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Three hours of adventurous jazz drawing on the Destination: Out archives and other planes of there.

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Options October 24, 2011: Theme de Stealth Mode

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Artist Track Album Label Year
Art Ensemble of Chicago  Theme de Yoyo   Options Les Stances a Sophie  Pathé  1970 
Julius Hemphill   Dogon A.D.   Options Dogon A.D.  Mbari  1972 
Bennie Maupin  The Jewel in the Lotus   Options The Jewel in the Lotus  ECM  1974 
Music behind DJ:
Joe McPhee 
Shakey Jake   Options Nation Time  CJR (RE: Atavistic)  1970 
The Thing  Have Love Will Travel   Options Garage  Smalltown Superjazz  2004 
Little Women  Throat I   Options Throat  AUM Fidelity  2010 
Leroy Jenkins  Folk Song (Viola)   Options Solo  Lovely Music  1998 
String Trio of New York, with Oliver Lake  Lonnie's Lament   Options Frozen Ropes  Barking Hoop  2005 
Billy Bang  Outline No. 12   Options Outline No. 12  Celluloid  1983 
Walt Dickerson & Sun Ra  Utopia   Options Visions  SteepleChase  1979 
Sun Ra  Interstellar Low-Ways   Options Cosmos  Inner City  1977 
Vijay Iyer  One for Blount   Options Solo  ACT  2010 
Marc Ribot  The Kid   Options Silent Movies  Pi Recordings  2010 
Music behind DJ:
James Brown 
Soul Pride   Options Soul Pride (The Instrumentals 1960-1969)  Polydor  1993 
Terumasa Hino  Aboriginal   Options Double Rainbow  CBS / Sony Japan  1981 
Steve Marcus  Melvin   Options Green Line  Storyville  1970 
Weasel Walter / Mary Halvorson/ Peter Evans  The Pseudocarp Walks Among Us   Options Electric Fruit  Thirsty Ear  2011 
Mary Halvorson Quintet   Sea Seizure (No. 19)   Options Saturn Sings  Firehouse 12  2010 
Jenny Scheinman's Mischief & Mayhem  Blues for the Double Vee   Options Mischief & Mayhem  self-released  2011 
Music behind DJ:
Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers 
Yama   Options A Night In Tunisia  Blue Note   
My Silence  Whatever Happened to Doo Wop?   Options It Only Happens at Night  482 Music  2011 
Vandermark 5  Encino (for John Carter)   Options Simpatico  Atavistic  1999 
Marion Brown  Fortunato   Options Why Not?  ESP  1968 
Michael Bates' Outside Sources  Bloodletting   Options Live in New York  Greenleaf Music  2009 
Wadada Leo Smith  Buffalo People: A Blues Ritual Dance   Options The Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer  Kabell  2010 
Muhal Richard Abrams featuring Malachi Favors  W.W. (dedicated to Wilbur Ware)   Options Sightsong  Black Saint  1976 
The Mighty Boosh  'You fear jazz...'   Options The Complete Radio Series  BBC Audiobooks   
The Peggy Lee Band  All I Really Want to Do   Options New Code  Drip Audio  2008 
The Bad Plus  Bill Hickman at Home   Options Never Stop  eOne  2010 
Music behind DJ:
The Skatalites 
  The Skatalites Meet King Tubby    1984 
Peter Brotzmann  Nr. 1: Baritone Sax / Lonely Woman   Options 14 Love Poems (dedicated to Kenneth Patchen)  FMP  1984 

Listener comments!

  Mon. 10/24/11 12:00pm Artie:

Hello Beautiful.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:00pm Alf from Upstate:

Welcome Destination Out! Love your blog!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:01pm Jeff G:

Thanks! And welcome Artie and Alf from Upstate!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:03pm texas scott:

Hola,two Jeffs.
Sounds great.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Hooray for DESTINATION OUT on Give the Drummer Radio! Something I've wanted to have happen from the earliest conceptions of this stream. Hear hear!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:04pm Jeff G:

Hola, texas scott! How 'bout them Rangers.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:04pm listener james from westwood:

welcome destination out and happy monday to all! love this opening track.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:05pm don:

excited for the future of this
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:05pm marcury:

Yo, Yo, DO on the Radio
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:08pm Jeff G:

listener james from westwood: welcome!
don: us, too!
marcury: dig, dig, dig, dig it!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:12pm Doug Schulkind:

Years ago, I played Theme de Yoyo on my show and several people (including station manager Ken) called me frantically, worried that the singer said "You're voice is like a long fuck..." I had to reassure everyone that a good churchwoman such as Ms. Fontella Bass would never have uttered such as thing.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:13pm Jeff G:

As someone who mishears lyrics regularly, I never heard anything CLOSE to that.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:13pm listener james from westwood:

Ah, the tricks that the mind and ear play.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:15pm Jeff G:

This album -- DOGON A.D. -- just got a formal reissue on CD, with the elemental bonus track "The Hard Blues" from the same session. Kind of essential.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:19pm Jeff G:

Whoops. Little jumpy here.
So that's what that little red button does...
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:19pm Mitten John:

  Mon. 10/24/11 12:21pm Doug Schulkind:

When I sang Theme de Yoyo for WFMU's Hoof 'n' Mouth Sinfonia a few years back, I did some research to come up with the lyrics:

Your head is like a yoyo,
your neck is like the string,
Your body's like a camembert
oozing from its skin.

Your fanny's like two sperm whales
floating down the Seine
Your voice is like a long fart
that's music to your brain.

Your eyes are two blind eagles
that kill what they can't see
Your hands are like two shovels
digging in me.

And your love is like an oil-well
Dig, dig, dig, dig it,
On the Champs-Elysees.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:23pm Jeff G:

Doug: was that perf captured for posterity?
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:23pm jk:

sounding great, Jeffs!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:24pm Jeff G:

Mitten John: glad your listening!

jk: thank you!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:25pm Doug Schulkind:

I will answer that, Jeff, only if you promise never to play it on your show...
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:27pm Jeff G:

Doug: deal

Herbie Hancock on electric piano here. Basically his Mwandishi band, led by Maupin.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:28pm Merv:

Wow, I couldn't have asked for a better surprise this Monday... Great to have you guys on board!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:28pm Jeff G:

Ugh: "your" @ 12:24 = you're. This one-time editor hangs his head.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:29pm Jeff G:

Merv: great, thanks. It's wonderful to feel so welcomed.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:31pm Shaun:

Woah! D-O and GTDS! You two have been responsible for most of my music discovery over the last few years. I LOVE this.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:31pm Jeff G:

This show does leave the 70s, btw. Louder, faster, now-er, coming up.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:32pm jladro:

..or posteriority
[re: jeff g @ 12.23]
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:35pm listener james from westwood:

the timer just dinged for my laundry, but i don't want to leave and miss any of this!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:39pm Jeff G:

...beauty of the archive, I guess, ljfw. Though appreciate the thought.

Saw this band, Little Women, last year. They are a must-see if they come to your town. A lot of physicality/theatricality that is lost w/o the visuals.

Course the audio transmits a lot on its own...
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:44pm Toby:

Lotsa FOF energy in the house!
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:45pm bgporter:

Yay! You may want them to fix the links on your playlist page http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/42379 -- it didn't make sense to me that you lads were playing Nick Lowe. Found the right link on the FMU front page.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:45pm Doug Schulkind:

(All I know, Toby, is that you would've snagged that cut-off that Pujols missed.)
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:46pm Alf from Upstate:

Hey, you took away the extra n. I rather liked it.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:49pm Jeff G:

@bgporter: Thanks for making it over!
@Doug/Toby: speaking of frozen ropes...
@Alf: better than the extra e, as in Leeroy...
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:50pm Jeff G:

Coltrane tune here...btw.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:51pm Toby:

"Lonnie's Lament" -- Trane's most underrated composition.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:53pm Jeff G:

I think this Bang tune is one of Butch Morris' earliest conductions.
  Mon. 10/24/11 12:55pm Doug Schulkind:

R.I.P. Billy Bang. I love his story about how the violin save his life. (After returning from his service in Vietnam, he was hanging with some gangbanger types who were into some bad shit. Billy saw a violin hanging in a pawnshop and fell in love.)
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:04pm Jeff G:

More Ra comin...
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:06pm Marsha:

  Mon. 10/24/11 1:08pm Jeff G:

@Marsha: Rah!
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:11pm Brian in UK:

Suns going down & coming up here simultaneously.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:11pm Amanda:

Welcome, Jeffs! This is an exciting time for us all. I'm having a nice mellow Monday listening to you.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:14pm Brian in UK:

Great when a plan emerges eh Mr Schulkind.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:14pm Jeff G:

Thanks, Amanda, and welcome Brian in UK.

This show is on the mellow side. Not entirely sure how that happened....
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:17pm Jeff G:

It'll pick up a little in the next set, though.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:19pm listener james from westwood:

this whole show has been complementing my proofreading very nicely.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:20pm Doug Schulkind:

You betcha, Brian in UK. More new programming to come on Give the Drummer Radio!
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:21pm Brian in UK:

I have this odd feeling that I am going to be asked questions at the end. I'm taking notes!
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:22pm Jeff G:

Love how modern this sounds.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:26pm mark:

Reminds me of Miles
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:28pm Jeff G:

Totally Milesian, mark. (Big in Japan, after all.)
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:29pm Jeff G:

Subject line of email that just landed in our inbox: "You can now listen to free music on Rdio. No ads."
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:30pm Jeff G:

This is the longest song of the set.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:30pm Jeff G:

It's 15 hours long.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:30pm Jeff J:

And it's too short!
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:31pm Brian in UK:

Are we still mellow?
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:33pm Jeff G:

Mellow in a clap-hands kind of way.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:33pm Jeff J:

Not overly mellow... more funky...
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:33pm Jeff G:

Time to get up offa that thing, though...
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:33pm mark:

Yeah, I'm diggin' this. Not familiar with Hino. Found your post. Looks like he even has some Miles stalwarts in tow, like Hancock. Thanks.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:34pm Jeff G:

Sonny Sharrock, ladies and gents.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:35pm Sternmeier:

Rdio may have no ads, but Destination Out has no minuses.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:36pm Jeff G:

...and we have that a they're missing.

Glad to see you, Sternmeier!
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:36pm bgporter:

  Mon. 10/24/11 1:36pm Jeff G:

This was recorded in Japan, fwiw.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:37pm Jeff J:

Too bad this album was a one-off for the band. Great stuff.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:38pm Jeff J:

Now THIS is a guitar solo
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:40pm bgporter:

His obit in the Guardian is interesting reading: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/2005/oct/24/guardianobituaries.artsobituaries
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:45pm Jeff G:

Hope y'all dig Mary Halvorson...
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:46pm Doug Schulkind:

Ms. Halverson did a wonderful live set on Scott McDowell's show a while back:

  Mon. 10/24/11 1:46pm Richard from Venezuela:

Just checking in. Got me with the Weasel Walter / Mary Halvorson/ Peter Evans track. Terrific.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:49pm Jeff G:

@Richard from Venezuela: great! Happy to have you got got.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:51pm All Soul, No Borders:

I'm so glad you guys are doing this!!! Support from St. Louis.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:52pm Jeff G:

Hey All Soul, thanks and welcome. So happy to be joining the radio brother- and sisterhood.
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:56pm All Soul, No Borders:

Now, I have to warn you, if your are in this for the sex, get out now!
  Mon. 10/24/11 1:58pm Jeff G:

  Mon. 10/24/11 1:59pm Doug Schulkind:

All Soul, No Borders is a fine show heard Sunday nights on KDHX in St. Louis. (http://kdhx.org)
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:00pm All Soul, No Borders:

  Mon. 10/24/11 2:02pm Jeff G:

Jason Stein + Mike Reed + Nick Butcher = My Silence
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:03pm Brian in UK:

No Borders over here; went broke.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:04pm All Soul, No Borders:

What do all of you think about the Mary Lou Williams/Cecil Taylor record? I listened to it the week before last almost everyday.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:05pm earwax:

Damn, I'm late. Will this be archived?
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:06pm All Soul, No Borders:

I got the "No Borders" part when that company took over the independent bookstore I worked at 11 years ago and fired me within 2 weeks.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:06pm Jeff G:

@earwax: believe so, yes! In the finest GTDR tradition...
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:08pm Brian in UK:

The friendly face of capitalism. There is one?
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:09pm Mary Wing:

This is perfect music for a Monday afternoon!

P.S. - why isn't there a pledge banner at the top of the playlist?? People need to show their love for the Jeffs and GTDR!!
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:10pm listener james from westwood:

There are a couple of fans of these sort of sweet sounds in my Facebook list. Pinged 'em with the lowdown on this show and the blog to let 'em know the scoop. The more listeners, the merrier!
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:11pm Van in Dallas:

just saw the "will this be archived" question...I had just sent Doug the same question lol. Welcome to WFMU GTDS DO!
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:13pm Jeff G:

@Mary Wing: glad you are enjoying! Since this is sort of a test show, I figure maybe the banner is not deployed? I'll leave that one to our dojo Doug.

@ljfw: thanks so much for spreading the word! We need to get something up on the D:O site itself before our first "proper" show next week, same time.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:13pm Doug Schulkind:

Good pernt, Mary Wing! Anyone so inclined to support DESTINATION OUT RADIO, and Give the Drummer Radio, the stream is floating on — and WFMU, the great engine that makes the wings flap: pledge here:


And YES, this show, like all the others on the stream (and WFMU), will be archived. It usually takes an hour or so before the archive gets "cut" and posted.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:15pm Jeff G:

Stanley Cowell on piano. And comin' to D:O in a week or two. Or three.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:20pm Doug Schulkind:

Stanley Cowell was a few years ahead of me at Oberlin. One of Cowell's LPs, on ECM if I remember correctly, has a tune titled "Emil Danenberg, who was president of Oberlin during our times there.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:24pm Doug Schulkind:

ARCHIVE UPDATE: Today's D:O on the Radio WILL be archived, but not until next week. I forgot to email the WFMU folks who "do" the archiving to tell them about today's extra special sneak preview show. They will be able to make an archive, but they're swamped with WFMU record fair and RadioVision Festival prep and can't get to it. Next week's grand premiere D:O on the Radio will be archived the same day (because the archive folks will be prepared for it).

My apologies...
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:26pm Jeff G:

Emil Danenberg wouldn't have let this happen...
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:29pm Doug Schulkind:

I present to you, Emil Danenberg...

  Mon. 10/24/11 2:33pm Jeff G:

Woah. Makes me go all: "I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your daugh---ter's wedding...on the day of your daughter's wedding. And I hope that their first child be a masculine child."
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:34pm listener james from westwood:

Jeff, stay out of Bruno Tattaglia's after-hours joint!
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:39pm Jeff G:

Naturally. I will, however, take the cannoli.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:41pm Jeff G:

Neglected to add one of the tunes back there, the music beneath the previous break. I think it was some Fela Afrobeat...sorry 'bout that. Better next time.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:43pm Mary Wing:

The Thin White Duke was the birth of music? Heh! Too funny!
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:44pm marcury:

All this great music and The Mighty Boosh...
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:45pm Jeff G:

  Mon. 10/24/11 2:45pm Brian in UK:

When they were advertising their TV/radio show the jazz man of the Boosh was holding a copy of John Coltrane's Coltrane Jazz. Now thats proper jazz 'cause it's 50 years old.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:47pm Toby:

Dylan Jazz!
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:47pm Jeff G:

Heh. Wonder what's next for those guys.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:48pm mark:

Love the Boosh as well. Thought they were supposed to do a movie. I need me some Bailey's.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:48pm Jeff G:

Thought you'd dig, Toby. Glad you were there for that one.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:49pm Jeff G:

@mark: or a Flirtini.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:51pm Brian in UK:

Maybe a Timpani (blows your head off)
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:55pm Toby:

David Murray's album of jazz'd Grateful Dead tunes is pretty good.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:56pm Richard from Venezuela:

The Bad Plus. OMG!!

perfect show.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:57pm Jeff G:

Well, thanks to everyone for the supportive comments and good vibes. We'll be back next week with a proper debut, lord willing.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:58pm earwax:

What a great show! Can't wait for the next installment.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:58pm Brian in UK:

Same time next week then? Bring some sandwiches.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:59pm Doug Schulkind:

HEY EVERYONE, don't forget that today's show was just a sneak preview. D:O ON THE RADIO will have its grand premiere next Monday at Noon and then it will air the last Monday of every month, 12-3pm.

Congrats (shhh!) to Jeff and Jeff and Destination Out!

Also, DON'T FORGET that Give the Drummer Radio runs continuously, 24 hours a day. Tune in anytime to hear something amazing.
  Mon. 10/24/11 2:59pm listener james from westwood:

damn, if this was the work-out-the-kinks show, i can only imagine the full-on launch will kick ass. well done! thanks jeff, jeff, and doug!
  Mon. 10/24/11 3:02pm Jeff G:

Thanks again, one and all, from us Jeffs!
Expect some creepy stuff for the Halloween program...
  Mon. 10/24/11 3:06pm Artie:

Bye Bye Beautiful. See you soon.
  Tue. 1/17/12 8:20am Zachary:

Good morning! Any chance of getting this show from the archive?
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