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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options October 25, 2011: Singles Going Steady Week: Art-Damaged Post-Punkers Waving Hello

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME          0:00:00 ()
VOICE FARM  Modern Things   Options 7"  Optional  1981  0:10:16 ()
GREENFIELD LEISURE  L'Orange   Options 7"  Strange Orchestra  1981  0:13:20 ()
LORI & THE CHAMELEONS  The Lonely Spy   Options 7"  Korova  1980  0:16:15 ()
THE LONDON UNDERGROUND  Learn a Language   Options 7"  On-U Sound  1980  0:19:51 ()
THE GLORIOUS STRANGERS  Why Don't You Join the Army?   Options 7"  Theoretical Records  1980  0:23:28 ()
THE JANET & JOHNS  Let Bygones Be Bygones   Options 7"  Vindaloo  1980  0:26:18 ()
THE HONEYMOON KILLERS  Histoire a Suivre   Options 7"  Crammed Discs  1981  0:32:41 ()
FAMILY FODDER  Desire   Options 7"  Fresh  1980  0:35:47 ()
THE TESCO BOMBERS  Break the Ice at Parties   Options 7"  Y Records  1982  0:38:59 ()
THE VINCENT UNITS  Everything Is Going to Be All Wrong   Options 7"  Y Records  1981  0:40:51 ()
SARA  Lu-Lu on the Rocks   Options Sara Goes Pop (dbl 7")  It's War Boys  1982  0:41:53 ()
THE PHILOSOPHIC COLLAGE  Toxic Poppies   Options 7"  American Aesthetic Industries  1981  0:44:38 ()
THE PSYCLONES  Like You   Options 7"  Clone Tone  1981  0:46:15 ()
THE REFLECTIONS  The Coroner and the Inquest   Options 7"  Cherry Red  1981  0:49:15 ()
BAND T + INSTRUMENTS  Words   Options 7"  Plurex  1980  0:53:45 ()
SIC  Voltage Control   Options 7"  Artibano  1980  0:59:46 ()
VOGEL  Guten Morgen   Options 7"  Recommended  1980  1:02:27 ()
THE FLYING LIZARDS  Portugal   Options 7"  Virgin  1980  1:05:49 ()
ALTERNATIVE TV  Dub in Bed   Options 7"  IRS  1981  1:08:55 ()
NOTORISCHE REFLEXE  Breschnew Rap   Options 7"  International  1983  1:11:53 ()
NEON  Informations of Death   Options 7"  Urgent  1980  1:16:25 ()
HECTOR LEUCK & KRISTA  Plaisir Locques   Options 7"  Tago Mago  1985  1:25:00 ()
BENE GESSERIT  Kidnapping   Options 7"  Grafika  1982  1:28:00 ()
THE DURUTTI COLUMN  Enigma   Options 7"  Sordide Sentimental  1980  1:31:30 ()
THE VELVET MONKEYS  Colors Pt. 2   Options 7"  Bona Fide  1985  1:34:33 ()
UN DEPARTEMENT  La Poupee au Doigt de la Fille   Options 7"  Un Departement Production  1980  1:37:34 ()
THROBBING GRISTLE  Distant Dreams (Part Two)   Options 7"  Industrial  1980  1:39:49 ()
D.D.A.A.  Les 25 Pieces Sont Vide   Options 5eme Anniversaire (7" EP)  Illusion Production  1984  1:48:23 ()
DENNIS BURNS & MARK PERRY  Music Death   Options 7"  NB  1980  1:52:05 ()
HEINER GOEBBELS  Die Letzte Buche   Options 7"  Riskant  1982  1:54:37 ()
TOTO LOTTO  Cut a Slice   Options 7"  Toto Lotto  1980  1:57:08 ()
LUCRATE MILK  Hanschen Klein   Options Poissons (7" EP)  Milk  1982  1:59:41 ()
BLURT  This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir   Options 7"  Armageddon  1981  2:01:05 ()
THE STICK MEN  The Flame Breathers Meet Wax Gumby in Ice Land   Options Charmed (7" EP)  Phantom Plaything  1982  2:03:22 ()
SPLODGENESSABOUNDS  Socks   Options 7"  Deram  1980  2:06:44 ()
PUBLIC SERVANTS  A Mistake   Options 7"  J. Edible  1981  2:08:48 ()
RELIGIOUS OVERDOSE  I Said Go   Options 7"  Glass  1981  2:15:22 ()
THE DIVORCE  Friends and Celebrities   Options 7"  Divorced  1980  2:17:33 ()
GLAXO BABIES  There'll Be No Room for You in the Shelter   Options Limited Entertainment (7" EP)  Y/ Rough Trade  1980  2:22:22 ()
RAYMILLAND  Distant View   Options 7"  Praxis  1980  2:25:04 ()
SOFT BOYS  Strange   Options Near the Soft Boys (7" EP)  Armageddon  1980  2:29:20 ()
DELTA FIVE  Leaving   Options 7"  Pre  1981  2:32:24 ()
BPEOPLE  M.P.C.D.   Options 7"  IRS  1981  2:35:05 ()
CLOCK DVA  4 Hours (Re-Mixed)   Options 7"  Fetish  1981  2:40:27 ()
FIRMAMENT & THE ELEMENTS  The Festival of Frothy Muggament   Options 7"  Illuminated  1981  2:44:22 ()
THE WIBBLEY BROTHERS  First Aid   Options Dark Side of the Mune (7" EP)  Rondelet  1981  2:47:44 ()
LUCAS TROUBLE  Miss Syphilis   Options 7"  Bain Total  1980  2:50:26 ()
DIZZY & THE ROMILARS  Star Time   Options 7"  Jimboco  1980  2:53:00 ()
MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST  Tael of a Saeghors   Options 7"  M-Squared  1980  2:58:03 ()
CURD DUCA  Wind/ Traffic (slowed down)   Options       3:02:57 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 10/25/11 12:01pm tonyc:

Hullo dere! Nothing but 7" singles from the first half the of eighties today....
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:01pm iker:

hello Tony!!!!!!!!
man, so looking forward to this show!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

good tuesday, tony and all!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:03pm J J:

Cartoon music on the other dial signals, SWITCH!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:03pm Alf from Upstate:

Welcome back, Tony!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:04pm tonyc:

Hello, everybody! Thanks for showing up....
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:05pm Doug Schulkind:

Go, Tony, go. (Or stay. Your choice.)!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:07pm Ricardo Montalban:

I was in the wrong room. Thanks, Doug!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:08pm tonyc:

Hola, senor!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:10pm Doug Schulkind:

There's just a thin curtain of beads separating the two playlists, Ricardo. You could've just followed the cloud of hashish smoke coming from Tony's playlist.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:11pm tonyc:

Hey peeps: a wee bit o' pledging would be nice -- I'm so close, yet so far.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:12pm tonyc:

Doug: What are you talking about! No one smoked hashish in the first half of the '80s....
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:15pm Doug Schulkind:

Oh right, Dude, I was too stoned to notice.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:15pm tonyc:

Authentic '80s scratches courtesy of my singles boxes.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:16pm still b/p:

I was not living in an area of musical openness/variety in the early 80s, so EVERY song on this playlist will probably be a first hearing.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:20pm listener james from westwood:

Ditto here; this will be a remedial class in early-80s sonic cultcha.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:21pm tonyc:

This kind of thing -- plus prog -- are sort of my roots. I didn't discover psych and such until the early '90s....
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:21pm Doug Schulkind:

Tony is THISCLOSE to reaching his goal. Please help Tony's show become the first on Give the Drummer Radio to reach the mighty 100!! Just a handful of small pledges will do it.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:22pm tonyc:

Hear Doug and obey....
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:28pm tonyc:

er ... please obey? Would be fun to push PAST 100% ... it can be done ... but I'd really like to at least make my goal.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:41pm tonyc:

Of course, thanks to you who've already pledged!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:43pm conrad:

Yep, early '80s New Wave weirdness is def. my roots as well. I was thinking of "Tornader To The Tater" yesterday, a 7" Gary Panter did backed by The Residents. Got that one, Tony?
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:44pm tonyc:

Hey Conrad! Nope, I don't have that Panter/Residents 7" -- though I do have his LP "One Hell Soundwich" ... which is pretty good too.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:45pm Ricardo Montalban:

Dag nab it! I missed a ton of music due to an unplanned work meeting!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:46pm Doug Schulkind:

If I've done my math correctly (big if), Tony is only $71 dollars and 67 cents away from hitting his goal. Won't a few of you step up to the plate and knock this sucker out of the park?!

No need for nail-biting anxiety here. Just drag Tony ecstatically across the finish line and then sit back and groove on the rest of the show. PLEASE DO IT!
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:47pm Ricardo Montalban:

The first weird thing I intentionally bought with my own money was a 7" 45.
The Residents Satisfaction/Loser=Weed.
I hadn't even heard any music by them at that point, just read about them.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:48pm tonyc:

The track on now (Band T & Instruments) features Michel Waisvisz's crackle box.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:49pm tonyc:

Satisfaction/ Loser's Weed was an early (high school) purchase of mine as well....
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:50pm J J:

I had to look up what a cracklebox is, or kraakdoos.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:51pm Ricardo Montalban:

Yeah, I was in High School. I remember foolishly thinking my friends would find it as weirdly cool as I did. But then, I had some growin' up to do.
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:53pm tonyc:

JJ: Waisvisz has a great, great LP called "Crackle" featuring the crackle box....
  Tue. 10/25/11 12:58pm tonyc:

Not even one leetle, leetle pledge? Do they know it's Crisp Mess?
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:04pm tonyc:

It's amazing how much influence dub had on UK post-punk -- you can hear it all over the place in the wacky mixing....
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:06pm tonyc:

Thanks for the pledge, Rich! (I am now equipped with x-ray vision, so I can see who's pledging.)
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:08pm Mark Williams:

I know Tony (re the dub/postpunk connection). I have a long list of songs at home I was compiling for purposes unknown, which I've dubbed (ahem) post-punky reggae.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:10pm J J:

I threw all my eggs in the first day.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:12pm J J:

If my chicken lays some more, I'll be sure to send them your way.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:12pm tonyc:

Thanks much, JJ! Eggs are eggs whenever they're thrown....
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:13pm tonyc:

I meant the old eggs -- not potential new ones!
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:14pm Brian in UK:

G'day Tony. Got any Four Kings, they were on Fresh like Family Fodder. Fresh turned into Jungle & they had early Mercury Rev 'till Sony flashed the cash!!
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:18pm tonyc:

Hey Brian,
Have never heard of Four Kings, ack-tcho-lee ... will have to investigate.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:23pm Doug Schulkind:

Tony is now LESS THAN $57 from hitting his goal!
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:23pm tonyc:

Just a few more eggs will bring my omelette up to 100%. Chickens of the world, unite!
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:24pm Brian in UK:

Never got past issuing singles Tony.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:25pm Irma in the Coop:

  Tue. 10/25/11 1:26pm tonyc:

  Tue. 10/25/11 1:26pm Brian in UK:

Amazing how long Vinnie has been at it.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:29pm Ricardo Montalban:

You have only your feathers to lose
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:30pm tonyc:

Push push (eggs) in the bush. Please help me reach 100%. (And, no, that wasn't your cat.)
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:30pm Ricardo Montalban:

Or as the late, great Dr. Gene Scott used to say: "I want the phones to light up with people that care! No gifts tonight - I want SACRIFICE!"
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:33pm tonyc:

Throbbing Eggs for Gristle, anyone?
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:35pm tonyc:

By the way, my next show, in two weeks, will be a chop suey of leftover tracks from the three specials I've done this month ('60s psych, covers, '80s post-punk).
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:37pm tonyc:

Pledge-o. pledge-o, pledge-o ... please-o, please-o, please-o....
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:42pm Doug Schulkind:

We need six people to pledge $10 bucks. Just ten. Don't wait for your neighbor to be heroic. You be the hero. WFMU really bad needs your financial support. WFMU did not meet its goal during last spring's fundraising marathon, and the station is counting on you to help make it through the end of the year. If each show reaches its assigned goal, the entire station will do the same and all will be safe. PLEASE HELP OUT. If you've already given, THANK YOU. If you've yet to donate, please make a small contribution.

This is Tony's last show during the fund-raising month of October. Show him some well-earned appreciation!!
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:44pm tonyc:

Yep, only a bit more than an hour left for me, before I'm done with trying to help out the station and the stream. Roll some green eggs my way, won't you?
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:46pm Mark Williams:

i told Joe McGasko, your pledge coordinator, that I'd simply send in a check, allowing you to avoid credit card fees. don't think that was considered a pledge. i've not sent that in yet - is there a way to pledge it to this show & still have me send in a check?
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:47pm $800:

Just $56.67 and I will feel whole again.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:48pm tonyc:

Mark: Probably yes. Doug?
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:52pm tonyc:

Editorial note: Christoph Anders of Toto Lotto is not an anti-semite -- he's in "character" here. He's a left-winger and this is an anti-fascist-punk song
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:54pm Doug Schulkind:

1) Thank you
2) I believe you can click though on the pledge procedure using the above widget and just leave a pledge (you don't have to pay with a credit card). Just send in your payment when you get your pledge form in the mail.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:55pm tonyc:

Everybody there? The stream dropped out for a second, but is back now.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:56pm Ricardo Montalban:

That Toto Lotto song was very Roxy/Ferry damaged
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:59pm listener james from westwood:

I got $25 from my health insurer today as reimbursement for a flu shot. I just sent it to FMU.
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:59pm tonyc:

Mark: Thanks very much, of course!
  Tue. 10/25/11 1:59pm iker:

amazing show so far, Tony!!!
i loved the amos & sara track you played, never paid too much attention to it before.
pity they never released "in a hell-bed" as a single (it's on the Private World of Amos cassette). what a song!!! it would have been a HIT! (well, in an another galaxy, perhaps...)
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:00pm tonyc:

WOW!!! 100% reached!!!!! HURRRAY!!! (Thanks to pledgers to follow.)
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:01pm tonyc:

Many, many thanks to James and Mark for your generous pledges!!!
And thanks, Iker! Glad you're enjoying the show....
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:01pm Ike:

Aw dagnabbit, I'm late today! But I got here. Sounds great! So glad there'll be an archive.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:03pm $818.33:

Now no more begging.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:03pm listener james from westwood:

I just would've spend it on stuff at the Record Fair. Or Two Boots Pizza. :)
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:03pm tonyc:

Hey there, Ike!

By the by, the vocalist here is none other than Shelley Hirsch....
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Brilliant! Thanks one and all.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:08pm tonyc:

Yes, indeed!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:09pm Carmichael:

Lurking, pounding out work. Great tuneage, Tony.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:10pm tonyc:

Thanks, Carmichael!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:10pm Mark Williams:

The Wonderful World of Glass is one of the great, great compilations of this era. Another one you'd wish a reissue for.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:12pm tonyc:

Mark: Agreed!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:14pm Math Class is Hard:

818.33 is actually 101% :-)
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:15pm Progress Bar:

A silly millimeter longer!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:16pm Math Class is Hard:

Make that 102.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:16pm tonyc:

Yep -- guess that display box can't actually register numbers past 100. Thanks again, everybody!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:21pm tonyc:

But no more talk of lucre -- sit back and enjoy the rest of the show!!!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:29pm listener james from westwood:

i want to see amanda and doug get over the hump this week too. not to mention the entire station!! but enough cash gab.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:33pm tonyc:

Yes, absolutely, James! I am speaking of a mere temporary lull.....
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:36pm tonyc:

Let the hump-jumping continue -- but enjoy the break right now.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:37pm tonyc:

Unless, of course, you like to celebrate by pledging. Don't let me stop you.....
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:38pm tonyc:

Verily ... it was good.
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:49pm Doug Schulkind:

Tony's meeting the goal is all the more impressive considering he only had three shows this month!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:52pm tonyc:

Yes, thanks so much again, everyone!! I'll be back in two weeks with a chop suey show. Keep on pledging to the stream and station. Get Doug and Amanda all the way!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:52pm Ricardo Montalban:

thanks for the fun sounds, Tony!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:54pm tonyc:

You're welcome! And thank you for your pledge. See ya, everybody.....
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:54pm Ike:

Chop suey?!
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:54pm tonyc:

Leftovers from my October specials, mixed together....
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:55pm Carmichael:

Before your time, Ike ...
  Tue. 10/25/11 2:56pm tonyc:

  Tue. 10/25/11 2:58pm listener james from westwood:

i'm gonna want that show again an hour later after hearing it.
thanks for the trip to an 80s i'd never heard before, tony!
  Tue. 10/25/11 3:02pm tonyc:

You're very welcome, James!!
  Tue. 10/25/11 3:27pm tonyc:

And if anyone listens to an archive of this show, go with the mp3 archive -- should sound much better than the pop-up (I've been fiddling with improving the sound quality of the four-week mp3 version).
  Tue. 11/1/11 12:18pm Ike:

I'm really enjoying the rerun of this show since I didn't catch most of it the first time. I'm not clear on why the covers show isn't being rerun today instead -- but it works for me since I really wanted to hear this one!
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