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Playlist for 12 January 2012 Options | I'm Charlie; Fly Me

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Hermanos Calatrava  Space Oddity   Options Absolute Belter      0:00:00 ()
Mellow  Take Me Higher   Options CQ Soundtrack  Emperor Norton    0:04:16 ()
John Fred and His Playboy Band  Up and Down   Options Agnes English  Paula    0:08:40 ()
Deerhoof  Super Duper Rescue Heads   Options       0:11:18 ()
Bobby Womack  Fly Me to the Moon   Options Fly Me to the Moon      0:13:43 ()
Tim Ouimette Band  Flying   Options Beatles Complete on Ukulele      0:15:51 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alan Hawkshaw 
Sky Train   Options       0:18:34 ()
R. Stevie Moore  Icarus   Options Advanced      0:23:47 ()
Brian Eno  A Title (Caroline Wildi, vocal)   Options Drums Between the Bells      0:27:47 ()
Split Level  Equipment   Options The Split Level  Dot    0:31:44 ()
Pizzicato Five  Baby Love Child   Options Made in USA  Matador    0:35:27 ()
MKRNI  Give Me a Job   Options Jumper      0:37:56 ()
Talking Heads  Mind   Options Fear of Music  Sire    0:42:17 ()
Music behind DJ:
Stefano Torossi 
Flying High   Options Feelings      0:46:53 ()
B-52's  Song for a Future Generation   Options Whammy!  WB    0:50:10 ()
Floaters  Float On   Options       0:54:39 ()
Scott Walker  Plastic Palace People   Options It's Raining Today      0:59:36 ()
Janet McCracken  The People on the Ground   Options demo      1:05:45 ()
Arrogants  Skyscraper   Options Nobody's Cool      1:09:55 ()
Pascals  Shinjitsu wa Kohshin suru   Options Choristian Dio      1:12:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
Oranj Symphonette 
Up Up and Away   Options       1:16:06 ()
Nisar Bazmi\          1:28:10 ()
Sweet Charles  Strangers in the Night   Options       1:27:47 ()
Robert Wyatt / Gilad Atzmon / Ros Stephen  Lullaby for Irena   Options For the Ghosts Within      1:29:28 ()
Akiko Yano  How Can I Be Sure   Options Piano Nightly  Nonesuch    1:35:04 ()
Machines  Flying Kite   Options       1:38:06 ()
Music behind DJ:
John Saunders 
Sky Train   Options Slipstream      1:40:28 ()
Thunderclap Newman  Something in the Air   Options Hollywood Dream  Track    1:43:42 ()
Clouds  Up in the Clouds   Options The Clouds  Innova    1:47:30 ()
The What's New  Up So High   Options       1:50:16 ()
Doris Day  Let's Fly Away   Options Cuttin' Capers  Columbia    1:52:34 ()
Piero Umiliani  Open Space   Options       1:55:45 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/12/12 11:51am Charlie:

Welcome all. I'm here early, checking that all systems are Go!
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:52am jill:

i have my tray table in its upright position.
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:52am Gary Mitchell:

a go-go
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:56am listener james from westwood:

good thursday to all and welcome back, charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:56am Michael:

And seat belts locked and ready for takeoff. Hiya Charlie, welcome back!
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:57am Charlie:

We'll begin taxi-ing in a moment...
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:58am Michael:

<Rips Skymall mag in half and throws in the air>

Let's go!
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:58am Shaun:

Welcome back, Charlie. Thanks for the notification.
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:58am ndbob:

hey Charlie, Gary everyone!
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:59am listener james from westwood:

do i need to shut down my electronic devices?
  Thu. 1/12/12 11:59am Jeff G:

I'll keep my electronic device on, if that's ok with you.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:00pm Brian in UK:

Me ears are alight.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:00pm Alf from Upstate:

Welcome back, Charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:01pm Parq:

Charlie, I'm going to have to wait for the archive to listen -- long story -- but I wanted to check in and say it's great to have you back. I hope the Vermont weather is being kind to you.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:02pm Charlie:

Hello all, too many to name! Thanks for tuning in. The flight attendant will take your drink orders in a moment.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:02pm ndbob:

great start - would have known this was your show if i didn't know already.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:04pm Tony Coulter:

Hurray -- Charlie's back!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:04pm Wendy del Formaggio:

CHARLIE!!! I just tuned in. Hooray!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:05pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hi Tony Coulter!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:06pm Tony Coulter:

Hey Wendy!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:07pm monica:

welcome back, chaz!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:07pm Charlie:

All bottles larger than 2 ounces will be confiscated.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:07pm Aaron in Jcity:

  Thu. 1/12/12 12:08pm Doug S.:

Remember to put your own headphones on first, then assist small children and people with special needs. So thrilled you're back, Charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:08pm Brian in UK:

You've sold me with the title of the first album.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:09pm Brian in UK:

Doug, I need to have a word. I am NEVER going to get anything done over here & it is totally you responsibility.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:12pm Doug S.:

I see you're already busy, doing nothing as usual, Brian.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:16pm R. THOrnton:

yes allow me to hop on the Charlie welcome wagon! we have a nice basket of fruit and some fine products from our corporate masters....
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:17pm Charlie:

Glad you're all talking amongst yourselves, as I'm busy re-learning how to blow segues!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:17pm Brian in UK:

You cheeky blighter, Schulkind.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I'll bring processed cheese for the welcome wagon basket!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:18pm pgw in mntclr:

+2 for this "Flying"!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:19pm Brian in UK:

Hello Wendy. I dare not say how much I spent here at Xmas.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:19pm R. THOrnton:

Processed cheese is pure America.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:20pm Dan in Seattle:

Lauren Bacall in "To Have and Have Not" (paraphrased): "You do know how to segue, Steve, just put your tracks together and blow."
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:20pm listener james from westwood:

hawkshaw, the man with music for every mood.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:20pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hey Brian in UK! I'm particularly interested in Olde Sussex. Did you get that one?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:22pm Brian in UK:

No, what type is that?

Food & Drink Awready.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:25pm Brian in UK:

Found it. 'Open & Bouncy texture' What the heck does that mean?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:27pm peter and listen with sarah:

I'll have a straight scotch. Glass of house white for the lady. Bag of dry roasted peanuts.
What's the film this flight?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:28pm Dan Bodah:

Hi Charlie, nice to have you back!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:28pm listener james from westwood:

Beef and fish on the menu? I'll have the lasagna.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:30pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Brian, that's a weird way to describe that texture, considering what the picture shows -- sometimes cheese websites offer goofy descriptions. I think the texture of Olde Sussex will be like that of Cheshire.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:30pm R. THOrnton:

can you make a Dark and Stormy?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:30pm Charlie:

Hi Dan!
Always order either the vegetarian meal or the kosher meal. More fresher more better.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:32pm Amanda:

Welcome back, Charlie!!! I'm toasting you with a big piece of coffee cake.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:32pm SnowCam:

Hey Charlie. . . get that snowblower ready- you're a true Vermonter now! Wanna come throw some snow for me? Willkommen Back!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:32pm Vicki:

hello Charlie :)
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:34pm Brian in UK:

Wendy, we had some verey young Lancashire in Accrington market. It was just short of curd, luvverly. I think of Cheshire as a crumbly texture.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:34pm Gary Mitchell:

likin' the split level
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:35pm Laura L:

Hi Charlie! Hooray, you are back!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:36pm R. THOrnton:

i didn't order the vegetarian meal. <sigh> i'm sure someone doesn't want theirs.... :)
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:36pm Charlie:

OK, hello: Vicki, Cam, Amanda, Sarah, Peter, Dan Seattle, PGW, R. Thornton, Doug, Aaron, Monica, Wendy, Tony, Alf, Brian UK, Jeff G, Bob ND, Shaun, Michael, James Westwood, Gary, and Jill!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:37pm Charlie:

and Laura
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:37pm Ken:

Welcome back Charlie!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:38pm Everybody:

Hello Charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:38pm Brian in UK:

Vicki, are you going to be at 'Off the Page' next month in Whitstable?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:40pm Charlie:

Hiya Ken!
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:43pm ndbob:

really good one here:)
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:44pm SnowCam:

I'm likin' this MKRNI a whole bunch . . . it's giving me the impetus , (or was that pompetus?),to go out and do some "shoveiling". . .one of my specialties! I'll get back to you later. . . . . . .
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:51pm br:

Flyin' high with Charlie! Any weather-related flight delays?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:51pm J J:

Didn't know there was an active playlist for this show. Sweet. Thought the songs were not quite Doug type songs.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:53pm Brian in UK:

  Thu. 1/12/12 12:53pm Wendy del Formaggio:

B-52s sighting! My Glenn L saw Fred Schneider behind us in line at the John Waters Christmas show last month. Of course me, being oblivious to such things, completely missed him.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:54pm Vicki:

yes Brian I am
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:54pm Erella!:

I am enjoying the radio show here in toronto. Since I know I haven't stayed in the guest room., I thought I would tell you
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:55pm Dervish:

Forget the guestroom, Charlie. Whatcha got in the fridge?
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:55pm Vicki:

I will be on a panel at it, on the subject of the Collateral Damage controversy that Kenny G initiated in The Wire
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:56pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Ooh! Charlie, I can't ever hear this song without thinking of "Bloat On" by The Bloaters aka Cheech & Chong. Talk to Dano in the deli about that one -- he introduced me to it. It's so silly and fun and a spot-on parody.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:57pm Charlie:

Thanks Erella, I wasn't sure. Dervish, the fridge is stocked! Hi br -- just a little ice on the wings.
  Thu. 1/12/12 12:57pm Charlie:

Never heard Bloat On! Sounds like a good segue with Weird Al's Eat It.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:00pm trish:

And, "Coat, coat on" --good for the pre-school set.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:01pm Charlie:

Ha ha! Hi Trish.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:01pm Brian in UK:

Vicki, Sounds interesting, funny Scott Walker comes on, there is a piece 'bout him on the Sunday.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:01pm Wendy del Formaggio:

There's something wonderfully disturbing about Scott Walker singing "a string tied to my underwear."
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:02pm Vicki:

Scott Walker :))))))
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:02pm Doug S.:

Collateral Damage would be a brilliant title for Kenny G's radio show.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:03pm Vicki:

it would yes
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:03pm Brian in UK:

Some of those Sonic Arts Network people seem to have their knickers in a twist, do not comprehend.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:03pm Michael:

anyone see the Walker doc on Sundance or IFC?
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:04pm trish:

Good - no fantastic! - to hear your show again, Charlie.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:05pm tahomajohn:

Hi Charlie - it's great to again savor your plasticine audio choices and ponder your bouyant deejay bracketing ... very Krafty:).
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:06pm jan:

Charlie- the show is great- I'll have to go back to the archive- as I missed the first 15 minutes.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:09pm Charlie:

Hi Jan, thanks; and hi tahoma john and any others I've missed.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:11pm tahomajohn:

I saw the docufilm on Walker.. via netflax ..forgot the title... good film! My spouse just said that Plastic Palace People sounded a lot like that Dead Can Dance tune The Carnival Is Over...no? oh, the symbiosis of chaos!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:11pm Becky in Hoboken:

Charlie - I'm so glad you're back on the air (web).
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:13pm listener james from westwood:

must step over to the non-computer desk to take a copyediting test. on paper. paper! hello again, clinton era!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:15pm tahomajohn:

Ack, this tune is making me feel...Tragically Serendipitous!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:16pm tahomajohn:

What else can be said, but ... YES!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:17pm seang:

dig the oranj symphonette! glad yr back Charlie
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:18pm Roberto:

Charlie! Yesssss
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:19pm Vicki:

Live Charlie - you're so brave - I'm too scared to do that
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:21pm Doug S.:

Hey Charlie fans, in case you weren't aware, this stream runs 24 hours a day. There are (about to be) six different shows airing on Give the Drummer Radio. For a schedule of broadcasts, go here: http://bit.ly/zWHnTX

When radio shows aren't airing, the stream plays a continuous flow of wide-raning adventuresome, groovy music from all over. To get on the regular mailing list for the stream, send a request to drummer (at) wfmu (dot) org.

You can receive alerts when shows are about to begin on the stream by following us on Twitter = @GTDRadio (http://bit.ly/yRRakM) or friending us on Facebook (http://on.fb.me/wtmrG2)
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:22pm Hugo:

This must be Checkpoint Charlie ...
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:22pm tahomajohn:

Grant That Percussionist Some Airtime, DAMMIT!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:25pm Vicki:

oh what fun!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:27pm Vicki:

funnily enough (not) I actually started buffering here 5 mins ago so maybe it wasnt you after all
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:27pm Doug S.:

I can access your playlist. Text me the info and I'll type it in.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:28pm Doug S.:

Of course, Charlie probably can't read this because his computer got knocked off line.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:28pm tahomajohn:

The magic of LIVE spontaneous combustion! It cannot be replicated in the plactiky virtual prefab world of the Communist Frankenstein World Wide Web Conspiracy and stuff.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:30pm Charlie:

I'm back. Will catch up in a moment.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:31pm tahomajohn:

We have pirated the show via the comments page! wooohoo! AAAAAR MATEES! Let's shove off for Singapore.. and TIE THAT SCURVY DOG FROM THE YARDARM!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:33pm Charlie:

Hi Becky! and Seang. Roberto. and Hugo!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:34pm anne:

great soundtrack to our lovely snowstorm happening right now!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:34pm Charlie:

Hey Doug, no ads! Just kidding.
Yeah, the stream is way cool 24/7. With lots of programs...
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:35pm ndbob:

no snow here - nice and clear but 4 degrees and windy
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:40pm tahomajohn:

No snow here either... yo ho ho and a bo'l of rum... but what the hell is THAT in my coffee cup?
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:44pm Brian in UK:

tahomajohn, it is your reflection from the future..
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:45pm Brian in UK:

Play the flip, Charlie, it's a belter.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:46pm Charlie:

I have the album, Brian. Which song was the flip?
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:48pm Brian in UK:

If memory serves. The chorus was something like Wilomena is plump & round, plump & round. Think it was Thunderclaps song. Bit of Benny Hill about him!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:53pm tahomajohn:

yeah, that sounds like a great song... but the Newman song charlie played was Something in the AIR ... FLIGHT! Which reminds me , i gotta get back to work on a certain flight simulator thingy... oh, the ironies of syncing our virtual realities!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:54pm Michael:

My ears popped!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:55pm tahomajohn:

okay, i regret that last "irony sync" exclamation point. sorry everyone, sorry.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:55pm Gary Mitchell:

her new album surprised me - how can she still be singin' at 90?
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:56pm Tony Coulter:

I like that rhyme: provincial / Winchell
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:57pm Brian in UK:

Nice work Cap'n. Getting into pattern, cleared to land.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:57pm Charlie:

There's a rhyme few young'uns would get!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:57pm Charlie:

Hey everybody -- thanks for being here today! See you next week.
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:57pm listener james from westwood:

i am copyediting in the middle of a jazzy 70s crime drama, and i love it!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:58pm Gary Mitchell:

yeah so Cole Porter
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:58pm Tony Coulter:

Great show, Charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:59pm tahomajohn:

Yeah! What Tony said!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:59pm Michael:

Yup what Tony said. Thanks much Charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:59pm tahomajohn:

Yeah! What Michael said!
  Thu. 1/12/12 1:59pm ndbob:

excellent in the extreme Charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:00pm listener james from westwood:

dug it. will download it and dig it again sometime. much obliged, charlie!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:00pm Hugo:

Splendid having you back on the interwebs!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:02pm Vicki:

Thanks Charlie :)
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:02pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Yay Charlie!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:03pm Charlie:

Thanks everybody!
  Thu. 1/12/12 2:22pm Shannon:

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