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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options October 23, 2011: feat. Heaven's Gate and Shark?

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Kate Bush  Experiment IV   Options   0:00:00 ()
Lykke Li  The Only   Options   0:07:53 ()
Labretta Suede & the Motel 6  Dirty & Dumb   Options   0:11:24 ()
Hungry Gayze  8th Grade Haircut   Options   0:13:57 ()
The Gaye Blades  Pretty Boy   Options   0:15:40 ()
The Miniskirts with the Itchies  That's Cool, That's Trash   Options   0:17:22 ()
Feral Children  Reverb   Options   0:20:13 ()
Covergirl  Paris Burns (45)   Options   0:24:22 ()
Covergirl  Paris Burns (33)   Options   0:34:42 ()
Wax Museums  Zoo Full Of Ramones   Options   0:35:32 ()
OBN III's  No Enemies   Options   0:38:48 ()
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Phenomena   Options   0:40:15 ()
Two Tears  Senso Unico   Options   0:44:45 ()
Dum Dum Girls  Dream Away Life   Options   0:47:48 ()
Hoop Dreams  Memory Light   Options   0:58:04 ()
Tune-Yards  Lions   Options   0:58:15 ()
Vivian Girls  I Believe In Nothing   Options   1:10:01 ()
Zola Jesus  Night   Options   1:11:04 ()
Santigold  My Superman   Options   1:17:06 ()
Burial Hex  Go Crystal Tears   Options   1:18:59 ()
Toro Y Moi  Human Nature   Options   1:23:18 ()
Heaven's Gate LIVE @ WFMU    Image and video hosting by TinyPic  1:29:48 ()
Sic Alps  Cambridge Vagina   Options   1:54:11 ()
Labretta Suede & the Motel 6  Thickened Sludge   Options   1:55:39 ()
Shark? LIVE @ WFMU    Image and video hosting by TinyPic  1:58:40 ()
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options   2:39:18 ()
X-Ray Eyeballs  Sundae   Options   2:39:30 ()
Black Bug  Police Helicopter   Options   2:42:04 ()
The Soft Moon  When It's Over   Options   2:46:12 ()
Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval  Paradise Circus   Options   2:48:24 ()
Picture Plane  5th Sun (Heliopolis Mix By Rainbow Arabia)   Options   2:53:22 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 10/23/11 6:08am fred:

Good morning Keili, Lisa and listeners
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:11am Jay/ London:

Hey Keili from house bound Jay .. missed your show last week as was in hospital but did a mouse for wfmu when i got out paid it in full. my sunday was not the same without your show WFMU MUST LIVE !!!
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:11am Caryn:

Morning, all!
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:13am fred:

@Jay: I hope you're recovering well
@Caryn: are you the one who translated the latin in fred van helsing's pictures?
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:14am Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Keili, DJ Mama and all the listeners.
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:15am Jay/ London:

@ fred thanks getting there slowly
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:21am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Yo Keili! Thanks for the tunage.
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:23am Caryn:

@fred: yep, that's me
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:24am DJ Keili:

@Jay - recovering?? Did I know about this?
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:25am fred:

@Caryn: he said he never got your facebook message. If you email me at my gmail.com address, I'll send you his email. My account there is counterfnord (sorry for the convoluted attempt to fool the spambots)
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:27am Jay/ London:

@ Keili you might as i put it up on my facebook and you are one of my friends there but facebook has changed
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:32am Elwyn:

Hey gang
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:34am Caryn:

@Fred: ok, will do that :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:42am fred:

@Caryn: cool, he was trying to contact you, I don't know about what
@Elwyn: Hey Elwyn, did you receive the plastic bits?
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:45am Rebecca:

First time listener hey dj you are my happiness this morning
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:46am Elwyn:

@Fred: yeah. Sort of finished the belt now but decided to not do the bike ride this year because I don't want to rush things
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:46am DJ Keili:

@Rebecca - omggg you too! :D xoxo
  Sun. 10/23/11 6:50am fred:

@Elwyn: I guess you need to practice riding in that suit a bit and maybe adjust a few things before a long ride
@Rebecca: welcome!
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:02am Elwyn:

@fred: I haven't cycled enough this year and only just quit smoking 8 weeks ago.
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:10am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Thanks for playing my sisters. I know they appreciate it.
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:19am tombom:

nice mornin g today.
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:24am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/23/11 7:29am Caryn:

Just got a call from my boss: gotta work 4 extra hours tomorrow... Well, I don't mind the extra pay, but spending the whole day standing up is gonna work hell with my arthritis. Now time to relax listening to Keili :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:34am DJ Keili:

:D I heart you Caryn
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:35am Caryn:

So: Heaven's Gate. Named for the movie or the cult? Discuss...
Oh, Keili, heart you too :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:36am fred:

With all the live sets this month, I'm so grateful to the volunteer engineers who've been putting in so much time and effort to make it happen.
  Sun. 10/23/11 7:51am other david:

Morning all :)

Really enjoying Heaven's Gate
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:08am Elwyn:

Does this make it officially "Shark Week"?
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:08am DJ Keili:

No! Its shark? week!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:16am Jay/ London:

hey keili any news on your tee shirt
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:20am will:

Love your show cuz it's got the "youth factor" full on!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:20am Shark?:

Hey Everyone!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:22am DJ Keili:

Whoop whoop! Hey!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:23am SharkQuestionMark:

OK. I'm not really them. But I like them.
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:25am Madi H.:

I have CRANKED IT UP - !!!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:26am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/23/11 8:27am other david?:

me three! great start to a sunday
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:28am DJ Keili:

Should we just all end our names in question marks?
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:28am Lisa:

I love this song so much. You've got the wrong guy, I'm takin the fall, I've got no spine I'm a cephalopod. love it.
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:29am Elwyn:

I'm getting pizza. See you all later!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:29am Lisa:

I think every guy who's been trapped in a relationship knows that feeling.
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:30am Lisa:

@Elwyn, that's just wrong...
But I can see how this set would make you want pizza and beer or pizza and a coke.
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:31am DJ Keili:

Enjoy your circle of gluten, Elwyn!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:31am fr?ed:

Or maybe we could move the question mark around like Godspeed did with they own punctuation. You'd also have to play the mysterians at some point.
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:32am Lisa:

Right... question mark and the mysterians...
You're thinkin' Fre?d. You?re thinkin.
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:32am other? david!:

I smell a show dedicated to bands with punctuation marks on the horizon
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:33am ¿DJ Keili?:

Toootally happening
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:34am Your DJ:

Hey you! Yeah YOU! if you like this live set and want to start your Sunday morning with more and more great llive sets like this one, pledge $15 to my show so that WFMU can pay the electric bill and I can keep recording bands!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:34am fr?ed:

Would !!! have to change their name to ??? to get in?
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:34am DJ Keili:

nawww, but that would be cool
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:34am Your DJ:

We were just discussing them yesterday!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:35am DJ Keili:

I was just talking about !!! yesterday!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:35am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/23/11 8:35am Your DJ:

See. I'm not your DJ either... hahaha
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:35am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/23/11 8:36am Sharoro, Keili's Uniquehorn:

Am I a Unicorn?
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:37am Sharoro, Keili's Uniquehorn:

Keiri, I rearry ruv dis musix
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:37am f?red:

I haven't seen !!! in years, even though they're a great live band. Are they still touring?
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:38am DJ Keili:

and I ruv you my rittle bundre of rainbow fruff
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:43am Danne D:

Yay :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:44am fre?d:

Yoohoo! Danne?D made it in time!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:45am Danne D:

lol fre?d :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:48am Caryn:

Just started DVRing a documentary about a small town in Bulgaria flanked by a polluting factory and a rusting nuclear power plant, and that suffers from some massive mosquito problem (don't ask me why I'm DVRing, even I'm not sure). So far some of the imagery has been so odd, I've felt like I've been watching a weird early David Lynch movie...
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:50am Danne D:

Caryn :) you are ruining the pristine image I had of Bulgaria btw :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:51am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/23/11 8:52am fre?d:

@Caryn: I just wish David Lynch would get back to doing weird movies instead of questionable music and even more doubtful endorsements.
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:52am Danne D:

Keili!!!!! I wuv you Keili :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:53am Danne D:

hi to the other commenters I have not said hi to :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:55am Caryn:

@Fred: you and me both, fred. Lynch, do some damn directing! On a related note I am still unsure how I feel about Soderbergh doing a film about male strippers. The ogler in me says: bring it on!
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:57am Danne D:

@caryn I assume you'll do a careful and thorough review of that Soderbergh film 8)
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:58am Danne D:

let me know when he does a sequel about female strippers 8)
  Sun. 10/23/11 8:58am Caryn:

Hi Danne!!!
And Keili, looking forward to the day the "punctuation bands" playlist arrives to grace the airwaves. The whole "When It's Over" talk also made me think of a playlist that would start with songs about the beginning of things, move on to songs about the middle ("Stuck in the middle with you" etc.) and end with songs about the end ("The end", "When it's over")...
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:00am other david:

Great show Keili :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:00am Danne D:

8( show's over already 8( thank goodness for the archives :) Of course I was actually listening the whole time - it's just that my subconscious mind was getting most of the benefit :)

Have a good day everyone :) Thanks for a great show Keili :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:00am fred:

Wouldn't both these ideas be more in Meghan's theme park?
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:01am fred:

Thanks for another great show, Keili!
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:02am Caryn:

@Danne: you bet your bottom I'll thoroughly review it. I'll go freezeframe by freezeframe just to be as thorough as possible :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:02am fred:

Can you play Boyfriend Application during Singles going steady week?
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:02am Caryn:

@fred: I know, they are more Meghan-like. But I'm kinda hoping Meghan may read this...
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:02am Danne D:

I will try to make a tiny bit of the record fair :) it'll be tough though 8(

Take care everyone :)
  Sun. 10/23/11 9:27am djkeili:

@Fred - Boyfriend Application is ALWAYS played off a 7" record. I thought everyone knew that because of all my miscues. hahaha
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