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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options October 14, 2011: You are already connected to the higher realms

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Joanna Newsom  Emily   Options Ys    0:00:00 ()
Amália Rodrigues  Abandono (Fado Peniche)   Options The Art of Amália Rodrigues II    0:11:21 ()
Salma Hayek & Los Vega  La Bruja   Options Frida: Music FromThe Motion Picture Soundtrack    0:16:33 ()
DJ Shadow  Blood on the Motorway   Options     0:23:32 ()
Akira    Soundtrack    0:28:01 ()
Lamb  B-line   Options     0:30:52 ()
Konono No. 1  Lufuala Ndonga   Options     0:33:24 ()
Luisito Quintero  Percussion Maddness / Four Beat Mambo   Options     0:41:58 ()
Dona Rosa  Resineiro (Gum Collector)   Options     0:50:02 ()
Raz Mesinai vs. Badawi  Gates of Chaos   Options     0:54:49 ()
hhyScumclash vs Badawi  Poison Dripping Cinco   Options     0:57:17 ()
David Bowie  V3 (feat. Ice Cube)   Options I'm Afraid of Americans EP    1:01:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Memoria   Options     1:08:25 ()
Venetian Snares  Hajnal   Options Rossz Csillag Alatt Született    1:22:16 ()
RJD2  Soldier Girl Remix   Options     1:29:59 ()
Magic  Changes / Bullacake   Options     1:33:15 ()
Brenmar  Waiting On   Options     1:44:22 ()
Dj Cremoso  Losing My Religion Remix (Rüstico Mashup)   Options     1:49:27 ()
Miss Bolivia  PERU ft MARIANA BARAJ vs FREAK DEL AMOR   Options     1:52:35 ()
Miss Bolivia  EL MOTOR ft SARA HEBE   Options     1:57:38 ()
Music behind DJ:
      2:01:30 ()
Richelle  Somewhere Secret   Options     2:13:17 ()
Pyramid Juke  Heat   Options     2:18:50 ()
Maluca Mala  Lola (Ging Danga)   Options   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARLEY! I LOVE YOU!!!


2:23:02 ()
Jake Twell  Concrete Uncle   Options     2:26:37 ()
Kosta Kostov  Mas Gnawa feat. MarcoT and MMbeki   Options Mambesa EP    2:30:56 ()
Richelle  I Think (Sam Tiba Remix)   Options     2:35:46 ()
Mad Rad  The Machine (Douster Remix)   Options     2:40:41 ()
MΔRRI$  The Warning   Options     2:45:19 ()
Los reyes de la milanga   Es de la calle   Options     2:48:58 ()
Sonora  La Isla Bonita   Options     2:53:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/14/11 6:05am the bahai llama:

ah, it's going to be a good show if we're starting with Joanna... good evening, Miss HR
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:08am dishroom:

play com truise!!
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:09am pierre:

Bonjour HotRod,
Bonjour listeners extraordinaires !!

sunny day + cold + smell of rotten gold leaves = this is perfect.

how are things going out there?
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:09am s. dexter:

so good to be here .... thanks HotRod ... goodmorning everybody!!! lookin like a good autumn
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:10am the anchovy:

Hi WFMU, morning HotRod^^
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:10am HotRod:

Good morning, dear ones! :)
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:11am the anchovy:

heelo Pierre ! long time no heard, hope u're doing well out in this cold^_
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:12am Marmalade Kitty:

  Fri. 10/14/11 6:13am Dave B:

This is a refreshing start to the show.

Morning all!

(please feed the dog and cow)
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:14am the bahai llama:

why no food for the llama, Dave?
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:14am pierre:

@ anchovy : i'll call you at my lunch break ^_^
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:19am Dave B:

the dog and cow are in need of food.

(check the WooF MUuu monitor in the upper left corner - its like "Farmville" in real life)
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:21am HotRod:

  Fri. 10/14/11 6:21am the bahai llama:

the llama is in need of food too since he's already fed the dog and cow... i believe anchovies are quite tasty...
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:23am pierre:

@the bahai llama : there are too salty for dogs and cows
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:24am Dave B:

Likewise Llama ...just doing my part to get the word out.
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:26am the bahai llama:

hey, anything happening down at Zuccotti Park this morning? like a ritual burning of a Bloomberg effigy? THEN we can be at peace! and the banking types can give all their money to the dog and cow
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:29am T-Zero:

Morning everyone.
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:29am the anchovy:

@llama: anchovies got trong flavor too, meanwhile they're inequally appreciated.. (see Ninja Turtles for examlple) but they do love to get food and too fed friends!
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:30am Marmalade Kitty:

Great start to the show HotRod
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:30am Dave B:

Haven't heard yet. Rained like a mofo late last night....
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:31am pierre:

the movement is spreading, Italy's getting there to…

meanwhile in Paris…
not a single thing…
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:34am Dave B:

this top gif is making me feel like Keir Dullea.
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:36am the bahai llama:

hey pierre, aren't there big national strikes around France next Tuesday though? they'll get there, as long as they don't listen to Mlle Le Pen...
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:39am pierre:

yeah, there is strikes, but no lasting movement, athought it's probably (hopefully) spread here to, i'm not totally depressed.

and yeah, Le Pen, and many many many others…
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:40am pierre:

(btw : is there a Konono N°2 ?)
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:44am La Peruana Tetona:

Good morning, all! Great way to start my soulful Friday.
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:46am Marmalade Kitty:

yes Pierre, I was in rome 2 weeks ago and I walked unexpectedly into a massive socialist rally the whole of Piazza Navona was filled with red flags and the most passionate speech I have ever heard! (in Italian of course, so could not understand most words but the atmosphere was electric!!; )
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:47am annie:

i'm here!!
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:49am pierre:

i hope italia's going to be ok, so many threat there, between politics and economy
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:49am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:55am Marmalade Kitty:

everyone waving red flags for me on my birthday!! :) fellow Libran, HotRod!
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:55am annie:

this is a beautiful piece..
  Fri. 10/14/11 6:56am HotRod:

  Fri. 10/14/11 6:57am maestroso:

Good morning Ms HotRod!
Great to hear the beginning of the show this time... especially with the lovely Ms Newsom.
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:06am Marmalade Kitty:

Thanks! you too!
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:08am HotRod:

  Fri. 10/14/11 7:17am other david:

Aw, happy birthday Marmalade Kitty :)

Super show as always Hotrod
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:22am Marmalade Kitty:

Aw thanks :) my birthday was at the beginning of the month but Iike HotRod I celebrate October! :)
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:29am Dave B:

here we go!

(NYC DoS just made their collection, the second set has arrived and the volume goes UP!)
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:32am fred:

Good morning HotRod!
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:42am Dave B:

anyone in the NYC area want to join me here tonight? Won tix for two on efd's show:

  Fri. 10/14/11 7:43am other david:

hehe, nice MK, celebrating in style :)

right have to go and cut grass, no HotRod tunes to keep me company, drat :(

  Fri. 10/14/11 7:43am HotRod:

Who's coming to see me perform THIS Sunday, 3-5PM in Hoboken, NJ??? http://digablearts.com/
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:44am other david:

um, grass... as in a lawn
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:45am Dave B:

it's on my calendar!
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:47am Dave B:

which reads - I'M THERE!
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:52am La Peruana Tetona:

Looove listening live on FM! sounds great, HR!
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:53am HotRod:

This next one is for you, Tetonaaaaaaa! ;)
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:55am Jeezy:

This libra is DEFINITELY feeling the music this AM, Hot Rod! Best commute in a long time... thanks for the amazing show!
  Fri. 10/14/11 7:56am Torbjørn:

Oh man, the stream keeps dropping for me.
Especially annoying considering that the Dj Cremoso track was pretty banging.
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:06am Dave B:

Gotta split a little early. Thank goodness there's an app for this..

See ya Sunday!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:06am pierre:

super ok; HotRod !
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:06am fred:

@Torbjørn: the 128k stream is fine for me, it might come from your side or somewhere in between
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:07am Ozzy Skateboard:

cheers :)
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:11am Marmalade Kitty:

post a pic HR!!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:11am T-Zero:

Yay for Columbus.
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:12am Parq:

Happy birthday, Miss HR's dog!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:17am Cheri Pi:

Greetings from the Mid-West~
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:19am pierre:

joyeux anniversaires from France !
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:24am HotRod:

  Fri. 10/14/11 8:25am the bahai llama:

as both Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher were Libran, which does the dog take after? not to mention Kitty?
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:26am Cheri Pi:

ADORABLE!!!! happy Birthday to Li'l Hot Rod!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:26am Cheri Pi:

My dog will be 2 on Monday ;)
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:27am texas scott:

greetings from the south.
cute pup!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:28am La Peruana Tetona:

Happy Birthday, Kitty and Harley!!!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:35am HotRod:

So, what do you all know about sacred geometry??
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:37am glenn:

ummmmm. if you fuck up an equation, the nuns whack you with a ruler?
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:37am annie:

omg, i love that stuff.. i'll hook you up with my friend arne..
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:39am the bahai llama:

and then the nuns make you sit inside a pyramid until you're good. it all pales into smallness compared to the nazca lines
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:39am Marmalade Kitty:

Aww what a cutie!! :)
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:42am the bahai llama:

"cute" isn't really a word i'd apply to Jacko, Kitty???!!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:44am annie:

to be honest, most of that is way above my head, but somehow it sends a tingle through my brain and body as if it was something long buried in my cells.
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:45am HotRod:

your intuition is on point, annie ;)
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:47am Parq:

My kid just headed off to ComicCon. I was hoping for a suitable cartoon character to join the Sailors on the playlist, but I guess MJ will do.
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:48am annie:

it'as as if i don't have to study it, i just know it... but to speak about it is close to sacrilige (sp) too much discussion waters it down to another fad, as it were.. ya dig?
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:49am HotRod:

just follow your heart and you'll find your way
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:50am HotRod:

one thing I can tell you for sure....it is NOT a fad!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:50am annie:

oh no.... not at all.... deep deep knowledge...
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:51am HotRod:

never will be, never was...it just is.
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:51am HotRod:

Harley says hello!
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:52am Parq:

Harley is seven kinds of wonderful, by the way.
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:54am HotRod:

Seven is a very magical number :)
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:54am Ozzy Skateboard:

my dogs Mr. Snugglebear and Miss Manda mayhem are loving that
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:55am seang:

ooh, I know this melody
  Fri. 10/14/11 8:59am Marmalade Kitty:

Thank you for the wonderful show HotRod! Have a great weekend everybody!!
  Fri. 10/14/11 3:11pm big rugby:

sexy start to a bleak friday
  Fri. 10/14/11 3:13pm big rugby:

bring it
  Fri. 10/14/11 3:38pm HotRod:

Yessssssssssssss. Thank you, Big Rugby! :)
  Tue. 10/18/11 10:14am r0:

akira, it's been long time since you played from it! thanks
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