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it will be a better year... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Approx. start time
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo dub mix (including the "Little Voice" soundtrack) (CD-R)   0:00:00 )  
Options Dark Star   David Murray Octet  "Dark Star (the music of the grateful dead)" Lp (CD)   0:05:48 )  
Options Here Comes The Nice   Small Faces  "Small Faces - Immediate Album Collection" Lp (CD)   0:22:15 )  
Options Cut!   Ed Chang  "Extracted Celluloid" compil. Lp (CD)   0:23:50 )  
Options The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)   Corporal Blossom  "A Mutated Christmas" compil. Lp (CD)   0:28:48 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's (Looney)Tune   Tom Daly's Tune  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   0:31:24 )  
Options We Just Go Nuts At Christmastime   They Might Be Giants  MP3 (MP3)   0:36:33 )  
Options Generic Jass   Mr. PC2  MP3 (MP3)   0:37:56 )  
Options Pump Up The Holiday   Mojochronic  MP3 (MP3)   0:42:03 )  
Options Views of The Holy & The Divine   The Agrarians  FMU /Free Music Archive (MP3)   0:43:58 )  
Options Dreadlock Holiday Bootleg   10 cc  MP3 (MP3)   0:46:17 )  
Options Proud And Humble   Imelda May  "Mayhem" Lp (CD)   0:48:28 )  
Options Dreadlock Holiday Bootleg (return)   10 cc  MP3 (MP3)   0:52:18 )  
Options Little Drummer Koala   Marlo Eggplant  "Happy Holidays From Spleen Coffin" FMU / Free Music Archive (MP3)   0:54:21 )  
Options The Teddy Bears' Picnic   Mojo Filter (featuring The Henry Hall Orchestra))  MP3 (MP3)   0:56:13 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Here It Comes   Freddie Fresh   fxo dub mix (CD-R)   1:02:47 )  
Options We Love You   Rolling Stones (demos)  MP3 (MP3)   1:07:25 )  
Options Rapid Transit / Turn Me On   Rotary Connection  "Rotary Connection" 1st Lp (CD)   1:11:57 )  
Options Lovers In A Dream   The Fireman (Paul McCartney & Youth)  "Electric Arguments" Lp (CD)   1:14:10 )  
Options Raviole'   Audience  "The House On The Hill" Lp (CD)   1:19:22 )  
Options Livin' For The City (LW Rework - Remastered)   Ike & Tina Turner  MP3 (MP3)   1:24:08 )  
Options Lady Day & John Coltrane   Gil Scott-Heron (r.i.p.) & Brian Jackson  "Live in Philadelphia, 2/21/98" MP3 (MP3)   1:31:59 )  
Options Ain't Nothin' Like A Real Thing (remix)   Marvin And Tammi (with The Funk Brothers)  MP3 (MP3)   1:37:48 )  
Options Tropical Holiday Time   Blah Blah Blah  FMU /Free Music Archive (MP3)   1:43:51 )  
Options Flying (Eleventhirty Remix)   The Beatles  MP3 (MP3)   1:46:53 )  
Options The Plunderphonic Medley   John Oswald, et al  "Music: 101" The remixes" fxo 2007 FMU Marathon Premium (CD)   1:51:11 )  
Options Yeah Yeah Yeah - A Touch of Mambo   John Schnall  "Songs From A Midnight Matinee" Lp (CD)   1:54:43 )  
Options Blue Jay Way (The Plunderphonic Medley)   John Oswald, et al  "Music: 101" The remixes" fxo 2007 FMU Marathon Premium (CD)   1:56:17 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Flying   The Beatles  MP3 (MP3)   2:00:12 )  
Options Christmas (mixed by DJ Mr. Supreme)   Free Design   "Light In The Attic Sampler" compil. Lp (CD)   2:03:26 )  
Options Oki   Interpol/ Stones/ John & Yoko  MP3 (MP3)   2:06:16 )  
Options September Song   Walter Huston  "Knickerbocker Holiday" MP3 (MP3)   2:14:52 )  
Options Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)/ In Held Twas In I   Procol Harum  "Shine Brightly" Lp (CD)   2:17:12 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Flying   The Beatles  MP3 (MP3)   2:35:38 )  
Options Down For The Count (edit)   Girl Talk  "Ephemera-2011 fxo/fmu CD premium" Lp (CD)   2:38:19 )  
Options Rock and Roll   Edgar Broughton Band  "Ooh Rah" Lp (Vinyl)   2:43:43 )  
Options So Sad   Mylon & Alvin Lee (with Hari Georgeson)  "On The Road To Freedom" Lp (Vinyl)   2:48:12 )  
Options Don't Believe A Word   David Holmes (introducing The Free Association)  "Come Get It I Got It" Lp (CD)   2:52:31 )  
Options Dance Macabre   Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein - Music by Franz Waxman" Soundtrack Lp (CD)   2:55:13 )  
Options end theme(s)   Hitchcock & Nelson Riddle  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   2:55:49 )  

Listener comments!

  Mon. 12/26/11 6:03am fxo:

all quiet on this western FONT. Hello, world, ready?
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:15am fxo:

a little chilly, waiting on the sun (so sez th' weatherman".
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:32am Jay/ London:

good morning frank just cleaning the mess from yesterday nice sounds to do it by
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:39am Jay/ London:

its about 53f here in London no sun yet but who needs the sun when your show lights me up
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:41am fxo:

Jay! have a cuppa tea, I'm also clearin' up MY mess. Glad you're around
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:44am Jay/ London:

i have never heard of generic jass .. jazz meets reggae ... on my second cup of coffee !!! just looking at the mess .. just one more cig before i star and dring coffee real slow
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:48am Jay/ London:

omg 10 cc song :) different .. better me thinks
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:49am Brian in UK:

Mornln' Frank, Jay again. These Agrarians, are they farmer cats? How do you tune a combine harvester?
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:51am Jay/ London:

where did you find this version frank of rhe 10 cc song it's was a bit short
morning Brian still have not started on the mess the music is too good
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:51am fxo:

tune very carefully. Farmers play early.
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:55am Jay/ London:

thanks frank the return lol
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:57am Brian in UK:

Still got to milk the cows at Xmas.
Know what you mean Jay, no motivation.
I don't like croquet, I love it.
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:59am Jay/ London:

so you a farmer Brian my granddad was i don't like doing the mess and i don't love it lol
  Mon. 12/26/11 6:59am fxo:

Procrastinate! You'll get goin' in about 2 hours.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:01am Brian in UK:

farmer, well got an allotment if that counts. Should be out there now turning a sod!
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:04am Jay/ London:

me thinks you are right frank all the booze is looking at me as well .. i must be strong
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:05am Jay/ London:

you have cows in your allotment Brian ????? that is just ....
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:08am Brian in UK:

Jay, as Frank said it is after midday. All bets are off.
no Jay, no cows used to have chickens 'till the foxes killed them. I was saying that farmers have to carry on as usual, sorry 'bout the confusion. Completely understandable in the circumstances.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:10am fxo:

Confusion is my by-word.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:11am fxo:

tell us about the rabbits...
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:11am Jay/ London:

seems not the tube drivers today so we can not go out far today Brian
still hope you turn some sods up anyway lol
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:17am Brian in UK:

I'm going to lay off sods today. Keep those innuendos coming. Could murder a pint of London Pride.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:18am Jay/ London:

what about the rabbits frank you have some ?
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:18am Brian in UK:

What's up Frank?
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:19am Jay/ London:

i have some London Pride here right by me Brian he he ..·and its all mine
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:21am fxo:

no rabbits... talk to Steinbeck.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:23am Brian in UK:

You got a barrel? Why does it always seem to come down to food & drink?
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:26am fxo:

how 'bout pride & joy, Rupert.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:27am Jay/ London:

must be the time of year Brian .. is steinbeck your talking rabbit, frank that no no can see but you !!!
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:30am fxo:

you talkin' talking rabbits? Or Donnie Darko?
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:30am Jay/ London:

like this version of livin for the city frank
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:32am Jay/ London:

hey frank both donnie darko is a great film but the follow film up sucks
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:34am Brian in UK:

Kipper the Dancing Rabbit tap danced from London to Paris in 1891 to see Georges Seurat, the impressionist painters' funeral. It was his pointillist tribute.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:36am fxo:

It looks like it's you guys 'n me. But, at least we are able to relate.
Sunday In A Park with Georges?
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:38am Brian in UK:

Kipper's biggest disappointment was not appearing in Seurat's painting 'The Circus'. He told Carrot Monthly 'I would have brought my own top hat, even pulled myself out of it if required. They just do not understand my commitment to Georges' art'.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:38am Jay/ London:

where do you get such odd info from Brian the thing is why did it tap dance and to what music ? yeah frank fun fun fun till they take our Thunderbird away
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:40am fxo:

don't drink th' T-Bird, it's spoiled.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:42am Brian in UK:

Comes from the grey room, Jay. Who needs music when you are that commited?
'65 Corvette, anyone?
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:44am Jay/ London:

you had me going there Brian its one short of a carrot lol... the cat not the drink Frank but do not drink Thunderbird while driving a Thunderbird
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:46am fxo:

stick with the "Pride"
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:48am Jay/ London:

I like a thunderbird better then a little red corvette .. london pride bitter beer Frank might have some with my lunch
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:49am abby in francey:

great set, frank!
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:49am fxo:

well, here on the eastern seaboard, sunzup!
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:50am Jay/ London:

flying have not heard this in many a year
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:50am Brian in UK:

Really more of a bike person myself but the roads here are no fun to drive on. Too many fuckin' cars.
We got a quorum, abby.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:51am Jay/ London:

Hi Abby welcome to the madness .. we are four
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:53am fxo:

quorum on the western front.
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:57am abby in france:

6 more, and we'll have a minyan: where is kitty? hi frank, brian and jay!!
  Mon. 12/26/11 7:59am fxo:

Abby, welcome aboard to our party.
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:05am Jay/ London:

hi abby think they must all be hungover or with there family’s eating and drinking at this time of day
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:08am earwax:

Happy day after everyone
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:10am fxo:

back atcha, y'all.
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:20am Brian in UK:

All he had to do was get his mobile number.
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:26am Brian in UK:

Was it 'Shine On Brightly' Frank? Picky bugger!!
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:28am fxo:

an all-fave. The lyricist shares my birthday.
...and Happy Kwanzaa!
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:29am hamburger:

Happy day of boxes
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:29am maestroso:

G'morning from stateside. Happy Boxing Day!
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:30am fxo:

that, too!
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:32am Brian in UK:

Did you ever hear that album of one minute tracks that Matthew Fisher made?
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:34am fxo:

sure, but it's hard tp program. BUT! Andy Partridge is on it.
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:37am Brian in UK:

  Mon. 12/26/11 8:40am fxo:

maybe 1970? "Home" was 1971, just for the record.
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:42am Brian in UK:

Who give a flying one at the end of the day.
Bit of Madness in there?
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:46am Brian in UK:

Great show, Frank. Gotta go & look at a map. Messy business but someone has to do it.
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:50am Jay/ London:

Thanks Frank cleaned most of the mess, now down to my local pub for a rest all the best for the new year everyone, really enjoyed the show !!!
  Mon. 12/26/11 8:55am fxo:

thanks for hangin' in. I appreciate it. See ya next week. Have Happy Boxing Day.
  Mon. 12/26/11 9:04am fxo:

Brian in UK: that's MORGAN Fisher...
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