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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options December 20, 2011: Please Report to the Bureau of Improved Water

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME           
JUSTUS BROS.  Arnold, My Computer   Options Open Any Door  Bonwhit  1973  0:09:51 ()
DUCHAMP  Energy   Options 7"  Champ  1980  0:12:27 ()
PATRICK D. MARTIN  Police Paranoia   Options Patrick D. Martin [12" EP]  IRS  1981  0:16:00 ()
DIZZY & THE ROMILARS  Foreign Correspondent   Options Daily Dose [12" EP]  Medical Records  1982  0:20:00 ()
JOHN TABACCO  Phone Demos and Studio Complaints   Options It Wuz and Still Iz Late Octobra  no label  2004  0:25:02 ()
JAN DAVIS  Pepperstick   Options Flamenco USA  CamBria  1976  0:27:36 ()
JACQUES BEKAERT  John Smitz Is the Message (1972)   Options [unreleased recording]      0:31:20 ()
KIM FOWLEY  Inner Space Discovery   Options Outrageous  Imperial  1968  0:39:15 ()
ABDEL FATTAH MOHAMED  Die Wunderzahl   Options V.A.: Conserved  Extraplatte  1995  0:46:34 ()
SANDI WILK  In Memoriam: JFK and Bobby [part of]   Options In Memoriam: JFK and Bobby  JMI  1971  1:03:03 ()
SWAMI KRINANANDA  Rama and Sita   Options Songs of the Soul  Ananda  1975  1:05:44 ()
OMb  Hidden Words   Options Spiritual Technology Revealed By OMb  no label  198?  1:11:19 ()
PETRUS CASTRUS  Mestre   Options Mestre  RE: Guerssen  1973  1:16:35 ()
CHARLIE DANIELS  Billy Joe Young   Options Te John, Grease, and Wolfman  Kama Sutra  1972  1:22:18 ()
MOUNT RUSHMORE  I Don't Believe in Statues   Options High on Mount Rushmore  Dot  1968  1:25:36 ()
NGC-4594  Out to Play (196?)   Options What NGC-4594 Really Means!  Guerssen  2011  1:29:42 ()
ST. JOHN GREEN  Goddess of Death   Options St. John Green  Flick-Disc  1968  1:32:52 ()
AKA  Fear   Options Red Therapy [12" EP]  Seouldog  1980  1:35:18 ()
DUFF DAVIS & THE BOOK CLUB  44.1   Options Murdertainment  no label  2001  1:39:22 ()
IN CAMERA  The Conversation (1980)   Options 13 (Lucky for Some)  Teenbeat  1992  1:40:16 ()
NEW AGE INSOMNIACS  Unbridled   Options Abandoned and Forgotten  no label  2002  1:48:37 ()
ALEX BELL & THE PHONES  Alice's Reprise   Options It's Your Dime  R.P. Bentley  1983  1:51:25 ()
STEVE & ED  Beyond Sand and Sea   Options Dream Song  Century  1975  1:53:18 ()
THE SUNSHINE SINGERS & FRIENDS  By My Side   Options How to Be a Sunshine Singer  no label  197?  1:55:27 ()
ALAN MUNSON  The Sun Is Rising in Your Eyes   Options Good Morning World  RE: Guerssen  1975  1:58:18 ()
CAPT. QITN.  There's a Window   Options For the Love of Capt. Qitn.  no label  1999  2:02:42 ()
JACQUES BEKAERT  A Summer Day in Stony Point (1968)   Options [unreleased recording]      2:06:16 ()
THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT  Prelude   Options A Beard of Bees  RE: Ajax  1984  2:20:51 ()
THE MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST  No Threat   Options The Vessels  M Squared  1981  2:23:02 ()
CHARLENE DARLING  Sadjia   Options N.I.C.O.L.A.S. F.R.U.T.O.S.  Les Joyaux de la Courenne  2008  2:27:15 ()
THE SWEET PUPS  Angry Satanic Spanish Homeless Man   Options The Sweet Pups  Three Records  200?  2:29:02 ()
PETER JEFFERIES  Chain or Reaction   Options The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World  Ajax  1991  2:30:59 ()
CHRISTINE BACZEWSKA  Tell or Not to Tell   Options Tribe of One  Pariah  1993  2:34:27 ()
DANDO SHAFT  I Heard Somewhere   Options Lantaloon  RCA/ RE: Sommor  1972  2:40:32 ()
MAITREYA KALI  Color Fantasy   Options Apache  RE: Akashic  1972  2:43:11 ()
COOLEY & MUNSON  Sightly Sue   Options In Debt  RE: Guerssen  1972  2:50:14 ()
JOHNNY & THE MARK V  Sands of Malibu   Options 7"  Revue  1969?  2:54:50 ()
HARLEY HATCHER  African Safari, Pt. 1   Options 7"  Philips  1969  2:57:21 ()
ORCHESTRA LUNA  Love Is Not Enough   Options Orchestra Luna  Epic  1974  3:00:21 ()
ELECTRIC SUN  Lilac   Options Earthquake  Brain  1979  3:06:47 ()
WES MOSSBURG  Leave Yesterday Behind   Options Sundance  no label  1984  3:09:34 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 12/20/11 11:56am tonyc:

Hulllo dere! Glad to be back after whipping my computer problems into shape....
  Tue. 12/20/11 11:59am Alf From Upstate:

Welcome back, Tony!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:00pm tonyc:

Hiya, Alf!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:01pm iker:

hello Tony! so happy to have you back!!!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:03pm tonyc:

Hey there, Iker!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:04pm J J:

Dang, Tony. Where ya been?
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:05pm Doug S.:

The stream was a mere trickle without you, Tony. Now it gushes mightily!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:05pm tonyc:

My monitor died -- had to get it fixed.
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:06pm tonyc:

Greetings, JJ and Doug!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:08pm ricardo montalban:

Welcome back, senor Tony!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:09pm Dervish:

Actually you just didn't want your monitor to have any more little screens -- so you got it fixed.
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:10pm tonyc:

Hola, Senor and Dervish too!

Weird how that cover image was messing up the playlist!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:11pm tonyc:

Dervish: Snip, snip.
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:20pm tonyc:

I'd say John Tabacco has listened to his fair share of Zappa records. But he wears his influence well.
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:22pm tonyc:

Flamenco funk!
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:28pm tonyc:

By the by, I'm going to Sacramento tomorrow, for a brief trip. (My weird idea of a vacation.) Anyone have any tips on places to go/things to do?
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:33pm conrad:

Heh, I actually have that 'Flamenco Funk' album. Some good stuff, but I wouldn't exactly call it "funky"! Jan Davis did some absolutely killer guitar intros in the '60s.

All I can tell you about Sacramento is the weird picture of Jerry Brown hanging in the state capital along with the other more staid and dignified official governors portraits.
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:36pm tonyc:

Please report to the main office of imperial records.
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:40pm tonyc:

Conrad: I think the funk Jan Davis has in mind is white-bread TV-cop-show funk.
  Tue. 12/20/11 12:59pm tonyc:

Swami K, on now, was Kali Bahlu's guru!
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:00pm Marsha:

Loving your Chanukkah show Tony!
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:01pm tonyc:

L'Chaim, Marsha!
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:05pm tonyc:

Time now for Bahai.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:07pm Doug S.:

I don't know much about the Sacramento record store called Records (1618 Broadway), but their logo was designed by R. Crumb. That's gotta count for something.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:11pm tonyc:

I am planning to visit Records (what an imaginative name!), so I'll report back. I'll also be going to Linda Ronstadt's favorite record store, in Ashland, OR, near the California border.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:22pm tonyc:

Note: I know Mr. Mount Rushmore is singing "statutes," but the LP tracklist says "statues," and I am a faithful scribe.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:24pm Jeremy:

Hi Tony! There ain't no sanity clause!
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:27pm tonyc:

No sanity clause on the evenin' stage? (Hey, Jeremy!)
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:30pm mott the hoople:

'' "death may be your santa claus
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:32pm tonyc:

Death is my sanity clause.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:34pm Jeremy:

Krampus is going over the fine print...
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:41pm capt.b.:

"fallin' ditch ain't gonna get my bones"
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:43pm tonyc:

Santa bones and smokin' stones.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:47pm Doug S.:

Wow, this is lovely. Sounds a bit like Roxy Gordon w/out the peyote.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:49pm conrad:

That STEVE & ED song was sweet! Gonna post it on your next Beware of the Blog post?
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:51pm tonyc:

Conrad: Probably not -- I think that track is floating around the Web-o-sphere already.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:52pm tonyc:

Glad you both likes it, though!
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:53pm Brian in UK:

Hello Tony. Very affable sounds old chap.
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:54pm tonyc:

Thanks, affable Brian!
  Tue. 12/20/11 1:58pm Brian in UK:

'No label' does occur frequently in column 4. What does that mean exactly?
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:00pm tonyc:

Those are self-released records where the artists didn't bother to come up with a label name.
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:04pm tonyc:

A lot of people who put out their own records do invent a label name, even if there's only one release on the "label" -- but some don't ... hence, "no label."
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:04pm Brian in UK:

  Tue. 12/20/11 2:09pm tonyc:

Improve the flavor of water.
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:11pm Brian in UK:

A friend of my daughters just came round with her mum. She wanted to see our chickens so we went into the back garden to see them. Then with a straight face asked me "Have you got a cock? I explained that the neighbours might complain about the noise whilst lightly sniggering.
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:15pm tonyc:

A snatch of conversation, hey?
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:17pm iker:

oh, yeah!!! the makers of the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amazing show, Tony!
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:18pm tonyc:

Thanks, Iker!!!
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:21pm Doug S.:

You are a Mae West song come to life, Brian in UK!
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:24pm resident:

santa dog is a jesus fetus
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:30pm tonyc:

I'd take a copy of "Santa Dog" as a Christmas present....
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:31pm tonyc:

'Tis my favorite Residents release....
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:38pm Only have 1 copy:

-Sorry- theres no presents/theres no prescence in the future'
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:45pm tonyc:

Will be running a wee bit past the hour today, since I can (thanks, noble robot).
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:50pm Jeremy:

Dig that slightly sue...just checked out Guerssen website for a sec, looks to bear further examination.
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:52pm tonyc:

Yep, Guerssen has lots of great reissues.
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:54pm Jeremy:

Any particular standouts to recommend?
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:56pm tonyc:

Lots of things -- too many to think of right now. Ask me after the show, mayhaps?
  Tue. 12/20/11 2:58pm tonyc:

Again, I'll be running over 6 or 7 minutes -- so stick around, everybody!
  Tue. 12/20/11 3:00pm tonyc:

Electric Sun, on now = Uli Roth of the Scorpions
  Tue. 12/20/11 3:03pm tonyc:

This'll be the last track -- so here's wishing you all happy holidays. See you back here on 1/3/12!
  Tue. 12/20/11 3:04pm Jeremy:

Another shot of Johnnie Walker No Label for all my friends!
  Tue. 12/20/11 3:05pm tonyc:

Thanks for listening, everybody! See you on the other side!!
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