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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options October 16, 2011: feat. Starscream and Alan Watts!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Kate Bush  Army Dreamers   Options   0:00:00 ()
Lykke Li  Little Bit   Options   0:08:52 ()
Novalima  Ruperta (Zeb Remix)   Options   0:09:19 ()
Alexico  33 Cadaver Fresco   Options   0:14:10 ()
Ana Tijoux  Despabilate   Options   0:21:35 ()
Tigarah  Girl Fight   Options   0:27:58 ()
Pili y Mili  Un Chico Moderno   Options   0:36:33 ()
The Bandana Splits  Ricky Dee   Options   0:38:13 ()
The Brian Jonestown Massacre  Anenome   Options   0:41:53 ()
PJ Harvey  The Words That Maketh Murder   Options iTunes Session  0:45:08 ()
The Ettes  The Pendulum   Options   0:48:46 ()
Dum Dum Girls  Always Looking   Options   0:51:07 ()
Lykke Li  Get Some   Options   0:53:46 ()
EULA  Dirty Hands   Options   0:56:52 ()
Oh Sunshine   I Belong To You (Saikou No Jinsei)   Options   0:59:18 ()
Fungi Girls  Some Easy Magic   Options   1:03:09 ()
Malachai  Snowflake   Options   1:05:53 ()
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Art Star   Options   1:10:22 ()
Knyfe Hyts  Sea Of Light/Mountain Of Light   Options   1:11:46 ()
Alan Watts LIVE @ WFMU      1:30:03 ()
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options   2:06:07 ()
Starscream LIVE @ WFMU      2:08:59 ()
La Roux  In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)   Options   2:52:28 ()
Cocorosie  R.I.P. Burn Face   Options   2:58:36 ()
Massive Attack  Girl I Love You   Options   3:02:55 ()
Aa  Horse Steak, Mario (live at KFJC), Away Away (live at KFJC)   Options   3:06:04 ()
Oneida  Shahin's Bong   Options   3:20:21 ()
Jealousy  Night Stalking (live on Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili)   Options   3:34:42 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 10/16/11 6:07am Sammy:

Hey Keili! Good morning everyone!
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:13am fred:

Good morning Keili, DJ Mama, Sammy and fellow listeners!
Wow Keili, you already hit 100% and are only a few minutes into your show
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:16am DJ Keili:

Hey Sammy! Hey Fred!
Hey everybody!
Double live session woo!
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:25am fred:

Double live session? Yeah! Totally in keeping with my weekend so far: I managed to go to 2 gigs Friday, and 4 (!) yesterday.
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:30am Marmalade kitty:

morning Keili 100% does that mean you could go home if you so wished?
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:34am fred:

'morning MK. I say it just means her goals are set ridiculously low, she did that last week too.
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:36am fred:

Hey Keili, do you actually blink when you hear those clicks?
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:49am Marmalade kitty:

morning Fred the sky is the limit
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:51am DJ Keili:

I do blink, fred, and then I feel empty because she didn't blink with me.
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:51am Marcel:

Good afternoon from the Netherlands!
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:54am DJ Keili:

Hellooooo there! :D
alles goed?
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:55am Marcel:

Alles fine, thank you! :) The sun is shining, great music on the radio, what more do you want on a lazy sunday afternoon!
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:57am DJ Keili:

whoop whoop!
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:58am fred:

re blinking to Army Dreamers: I've been doing that since before you were born. I just can't help it
Good afternoon Marcel!
  Sun. 10/16/11 6:59am DJ Keili:

I think I need to go to Lykke Li rehab..
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:01am Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Keili and all the listeners.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:03am fred:

I think I need to go to a Lykke Li gig. But she'll have to lower the price first. She's playing soon, which will make it twice in a few months, each time over €40. I like her, but not that much.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:07am DJ Keili:

  Sun. 10/16/11 7:07am DJ Keili:

She needs to just come beast my airwaves. I won't settle down until then.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:10am fred:

Maybe you should start one of your lobbying campaigns then, these have worked in the past (though one Thom Yorke has proved a tough nut to crack)
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:15am DJ Keili:

Hahaha i'll pull a knyfe hyts on her. Get her number and call her live on air at six am until shes like OK OK FINE.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:17am Marmalade kitty:

this by Knyfe Hyts
is good!!
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:20am DJ Keili:

Knyfe Hyts freakin' rules.
They soothe my rage.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:22am fred:

Sounds like a plan to me.
That's unrelated but I'm afraid the book I told you about may not be ready in time for the marathon. The guy will have to self-publish it, he may have found a printer deal with little upfront money, but that means there's no set date on the printing. Early next year is the current guess, but I know what these "early" mean
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:33am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone,

How are you? I just finished having a mini-marathon of episodes of Pushing Daisies. Normally I'd be cranky because 5 people said they would come and only one showed up and the others just didn't bother to say they wouldn't. But I'll full of apple pie and icecream goodness and music!
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:35am fred:

Hey Elwyn!
How's the biker suit going? I guess you're still waiting for the plastic bits?
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:36am Richard from Venezuela:

Pushing Daisies was so good.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:37am Elwyn:

Hi Fred,

I got an email in the middle of the week saying they had been shipped and their USPS tracking number! Yay!
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:38am DJ Keili:

Hi Elwyn!
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:39am fred:

@Elwyn: Awesome! You will be busy in the coming weeks, but that should make for some nice pictures (hint hint)
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:42am Elwyn:

@fred: life is about to hit that busy period before Christmas and I have to finish that costume and "Uncharted 3" is coming out on PlayStation in 2 weeks. My best friend at university and I live in different cities and used to play the previous game together online every night.

@Keili: How are your taco supplies?

@Richard: I love that show so much which is why I hosted it at my place in Blu-Ray.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:47am fred:

@Elwyn: I'm so out of touch: I've never been into gaming, and the last show I followed was Twin Peaks. Though I did go through a marathon of it back then
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:49am Caryn:

I feel you, Elwyn, I used to run the university film club, and due to lack of uni space, hosted viewings at my place. Arranging for 6 hours of themed viewing each week could get frustrating when people who said they would be there cancel at the last minute or don't even bother to let you know. But hell, the ones who showed up enjoyed themselves, as did I.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:50am Danne D:

Yay :)
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:51am Elwyn:

@Caryn: It is really good when the people who do bother, love it and appreciate it. That happened tonight.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:51am fred:

Danne in da place!
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:52am Richard from Venezuela:

Hi Danne D.
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:53am Danne D:

hiya fred :)
hiya stormtrooper elwyn :)
Hiya Caryn :) and all the regulars and irregulars :)
and Hiya especially to Keili :)
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:53am Danne D:

hola Ricardo :)
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:53am Caryn:

Danne D! Hi there!
  Sun. 10/16/11 7:57am DJ Keili:

Hi Danneeee! Hi Carynnn!
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:00am Caryn:

Greetings, imperious mistress of us all. Oops, I meant, hi Keili!
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:02am Elwyn:

Hey Danne D!

How are you feeling this morning?
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:06am Danne D:

@Elwyn - actually feeling a little stuffy - could be just what happens sometimes like allergies or something. Really hope it's not a cold coming on :(

Oh Wa Oh!

Anyhow, I have to get ready for work :( But I'll still be tuning in on my way down to work :) I'll say my official g'bye in a little bit :)
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:06am fred:

@Elwyn: at this early hour the question might be "are you feeling?"
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:07am Elwyn:

This is how I spent today before my TV night:
Teddy Bear's Picnic fundraiser for Children's Westmead Hospital:

http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z401/obickay/Teddey%20Bears%20Picnic%2016-10-11/SDC10145.jpg (ha ha ha!)
and http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v457/Katana_Geldar/Teddy%20Bears%20picnic/
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:08am fred:

Oops, I missed Danne's post. Isn't it early to go to work on a Sunday? What's the deal with that?
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:10am Danne D:

long story :( usually don't have to go on Sunday for some reason they think we spending time on my long commute is more effective than working at home. This is not correct.

Actually leaving early so I get out of there early as I unfortunately have to go to a service for my friend's father who passed away :(
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:12am Richard from Venezuela:

Starscream freakin' rocks
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:13am Caryn:

Funny, Keili makes me think of kitties, and I glance up at the tv and see an ad for a coming programme called "Letters to uncle Hitler". Weird combo. And now I'm curious about the show, not least because the title also makes me think of the song "Uncle Lenin lives in Russia", which is both hilarious and disturbing at the same time.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:13am DJ Keili:

fr realll
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:14am DJ Keili:

Dannneee! You work so freakin' hard.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:14am DJ Keili:

Hitler Kittens.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:15am fred:

So your "they" actually think? Knowing that when they do they do it wrong is food for thought.
So sorry about your father's friend, I hope your father is handling that well.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:16am Elwyn:

@Danne D: That's tough. Your work should have more sympathy.

@Keili: I remember that site!
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:19am DJ Keili:

Never forget kitlerz.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:21am Caryn:

Those darned kitlers and their furred reich! Seriously though, the "best kitlers" are disturbingly Hitler-like in appearance. I think if I had been drinking a beverage, I would have spit it up all over my laptop.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:22am Elwyn:

@Keili: Those who forget history are bound to doomed to repeat it... including Kitlers!
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:24am DJ Keili:

The closest I ever came to spitting out a drink out of surprise or because of laughter was when I was in middle school. I bent my head over like 45 degrees more than I should have and the water ran straight from my mouth out my nose. It was weird.
I'm so lame sometimes.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:26am Danne D:

Keili I'm sure your near-spit take was done in the coolest fashion possible :)
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:27am Caryn:

I almost did a spit-take last night while watching tv, but forget the exact thing that made me almost spill cola all over my couch... Had to clamp my hand over my mouth and stare up at the ceiling until I swallowed.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:31am Caryn:

And now I had to look up the lyrics to "Uncle Lenin lives in Russia". I give you the 2nd verse (loosely translated);

Lenin has such a big forehead
It fits all earth and sky
And uncle Lenin smiles
And his eyes sparkle and he laughs like uncle Ho Chi Minh.

Sheesh... the 70s were weird.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:31am Elwyn:

I've never come close to doing a spit take. I have once sneezed and swallowed drink at the same time and totally got confused which should have higher preference.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:37am DJ Keili:

@Caryn - HAHAHA! Its like an awkward Lenin Haiku.
@Elwyn - oh my god! Did your eyeballs pop out??
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:40am Danne D:

I'm good at inducing spit takes - it's all about comedic timing.

I wanna go to the arcade now listening to this :)

Anyhow, have a great day everyone :) Keep Beastin' and Pledging :)
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:40am Danne D:

Thanks for another great show Keili :D
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:41am Lisa:

I happen to know that DJ Keili is doing her show on about one hour of sleep. She's been working around the clock for zero pay this weekend. Well, for the love of music.
Show her the love! Pledge more to her show!
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:44am Caryn:

Hah, a friend's mom told her when she was little that the reason everyone closes their eyes when sneezing is that if they had their eyes open, the sneeze would force their eyes to pop out. "Mothers: traumatising small kids with dumb stories since 10,000 BC".
And Keili, to get the full oddity of the song, just picture the above lyrics being sung a children's choir dressed in sailor suits.
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:52am fred:

@Lisa: I'm through for the year, but I did pledge earlier today, even though it felt weird with K having already reached her goal
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:54am Caryn:

My Kate Bush request: any Kate Bush! So that's pretty useless...(My all-time fave is "Wuthering Heights", but you just played that last week, so that's not an option for a while, so anything is fine)
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:56am DJ Keili:

Wuthering Heights remix? haha
  Sun. 10/16/11 8:59am fred:

Not a request really, but I would submit Experiment IV, Then again there's Rocket's Tail, but that may give ideas to DJ Mama about strapping cats to fireworks.
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:00am Elwyn:

I was unable to connect to WFMU for the last ten minutes. Was that just me??
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:00am Caryn:

@fred: and if the cats are Kitlers, they will undoubtedly use the fireworks for aerial warfare
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:01am fred:

@Caryn: that's a scary thought
@Elwyn: No problem on my side
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:02am Danne D:

  Sun. 10/16/11 9:17am Caryn:

Oh sweet lord, googling the lyrics to "Uncle Lenin" brought up a song collection, where one song is called "Nazis in heaven"! Looked up the lyrics, here's verse 4 (loosely translated):

In heaven dressed in black, nazi devils in mourning suits
There's Hitler's army who got chilly in Kursk
Fritz and Hans feel the heat there in nazi heaven
Where no eastern wind blows, even if you go topless
Hey there, ho there
'Cause I doubt we'll ever meet there!

This Sunday keeps getting weirder. I'm afraid to go out for a walk now, since who knows what freakazoid thing will happen if I do.
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:24am DJ Keili:

This Nazi's gone to heavennn~
This Nazi's gone to heavennn~
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:24am fred:

Well if you run into a choir singing that today, record it and send that to Dave E-M-O-R-Y, he'll tell you all about it
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:26am Caryn:

And since all the weirdness seems to involve either animals or questionable political figures from the past, I'm sure I'll be accosted by, say, a dog that looks like Stalin...
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:31am Caryn:

That song is so weird also because it seems to equate heaven and hell, unlike most popular culture which seems to view them as separate places. The song seems to view it as, say, an airplane, where heaven is 1st class with free champagne and plenty of leg room, and hell is in coach with you cramped in your seat next to a screaming baby for hours on end.
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:36am fred:

Makes sense to me. Maybe that's because I'm more familiar with hell than heaven, heathen me
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:37am Lisa:

... and she just keeps going and going and going...
DJ Keili still on the air! xoxo
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:38am Lisa:

Thank the DJ with more pledges! Buy her a drink for $15. Make her feel the love!
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:39am Caryn:

heathen here too, fred :)
the most interesting philosophical definition of hell is "the total absence of god". I'm sure that would be distressing to someone devout, but I think it wouldn't matter one jot to people who didn't believe in whatever deity happened to be absent.
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:43am fred:

@Lisa: I bought her too many already, it's a good thing you're here to drive her home, that could have got me in more trouble than I'm worth
@Caryn: I'm a fake buddhist, so that god isn't a factor either way, and I get your drift
  Sun. 10/16/11 9:44am Caryn:

@fred: Theravada Buddhist here, so I get your drift too
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