Collection  Jazzman  2010   
Charles Mingus  Cry for Freedom (Prayer for Passive Resistance)   Options Mingus at Antibes  Atlantic  1976 (1960)   
Music behind DJ:
David Bowie 
Moss Garden   Options "Heroes"  RCA  1977   
Joe McPhee  Birmingham Sunday   Options Underground Railroad/Live At Holy Cross Monastery  Cj-R (re: Atavistic)  2001 (1969)   
David S. Ware Quartet  Freedom Suite, part 3   Options Live in the World  thirsty ear  2004   
Manfred Schulze Blazer Quintet  Choral fur Dr Martin Luther King   Options Viertens  FMP  1986  [add yr own umlaut] 
Music behind DJ:
Essendon Airport 
How Low Can You Go?   Options Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial  Innocent  1979   
Sam Rivers  Solace   Options Contrasts  ECM  1980   
Sam Rivers  Bursts   Options Crystals  Impulse!  1974   
Sam Rivers RivBea All-Star Orchestra  Culmination   Options Culmination  BMG / RCA  2000   
Sam Rivers  Effusive Melange   Options Dimensions and Extensions  Blue Note  1986 (1967)   
Sam Rivers  Downstairs Blues Upstairs   Options Fuchsia Swing Song  Blue Note  1965   
Music behind DJ:
NOW Ensemble 
All Together Now   Options NOW  New Amsterdam  2009   
Sam Rivers Trio  Onyx + Topaz   Options Hues  Impulse!  1975  aka "Suite for Molde - Part One" 
Sam Rivers  Ecstasy   Options Paragon  Fluid  1977   
Sam Rivers  Shadow   Options Portrait  FMP  1997   
Sam Rivers  Flare   Options Sizzle  Impulse!  1976   
Sam Rivers  Pulsar   Options Trilogy: Edge  Mosaic  2011   
Music behind DJ:
Bang on a Can All Stars 
Four Player Piano Studies: Study 3c   Options Big Beautiful Dark and Scary  Cantaloupe  2012  This double album ist legally free at http://bangonacan25.org/, thru 25 Jan. 
WARM Quartet  <track 03>   Options 2005.06.25 - Terni (Italy) Jazz Festival  n/a  2005  [boot] 
WARM Quartet  <track 04>   Options 2005.06.25 - Terni (Italy) Jazz Festival  n/a  2005  [boot] 
Sam Rivers  Shadows   Options New American Music, Volume 1  Smithsonian Folkways  1975  Rivers' liner notes on this comp.: http://www.bb10k.com/RSS.html#NewAmericanMusic 
Sam Rivers  Evocation Suite, Part 2   Options JazzbuhneBerlin 1982, Vol.10  Repertoire  1982   

Listener comments!

  Mon. 1/16/12 12:02pm Alf from Upstate:

Welcome back, Destination Out!
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:02pm Richard from Venezuela:

Happy new year Jeffs.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:02pm Brian in UK:

Hello Jeffs', this is what you call hitting the ground RUNNING.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:03pm bgporter:

hey, everybody.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:04pm listener james from westwood:

good monday folks. good to have d:o on again so soon!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 12:04pm Jeff G:

Greetings! And happy new year to all assembled: Alf; Richard; Brian!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 12:04pm Jeff G:

...bgporter; ljfw...!
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:06pm Doug S.:

We are in church (in Birmingham and everywhere). We are blessed.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:07pm earwax:

Howdy all. Love the Coltrane sounds.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:09pm Brian in UK:

A Coltrane is for life not just for Christmas.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:13pm Dervish:

Oh my, this is fine. So happy to be hear.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:17pm fakedaniels:

Still got to preach http://j.mp/yKD8v3
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:19pm Brian in UK:

Monet painted some beautiful seascapes at Antibes. Charles Mingus 'painted' some beautiful soundscapes in 1960.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:23pm Doug S.:

Jeff, have your heard Trane's "Alabama" played in unison to MLK's eulogy in Birmingham at the funeral for the four girls killed in the church bombing. The evidence has convinced me that Trane patterned the cadence of his playing on the delivery of King's voice. One of the most chilling things I've ever heard
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 12:25pm Jeff G:

@fakedaniels: words fail. Totally absurd.

@Doug: I've heard it said that that's what Trane was doing, but have never put them together.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:33pm Martha:

Doug played that Coltrane/King tape on his show years ago.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:34pm Doug S.:

That was part of the radio documentary "Tell Me How Long Trane's Been Gone," created by Steve Rowland. Incredible.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:40pm fakedaniels:

Still not sure whether to believe that, Jeff, or whether I've been hoaxed. Telling in itself, I suppose.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:43pm Dan in Seattle:

  Mon. 1/16/12 12:43pm earwax:

This Joe McPhee stuff is friggin' amazing
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:44pm Lee:

Joe McPhee, yes! It was going to have to be Birmingham Sunday or Underground Railroad. Can't go wrong with this album.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:46pm fakedaniels:

"In Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi, the slain civil rights leader shares a state holiday with Robert E. Lee". Cheers, @Dan.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:56pm Ed Moore:

This is really hitting the spot.
  Mon. 1/16/12 12:59pm Hugo:

I'm a happy owner of that Trane documentary, thanks to Mr. Doug. Highly appreciated!
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:04pm listener james from westwood:

we don' need no steenkin' umlauts!
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:04pm Hugo:

On that subject, might be an idea to have a rerun on the GTDS stream if it can be arranged.

Speaking of umlauts (or even better): åæø
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:05pm Doug S.:

That amazing documentary ran on a few public radio stations around the country in spring 2001 and then it vanished. I spent a few years, off and on, hunting down the producer and got permission to run it on WFMU. Miraculously, he allowed me to offer it as a marathon premium, too.

@Hugo, I have been contemplating that very idea. Maybe for Trane's birthday in September...
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:05pm bgporter:

Man, no one told me this party was BYOU.
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:08pm jk:

Doug, I have a copy of that doc that you gave away on the fundraiser a couple of years ago, it's excellent!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:10pm Jeff G:

Add me to the list of gratified Trane doc listeners. I'm all for bringing it back, as I didn't get to "take it home," as it were.
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:11pm Doug S.:

Here is the website for Steve Rowland, producer of the Coltrane doc. Lotsa great stuff: http://artistowned.com/
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:25pm Ed Moore:

Damn this is brilliant. Sam Rivers taught me to like big band music again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:31pm Jeff G:

Glad you are digging, Ed Moore.

Apparently, Rivers had stacks of big band "charts" he'd written; the trouble was always getting it produced.
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:32pm Hugo:

I just found out that there's a "brand new" Blue Notes coming out. Can I wait that long? I think the term deferred gratification applies here.

  Mon. 1/16/12 1:32pm bgporter:

I'd love to hear an all bigband outing of D:O Radio.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:33pm Jeff G:

Also re that Culmination track, the band was a monster: www.bb10k.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:36pm Jeff G:

All-big-band outing: like the idea. 'course, Sun Ra alone could occupy the first 8 hours or so.

It was tough/ridiculous/impossible trying to pay tribute to Sam Rivers in one show...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:38pm Jeff G:

"fuchsia" -- possibly the hardest non-name word to spell in the jazz lexicon
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:39pm Jeff G:

Jaki Byard, ladies and gents.
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:40pm Hugo:

It would probably be even more difficult if one were to include unreleased live Rivers recordings. One set would frequently run for an hour or more ...
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:40pm Lee:

Nice alphabetical playlist. Hard to pay tribute to a giant like Rivers. But the mix of large/small groups highlights his range and deep well of ideas.
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:42pm Doug S.:

@Hugo, a "new" Blue Notes release?! I....can't....breathe... (I'm turning a most wonderful shade of fuchsia.)
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:44pm earwax:

Holy Crap! It looks like SOPA might be dead (at least until it's resurrected) http://exm.nr/zYAJwS
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:45pm Hugo:

Yeah, Doug, we need some very effective tranquilizers ... Nurse!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:47pm Jeff G:

@earwax: unbelievably great news. You read Cory Doctorow's frightening plea at (I think) BoingBoing?
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:48pm Jeff J:

That Blue Notes release looks exciting. Nice to see Ogun digging into their vaults. Thanks, Hugo.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:50pm Jeff G:

Double Jeffs in the house!
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:52pm Doug S.:

Any relation to convicted child molester and serial polygamist Warren Jeffs?
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:54pm Jeff J:

Has anyone seen the French TV doc of Sam Rivers in the studio with Tony Hymas from the late 90s? They were recording an album for Disques Nato and apparently the doc offers some great insights into Rivers' process and is a behind-the-scenes view of those often tense sessions. Always wanted to check it out...
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:54pm earwax:

@Jeff G Yes, Cory has been on top of this since the beginning. Now the next step is to kill PIPA. Unfortunately, like zombies, these things have trouble staying dead.
  Mon. 1/16/12 1:56pm Hugo:

I can think of things worse than being an Ogun vault digger. Yep, I could dig that ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 1:57pm Jeff G:

@earwax: also like zombies -- no brains, etc.

@Doug: Shhh...
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:02pm Jeff J:

Re: "Shadow" - love this one in particular. So hard to sustain the drama in solo tracks but this seems effortless.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:09pm Dan in Seattle:

Crikey! How do I not have this Sizzle record!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:10pm Jeff G:

There should be more records like SIZZLE. Or are there and we just don't know about them?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:13pm Jeff G:

@Dan: Impulse has kept it under wraps, for whatever bizarre reason. Now that they're finally mining their own catalog -- eg those twofers from Marion Brown, Alice C, Pharoah, etc -- maybe they'll get around to it.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:14pm Doug S.:

God I love Warren Smith. (His brother was in a cooperative gallery in D.C. with me moms.)
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:15pm fakedaniels:

Ah, Dave Holland... (had to google)
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:17pm Jeff J:

My theory re: Sizzle - Keeping this OOP is part of a sinister international conspiracy to tamp down the number of jazz fans. I'd bet this track strikes newbies as more accessible and fun than most cannonical jazz joints.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:18pm Jeff G:

@Doug: points for getting "mom," "gallery," and "Warren Smith" in the same sentence. In my world, those things don't exist in the same universe. (Hi, mom!)
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:20pm Brian in UK:

Doug, Irene seems to be hitting a jazz tip today on the father ship. It is infarctious.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:20pm Lee:

Impulse doesn't want to cut into the profits to be reaped by releasing another Trane box set of re-re-remasters.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:20pm fakedaniels:

Downloading the fuck out of Sizzle now - ain't even gonna front.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:22pm Doug S.:

Me too, from here: http://bit.ly/AhriZf
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:23pm Jeff G:

@Brian: traitor!?
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:23pm Lee:

@fakedaniels and Doug: hells yes.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:23pm fakedaniels:

Ha, same link here.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:24pm fakedaniels:

"Where did all this Sizzle come from?".
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:27pm Brian in UK:

Meow Jeff G, looking but not touching. You are going to cause some embolisms if you go weekly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:29pm Jeff G:

Heh. Just our insecurity showing. As newbies, we haven't built up our hides of steel yet. Ain't that right, Doug?

Meanwhile, got my own embolisms to worry about...
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:30pm Brian in UK:

82 years young when this was recorded. Oh brother.
You have no fears Jeff your impact was pretty much immediate. I think that is fair to say.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:32pm Doug S.:

Forget weekly. I'm ready for D:O RADIO to slay them daily.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:36pm Jeff G:

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Just checked the mothership, and see Irene also played that Mingus cut! Wonder if they were going out simultaneously...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:36pm Jeff G:

(But thanks!!)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:41pm Jeff G:

Me, last night, to my 7-yr-old daughter: "Want to hear the beginning of daddy's radio show?"
Her, all smiles: "Sure!"
Her, looking concerned: "That doesn't sound right."
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:46pm Doug S.:

She should have her own show, just so you could zing her back.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:49pm bgporter:

That's what I miss from my college radio days -- keeping the music going while handling the angry/confused phone calls.
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:53pm Brian in UK:

Love Smithsonian, simple title straight and to the point. See you in a fortnight gents.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 2:54pm Jeff G:

See you, Brian! Always great to have you here. (As elsewhere.)
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:55pm Hugo:

One can never be too careful in the selection of one's parents ...
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:58pm Doug S.:

Give the Drummer Radio motors on, 24 hours a day. Don't forget to tune at Noon tomorrow for an all-new show from Tony Coulter.

Coming up next on the stream...
Frank Lowe
Cjampeta Sound System
Lupé y Raúl
Gilberto Gil
Bad Livers
Kenny Rankin
Chuck Mayfield & the Wonder Valley Cowboys
Carl Butler
Bill Anderson
Panta Rhei
Jimmy Graham
Five Ounces of Soul
and more
and more
and more...
  Mon. 1/16/12 2:59pm listener james from westwood:

been listening while proofreading away from the computer. couldn't have asked for better accompaniment. thanks gents!
  Mon. 1/16/12 3:01pm Doug S.:

And don't forget to check out the phenomenal Sam Rivers post at Destination Out: http://destination-out.com/?p=3432
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 3:03pm Jeff G:

Thanks, listener james!

Wishing you all a great couple of weeks until we meet again. I will, in the meantime, be turning one year older.
  Mon. 1/16/12 3:06pm Doug S.:

It ain't your birthday until Facebook says it's your birthday.
  Mon. 1/16/12 3:08pm earwax:

I'm late with this but great show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 1/16/12 3:16pm Jeff G:

Thanks, earwax!
  Mon. 1/16/12 3:26pm WERJDF:

Good stuffs as usual
  Tue. 1/24/12 9:40am Martin:

Hey guys, it is great to be able to listen to your show via internet in Germany. If you want to spell all these German groups and song titles correctly, just add an -e- after the vowel, e.g. Manfred Schulze Blaeser Quartett: Choral fuer Martin Luther King. This is absolutely okay. Thank you for introducing me to great music.
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