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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options December 23, 2011: WINTER SOLSTICE

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
The Future Sound of London  Part 1   Options My Kingdom      0:00:00 ()
Leila  Don't Fall Asleep   Options       0:10:14 ()
J.S. Epperson  Benediction (Solfeggio 396 Hz)   Options       0:13:40 ()
Lazulene  Solfeggio Chakra Meditation   Options       0:21:42 ()
  Meditation Music of Egypt         0:33:56 ()
Profresher  Celestial Ethers (Skytree remix)   Options       0:41:49 ()
OrangeJoe  Puertas Ocultas   Options       0:49:28 ()
Ichstoystega Dance Party  KongaKonga Feat. Mr.Licious   Options       0:53:30 ()
La Negra Barata  Mi Pollito, Mi Cholita [free download]   Options     http://soundcloud.com/lanegrabarata/la  1:05:25 ()
DJ Sabo  Mi Burrito Sabanero   Options       1:09:39 ()
Zonora Point  Ni ahi (con Marciano)   Options       1:13:22 ()
bit1  real_life   Options       1:18:05 ()
Sinjin Hawke  Shadows (Squadda B Remix)   Options       1:21:28 ()
Sinjin Hawke  The Lights EP TRAILER   Options   Pelican Fly    1:24:20 ()
Bay B Kane   Space & Time   Options       1:35:05 ()
Aleksi Perala  Rocking Chair   Options       1:40:45 ()
Juke Ellington  Shadow,Smoke & Juke   Options       1:44:39 ()
wRECK'eM  Church Jukecore   Options       1:47:39 ()
Nadastrom/Munchi/Jen Lasher  Say My Name   Options       1:49:58 ()
Kr∆mpfh∆ft  Spit Thunder   Options       1:53:52 ()
  aSCENSION         2:03:48 ()
HOLY OTHER  Touch   Options       2:09:50 ()
Funkin Matt feat. Canblaster  Get Loose   Options       2:14:43 ()
Nicki Minaj  Stupid Hoe [Ben Aqua jukewerk remix]   Options       2:18:28 ()
Kr∆mpfh∆ft   Carl Sagan The Man   Options       2:22:21 ()
Pagame  Tigre Blanco   Options       2:25:04 ()
Bigote  Selva Machete   Options       2:29:36 ()
Sonny G  Arabic   Options       2:32:23 ()
Douster  Zandunge   Options       2:36:50 ()
Canblaster  Thunderdome got Crunk   Options       2:40:55 ()
Douster  Don't Need Nobody   Options       2:45:08 ()
Berou & Canblaster  Terence Hill (Club Cheval Remix)   Options       2:49:27 ()
Munchi  Despair (Viendo Las Nubes Pasando)   Options       2:53:11 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/23/11 6:02am Dave B:

I welcome winter. Wishing HotRod and the rest of the clan here a happy holiday season
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:03am HotRod:

Welcome Dave B! Happy Holidays! :)
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:04am T-Zero:

Yo, ho, ho. Morning!
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:04am fred:

Good morning HotRod and Dave B. I'm alone in my office, so I can listen for a change
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:09am Dave B:

So Fred, I hope you are listening LOUD.

Greets T-Zero
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:10am HotRod:

Hello Fred!!! Greetings, T-Zero! :D
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:12am Angie_W:

Morning and Happy Holidays to all!!!
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:12am ausmanx:

hey HotRod and everyone... HR, that Solfeggio Frequency thing you played last week has gone round my friends this week, everyone likes the stuff!
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:14am T-Zero:

I think I slept through last weeks show. Been sick.
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:14am the bahai llama:

evening HotRod and listeners. subtitling a short film about tattooists tonight... anyone know anything about tattoos, in case I have any questions?
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:15am ausmanx:

hey, is that coincidence and you had it queued, or are you just REALLY quick!
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:16am HotRod:

Glad to hear that, ausmanx! There is no such thing as coincidence! It's a solfeggio kind of day. ;)
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:18am ausmanx:

actually, this one's making the work speakers go a bit weird!
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:19am T-Zero:

Send good vibes out for Christchurch...
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:22am the bahai llama:

not sure the Christchurch folk want any more vibes, T-Zero!!!!
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:23am T-Zero:

Heh, definitely no more virations...
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:24am T-Zero:

  Fri. 12/23/11 6:25am T-Zero:

Maybe I should have said good wishes/thoughts...
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:30am Dave B:

Bahai - (and maybe HotRod can confirm) isn't Diane Kamikaze a tattoo artist?
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:31am HotRod:

Yes...A retired tattoo artist, I believe.
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:33am the bahai llama:

is there a technical name that that buzzing dentist's drill-type thing they use?
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:35am T-Zero:

  Fri. 12/23/11 6:41am Dave B:

hey, that bottom GIF is like the yule log they used to show on WPIX (or was id WOR) back in the day!
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:44am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:45am T-Zero:

Is Elizabeth far from Jersey City?
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:46am ?:

hi hotrod, hi o. listeners
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:46am HotRod:

About a 25 mins drive...
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:48am T-Zero:

Ah! I was curious if you were getting smoke from the fire... but that's pretty far...
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:50am abby in france:

wow t-zero. i hope the fuel tanks don't catch on fire, can you smell it hotrod?
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:54am Dave B:

T=Zero - yesterday morning I noticed that "9-11" smell, and I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Smell IS the most powerful recaller of memories
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:55am the bahai llama:

hey ozzy, as it's late evening here and i have a regular tea made during HotRod's shift, I'm thinking i should start logging on with a "good evening, tea is brewed" to keep you company, now your coffee has become an institution
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:56am T-Zero:

I don't think it's near any fuel tanks, abby, but there are tires... It's a big warehouse fire. ( http://tinyurl.com/86rwrme )

@Dave B: Oh my. That's true about smell and memory, and the 911 smell is not one I would want to recall.
  Fri. 12/23/11 6:58am abby in france:

it says don't run your air conditioner if you are near the fire. is this that there global warming?
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:00am the bahai llama:

hey, summer solstice for us down here, HotRod !!!!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:00am abby in france:

warm and rainy, hi again hotrod!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:01am the bahai llama:

not in Australia!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:01am Marmalade kitty:

Merry christmas HotRod & all!!!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:02am the bahai llama:

middle of soggy Sydney! the tea is good tonight... as is the music, HR!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:02am T-Zero:

@abby: been raining all week here, too, but for December not too cold, only 4C.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:04am Dave B:

ue - but what was reassuring, I was over at WFMU yesterday morning on Meghan's show, and upon leaving down York Street seeing the new tower across the river, rising like a phoenix, gleaming in the hazy sun was nice
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:04am T-Zero:

Morning, MK!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:04am Marmalade kitty:

are we all going to drown in this rain??
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:05am Dave B:

that should have read:

@T-Zero - True....
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:07am T-Zero:

@abby: usually this time of year it looks like that snowfall gif ;)
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:07am abby in france:

yesterday was nice, our visitor from california called it california weather. it didn't last very long tho.
i would've liked to see those two blue beams of light they had up for a short time in 2002 or whatever.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:08am Ozzy Skateboard:

good idea Bahai, oh summer solstice is june 21 up here and is my birthday
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:09am T-Zero:

@abby: I used to live in San Diego... I do miss the climate there.

Dave B: don't they do the light towers every year?
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:10am abby in france:

i forgot where you live now t-z? hi mk.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:11am T-Zero:

I've been in Columbus, Ohio since '93, abby.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:12am Dave B:

@T-Z : They have been up until this year. Now that the memorial is in place, I'm not sure if it will continue
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:14am T-Zero:

@Dave B: That's what I thought, but I thought even this year they shown on the commemoration.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:16am T-Zero:

... maybe it was different lights this year.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:21am Topher:

Hola HotRod! Gang! Looks like we'll have a snowy Christmas in Vermont after all - though still way behind in terms of the real stuff.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:22am s. dexter:

goodmorning HotRod and fellow listeners ..... woohoo
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:27am ob pond:

but solstice was dec 22nd!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:30am abby in france:

this is good
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:33am ob pond:

and its warm and rainy here in north england too abby. not very festive right?
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:34am maestroso:

Yes. Good Morning Ms HotRod and fellow listeners. Sounds nice.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:39am abby in france:

well we did see snow last sunday maestro...
not to belabor it or anything, christmas is nice, but it's still something to more or less just get thru, not for everyone, but for some of us.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:40am abby in france:

sorry. ob pond, i meant.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:42am T-Zero:

@abby: I'm actually rather ba humbug about the whole thing myself
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:43am ob pond:

people like it and dislike it for various reasons i guess. family, tradition but also obligation and commercialism. ah well.
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:53am HotRod:

♫ ♬♪♩♭♪♫ ♬♪♩♭♪♫ ♬♪♩♭♪
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:54am abby in france:

rudolph is in sync!
  Fri. 12/23/11 7:58am Angie_W:

I noticed that too Abby
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:00am Ozzy Skateboard:

yeahhhh coffee more coffee!
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:04am La Peruana Tetona:

Pio Pio Pio... Good Morning all! Happy holidays, everyone <3
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:06am the bahai llama:

i reckon in affluent countries xmas causes as much misery as joy. we'd be better off just celebrating the solstice and indulging in fertility rituals...
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:28am HotRod:

  Fri. 12/23/11 8:29am Dave B:

agree with Bahai - bring back/honor the pagan origins of a lot of the symolism and practices:

personal renewal, world peace, honoring family & friends

with that, wishing all here a cool yule! I'm listening, but need to prepare for the day!
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:33am Marmalade kitty:

Yuletide will hopefully help us through the dark abyss of winter months... OK!!!!! :D
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:36am Ozzy Skateboard:

oh we got HotRod for that
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:41am Nathan:

Moooooaning. I woke up as if I had just been born but slowly the realisation that I was a human being, with a name crept over me.
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:44am Nathan:

Coffee then? .. I second the fertility rituals. Seriously. We should call it XXXmas just one big orgy / feast. You don't get gifts, you get laid! ... I'm semi-kidding.
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:45am abby in france:

  Fri. 12/23/11 8:49am Ozzy Skateboard:

what are you guys all a bunch Masons? lol
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:51am Ozzy Skateboard:

  Fri. 12/23/11 8:51am HotRod:

  Fri. 12/23/11 8:52am Mason Williams:

Actually, yes.
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:52am Ozzy Skateboard:

  Fri. 12/23/11 8:54am Nathan:

I've purchased zero xmas gifts. I just make a big dinner and have everyone around...
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:57am λɯəɹəɾ:


good day and good weekend. -j
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:57am abby in france:

lynda barry has a lot of xmas gifts for under 25 cents on her tumblr blog. an underwear dispenser....happy holidays everyone and thanks for the soothing show hotrod.
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:57am missvanderrohe:

this is an excellent set! can i listen to it again? archives? podcast?
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:57am Marmalade kitty:

sounds great!!!!!! Have fun everyone
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:58am T-Zero:

That's what I like to do, too, Nathan
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:58am T-Zero:

Enjoy your holidays, all.
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:59am Nathan:

It's the way forward! Woot Seeya HotRod! Big up to the big J!
  Fri. 12/23/11 8:59am fred:

@missvanderrohe: all shows are archived here: http://wfmu.org/playlists/HR
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:01am HotRod:

ARCHIVE COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  Fri. 12/23/11 9:02am HotRod:

  Fri. 12/23/11 11:32pm Mitten John:

Another corker, HR. Thanks!
  Wed. 12/28/11 4:44am r0:

archive! saved my soul so many times
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