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Options November 13, 2011: Hellaluya

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Deaf Wish  Beastin' The Airwaves! Jingle   Options    
Kate Bush  Symphony In Blue   Options   0:05:11 ()
Hellaluya  Holiday   Options Regan Elvis Jesus Pictures, Images and Photos  0:04:55 ()
Phedre  Cold Sunday   Options   0:07:38 ()
Tonstarssbandht  Andy Summers   Options   0:15:02 ()
Grimes  Weregild   Options   0:15:10 ()
Zola Jesus  Avalanche   Options   0:19:57 ()
Prince Rama  Rest In Peace   Options   0:23:02 ()
Zomby  Natalia's Song   Options   0:30:59 ()
Hear Hums  Change   Options   0:34:46 ()
B 52's  Dance This Mess Around   Options   0:44:20 ()
Doldrums  Chase The Tear (Portishead Cover)   Options   0:47:32 ()
Yeah Buddy  Oilin' Up My Boy   Options   0:51:11 ()
XRay Eyeballs  Deja Vu   Options   0:53:56 ()
Moon King  Big Dumb Blue Angel   Options   0:57:58 ()
Comet Gain  The Weekend Dreams   Options   0:59:57 ()
Hooded Fang  drugs   Options   1:02:50 ()
Ken Pronouncing Things!       
Dum Dum Girls  Teardrops On My Pillow   Options   1:09:23 ()
Makeout Videotape  Only You   Options   1:12:41 ()
The Beets  Preso Voy   Options   1:15:38 ()
The Ketamines  Line By Line   Options   1:17:59 ()
Wavves  I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl   Options   1:19:55 ()
Shark?  I'm An Animal   Options   1:25:50 ()
Dive  Sometime   Options   1:32:08 ()
The Marshhens  Attractor   Options   1:35:07 ()
Acid Baby Jesus  Tomboy   Options   1:37:24 ()
Lost Sounds  1620 Echles St   Options   1:39:35 ()
Dan Melchior und Das Menace  Summer In Siberia   Options   1:42:29 ()
Wild Flag  Endless Talk   Options   1:47:06 ()
The Hussy  Wrong/Right   Options   1:48:24 ()
Super Wild Horses  Dead End   Options   1:50:47 ()
Times New Viking  Don't Go To Liverpool   Options   1:54:03 ()
Tonka Puma  Throwdown   Options   1:55:47 ()
Shitty/Awesome  Personality, Avalanche   Options   1:58:02 ()
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options   2:10:35 ()
Cheap Freaks  Caesar the Deceiver   Options   2:12:12 ()
Creamers  Modern Day   Options   2:15:04 ()
The Limiñanas  Je Me'en Vais   Options   2:16:40 ()
Il Abanico  Keep Calling   Options   2:20:18 ()
MKRNI  Pongi Pongi   Options   2:22:57 ()
Massive Attack  3D & Vermona Demo   Options BRAND NEW DEMO!  2:26:50 ()
GDFX  Altered Ego   Options   2:31:39 ()
Starscream  Pegasus   Options   2:37:18 ()
Ladytron  Black Cat   Options   2:43:22 ()
Vivian Girls  Sixteen Ways   Options   2:51:58 ()
The Men  Oh Yoko   Options   2:54:22 ()
Lykke Li  Let It Fall   Options   2:57:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
  Keep Beastin'!  2:59:57 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 11/13/11 6:08am Danne D:

yay :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:08am fred:

Good morning Keili!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:08am Jay/ London:

hey Keili !!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:09am KD:

Good morning. Thought I'd tuned into the wrong station there for a few minutes
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:09am other david:

ahoy hoy!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:20am Richard from Venezuela:

Hello Keili and all the listeners.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:24am Danne D:

hola Ricardo :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:30am Richard from Venezuela:

Saludos Danne D.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:33am DJ Keili:

Hey! KD!! How are you??
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:33am DJ Keili:

I missed you guys!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:34am Lumpkin:

Hidely Ho Neighboreenos! Ca va Fred! Cheers! Buenos Dias! Yo!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:36am KD:

I missed you too - been a bad year but things are getting better and I'm back for my Sunday treat
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:42am DJKeili:

I'm sorry KD. I'm glad things are getting better. Last year sucked. Didn't it? This year is already starting to look better though. :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:42am Danne D:

hay :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:43am Bas, NL:

Hey Keili! Hey all! ;)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:43am B Wad:

We missed you in Dusseldorf, Keili <3
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:44am DJKeili:

aaaaaw! xoxo Hey Papa Bas! Feelin' better?
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:46am Danne D:

I missed you too Keili :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:46am Elwyn:

Hey ya!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:47am DJKeili:

DANNE!!!!!!!!! But we did get to see each other at the Record Fair and there's a pic on my facebook page of us spinning the wheel. xo
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:47am Danne D:

Hi Stormtrooper Elwyn :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:47am DJKeili:

Elwyn - I never found that clip I was looking for. I did something completely different.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:48am Danne D:

awwww :) it was great to see you too Keili :) though I did miss you last week :D

on a separate note I wonder if Stormtrooper Elwyn helped Richard rescue Wilson Ramos :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:49am DJKeili:

Hey Elwyn! There'a at least one other Aussie listening right now. Say hello in your common language.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:49am Sean Gostage:

Hey Keili,
Greetings from Bristol, UK, it's a lovely sunny day here and warm for this time of year
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:50am DJKeili:

Next week I'm gonna be in Chicago, DJing the Chicago Food Film Festival. So Amanda is goign to be filing in fo rme. She's amaaaaazing!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:50am Elwyn:

@DJ Keili: I'm glad. I've been kind of busy and not sure how much I look for at work because my supervisor keeps catching me slacking off.

@Danne D: Good to see you here!

@Other Aussie: G'day!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:50am DJKeili:

Hurray for Europea! Welcome!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:50am emmagineering:

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! that's all i can really add to this conversation. oh and i'm enjoying teh show.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:51am Danne D:

wow have fun Keili :) And I agree Amanda is amazing and everyone should tune in to hear her :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:51am Julius:

how do I get rid of math questions.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:51am DJKeili:

Now I know who you are.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:51am Danne D:

hi emmagineering :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:52am DJKeili:

Julius, do we have to sit you in the corner? No foul language!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:53am DJKeili:

Imagine if it was actually "Fowl" langugae? hahaha That would be funny.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:54am DJKeili:

This is my new goal - to talk to you guys more. How's it workin out?
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:54am ?:

Damn, alright. But do I have to answer a math question every time I want to speak? That's more schooling than I can handle.
And no it would not be funny.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:55am Danne D:

workin' out good Keili :)

btw, I generally get rid of the math questions by answering them :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:55am emmagineering:

QUACK! at least fmu doesn't ever make you carry a one. hi Danne D :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:55am Danne D:

The math question keeps the bots away.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:55am DJKeili:

Yes it would.
If I had to learn the math, so do you.
If you go back a few years in my archives, you'll see that I talk about not getting the math questions right and not being able to post on my own show!
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:57am BOT TROLL ER:

  Sun. 11/13/11 6:57am Danne D:

you quack me up Emmagineering :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:58am ?:

Damn, was hoping I'd be able to sign up or something. How droll. So why's everyone up at such an ungodly hour.
I got one of the maths questions wrong, completely destroyed my self esteem.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:58am Danne D:

lol hello Math Bot :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:58am emmagineering:

people should do the work, so that bots have time to think
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:59am Danne D:

I'm up early to listen to Keili's show of course :) Otherwise I'd be sleeping in of course.
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:59am fred:

The math question is still easier than warped captchas. All too often I'm not awake enough for those
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:59am Jay/ London:

hey Keili was going to go out for a walk .. but you seem to be keeping me here so it Must be a ....... .... show see no bad words
  Sun. 11/13/11 6:59am DJKeili:

This is x-ray eyeballs. I really love them. I also really love their bass player, Carly, who is awesome and beautiful and talented.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:03am Jay/ London:

@ ? its not early here day half done
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:03am DJKeili:

Funny you should mention that Danne. I just picked up my new bass a few weeks ago! I'm in love with it. It sleeps with me now.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:05am Elwyn:

@Danne D: Had a fun one this weekend. Yesterday, we did an event "Smiles 4 a Day". It was a special day out especially for kids with Downs Syndrome. It was very hot though.
I haven't uploaded the video of me getting ontop of a jeep and playing with the replica Howitzer.

@Julius: The iPhone app doesn't require answering maths.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:06am Danne D:

that reminds me, I never said hi to Bas :)

and hi to everyone else I might've forgotten to say Hi to :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:06am DJKeili:

I sleep surrounded by music and instruments. I fall asleep to a playlist on my computer, my bassnext to me, my acoustic and electric guitars leaning up against my bed and my micro Korg usually on my lap. hahaha
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:07am Danne D:

@elwyn :( URL too long there
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:07am Julius:

Welp, I have to sleep.
Nice taste.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:07am DJKeili:

WHAT?! What time is it there?!
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:07am Danne D:

have a good night/day Julius :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:08am DJKeili:

I'm about to play something amaaazing. You should wait 5 mins.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:08am Richard from Venezuela:

@elwyn Use http://goo.gl/ for links. works better than bit.ly
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:09am DJKeili:

after my break...
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:09am Julius:

It's only 11, but I have work tomorrow. I'll stay up for this next song.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:09am Danne D:

@Julius I have the radio preset to stay on for all 180 minutes of Keili's show :) This way even if I pass out I get the show subliminally :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:09am Danne D:

I'm doing a better job of not passing out today
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:10am Julius:

It's only 11, but I have work tomorrow. I'll stay up for this next song.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:10am DJKeili:

That's it. Good night Julius! xo
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:12am Danne D:

this singer reminds me of my friend Renee a bit :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:12am Danne D:

but not quite
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:16am Elwyn:

How did everyone spend Nigel Tufnel Day?

Nobody turned up to my movie night for it! Ha ha!
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:18am fred:

@Elwyn: I couldn't find any fun gig or party. Then again that movie isn't all that well know around here.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:20am Danne D:

hiya fred :)

this is a very up-beet song :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:23am Dave B:

Well, hello people
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:24am Danne D:

well hello, Dave B.

I wonder if this band got to meet Dave Grohl after doing this song
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:24am emmagineering:

hahahaha... ""i wanna meet dave grohl"
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:25am fred:

Hi Dave. Again you show up just when someone mentions Spinal Tap.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:27am KD:

Andy Summers and now Dave Grohl. Could you fill a show with songs that reference other artists?
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:28am Danne D:

@KD - that would be a fun request to make of Meghan :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:28am Elwyn:

@fred: It's 27 years old! Amazing isn't it?
@Evil Brady: Don't ask Keili to play Rush.
@Everyone: Foo Fighters tour next month. Used to love them. I haven't seen them for so long. They've sort become predictable alt-rock. I'm sure my friends are secretly compulsively masturbating to the thought of seeing Tenacious D and FF on the same night but I wish Bob Mould came on the Australian tour.

Having said all that, that was a fun song by Wavvves.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:28am Dave B:


I spent N.T. Day playing "Big Bottom" for a few hours, driving my neighbors crazy

I have this 67 Vox Apollo bass with a built in distortion. It's just right for that song
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:29am DJKeili:

I have to dip out again. I can't actually chat and do my show. xoxoxoxo
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:31am KD:

You should try typing and listening
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:31am DJKeili:

  Sun. 11/13/11 7:31am Danne D:

we love you regardless Keili :) we understand :)

shout out to DJ Mama shouting in the background :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:32am DJKeili:

Ssssssssssssshhhhhh It's not her! She's not here!
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:32am Danne D:

so when they were on your show was it Beetsin' the Airwaves? :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:32am Danne D:

oooooooohhhhhhh okay ;)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:33am Danne D:

yay :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:36am fred:

Knyfe Hyts are great! I'm not complaining, the more KHs the better
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:37am Dave B:

Elwyn - I'm kinda new to this show. Sunday's are best spent in bed, burning off the hangover.

I haven't learned Keili's pet peeves in music yet.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:42am Richard from Venezuela:

Acid Baby Jesus. Great name.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:42am Dave B:

And Meghan started it...

Once Rush jumps the shark, I plan to move on to James Taylor
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:43am marc:

Good Morning Keili, its Marc from Facebook. :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:44am Elwyn:

F#@k I hate James Taylor but there's worse easy listening out there: Coldplay, Jack Johnson and I'm going to lump John Mayer in that group because his fans are douches.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:46am Danne D:

*visualizes a group of angry stormtroopers arriving at James Taylor's door*
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:47am Richard from Venezuela:

  Sun. 11/13/11 7:48am fred:

And none of these are KHs, because KHs are awesome. Another proof: Keiji Haino
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:48am Richard from Venezuela:

i'm going to eat some arepas for breakfast. See ya' soon friends.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:50am Elwyn:

@Danne D: I went to see roller derby in a different city yesterday night - it's about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney. At the after party, someone recognised me as a stormtrooper costume owner and I can't remember ever seeing her before... Oh... I should have asked for her name and phone number...
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:53am fred:

@Elwyn: maybe she was wearing a stormtrooper costume when you met earlier.
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:54am Dave B:

I'm gonna get pickled in a few hours at the Peck Slip Pickle Festival
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:55am Dave B:

Did she use the "aren't youa little short for a storm trooper" line?
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:56am Elwyn:

@fred: I only personally know two female stormtroopers.

@Evil Brady: She didn't. Umm... so "get pickled" isn't a euphenism?
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:57am Danne D:

you shoulda gotten the Stormtrooper groupie's phone number, Elwyn :(
  Sun. 11/13/11 7:58am Danne D:

"Going Down To Liverpool" would be a good follow up to that song :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:00am Dave B:

Oh they have some local microbreweries there as well. And my friend's new venture "mrs Kim's kimchi" has a fresh batch of some good spicy kimchi
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:01am Elwyn:

@Danne D: I love the song. I was surprised that:
a) it was written by the songwriter from Katrina and the Waves
b) The Bangles covered it and Leonard Nimoy played the chauffer in the video (thanks to Meghan for posting that)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:02am Dave B:

@elwyn - Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS doesn't count
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:07am Elwyn:

@Keili: Are you allowed to say "Lake TITTY CACA" on air?
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:08am Danne D:

Mel Key Ore I think is the right pronunciation :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:09am Danne D:

  Sun. 11/13/11 8:10am Elwyn:

But did he submit a boyfriend application with all those links?
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:11am Danne D:

"Love the shoes, can't believe I got through"
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:13am Danne D:

yay :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:15am Kym:

Hey Keili,really lovin the show. I always like your shoes. Say hey to the mysterious lady in the back
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:17am DJKeili:

Hey! Is this Kym from the chat from a long time ago or is this Aunt Kym?!
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:17am DJKeili:

I actully DO know the pronunciation. But I do that.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:19am Kym:

aunt Kym
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:20am DJKeili:

  Sun. 11/13/11 8:21am Kym:

Love you sweetie xoxo
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:21am DJKeili:

She does that. She says "I don't want to talk on your show. Don't ask me to." Then she yells to me from the other room. hahaha You know she can't shut up.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:22am fred:

I know you do, ka va Keili?
Come to think of that KH² theme, maybe you could have Keiji Haino on your show, he doesn't like to speak English, but you do speak Japanese. Then again, his music is probably not your style.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:23am DJKeili:

Excuse me Fred, but I have many different styles. Yeah, you're right.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:23am DJKeili:

DJ Mama hates this song. She keeps repeating, "I hate this song."
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:25am DJKeili:

But it's all good. 1: It's MY show and 2: she likes this MKRNI track that sounds like Deelite.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:26am KD:

Impeccable taste as always
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:26am DJKeili:

KD: Me or DJ mama?
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:27am fred:

I heard he's the demanding type anyway, he'd probably ask the playlist to be black instead of pink
Deelite? That's a name I haven't heard in ages
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:27am DJKeili:

Groove is in the heart, Fred!
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:28am DJKeili:

If I'm DJing a dance event you KNOW there's gonna be some Deelite on the playlist!
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:29am KD:

In the interests of harmony, that will have to remain a mystery
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:30am fred:

Is that on tap for your Chicago gig?
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:30am DJKeili:

You know what she did on Facebook yesterday? She asked people to vote Jesus Christ Superstar vs. Godspell and said she was not going to tell them her vote because she didn't want to influence the voting. Then at the end of the day she says her vote is that rock operas suck. She's horrible.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:31am DJKeili:

Naaa. No dance night. It's all genre related to the type of food/where it comes from.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:33am fred:

She's not horrible, she's right: rock operas do suck
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:33am DJKeili:

but she reels them in and then messes with them.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:34am will:

That song "Boyfriend Application" reminds me of Lilliput's "Die Matrosen." Bracing!
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:35am fred:

So she's some kind of Koan spewing Zen master?
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:36am DJKeili:

@Fred - Speak English! wuh?
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:41am fred:

Pardon my French, it's just that I went to a show featuring Japanese monks this week, and part of it featured koans, and the reeling in and messing was a big part of it.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:41am DJKeili:

OK . Just looked that up Fred. Hahaha!
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:42am Elwyn:

I can't remember ever watching rock opera. Still haven't seen The Wall. I do love Meatloaf though.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:42am DJKeili:

"Pardon my French" hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:43am fred:

Hey, we were talking about !!! not so long ago, that was easy
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:44am hamburger:

woar, this starscream is pretty neet
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:46am fred:

Agreed, hamburger, agreed
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:47am fred:

And I love Ladytron
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:48am Danne D:

Okay this was weird. I just had a dream that I was in a car with Andy Cohen and two other people. And we were going to some sort of office gathering at Andy's work where I didn't know anyone. And we stopped at McDonald's on the way and Andy asked if anyone wanted anything and we all said no. But then he was gonna just throw out the 2nd hamburger and the rest of his diet coke so I took them. But then we were like at the party and I'm there with this McDonald's bag and I felt embarrassed so I ditched the bag and rushed finishing the hamburger in the bathroom so nobody would see. The end.

That was weird.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:48am DJKeili:

@Elwyn - I really hope you're talking about the food. I will have to kill myself if you're talking about the "artist".
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:50am DJKeili:

Hahaha! Shame is bullshit, Danne. Embrace the junk food if that's what you want. But like DJ Mama always says, "McDonald's is not food. don't confuse it with food."
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:50am fred:

@Dave B: here's what you were looking for. This might get embarrassing though
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:51am hamburger:

haha bathroomburger that's a funny story
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:51am Danne D:

lol I was more embarrassed to have brought food to an event where there was food I think :)

Hiya Hamburger :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:52am Danne D:

So there ya go, in case you were wondering what was going on when I pass out during your show - I have weird vivid dreams.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:53am Dave B:

  Sun. 11/13/11 8:54am Elwyn:

@Keili: You're going to have to kill yourself. I love Meatloaf the artist. Didn't bother to see him last month though. He performed at a major sporting grand final and people complained about it.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:54am Danne D:

Thanks for yet another great show Keili :)

Have fun in Chicago, Keili! Everyone come back next week though to listen to Amanda :) She's really cool and has good taste in music :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:55am Dave B:

Elwyn check out the loaf in the film "Roadie"
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:55am fred:

@Danne: You may be the only one choosing to have Andy Cohen in your fantasy life. Frangry will be jealous
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:55am Dave B:

Amanda from Irwin's premium?
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:56am Danne D:

I didn't choose to have Andy in my dream - it just happened like that.

No Dave B - Amanda from the Nazario Scenario :) On the Give the Drummer Some Webstream on Wednesdays :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:57am Danne D:

I think Keili turned up in one of my dreams with Ken one time. I can't remember the circumstances though. It was something innocuous though.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:58am Danne D:

Ken and Lady Gaga were in my dream the other night and it was something lame. You'd think that woulda spurred something interesting, but alas my dreamwriters must be on strike or something.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:58am DJ Keili:

@Fred and Danne -but Andy is so much hotter.
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:58am Danne D:

lol Keili
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:59am Danne D:

Anyway have a great Sunday everyone :)
Go Bengals :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 8:59am DJ Keili:

I speak the truth Danne.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:00am Danne D:

For Elwyn :)

  Sun. 11/13/11 9:00am fred:

@Keili: Now it's Ken's turn to be jealous
@Danne: you were right about Dalton
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:00am KD:

Goodbye Keili. My Sundays are restored to their former glory. Thanks.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:01am Danne D:

yup fred I was )

@Keili now now be nice :)

Anyway take care all :)
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:01am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 11/13/11 9:02am Danne D:

have a good thanksgiving Keili and DJ Mama :)

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