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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options January 6, 2012: TWENTY TWELVE

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Michael Kamen  Central Services /The Office   Options Brazil - Music From The Original Motion Picture    0:00:00 ()
Peter Olsen & Sandee Conroy  Phosphoros   Options The Portal [Music and Vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls]    0:01:53 ()
Psychospirit  Chakra Tones   Options     0:12:42 ()
Shearwater  I Was A Cloud   Options     0:29:25 ()
Samir Srour  Alf leila wleila   Options     0:34:24 ()
The Lobi Traore Group  Koro Duga Mele Bila (What is wrong with you?)   Options     0:43:59 ()
Lōtic  Rendez-vous / Rendez-vous (Drippin Remix)   Options     0:50:10 ()
Lōtic  Coming Together   Options     1:05:12 ()
UFO!  Reptillian Sex Parade   Options     1:10:09 ()
LeDoom   DOOMBAH   Options     1:13:53 ()
Sazon Booya  La Arana Negra Ft Amy Douglas   Options     1:19:54 ()
Terror Dactel  Bed Intruder (Terror Dactel Edit)   Options     1:24:46 ()
DJ JHeat  The Brick City Anthem (973 Version)   Options     1:28:17 ()
JSK & Ophex  Sirzada (Original Mix)   Options     1:34:09 ()
Cam Jus  OG Badman   Options     1:40:18 ()
Sazon Booya  Mis Armas   Options     1:44:37 ()
DJ Melo Ft. Pickster  Heater (Sazon Booya Remix)   Options     1:49:23 ()
Black Tongues  La Fiesta (Sazon Booya Remix)   Options     1:53:44 ()
Gocho Ft Jowell  Dandole   Options     2:05:44 ()
Munchi  Me And My Bitch   Options     2:09:16 ()
Slap In The Bass  Egypt (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)   Options     2:15:38 ()
Jay Weed  On The Nile (Douster Remix)   Options     2:20:21 ()
Nicki Minaj  Stupid Hoe [Ben Aqua jukewerk remix]   Options     2:25:42 ()
Cosculluela  Cuidau Au Au   Options     2:30:02 ()
KongaKonga Feat. Mr.Licious  Ichstoystega Dance Party   Options     2:32:34 ()
Juke Ellington  Ancient Egypt Juke   Options     2:36:31 ()
Charlot  なんだかんだと聞かれたら・・・ (charlot's edit)   Options     2:40:09 ()
Bigote feat MishMish+ElMeditador  Cumbia Meta Acida   Options     2:43:53 ()
María y José  Rey de Reyes   Options     2:46:23 ()
Paloma Del Cerro  Curandera Curando feat. Miss Bolivia   Options     2:49:43 ()
Music behind DJ:
Future Brain 
2012   Options     2:55:50 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:03am abby in france:

hey hotrod!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:05am Dave B:

New Year means new discoveries, chances, choices.

I'm glad (as always) that this show is one of them.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:06am Nathan:

Mooooooooorning Hotrod! Feliz Año Nuevo!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:06am the bahai lama:

it's epiphany today, of course. so it's time for HotRod!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:06am Topher and Burke:

Hola HotRod! All!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:10am HotRod:

HAPPY 2012. :)
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:11am s. dexter:

good morning HotRod .. fellow listeners .. loving the sounds .. thankyou
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:11am HotRod:

The Magi are popularly referred to as wise men and kings. The word magi is the plural of Latin magus, borrowed from Greek μάγος magos, as used in the original Greek text of the Gospel of Matthew. Greek magos itself is derived from Old Persian maguŝ from the Avestan magâunô, i.e. the religious caste into which Zoroaster was born, (see Yasna 33.7: "ýâ sruyê parê magâunô " = " so I can be heard beyond Magi "). The term refers to the priestly caste of Zoroastrianism. As part of their religion, these priests paid particular attention to the stars, and gained an international reputation for astrology, which was at that time highly regarded as a science. Their religious practices and use of astrology caused derivatives of the term Magi to be applied to the occult in general and led to the English term magic. Translated in the King James Version as wise men, the same translation is applied to the wise men led by Daniel of earlier Hebrew Scriptures (Daniel 2:48). The same word is given as sorcerer and sorcery when describing "Elymas the sorcerer" in Acts 13:6–11, and Simon Magus, considered a heretic by the early Church, in Acts 8:9–13. However, there are some who argue that the magi might have been astronomers, and not astrologers.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:15am Dave B:

oh yeah....
Bjork residency - NY Hall Of Science right around my birthday!
February 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18
New York Hall of Science - Queens, NY
February 22, 25, 28; March 2
Roseland Ballroom - New York, NY
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:30am The Anchovy:

Morning HR and WFMU: Happy 201✌ !!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:39am HotRod:

Hellooooooooooo :D
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:42am fred:

Good morning HotRod and listeners!
I like this Samir Srour track
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:45am Dave B:

I kinda like the accompanying GIF too!

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:48am fred:

Salut Dave. Why am not surprised by your comment?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:52am Dave B:

it's the blue/green contrast...

salut Fred!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56am fred:

@Dave B: of course, what else could it be
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:57am abby in france:

'i don't have a fever'?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:58am maja:

Goedemorgen to you all and a happy New year!
yes that belly is hypnotizing! pity my playlist keeps jumping to that winter barren forest gif. Anyone knows howcome?
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:00am Dave B:

Its the way the playlist refreshes maja. Try opening the bellydancing gif in a separate window!

  Fri. 1/6/12 7:01am maestroso:

Happy New Year Ms HotRod!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:04am Nathan:

Music not only heals it also causes ass shaking... which has always been a therapy unto itself. At least to me...
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:06am pseu:

diggin' it!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:07am HotRod:

Pseuuuuuuuuuuuu :)
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:08am maja:

Hi @dave B yes I know but the comments list is not jumping.
Yes me too Hot rod digging it! Happy
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:08am Dave B:

New Spoek Mathambo 3/13...

something from it right here:
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:10am Nathan:

@maja that's because the playlist self refreshes every minute or so... causing the jump back up to the top. Ken needs to throw some Ajax love on this mofo really... which to non-nerds means that it would update itself without jumping.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:12am Dave B:

un chien andalou?
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:13am abby in france:

yeah, i think you only really notice it when there are gifs.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:14am ?:

Happy 2012 HotRod & all
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:15am Marmalade Kitty:

Happy 2012 HotRod & all !!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:16am Mohak:

felizes reyes magos a todos!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:17am r0:

hello all
maja> you can stop that jumping by clicking "Use basic mode" at the top, then "Pause comment auto-update".

  Fri. 1/6/12 7:17am HotRod:

Felicidades, Mohak!!! :)
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:17am abby in france:

hi kitty!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:18am maja:

Ken uses a lot of gifs though. I'll just wait till that love is thrown on that mojo.
No hotrod comments do not jump just the playlist is!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:19am maja:

  Fri. 1/6/12 7:22am Dave B:

more mojo in that mofo, maja!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:24am Marmalade Kitty:

I was too tired lastnight to take down my Christmas tree, hope it isn't bad luck, gee! They say it is bad luck in uk, In Germay it is common to leave 'em up til later
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:24am Mohak:

funky spider gif
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:24am Nathan:

exactly.. but with the Ajax love you could have the comments / playlist all on one lovely little self-updating non-jumping page. Might have to offer my services at some point if I ever get spare time.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:25am Nathan:

@Marmalade it's probably considered 'bad luck' because you're risking a house fire.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:26am Marmalade Kitty:

those pine needles are like tinder!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:28am Nathan:

Christmas tree fire safety...
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:28am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:32am Caryn:

Morning, all!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:32am the bahai lama:

hey, ozzy, tea is done here! and 10 pm dinner time, some kangaroo this evening!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:33am maja:

@ Nathan yes do! It will give us spare time to all of us in the end!
i'll be a non commenting listener for the rest of this show. Bye
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:35am Ozzy Skateboard:

mm kangaroo? wow
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:35am Caryn:

@marmalade kitty: in Finland, you're supposed to take the tree down today if you wanna avoid bad luck
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:36am Marmalade Kitty:

the fire is tomorrow!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:39am Dave B:

"burn away all my impurities!"
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:48am Marmalade Kitty:

I'm in no mood for a bush fire in my front room! scary! O.o
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:49am HotRod:

Time to turn the heat up!
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:52am abby in france:

my cat likes this. she is making me dance her.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:53am fred:

How appropriate for me to listen to this show while working on beat tracking software
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:54am Dave B:

hose in the NYC area - http://www.wnyc.org/shows/newsounds/2012/jan/05/

sorry for pluggin' WNYC, but this should be good. Switching to the iPhone stream, see ya next week. Be good, or be gone....
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:55am HotRod:

Feline Astral Projection ;)
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:00am abby in france:

suspended animalization!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:02am Parq:

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. HR senior.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:05am HotRod:

Thank youuuuuuu! :D
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:10am La Peruana Tetona:

Happy Friday, all... Loving the Mis Armas gif.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:11am Cheri Pi:

Good morning dear Hot Rod and listeners!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:15am Nathan:

Carl Sagan! My homme!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:17am anne:

good morning HotRod and everyone! beautiful sunrise here.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:18am Ozzy Skateboard:

turn it up! whoooo
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:19am anne:

got curious about the Bashar stuff you played last week then i looked him up. he's really intriguing!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:19am Dave B:

iPhone won't go loud enough. But a good tempo for the walk to work
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:20am fred:

@Nathan: I faintly remember a Carl Sagan remix getting some airplay last year. Have you heard it?
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:29am Nathan:

@fred it was during that auto-tuning 'normal people talking about stuff' meme going around... I do remember. I was just talkin' bout the gif to the left of him throwing sand into the air.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:30am Cheri Pi:

This is the first time I've heard Nicki Minaj, loving the remix.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:32am HotRod:

Excellent ;)
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:50am still b/p:

I've hauled three discarded Xmas trees to my yard this week. One big 'un was towed behind my bike, and that was a good workout. I'll get a couple more and they will be buuuurrrrrrned outside at a friend's party next September.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:50am Marmalade Kitty:

my christmas tree is now a totem pole! All done!! Peace and love!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:57am abby in france:

hotrod! don't go!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:57am Nathan:

Thanks for the great show Hotrod!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:58am northguineahills:

Nice one Hot Rod!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:58am The Anchovy:

Happy new year HR, thanks for the vibes!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:58am fred:

thanks HotRod!
  Fri. 1/6/12 9:00am HotRod:

Thanks everyone! BLESSINGS!!!
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