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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options December 8, 2011: I just need a little sleep

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Flatt and Scruggs  I'm Gonna Sleep with One Eye Open   Options Flatt & Scruggs- 1948-1953  0:00:00 ()
Bill Monroe  Angels Rock Me to Sleep   Options Walking in the Spirit  0:02:49 ()
Leadbelly  Where Did You Sleep Last Night?   Options Mojo Music Guide Vol 4: Blues Power  0:05:29 ()
Woody Guthrie  Sleep Eye   Options Nursery Days  0:08:30 ()
DeZureck (Cackle) Sisters  Go To Sleep My Darling Baby   Options Yodel!  0:10:27 ()
Hoagy Carmichael and Ella Logan  Two Sleepy Heads   Options Hoagy Carmicheal, First of the Singer-Songwriters  0:13:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:16:25 ()
The Cure  If Only Tonight We Could Sleep   Options Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me  0:20:28 ()
Broadcast & The Focus Group  Make My Sleep His Song   Options Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age  0:25:00 ()
Felt  Something Sends Me to Sleep   Options Gold Mine Trash  0:27:38 ()
The Smiths  Asleep   Options Louder Than Bombs  0:30:35 ()
Take it Easy Hospital  My Sleepy Fall   Options No One Knows About Persian Cats  0:34:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:38:53 ()
The Rolling Stones  Sleepy City   Options Black Box  0:43:16 ()
The Beatles  I'm Only Sleeping   Options Revolver  0:46:02 ()
The Quiet Five  Goodnight Sleep Tight   Options New Rubble Vol 4: Utopia Daydream  0:48:54 ()
Nancy Sinatra  The City Never Sleeps at Night   Options Walking  0:51:34 ()
Cochran Brothers  Tired and Sleepy   Options Best of Eddie Cochran  0:54:20 ()
Daniel Lanois  Sleeping in the Devil's Bed   Options For the Beauty of Wynona  0:56:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     0:59:22 ()
Modest Mouse  Sleepwalkin'   Options Building Nothing Out of Something  1:05:09 ()
The Romantics  Talking in Your Sleep   Options New Wave Hits of the 80s Vol. 11  1:08:16 ()
Les Savy Fav  Sleepless in Silver Lake   Options   1:12:04 ()
Radiohead  Go to Sleep (Little Man Being Erased)   Options Hail to the Thief  1:15:42 ()
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Come Into My Sleep   Options B-Sides and Rarities III  1:19:04 ()
Rollerskaters  Sleep Tight   Options   1:22:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:25:27 ()
Shirley Wahls  Cry Myself to Sleep   Options Lost & Found: The Blue Rock Records Story  1:30:29 ()
Irie Maffia  Couldn't Get No Sleep   Options Fel a Kezekkel!  1:32:17 ()
MC 900 Ft. Jesus  The City Sleeps   Options Rare on the Air, Vol. 2  1:37:06 ()
Dengue Fever  Sleepwalking Through the Mekong   Options Sleepwalking Through the Mekong (OST)  1:42:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     1:46:32 ()
Fad Gadget  Sleep   Options Gag  1:50:44 ()
Salem 66  Sleep on Flowers   Options Bands That Could Be God  1:54:11 ()
Laika  Let Me Sleep   Options Silver Apples of the Moon  1:58:05 ()
The Hundred In The Hands  Sleepwalkers   Options   2:02:26 ()
Stars  Sleep Tonight   Options Do You Trust Your Friends?  2:06:24 ()
Devo  Deep Sleep   Options Oh, No! It's Devo!  2:10:38 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:14:51 ()
Atomic Rooster  Sleeping for Years   Options Death Walks Behind You  2:20:57 ()
Black Sabbath  Behind the Wall of Sleep   Options Reunion  2:23:35 ()
Big Black  Sleep!   Options The Hammer Party  2:27:38 ()
Jawbreaker  Sleep   Options Bivouac  2:30:16 ()
The Beastie Boys  No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn   Options Licensed to Ill  2:34:17 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     2:38:52 ()
Belle and Sebastian  Sleep the Clock Around   Options The Boy with the Arab Strap  2:39:40 ()
British Sea Power  To Go To Sleep   Options Open Season  2:44:04 ()
The Shins  Sleeping Lessons   Options Wincing The Night Away  2:47:20 ()
The Smithereens  Behind the Wall of Sleep   Options Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80's Underground  2:51:08 ()
The Stone Roses  How Do You Sleep   Options Second Coming  2:54:27 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/8/11 6:01am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 12/8/11 6:02am Chuck:

Morning! *stretches, yawns*
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:02am Jeff In Hawaii:

  Thu. 12/8/11 6:03am Meghan:

Ohhhh, I wanna be in Hawaii...... all warm! Morning everyone!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:03am Jeff In Hawaii:

The moon out here is officially up!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:04am fred von helsing:

Dear Hawai'i, please stop torturing us with your tales of Pacific paradise !
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:04am Meghan:

Not 2 moons.... where the smaller one is slightly green..... right?
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:06am hamburger:

ah sleep - the elixir of nightmares.. I love nightmares
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:06am Meghan:

Fred..... we can live vicariously!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:06am Jeff In Hawaii:

Hi, good morning Meghan
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:08am pierre:

Bonjour friends !
Bonjour Meghan friend !

I have a new t shirt and soap this morning, and you're playing Leadbelly, can't help but smiling !
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:09am Meghan:

bonjour Pierre! Ah, the joys of a care package via the station! Now you don't have to worry about finding a clean shirt and being clean yourself!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:10am fred von helsing:

Two moons? Phobos and Deimos? Holy crap I am John Carter of Mars... find me a good woman who knows when to wield a sword and when to lay an egg...
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:11am pierre:


i also ordered two other t shirts, as well as the baseball cap, so i'm "habillé pour l'hiver"
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:11am pierre:

hope the soap will not wash ALL my sins, some of them i like
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:11am dirty old man:

You're not making it easy to get up.
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:12am Meghan:

ha! I am sure you will be safe Pierre... it's made from a station of sin!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:13am Meghan:

ha! I know DOM.... I know.... Even my computer doesn't want to wake up!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:14am Jeff In Hawaii:

Beautiful, aloha
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:15am Chuck:

Hope the next set is up tempo. This theme has me dozing....
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:17am hamburger:

@Chuck - I'm sure there must be lotsa death/speed/grind core metal songs about sleep
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:18am pierre:

This is why i like the radio.
Sins & Soap. Great theme today.
As much as i don't really like sleeping, i like songs that talk about it.
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:18am fred von helsing:

@JiH please stop... you can't believe the weather in Hellisnki... plus it's dark before 4 in the afternoon
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:19am pierre:

@ Fred V Helsing : great opportunities to steal vélib then !
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:23am Meghan:

Fred..... 2 moons are talked about in the new Murakami book I am reading...
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:23am Chuck:

Ah, off my favorite Cure LP! COFFEE, Please!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:28am fred von helsing:

Nothing says "hot babe" like "ovoviviparity"
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:33am Elwyn:

Hey everyone!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:33am Chuck:

The theme must be working on Dave B.....
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:34am pierre:

Salut Elwyn !
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:35am pierre:

@Meghan : is "bike" or "bike riding" a theme that talks to you? Just wondering if there's many songs about it…
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:36am Meghan:

Well, I do like my bike...... but the only song I can think of that involves bikes is Queen.....
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:37am Meghan:

ELWYN..... *slides a fruit cup his way*
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:37am Elwyn:

@pierre: Sure there is. That one by Queen and one by Shonen Knife from the album "Let's Knife"
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:38am Chuck:

There's also "My White Bicycle" by a 60s garage group I don't remember right now...
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:40am pierre:

and "à bicyclette" by Yves Montant. So with the knowledge of wfmu-ers i guess it's possible, but for three hours long, might be tricky
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:40am sch:

"Bike" on the first Pink Floyd album
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:42am Aye-Aye Books:

Kraftwerk - Tour de France,
The Pushbike Song by the Mixtures
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:43am Elwyn:

Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo: High School Shop Class Constructs Bicycle for 26

I have a renewed hatred of Top lists. At the gym, Channel V, which I hate, had "Top songs of the 1990s". Some losers were talking about how much they loved Nickelback and Matchbox 20 songs. Puke.
Sadly, they also liked something good: Springsteen's The Rising.

You can't trust Evil Brady to be alone at the mike.
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:46am Meghan:

Oh, nice ones Aye Aye and Sch...... I will need to investigate this one some more..... I do love my bicycle!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:47am Chuck:

"Bicycle Thief" by The Fourty-Fives
I've only got a small handful of bike songs. Most are actually refering to motorcycles...
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:47am nichtstuer:

RHCP had Bicycle Song
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:47am jamesie:

RIP John today
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:49am pierre:

yeah, i own a bike to (which i love), and i can't help but see that people who have bikes love those. The others, like them to. Bike inspire kindness.
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:51am Dave B:

Speaking of sleep
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:52am Meghan:

There he is..... wakey wakey Davey!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:53am Chuck:

Wakey, wakey, DB!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:55am Meghan:

Just did a little look at the MP3 library here.... and i see a bunch of songs for bikes.... this could possibly happen!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:55am Dave B:

My sister and her friend are visiting from Maryland. We went to see War Horse last night.

I hope Spielberg doesn't screw up the movie adaptation
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:55am Dave B:

My sister and her friend are visiting from Maryland. We went to see War Horse last night.

I hope Spielberg doesn't screw up the movie adaptation
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:56am Elwyn:

That met my calcium needs for the week!
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:57am Meghan:

Dave... if there is one thing I can count on is Spielberg screwing up movies...
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:58am Chuck:

With Spielberg I generally expect space aliens to show up somewhere in the story....
  Thu. 12/8/11 6:59am Dave B:

He has that "Midas" touch. The production on stage was outstanding
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:00am Dave B:

And that thing I found from Gilliam on Kubrick v Spielberg was spot on
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:01am pierre:

Did someone see "Falling Skies" the serie he produced? If not, it's not really worth it, it full with Military that want "a good ol' cup O'coffee", and historians that want their children back.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:03am Elwyn:

Oh gawd! Falling Skies was rather boring. Any issues or tensions seemed to get wrapped up too quickly.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:05am pierre:

* ?!? Artwork for Underwater Theme Park ?!? *

I want to do it !!!!!
(and it is my job :)
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:06am hamburger:

Hey, I am someone, that could possibly do something for you! I can't guarantee it won't suck though!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:07am pierre:

@Meghan : tell me want you need / think / want, and consider it done !
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:07am ?:

well then could i do the business card?
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:08am Meghan:

Go Pierre go! do it! I leave it open to you. I think the name of the show gives you all the possible inspiration.....
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:08am Dave B:

That diving helmet logo is what started my obsession with this show. Two years ago now? How time flies
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:09am pierre:

@ Meghan: it sure does… :)
it's a great name, for a wonderful show.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:10am Meghan:

Hamburger.... go for it as well! I could always use graphics! I need it for the CD and business cards!

Yep Dave.... 2 years ago now!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:10am Andy in Berlin:

Hi everybody! I'm ashamed to say I just lost track of time. But here I am.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:12am Meghan:

ha! at least I didn't lull you to sleep!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:13am Andy in Berlin:

Au contraire Pierre!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:14am pierre:

@ Hamburger : we could exchange inspirations for visuals? :)

@ Andy in Berlin : nice
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:15am Dave B:

I always liked the phrase in Japanese for "I'm Sleepy"

"Nemuii desu"

(neh moo eee des)
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:21am hamburger:

@pierre: yes! although I am aiming to go through the Jackson Pollock method for creating the logo.. just hope one of the splodges can work!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:23am Chuck:

Funny Nick sounds sort of Morrison-ish on this cut....
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:25am Dave B:


~snickers thinking about the use of the word "sploosh" on "Archer" on FX


I was gonna say, it sounded Door-sy, but didn't want to upset Meghan
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:26am pierre:

@ Hamburger : yeah totally, sounds cool. do you think of an idea of how we could proceed.

@ Meghan : i can't think of a better way to start by starting while listening to the Theme Park while drawing some ideas…
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:26am Meghan:

since when do any of you not want to upset me?
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:27am Dave B:

@pierre - if you can do it while wearing scuba gear, or in a bathysphere - EVEN BETTER

@meghan - true. well played!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:29am pierre:

@Dave B : i'll show you…
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:29am Dave B:

would "yammering" or "blabbering" count?
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:32am Andy in Berlin:

Would this include "Blah-Blah-Blah" by Iggy?
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:32am Dave B:

I'll see what I have!

@Pierre - Extreme Ironing... UNDERWATER!!!

  Thu. 12/8/11 7:34am Meghan:

Yes.... blah blah blah would count!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:34am Dave B:

Blabber and Smoke - Beefheart
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:35am Chuck:

Now you've got me wondering if there's a song that uses the phrase "running off at the mouth". Probably not....
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:36am Andy in Berlin:

and I guess you'd HAVE to play "Talk Talk" by Talk Talk
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:36am pierre:

Dave B : thanks very mucho, it made my "weird internet / inspiring images" album.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:37am Chuck:

That was the first song that came to my mind, Andy!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:38am Andy in Berlin:

...as well as "Talk Talk Talk" by Jelly Fuzz an then there's "Talk Talk Talk Talk" by Love Is All
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:40am Andy in Berlin:

Hey this is a totally different version of MC 900 Ft Jesus than I know!
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:41am Dave B:

and "Elephant Talk" by King Crimson

Pierre - just search for "Extreme Ironing"
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:41am Meghan:

Maybe cause it was done live on another radio station.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:46am Dave B:

me likee Dengue Fever.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:52am Dave B:

New is the theme. I haven't seen a show on that topic.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:53am pierre:

i've found some :

- The small Faces : talking to you
- Asiko Rock Group : people talk
- Mr. T : Don't talk to strangers
- Flipper : Talk's cheap (should be easy to find this one;)
- The Db's : Baby talk
- Men's recovery Project : Franck talk about humans
- R. Steevie Moore : No talking
- Johnny Kid and the pirate : Let's talk about us
- Mississipi John Hurt : talkin' Casey
- Harry Nilson : Everybody's talkin' (already a cover and the so many others covers…)
- Tav Falco's Panther Burns : Money Talks (and the Kinks's Money Talks as well)
- The Clash : If music could talk.
- Augustus Pablo : Talking Dub
- Pere Ubu : Talk to me (great song)
- The Residents : The talk of the creature

And for the few frenchies;

- Katerine : Parlez-vous anglais Mr. Katerine?
- Brigitte Fontaine & Areski : Nous avons tant parlé

and the great Jacques Brel with "la parlotte"
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:53am Meghan:

I did a new theme 2 new years back.... but go for it again....
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:54am Meghan:

  Thu. 12/8/11 7:56am Andy in Berlin:

If Walls Could Talk by Little Milton and Chatterbox by the NY Dolls
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:56am Dave B:


drat. Lemme see if I can figure out another.
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:57am Andy in Berlin:

...and I guess there's always Yackity Yack by the Coasters
  Thu. 12/8/11 7:59am Jefff:

Hey Meghan, give me a call a soon as you have a chance.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:10am Marmalade Kitty:

I'm still half asleep
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:11am Marmalade Kitty:

great show Meghan!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:11am Meghan:

*shakes MKitty*
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:16am Marmalade Kitty:

laika the dog?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:16am glenn:

kitty's guitar amp sounds like farts. don't tell anyone.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:17am Dave B:

better to sound than to smell glenn, no?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:17am naked molerat:

I can feel warm, but can't feel fuzzy :(
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:17am glenn:

especially from an amp.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:18am Sundae:

New listener here - discovered WFMU this morning - just thought I'd say hello. Enjoying the show Meghan.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:18am Andy in Berlin:

Let's Talk About Sex by Salt and Peppa!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:18am glenn:

i'm not a facebooker, but i vote the bass line from mr. giant man, fabio's theme.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:20am pierre:

@Meghan : i love your impersonnation of the guy whose song don't appear on the questionnary.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:20am Meghan:

Good Morning Sundae! Welcome to WFMU! The best station in the world! All the countries represent!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:21am jeff p:

ugh. not all here today....
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:21am Dave B:

Hey Sundae! Welcome to the family!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:21am Meghan:

hehehe.... Pierre.... sadly that is my impersonation of my husband when he's grumpy.... people who I have to deal with that are just being stupid.... Reasons why I can't be a character actor
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:22am glenn:

hey, what did snow white say to the guy at fotomart?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:23am glenn:

somedaaay my prints will come.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:23am Meghan:

oh no.... I am afraid....... what did she say?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:23am jeff p:

And on the incredibly off chance that this person is listening, I'm really, really sorry I cut you off this morning on 95. It was a dick move and I feel like an ass for it.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:25am Sundae:

@Meghan @ Dave B Morning (well midday in England) and thanks
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:25am Meghan:

Your conscience is clean now Jeff! Now if only the guy driving the bus who slammed into Jeff's door this morning (and doesn't think it's his fault hitting a parked car) had the same conscience.....
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:26am Meghan:

Oh Sundae, you have a bunch of fellow countrymen (and women) here too!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:27am Chuck:

How can anyone hit a stationary object when driving? I'll never get that....
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:27am pierre:

@ Sundae : Bonjour welcome to the park, before you know it you'll find yourself with t shirts and miracle soap.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:27am jeff p:

I'm NOT sorry about dissing jen's cookies, tho.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:28am glenn:

are you near scunthorpe?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:29am glenn:

or reading?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:31am Dave B:

@Elwyn - http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2011/11/how-to_lego_star_wars_ornament.html
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:32am Meghan:

Of course you aren't sorry about dissing her cookies..... though she has all right to bake what she wants. You want real cookies, make them yourself! the poor woman made you a cherpumple for god's sake!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:32am Dave B:

stationary object? like a desk blotter?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:33am Dave B:

  Thu. 12/8/11 8:33am Sundae:

@Glenn Was that question for me? Bristol at the moment, but float around London quite often.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:34am Chuck:

You KNOW what I meant, Dave! Anyone who hits something that ISN'T moving clearly isn't paying enough attention....
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:36am Dave B:

heheheh... I know Chuck. Trying to be witty.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:36am Chuck:

It WAS witty, Dave! I got a chuckle out of it...
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:37am jeff p:

The cherpumple was a group project!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:38am Meghan:

Yeah, but I guarantee that wasn't even close to being on her diet!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:39am Dave B:

and I always get confused stationary/stationery...
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:39am Andy in Berlin:

I wasn't sleeping but that Black Sabbath woke me up anyway!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:40am Andrew:

Hi Meghan & everyone ^_^
I've been listening since Cochran Bros & I like the theme...but as it's well after midnight, it's probably trying to tell me something ^_^
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:41am Meghan:

Awwww, poor Andrew! Well hopefully this will give you some sweet dreams!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:43am Chuck:

Stationery is the paper product stuff, DB...
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:43am jeff p:

Look, I have no problem with her making her diet cookies, but if you're having guests over it's the hospitable thing to do to cater to them as well.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:45am Chuck:

Dieting?! Something else I never got. I'm proud to say my weight has been the same since 1977...
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:45am glenn:

diet cookies? how about eating maybe 2 regular cookies and calling it quits?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:45am jeff p:

And if the point is to offer a healthier choice, then offer stuff that is actually a healthier choice, not mediocre gluten-free (or whatever) pseudo-chocolate chip cookies
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:46am jeff p:

Jen pointed out to me this morning that the FB posts on the topic were split along the lines of the girls (who diet) and the guys (who don't)
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:47am Meghan:

A little healthy-ness never hurt anyone. And you could have offered to help with dessert if that was the case!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:47am Chuck:

I've had the ultimate "diet" plan for years. It's called "POVERTY"! Can't eat food you don't HAVE! hehe....
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:47am glenn:

i'm not a professonal, but i love baking. one thing i know for a fact - baking without wheat flour is impossible.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:49am Chuck:

The only thing I can think of right off that doesn't require it, glenn, is cornbread. Does cornbread count as baking?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:49am Marmalade Kitty:

eating is mostly psychological we don't need to eat everyday
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:50am Chuck:

Agree, MKitty!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:51am glenn:

well, yeah. but cornbread has flour in it too.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:51am Chuck:

My recipe doesn't, glenn. And it's delicious!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:52am Chuck:

Great, now I have a craving for fresh cornbread...
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:52am seang:

let's rock!!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:54am glenn:

i'm 51 next week. i don't ever recall anybody when i was a kid having any allergies to nuts, or being gluten or lactose intolerant or anything like that. now, you can't swing a cat without hitting somebody with some whacky food allergy. what's happening?
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:54am Dave B:

  Thu. 12/8/11 8:54am jeff p:

Chuck, you should make some of your cornbread and send it over for the end-of-the-year People Who Died show
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:55am Andrew:

mmm cornbread. now i want some polenta slices fried up, mmmm
gotta try some cornbread one day.
i wonder why so many these days are gluten intolerant? seems to be more & more common.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:55am jeff p:

@glenn: forty years ago all those people had allergic reactions and died
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:55am Chuck:

Can do, Jeff P!
I know what you mean, glenn. I'm 51 now and none of this stuff was an issue when I was a kid...
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:56am glenn:

i doubt it.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:57am Chuck:

Meghan, do you have a big cast iron frying pan? Maybe I should just send you the recipe and you can make it. It's mindless easy!
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:57am Meghan:

Some people (like our very own DJ Keili) it is a problem. For a lot of others it has become a fad.
  Thu. 12/8/11 8:59am Andrew:

oohh the stone roses...i have only heard two songs of theirs.
i'm sure some had allergies, but for sure it's increased nowadays. or maybe people just put up with the bad reactions in the old days.
this was a good show ^_^
time for bed! hehe
night all! see you later! thanks meghan! ^_^
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