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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options December 13, 2011: w/ live set from DEVIN, GARY AND ROSS

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Studio Pants, Gary Panter, Ross Goldstein, Devin Flynn

(* = new)

Artist Track Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Supernaut  Darkness Falls   Options Supernaut        0:00:00 ()
Jack Ruby  Bad Teeth   Options Jack Ruby  UgExplode    *   0:04:07 ()
The Carpettes  Keys To Your Heart   Options   Beggars Banquet      0:07:28 ()
Standard of Living  Don't Worry   Options Six Songs  Vinyl      0:10:45 ()
Death Trip  Chainsaw Goddess   Options Various: The Passions of Laja Aijala  Bad Vugum      0:13:24 ()
Cellular Chaos  Immigrant   Options Demo Live 5/12/11      *   0:18:49 ()
Andy Stott  Signature/New Ground   Options Passed Me By/We Stay Together  Modern Love    *   0:21:29 ()
Viodre  Note (Of a Series) Obstacle   Options Interpol Alchemi  Hospital Productions    *   0:26:46 ()
King Dude  Lucifer's the Light of the World   Options Love  Dais    *   0:34:37 ()
The Monochrome Set  Eine Symphonie Des Grauens   Options Various: Pillows and Prayers  Cherry Red      0:36:44 ()
Le Super Djata Band du Mali  Sisse Na Djolo   Options En Super Forme  Musique Mondiale      0:38:51 ()
El Polen  Cholito Pantalon Blanco   Options Cholo  Lion Productions    *   0:44:37 ()
The Long Blondes  Autonomy Boy   Options 12"        0:49:30 ()
Velvet Underground  Run Run Run   Options The Psychopath's Rolling Stones [Rarities 66-93]    Lou on 7 Second Delay tomorrow (?)    0:53:22 ()
The Beat of the Earth  Part 1   Options The Beat of the Earth  Radioactive      1:01:45 ()
Tolerance  Bokw Wa Zurvi Robot   Options Divin  Vanity      1:11:13 ()
Vita Noctis  Hearing Noises   Options Against the Rule  Dark Entries    *   1:15:23 ()
Meatus Murder  Sad Old Michael Love   Options More Songs About Balling and Food        1:23:43 ()
Television  Double Exposure   Options Double Exposure        1:26:50 ()
Baby Tears  She Sells Eggs   Options 7"  Homeless Corpse    *   1:29:59 ()
Devin Gary and Ross  Live in the WFMU Studio   Options Engineered by Ernie Indradat and Juan Aboites    New York's Devin Gary & Ross, the visually inclined trio of cartoon animator Devin Flynn, photographer and sign painter Ross Goldstein, and illustrator Gary Panter, perhaps best known as the art director for "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" and assorted iconic images of the LA punk scene including the infamous Screamers logo. Together they bring a musical aerial act to the WFMU studio which finds them exploring some loose ESP-style folkadelic jammage and lysergic pop. Set list: The Exploding Eye / Keep Your Mind Open (Kaleidoscope) / Rhubarb (Second Hand) / Dandelion Seeds (July) / Monique / Four Corners    1:36:29 ()
Quilt  Young Gold   Options Quilt  Mexican Summer    *    
Aias  Bali   Options A La Piscina  Captured Tracks      2:25:37 ()
Critical Mass  No One Left To Blame   Options 7"  Last Laugh      2:27:32 ()
Mouthbreathers  Anxiety   Options 7"  In the Red    *   2:30:29 ()
Ainotamenishis  ?   Live 418  No Labe;      2:33:21 ()
Shoppers  I   Options Silver Year  Drugged Conscience/Feeble Minds    *   2:36:56 ()
Soft Cell  Paranoid   Options         2:40:53 ()
Angus & Hetty Maclise  Organ Expo 1969   Options Dreamweapon II  Boo-Hooray    *   2:49:16 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 12/13/11 3:03pm yep:

  Tue. 12/13/11 3:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Often the simplest riffs are the best!
Hi Brian!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:05pm BSI:

aye, matt. There's a damn good reason why the holy word RIFF is only one syllable.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@BSI: That's a good point.
RIFFFFFF!!!!!! or, maybe;

  Tue. 12/13/11 3:08pm bill:

Nothing simple about Jack Ruby tho.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:08pm Matt from Springfield:

I remember when I first started listening to this show, Joe Belock preceded Brian. Then I took a look at the ol' Internet Wayback Machine, and apparently at that time Joe B and Diane were in the same slots (Tue/Thu) they're back in right now. A swapping of days for a couple years.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:09pm Ryan M.:

Hi Brian!!!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Ryan M! Glad to see you!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:12pm BT:

Hey everybuds. Yo Ryan, life is nutzoid right now but we must hangeth soon and eat foods.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:13pm Kate:

What a rockin afternoon! Keep punk music on fmu!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:13pm Wildneil:

Hey Brian!!! You wrock!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Liked that Standard of Living there!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:15pm BSI:

shouldn't do that. shouldn't do that. shouldn't do that. shouldn't do that. shouldn't do that. shouldn't do that...
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:16pm Ryan M.:

Was going to say the same exact thang...hit me up when you're on the chill. Until then , play some YES bootlegs.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:17pm bill:

Death Trip Chainsaw Goddess Bad Vuggum Can’t you just see these phrases twirling around some confused parent’s head?
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:18pm BT:

Haha, I may just do that. I just saw the Genesis Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tribute 2 weeks ago in Montclair you'll be thrilled to hear.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:22pm annihilator:

cellular chaos at the cake shop friday night 9pm. total destruktion
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:33pm bill:

Hospital Store, we hardly knew ye
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:38pm Carmichael:

Hiya BT and wrock'n'wrollers. Play on, bro.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:43pm Matt from Springfield:

What a *Super* Djata Band! Certainly isn't a run-of-the-mill djata band, that's for sure!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:44pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 12/13/11 3:49pm bill:

In fact, Matt, they sounded like no other Djata Band I've ever heard!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:54pm mick:

ah...killer version.
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:55pm greg "the damager":

what version is this from?
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:57pm greg "the damager":

found it!
  Tue. 12/13/11 3:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@bill: What a coincidence, same here!
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:00pm bill:

So g"td", what the hell is this?
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that guitar sound...that is exactly how I feel right now.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:03pm Cheri Pi:

That damn Lou Reed cancelled on Ken & Andy!!
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:06pm dw:

That was great! Lou postponed til January...
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:07pm G:

You're kidding. Aren't bigname 7SD cancellations usually done Weds afternoon? Somebody needs a copy of the manual.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: It's better to cancel 7SD as soon as possible to showtime, to force the bluff of their "cancellation insurance" and the ensuing madness as they try to book someone of the same first name ASAP.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:09pm Mike East:

No joke, I think Lou Reed is coming in for a rehearsal here tomorrow. You didn't hear it from me.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:11pm G:

@Matt: There must be multiple people in the metro area called Lou Reed, some with free time and amenable to petty palmgreasing..
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:13pm still b/p:

Put your stapler in the safe, or take it home and leave it there a few days.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:14pm Laurie:

True dat.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ha, still b/p has as good a memory as myself...
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:19pm Carmichael:

"Not Jon Voight the actor, Jon Voight the DENTIST!"
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:21pm still b/p:

Lou's apartment:
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Carm: So, we can tell if it's Lou Reed the MUSICIAN by the bite marks on the pencil! Brilliant!
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:25pm Extenuation:

Lou grew up oldschool, and still revises work-in-progress lyrics by stapling handwritten sheets together. Different staplers for different song genres. You can never have enough stapler choices if you want to avoid writers block.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:25pm Extenuation:

He also writes lyrics with a quill pen.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:25pm Mike East:

good call, guys. Thanks.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:26pm bill:

Just put a "Do not remove" sticker on your stapler, that should do the trick
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Since I've gotten into psychedelic era Beach Boys, I'm getting many refs in this song! They even mentioned Van Dyke Parks!
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that never stopped me, Bill
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:28pm Stapler Thieves:

"Do Not Remove" means it's a good one.

  Tue. 12/13/11 4:29pm bill:

You guys are the number one reason office buildings catch fire
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:30pm bill:

accidentally, of course
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:31pm Stapler Thieves:

I set a wastebasket fire as a stapler theft diversion. Worked, too.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:32pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

if I couldn't sell stolen office products in dark alleys, how would I make any money?
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:34pm Pole Dancer:

Good point, DCE.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:34pm Cecile:

ah, missed Double Exposure. That was a boot I quite enjoyed.

I didn't figure Lou was going to show up.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:35pm Cecile:

Brian, are you listening to Radio Soulwax's iPod programs on Belgian 80s and 90s music? They are fun.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:36pm Cecile:

Nobody talks about Gary Panter and Jimbo. Jimbo was great.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:37pm Kagi:

I just went searchin' around tha webs for that Meatus Murder album, and I can't find anything. Any leads? I'm afraid to email the guy. He might touch me.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:37pm Cecile:

Oh, looks like Jimbo is not past tense. awesome
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:38pm bill:

My introduction to Gary Panter was a very scary BUY OR DIE!!! poster hanging directly in front of a toilet
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:40pm Cecile:

I gotta buy me some Jimbo stuff.
I did not know that Gary sent him to Dante's Hell. I will have to read that for sure.
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:40pm Tom:

Gary Panter's Pee Wee Herman art rules!
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Kaleidoscope (American) cover...nice
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:46pm bill:

Randy's "Gimme fifty bucks" has entered the canon in our house (he looks kind of like Jimbo, too)
  Tue. 12/13/11 4:59pm dw:

Beautiful, thanks y'all!
  Tue. 12/13/11 5:02pm Tom G:

Hey hey. Just now getting to tune in. That JAck Ruby disc is excellent. My fav detail is how Randy Cohen was a member:


His wiki is missing that key bio detail!
  Tue. 12/13/11 5:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Great DG&R set--they're great as musicians, and artists (there's a lot of creativity in Pee Wee Herman and Yo Gabba Gabba). Feel privileged that they stopped by! Thanks guys!
  Tue. 12/13/11 5:26pm bill:

Yeah those visual artists can really kick out the psych jams
  Tue. 12/13/11 5:38pm bill:

Wow. Hospital lives
  Tue. 12/13/11 5:43pm Cecile:

yay! Soft Cell!
  Wed. 12/14/11 12:43pm Brian:

Fellow Brian,

I love the King Dude song. Found more of his music online. Can you recommend any of his contemporaries?

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